Gregg Williams close to joining Titans’ staff


Before Gregg Williams can return to the NFL, he needs a team to hire him, and then he needs the NFL to end his suspension. He’s close to taking the first of those two steps, and the second may not be far behind.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Williams, who is currently serving an indefinite suspension for orchestrating the Saints’ bounty program, has already met with the Titans and is close to accepting a deal to become their assistant head coach.

According to Schefter, Williams could be reinstated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell before the Super Bowl, which would allow him to get to work once his contract with the Titans is finalized.

If the deal gets done and Goodell gives his OK, Williams would be reunited with Titans head coach Mike Munchak, with whom he worked on the Titans’ staff from 1997 to 2000. And if Goodell reinstates Williams within the next week, all of the punishments for the Saints’ bounty case will have been completed before New Orleans hosts the Super Bowl.

52 responses to “Gregg Williams close to joining Titans’ staff

  1. I’m flabbergasted another NFL team is already giving this guy another shot. So are Tiki and Revis.

  2. If Goodell reinstates Williams (who he suspended indefinitely), one week after reinstating Payton (who he suspended for a year), what does that say about the whole bounty investigation?


    Goodell’s just been flying by the seat of his pants on this issue from day one.

  3. “I want you to work hard, because that is what people with integrity do. You shouldn’t need an extra incentive to play tough.”…..”granted, I might not be the best example of this, but just trust me on it”……”I know the players of my last team don’t trust me, but c’mon, man”.

  4. Honestly, I did think about Tennessee giving him the DC job after Floyd Reese left New England. That way the old 1999 guys could have a “reunion”, but I never posted anything because Jerry Gray (a Gregg Williams protege) wasn’t fired yet.

    Regardless this move is better than the decision to keep the OC who did NOTHING after Chris Palmer left.

  5. Wait a minute, Gregg Williams by Goodell’s account was the mastermind of the so called “bounty saga”, and he gets only one year suspension, the same as Sean Payton, who had NOTHING to do with this. This is insane.

  6. how do Titans defensive players feel about a coach who threw his former players under the bus? How can any player trust this guy…really sad, but there’s always that 1 team that will go against the norm and it’s the Titans..oh well.

  7. To those that are amazed and astounded that Greg Williams is getting a coaching job, don’t be naive. To think he is the only D coordinator in the league that has talked like he did pregame and offer bounties is ridiculous. I am not a fan of his, any team he has ever coached or the titans I am just realistic about what I’m sure some of these other coaches say and/or do to get their squads hyped. It is no surprise that a team that is retooling would hire him cheap.

  8. if vick and lewis was able to get another chance, so should he williams.. the man didn’t kill anyone and didn’t kill animals.. lighten up people, he just did what every D coordinator does only he got caught

  9. Williams is getting re-hired because he is a brilliant Defensive minded Coach, but he is also one of the dumbest people alive.

  10. Wow. Just when i was tying to let go of my near hatred of Goodell this happens. To me, this proves that the “bounty” scandal was all just one huge PR dump in the media organized by Goodell, and has nothing to do with the reality of how coaches talk to their players pre game. It just makes me so sad for Vilma and Fujita…

  11. Suspend him for life. He ruined the Saints defense. He needs to find a new line of work. Maybe selling used cars or running for congress, NOT coaching football on any level.

  12. Yep everyone is surprised they are giving this guy a chance again. But wait everyone loves scab Payton. Sean Payton knew what Williams was doing. So In my eyes Payton should be blacklisted along with this clown.

  13. I can see the trailer right now….”From the people who brought you Albert Haynesworth…”

  14. Anyone who thought Bud Adams isn’t senile, think again.
    The Titans will be a laughing stock for years to come.

  15. So wait let me see the saints paid people to hurt others and GOODELL and the NFL Will reinstate them. Yeah I know. I might believe there was a bounty system in place. What a publicity stunt for GOODELL. That money grubbing scum. He is the worst person I have ever seen affiliated with the NFL and he and all NFL representatives should be ashamed to have such a greedy selfish pig as the front man of this organization.

  16. You guys trip me out… EVERY team in the NFL does what GW did… Only reason this was such a big deal is they got caught more than once… Add the reporters tape with it and bam…

    You guys are kidding your selves if you think the OC or DC doesnt go after the weak/ hurt players.

    The dude did his time.. and its not like he is going to be a DC right now… Grow up and get over it

  17. Many fans claimed the Titans were too predictable when Jeff Fisher was the head coach. Well, if the past few months are any indication, maybe his regime was predictable for a reason. I mean, just when I think things can’t get more whacky in Nashville … What’s next? Resigning Vince Young?!?

  18. A lot of people seem to be mad about this.

    From a purely football side of things, it’s actually a pretty decent move. Fact is, the guy can coach.

  19. Criminal players get 2nd and 3rd chances all the time. This man deserved one. And I wouldn’t be nearly as concerned about how players will trust the coach, and a lot more concerned about how players will trust EACH OTHER not to play to injure. After all, they were the willing soldiers!!!

  20. Y’all are crazy, anyone wanna explain to me how “making up the bounty scandal” would benefit Goodell in any way? To the dude who called him “money grubbing scum” did he make money off of this that I’m not aware of? Don’t be irrational because you don’t like what happened.

  21. That would be an absolutely great hire by the Titans. Greg Williams is one hell of a defensive coach. Put all the other crap aside…he is one hell of a defensive coach.

    I welcome him back. I think something like this went on with many teams. They just got caught. He was a scapegoat.

    Eventually, he will tell his side of the story. If he told it now, he could probably ruin people.

  22. “…all of the punishments for the Saints’ bounty case will have been completed before New Orleans hosts the Super Bowl.”

    Don’t forget that 2nd round draft pick that may (or may not) be restored.

  23. If you ever needed proof this guy’s guilty, banished to the Titans ?, Talk about Karma!

  24. If it wasn’t for a scumbag lying “reporter” backstabbing a man dying from a disease, this would never had seen the light of day

  25. Is this any different from the Eagles signing Vick post incarceration? He paid his due. Williams has done the same. I was actually hoping Chip Kelly, who seemingly escaped the NCAA inquisition, would hire him.

  26. Mike Munchak is about to destroy his relationship with every player on the roster. Munchak is soon to an ex-NFL head coach.

  27. “Is this any different from the Eagles signing Vick post incarceration? He paid his due. Williams has done the same.”

    Williams set his players up and then ratted them out. Yeah, he’s far far worse than Michael Vick. He’s a snitch.

  28. To bad its the Titans.. be fitting if he signed on with someone in the NFC South so we could see what Brees has to say when he’s playing them twice a year with bounties out on him.

    Me bets he doesn’t stay in as long as Favre did!!

  29. I don’t see why Williams shouldn’t be reinstated because the whole thing was a sham to begin with. Think about it, Payton and Williams both get a year suspension while Belichick is still coaching. Belichick admitted to cheating and the scandal was so far reaching that it could possibly have affected 3 Super Bowls. His punishment was a fine and lost draft pick. It seems to me that the Saints organization should have gotten that type of penalty while Belichick should have gotten the suspension. It makes no sense since bounties have been around forever but the Patriots’ espionage methods are largely the result of abusing modern technology. Roger Goodall is one confused man and hasn’t the judgment to dole out proper justice.

  30. I’mssurprised. I thought for sure Williams would have a tough time finding work after that.

    I think Goodell did too, or else the suspension would have been finite and longer than “until you get a job”

  31. To mathewcarlson ,God-dell made money by keeping a Super Bowl contender who just so happened to be hosting the Super Bowl this year ,out of the race long enough to disrupt a damm good team ,but only to turn around act like it never happen.What did he gain? I wonder how much money the NFL would have made if the Saints would’ve made it to the Super Bowl. Lets see Saints fans dont need hotel rooms ,they dont have to go to those wonderful restaurants that they have down in New Orleans ,no tour guides ,do I really need to explain anymore.

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