Kaepernick benefits from ironman offensive line


While the play of quarterback Colin Kaepernick has certainly been exceptional, he has also benefitted from playing behind a stable, and very good 49ers offensive line.

The five starting linemen played every game, and the right side of his line hasn’t missed a snap all year.

According to Matt Maiocco of CSNBayArea.com, right tackle Anthony Davis and right guard Alex Boone played all 1,005 snaps of the regular season.

They were also healthy across the line, with center Jonathan Goodwin and Mike Iupati only missing 25 offensive snaps all year (980 snaps each, or 97.5 percent) and left tackle Joe Staley only missing 47 snaps (958 total, 95.3 percent).

That’s the kind of safety net you want and need when breaking in a new quarterback, and Kaepernick has certainly benefitted from their protection and run-blocking.

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  1. Niners have the best O-Line in the NFL. Bama had the best O-Line in the NCAA. Coincidence one won the BCS title game and the other is about to win the SuperBowl? Doubt it.

  2. Three keys to what should be a successful outing for the Niners and gives them the edge Super Bowl Sunday: the O Line, D Line and Coaching. Team depth and Jim Harbaugh’s penchant of utilizing every player dressed won’t hurt either.

  3. Crazy how that was the biggest weakness just two years ago in Singletary’s last season, now it is one of the better units in the NFL.

  4. Your offensive line is arguably the most important piece of your football team, and the niners have a great one. When the jets had a great offensive line, it (along with that defense) carried them to back to back afc championship games, and we all know how mediocre (at best) the rest of their team is/was. Those niners have that formula down, and then some. I love watching them play. This is going to be a great Super Bowl showcasing two nicely balanced and physical football teams. Plus I get to watch it not having to pray that the patriots don’t win it the whole time, I can’t wait.

  5. the 49ers spent 1st round picks on 3 of their line and hit on all of them. Not sexy picks at the time and they had some ups and downs initially. but the long term investment pays off. also picking a guard in the first round is not a bad thing

  6. That whole left side of the 49ers O-Line is lethal. Add in what they like to do in short yardage/goal-line situations, where they add yet another lineman in the backfield as a lead blocker.

    Anyone on this board could have walked through those holes that opened up against the Falcons last Sunday on those scoring drives.

  7. We’ve come a long way from Kwame “false start/holding guru-human turnstile” Harris and Chilo “Bust Mode” Rachal. Those guys were horrible and so were the 9ers. It’s hard to have a Super Bowl caliber team without a dominant O-Line.

    And I gotta throw this out there too. If SF played SEA 5 games a piece at each other’s home fields, SF would win 7 of those 10. At a neutral site. SF wins 9 of 10.

  8. Your headline should have read “The Niners O line benifits from having Kap at QB” .

    It should be obvious to anyone who has actually watched the games that since Alex Smith (one of the most sacked QB’s in the League) was replaced,the sack count has drastically been reduced. That is simply because the pass rush has to slow down a bit when Kap is in there and they need to watch and wait to see if he is going to keep the ball or hand it off or pass it. It slows down the pass rus and that makes for fewer sacks.

    It is one of the oldest sayings in football that GREAT players make those around them better players than they really are just because of the GREAT player’s presence.
    Kap makes his O line and his RB’s and his receivers better players than they were with the mediocre Alex Smith,it’s as simple as that.
    The O line was pretty darn good before Kap but they only struggled because Alex Smith held the ball too long and when he was pressured he usually ran right into the sack instead of stepping up in the pocket.

    So,give credit where credit is due.The QB has made the O line better ,not the other way around as your headline would TRY to indicate !!!

  9. 49ers arguably have the best o-line in the NFL, and they were all healthy. in the rare instance pressure got to Kaep, he didn’t show a lot of elusiveness… His speed is more about needing a head of steam first. I’m guessing his stat line wouldn’t look too pretty playing behind an o-line like the Packers.

  10. This oline reminds me of the dallas oline from the 90s or the Saints Oline from their superbowl year great interior play. Tackles are young and good. They could run it on just about anyone.

  11. The Niners’ good fortune with injuries goes far beyond the offensive line. Compared to the rest of the league SF has been pretty much injury free. Given that 10 of their defensive starters play over 90% of the snaps pretty much injury free is equally impressive.

    The road to the superbowl is a war of attrition, One of the reasons the Niners find themselves in the “Big Game” is because they avoided many of the crippling injuries that other teams had to overcome.

  12. That iupati and davis draft really told the rest of the league what their plans were. Im really hoping mccoy convinces the chargers to do the same. The chargers have only chosen one lineman (mcneill) in the first two rounds for over ten years. Theyve shown no commitment to the oline and inconsistant play from their offense has been the result

  13. The health of an O-line is something the average fan pretty much overlooks every week.

    It is a massive help to not have injuries there and have 3 guys play out of position because 1 or 2 guys go down. If you look at the worst lines in the league, they generally have injury problems.

  14. The O-Line benifits from the OB and the QB benifits from the O-line…Thats the formula to winning….The key point is they have stayed healthy…..IMO

  15. People said sing was stupid for taking 2 o linemen high in the draft haha look how dumb yo look now. The difference is those guys got better every year. There elite at their position. Jim gets to much credit. Alex smith numbers b4 harbsugh 18tds 12 picks 2500 yards and missed 4 games. The next year 17 5 and 3000+ yards. The niners lost 6 games by 6 points or less in 2010 and went 6-10. The next year, Alex trows less picks, the defense was first in the league in takeaways. 2011 the niners won all those close games. The niners players finally learned how to win games, team finally matured. Remember people niners were sb picks in 2010. Harbaugh right place right time. Jim harbaugh is vastly overrated

  16. patfanken, just so you know the 9ers have lost 5 significant players this year. On defense OLB Parys Harrelson who’s very good against the run and setting the edge, and DT/TE Demarcus Dobb who played both sides of the ball and on offense we lost WR Kyle Williams (yes him) but he actually was having a very good year, WR Mario Manningham and RB Kendall Hunter who was Gore’s change of pace back. He’s very productive.

  17. I’d say its the best in the league. They even bring in the big boy Leonard Davis when they run sometimes. They basically tell you, hey we are gonna run the ball right in this gap, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s crazy. There’s no gimmick. It’s straight at you. And it works.

  18. Realninerfan, why don’t you point out the fact that Singlecell wasn’t in charge of the draft. McCocaine was and every broken clock is correct twice a day.

    Singlecell was against drafting Patrick Willis (yes folks, you read that right), was super high on Chilo-the human turnstile-Rachal and let Adam Snyder sit while that bust tried to play RT gaurd. Snyder starts on another NFC West team now. Ask any Bears fan how impressed they are with Chilo’s play. Moreover ask them what they think about his character.

    To say that Harbaugh is over rated is like saying air, water and food are over rated. He and the coaching staff he brought with him have absolutely been the difference.

    You’re not a 9erfan. Wait, maybe you’re that redskins fan who buffoonerized yourself and can’t post your inane rubbish until RG3 comes back.

  19. You mean that same great O line-“the best in the NFL”- that gave up 9 sacks to the Ravens last year? How ’bout we wait until the game is played before anointing the 9ers a sure thing to dominate the line of scrimmage.

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