Pro Bowl will be televised in Hawaii

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TV viewers in Hawaii will be saying “aloha” and not “aloha” to the Pro Bowl.

The local blackout has been lifted for the AFC-NFC all-star game.

Which is good, because what else would people do in Hawaii in, you know, the middle of the afternoon?

Tickets still remain, if anyone chooses to attend the game in person.

15 responses to “Pro Bowl will be televised in Hawaii

  1. If you live in Hawaii and you are sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon watching the Pro Bowl, get help immediately.

    I live in New Jersey where it is currently 22 degrees and even I will not be sitting around tomorrow watching the Pro Bowl.

  2. As the players themselves showed us all last year, no one cares about the Pro Bowl. The players are there for a free Hawaiian vacation and to collect their bonuses and notoriety for being in the Pro Bowl.

  3. Wasn’t the pro bowl sort of a semi interesting game in the 1970s? When players actually played hard? At least that was my distant recollection.

  4. The Pro Bowl has turned into all-expenses-paid, free, one-week vacation to paradise for multi-millionaires and their families.
    The only way this game will ever gain any credibility is when someone is carted off the field, injured or concussed by an actual hit. Never gonna happen.
    It’s time to pull the plug on this farce and replace it something more exciting and more physical … like, say, an NFL celebrity golf tournament.

  5. I think the Pro Bowl would be more interesting if the players didn’t actually play a game of pretend football. Make it kind of a mini-olymipcs with 100 yard races, 100 meter freestyle swims, one on one basketball, for that matter, horse. Don’t really care. Give the guys a group of NFL approved events to choose from and let them compete. Not saying any of them could beat Adrian Peterson at anything outside of the frisbee golf competion, but it would still be more entertaining than watching the Pro Bowl.

  6. I can’t believe there are tickets left for the game – I lived in Hawaii for 5 years in the early 90’s and pro bowl week was one of the highlights of the year – it always sold out. But I must say – the absolute best part of being in Hawaii for the pro bowl was all the fun stuff leading up to the game – the player competitions they had like obstacle course and beach volleyball …. you could go down to the hotel and see the players up close walking around. Seeing them in shorts and T-shirts was amazing – their incredile athleticism really stood out. I will never forget Emmit Smith’s incredible legs – they were so big and so defined, it was like he had extra muscles most people don’t. And Junior Seau was just a monster in person – I remember thinking if this guy wanted to hurt/kill me there was nothing I could do about it – he is so big and strong I would have no chance fighting him and he looked so fast there was no way I could run away without him catching me…. the only chance i would have is curling up in the fetal position and hoping he took pity on me.

  7. giants:
    Your recollection of the Pro Bowls of the 1970s is spot on. That was back when the players were selected based on performance, not popularity among blinded fans.
    I can remember the Super Steelers of the ’70s routinely placing 8 or 9 nine players from their defenses in the Pro Bowl. This season’s Pro Bowl will feature 6 players from the 2-14 Kansas City Chiefs.
    Need I say more?

  8. The only reason I have any interest in watching the pro bowl is to see Eli Manning. If it were not for Elli Manning, I would not waste my time watching it either. If it were not for Eli Manning, I would rather watch paint dry.

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