Payton urges New Orleans to show Roger Goodell hospitality

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With the NFL preparing to descend on New Orleans, local residents are preparing to roll out the unwelcome mat for Commissioner Roger Goodell, given his handling of the bounty case.

Saints coach Sean Payton hopes that doesn’t happen.

“I think that would be a shame,” Payton said during Friday’s PFT Live.  “Number one, he’s the Commissioner of our league but number two . . .  there’s no better place in the world to host events like this, and I mean that. . . .

“I think that all eyes are on you and now the impression is very important,” Payton added.  “I think we, as a city, embrace everyone and part of closure for us is moving past it.  That’s the same way that the fans and everyone else has to approach it.  I think they’ll be very gracious. . . .  I think it’s important when all eyes are on you to put your best foot forward and I think we will.”

So far, there’s evidence that not everyone will.  Kevin McGill of the Associated Press reviews some of the fairly innocent indignities and insults that the locals are directing to Goodell, but there’s a sense that folks have their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks.

Still, here’s hoping that the vast majority of folks in the Big Easy take Payton’s advice and go easy on the NFL’s Big Kahuna.

58 responses to “Payton urges New Orleans to show Roger Goodell hospitality

  1. That’s pretty much what Roger was looking for by releasing Payton early from jail. Whatever did happen with that whole “Payton” stealing pain killers thing?

  2. Sorry, Goodell is the worst commissioner in NFL history and I hope he gets soaked with thrown beers. I’m not a Saints fan either.

  3. No no no … act up … make trouble. New Orleans gets far too many Superbowls. Let other cities have a turn. Your economy doesn’t need all those extra millions. Bite the hand that feeds … bite it hard.

  4. From the linked article

    “And floats in the unabashedly lowbrow Krewe du Vieux parade in the French Quarter last weekend displayed larger-than-life likenesses of Goodell in acts that defy polite description.”

    Wow New Orleans, you people do realize it’s just a game, right?

  5. I think New Orleans will keep in classy. They take care of their own and even the out of towners who go “stooge”. Goodell should be treated with respect. I know the REAL New Orleaners will come through… It’s those small fringe idiots that could be the problem. I have a feeling if someone gets out of line and a local is near by, they will get “straightened out”.

  6. Not to be a richard here, but the Saints have seem to forgotten how supportive the NFL was during Katrina. Although he wasn’t Commissioner during the actual disaster, he was integral in the following years making sure they came out of it stronger than ever.

  7. He better have alot of security guards people are crazy down there. And always in the comments there is always someone threatening to injure godell or worse. And those comments get alot of thumbs up. Are the commenters seriously out to injure? No one really knows since everyone is anonymous here

  8. Goodell needs to avoid eating in any restaurants, and just order room service in his hotel under an assumed name.

  9. If this were done to Cleveland, and the situation was the same. Goodell would not make it out of the airport without beer bottles being thrown at him.. O_O

  10. Goodell can go straight to hell in a hand basket. This is not about getting another Super Bowl in New Orleans. This man destroyed our season without any evidence to justify his actions, other than his interpretation of events. He does NOT get a free pass in New Orleans, sorry Sean, no can do.

  11. Travel under an assumed name. Bring your own chefs and raw food. Bring your own water. If you’re dumb enough to dine in one of the great restaurants in N’Awlins, make your reservations under an assumed name, sit with your back to the wall, and make sure one of your security people supervises the preparation of your meal. At your hotel, don’t go near the windows and have your people monitor the housekeeping staff. And don’t even THINK of taking any strolls down the French Quarter streets.

    Have a NICE time, Rog, and remember, if anything untoward happens, it’s nothing compared to how you deliberately sabotaged the Saints’ season.

  12. I’m not a saints fan. but maybe if Rodger goodell had any accountability, character, integrity or common sense none of this may have happened. he is like the Gestapo punishing players for no reason even when our corrupt justice system can’t punish the innocent like normal

  13. The city and the people will show respect, support and appreciation for the NFL and the decision to bring the Super Bowl back to New Orleans. Fans of both teams will be shown a great time and hopefully have a great experience. Here’s to a great week and a great game. I hope everybody thoroughly enjoys themselves and watch out for the scams. As for Goodell……F##k him. If you’re going to dish it out, you better be prepared to take it.

  14. I hope every meal he eats is given that “extra sauce” People know who he is, and one thing I know from having grown up around Cajuns–dont mess with them. Ever. If I were Roger, I would stay away for years.

  15. Kyle Orton’s Hangover says:
    Jan 26, 2013 6:03 PM
    From the linked article

    “And floats in the unabashedly lowbrow Krewe du Vieux parade in the French Quarter last weekend displayed larger-than-life likenesses of Goodell in acts that defy polite description.”

    Wow New Orleans, you people do realize it’s just a game, right?

    Wow, you do realize they are just floats in the Krewe du Vieux, right? Almost all of the floats are satirical.

  16. In game: I suggest the silent treatment. No cheer, no boos. It will speak louder than words.

    Non game: terseness. Nothng beyond hello or goodbye.

    All politicians to avoid him,

  17. It’s a nice gesture by Payton to say that, but it’s not like Goodell is gonna be walking out of his hotel room alone down to some bar to rub elbows with the general populace.

  18. Goodell gets showered with boos during the Draft…

    Could only imagine how a fanbase would react to a guy that decided to basically waste your season before it even started (all cause viking coaches started whining – like their fans) … Dude is gonna get booed harder than a Beiber/Cena duet at a Metal Concert.

  19. Why should people be good and gracious to someone who spent a good part of this year smearing the team and its players? He used the press to make the team look bad, leaked info to other press outlets other than New Orleans nevermind trying to corral the Who Dat brand as an NFL mark. I don’t think people need to be rude or violent, but by all means be direct and assertive to the Commissioner that his bully antics aren’t welcome, that he was wrong to take on the city of New Orleans and that he should be a better man a have a more lenient heart when it comes to judging matters.
    As far as i am concerned he is not welcome in Louisiana, nor his staff nor most of the media who were to lazy to get off their butts to investigate the story.
    Thanks Florio btw for trying to have an open mind on the topic, we know the Saints screwed up, but appreciate your efforts to reveal the spin the NFL put on it and what a scam the penalties were.

  20. I, as a whodat, can not stand Roger Goodell, but that has nothing to do with New Orleans putting its best foot forward to ensure all SB visitors have a great time. There is no better city to help you celebrate a great victory, and no city better equipped to help yiu drown your sorrows after a hard loss. (as we know well after this season).

  21. Wow…show some respect people. Some of you are probably the ones sending death threats to players when they drop a pass or miss a kick. In the end, its only a game folks. If anyone deserves to be upset its the players and coaches and if they’re showing hospitality than you should too.

    Anyways, its not like the Saints were entirely innocent in this ordeal.

  22. On local blog threads there’s still a good amount of butthurt fans who are hopping mad about Goodell, mostly homers. But with Coach Payton and Mr. Benson making an appeal for hospitality, they’re probably just venting.

    Someone up-thread hit the nail on the head I think. Payton and Benson want that 2 pick back and Goodell’s dangling it in front of them.

  23. Reasonable people will act in a reasonable manner. Idiots will do what idiots do. It’s really no different from any other weekend in the NFL in that regard.

    The treatment of Rodger Goodell in NOLA is a sideshow in a multi-billion dollar parade. If it matters to you, you’re missing the point.

  24. Love these ignorant fans. I love what Roger has done he is ruling with an iron fist and won’t let the inmates take over the asylum and I applaud him for that.

  25. I love how people act like the fans down in N.O. are not reasonable and have no manners.

    I am a season ticket holder and as far as i’m concerned this man STOLE money out of my pocket! He used media and every outlet within his power to PROJECT HIS OPINION as FACTS to pass judgement.

    I ask you how would you feel if YOU had someone STEAL money from you? Remember this is not small amounts of money either. And for those that say we did not have to renew our season tickets bear in mind that there is a 4 year waiting list to get season tickets down here (believe it or not)!

    This guy brought this treatment and anger upon himself!

  26. Roger Goodell is not worried about a few pissant, disgruntled Saints fans. He will strut up and down Bourbon St wearing Falcon gear with his right hand in the air and only his middle finger extended, smiling and waving to all Saints fans.

  27. It won’t just be Benson and Payton….even Vitt, Brees and Vilma will be rolling out the red carpet for Goodell. No doubt they were caught and punished, any of them are 100 times smarter than the average “who dat”. They are thinking “forward”, Goodell is the Commish who holds more power than anyone else when it comes to the saints* future. “who dats” want to show their disdain and will act accordingly and then wonder why they no longer get any SB bids, or why Benson (whenever he so chooses) will get the green light to move the franchise when the time comes. Don’t forget, whodats, Benson wanted to move the saints* right after katrina and it was Goodell who talked him into staying in Orleans (with some NFL cash included). Hate Goodell all you want but he is the reason you still have a team!!

  28. Umm…Goodell had nothing to do with keeping the Saints in NOLA…it was all Tagliabue. Thejuddstir, check your facts.

  29. Wow can’t leave that up. This is no sport no game. Goodell already knows the outcome of the superbowl. It’s just a multi billion dollar entertaiment industry. What a scam!

  30. Id wear a bag on my head too, if I came from that city. People there just dont get the moral lessons, he punished bad people, figure it out already!
    cant run this game by taking out the competition with injuries, get real NOLA!
    feel lucky he didnt relocate the game, now you get to watch real professionals play the game!!

  31. 504in860 says:Jan 26, 2013 8:51 PM

    Umm…Goodell had nothing to do with keeping the Saints in NOLA…it was all Tagliabue. Thejuddstir, check your facts.
    Mr. “Check your facts”… is another excerpt from the article that was written on 1/13/13 at Yahoo Sports. I wouldn’t expect you to apologize, LOL

    “………”Now [Goodell] is stepping into the Gaza Strip” – New Orleans broadcaster and talk show host Mike Detillier

    “From Day 1, he was involved in all of the [post-Katrina] decisions,” Tagliabue told Yahoo! Sports.

    It was Oct. 30, 2005, and the commissioner needed someone to focus on New Orleans. The floodwaters had drained from the city, and Louisiana officials were finally able to look at the future after two months of crisis. Tagliabue and Goodell attended a series of meetings in Baton Rouge to assess the depth of destruction and see how soon the Saints could return. Already, the team’s owner, Tom Benson, was having doubts about the New Orleans market, and Tagliabue felt he had to work on the politicians in Texas who were trying to keep the Saints in San Antonio permanently.

    By day’s end, Tagliabue knew the NFL needed the Superdome repaired quickly if it hoped to block the San Antonio push. The person he wanted in charge of this was Goodell.

    “Roger was the quarterback who worked with Doug Thornton and executed the game plan,” Tagliabue said in a recent telephone interview from his Washington office.

  32. I’m from New Orleans but to be honest I’m really worried about this. First of all this is during carnavial season. That means there’s already a whole lot of people visiting the city. Add, to that the Raven and 49ers fans, the latter of which seems to stay in the news a lot lately, there a possiblity that something could happen that the citizens of New Orleans didn’t have anything to do with. Now, from a purely economic point of view the worst thing for this Superbowl for the city would have been for the Saints to make the game. The reason being you would have taken away about half the tourist that would have otherwise come and spent money in the city. And, please know the city does need all the money it can get. I hope nothing happens. But, to all of you who want to bash the city please understand. The Saints have been a part of our city for over forty years. And, for much of that time they didn’t win. In fact; we savored winning games long before we enjoyed winning seasons. There are those of us who are old enough to remember when we just wished to make the playoffs. So, I doubt very seriously that any Saints fan would try to go up to RG and punch him in the face. But, keep in mind they’re a lot of people other the native New Orleans that are in the city right now. And, I can’t speak for what they might do. Drinking and anger does make for a bad combination.

  33. As if they would deny any Super Bowl because of the few fans behavior after unlawful punishments were dished out. We will always be one of the top cities for every Superbowl cause if its one thing were good at its throwing a dam good party!!!!!

  34. For god sakes, grow up. You’re hosting the freaking Super Bowl. It generates hundreds of millions of dollars for the city and surrounding areas. That’s a good thing for you.

    The team you hope does well didn’t. How much difference to your daily life did it truly make? Any? Because they lost when you hoped they won? Welcome to the world, Skippy. Boo hoo.

    Concentrate on the things in life that should matter – not how the millionaire owner of a multi-billion dollar league supposedly committed some injustice on the millionaire players and millionaire coaches that wear the shirts you like (because they are geographically situated near you).

    And for the last time, ‘alot’ is NOT a word.

  35. PFT pointed out yesterday that only 40% of the fans for both teams combined are actually sold tickets, the rest is conglomorates and family members for the teams, still as sad as it was yesterday!
    that said, if you like you some football, get in line with the league NOla.

  36. No violence, but he shouldn’t look for any love from us. We’re welcoming to our adversaries, but Goodell is in a class of his own. Let’s put it this way, he should bring his own food.

  37. Mr juddstir, there is no way in hades Jerry Jones would allow the Saints or any other team in San Antonio. That’s Cowboys territory. Wouldn’t happen. Benson did indeed want to abandon NOLA. Before Katrina he as crying about a new stadium. He said the Superdome was a terrible place to watch a game etc., etc.
    Katrina made him change his tune. Thanks to the US taxpayers the Superdome is one of the best venues in America. Hundreds of millions of dollars later Mr a benson has become a very wealthy man thanks to the Louisiana and US taxpayers. He definitely wanted to go but the NFL and the Bush government made sure he didn’t abandon this broken city.
    If by chance you pay taxes, all I have to say is THANKS AND WHO DAT!

  38. Maybe Goodell should apologize for the irreparable damage his ego and over-zealousness did to the city before he expects any warm reception. Until he apologizes, why should New Orleans welcome him?

  39. If the Saints organization didn’t lie there would not have been a bounty gate..plain and simple. It will be pretty low class if something negative does happen to Goodell…Saints fans truly need to get over this nonsense.

  40. In other words, don’t bite the hand that feeds you NO. The Superbowl can just as easily go to other NFL teams … your little fish bowl city might not see this income again for a very long time if you mess it up enough.

  41. Maybe Goodell should have shut the NO fishbowl down after Katrina. Could have just as easily done that. Residents should be thankfull that this cash is coming in.

  42. First it doesn’t generate 100’s of millions. Maybe millions. Second he is not the owner of the league, he is the commissioner. NFLR92 nice try but get your facts straight. Thirdly how many Saints fans are going to be at the Super Bowl any way. I don’t think too many are going to be walking the streets looking for his majesty. However if I was in town I would raise my voice to boo this clown.

  43. “Still, here’s hoping that the vast majority of folks in the Big Easy take Payton’s advice and go easy on the NFL’s Big Kahuna.”


    Why? These folks in New Orleans are paying customers of the NFL. Whether you agree with how Goodell handled Bountygate or not, you must acknowledge that these fans have every right to voice their dissatisfaction with how the league is being run. It’s their dollars spent on tickets, concessions, TV packages and merchandise that pay Goodell’s salary after all.

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