Ray Edwards TKOs some tomato can in Minnesota

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Former Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards returned to the boxing ring Friday night in Minnesota, apparently against the pugilistic equivalent of his own Falcons career.

Edwards improved to 2-0 with a 41-second TKO of some guy named Corey Briggs, who is now 0-4.

According to Doug Erlien of KMSP-TV in Minneapolis, Edwards landed “three body shots and a glancing blow to the head,” and Briggs took a knee and was counted out.

Erlien called the fight at the Grand Casino Hinckley “a complete joke,” noting that Edwards’ opponent didn’t throw a punch.

“If fans thought Edwards entering the ring was a joke to begin with, nothing that happened Friday night changed anyone’s thinking,” Erlien wrote.

Edwards is scheduled to fight again at the casino on Feb. 9, and again on March 15.

He won his first professional fight in May 2011, when he was sour at the Vikings over his contract status, saying he’d rather box than play for them.

The Falcons might have preferred it if Edwards had stayed inside the ring. They released Edwards in November, after giving him a five-year, $30 million contract which included $11 million in guarantees.

He had nine tackles and no sacks in 2012 (after a 3.5-sack outburst in 2011), making him perhaps the worst miss of Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff’s run in Atlanta.

13 responses to “Ray Edwards TKOs some tomato can in Minnesota

  1. @bartlettruss, good point. But if his opponents aren’t even throwing punches, it will be hard for the NFL to transfer blame.

  2. Changing the subject just a little, but instead of 800 former players suing the NFL, what if we got about 1/2 million former college players to sue the NCAA. If you’re sick of the BCS and the corruption in college sports, take ’em down.

  3. I watched a few of Edward’s fights………….meh. He is supposed to be a pro but he looks more like an amateur. I’m not saying he’s a complete bum or that I could take him. Just saying he wouldn’t get away with all that flailing and flat footwork against a seasoned, dedicated professional.

  4. What a joke. I box and happen to work out with a buddy of Ray Lewis. He said that Ray is a physical specimen…but he’s about the laziest POS out there. Good guy, great genetics, terrible work ethic.

    He’s gonna get destroyed if he ever steps in the ring with anyone legit.

  5. deltaoracle says: Jan 26, 2013 4:46 PM

    Next up – The Sodbuster, Kenny Jay!


    Cmon, your dating and regionalizing yourself — next thing you know you’ll be breaking out a George “Scrap Iron” Gadaski reference.

  6. I could have told the Falcons they were crazy for offering Edwards that kind of money. One smart move by the Vikings not paying for this guy. He thinks he’s a lot better than what he is. In other words, all bark but no bite.

  7. This is funny, I was actually playing in the band that was there that night. I didn’t see the boxing match because I was backstage working up a tune for the next set, but I found out pretty quickly I hadn’t missed much.

    @bartlettruss: That’s exactly what I was thinking

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