Modesty apparently not among Bernard Pollard’s gifts


In the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl which we’re nearly halfway through, the crush of media will tell us everything we need to know about the players and coaches in the final football game of the season.

Sometimes, we’re told too much.

In a profile of Ravens safety Bernard Pollard by Scott Cacciola of the New York Times, we learn, among other things, that Pollard is averse to clothing.

Pollard’s confidence is apparently expressed by his willingness to do interviews while unclad, with Cacciola noting “Pants are the enemy.”

OK then.

The local media presented Pollard with a pair of boxer shorts when they gave him their “good guy” award for being professional in dealing with them in 2011, and his “teammates have encouraged him to use a towel or two.”

Maybe he was going to buy a robe with the money he was fined ($15,250) for hitting Wes Welker last week.

Maybe he just digs on being nude. As long as he doesn’t go Zeke Mowatt, most people in the locker room don’t care. That’s yet another reason why reporters carry note pads.