Senior Bowl quarterbacks putting on quite a show


If you ever wondered how a Mark Sanchez is allowed to happen, here’s how.

The pipeline of quarterback talent appears to be running dry, based on the performances in the first half of the Senior Bowl.

Granted, watching half a college all-star game is a really bad way to evaluate (and also a really bad use of a Saturday).

Smart people put very little stock in this game, with practices weighing more heavily, and a season’s worth of tape more heavily than that.

But for a class of quarterbacks that had folks wondering anyway, these guys have done nothing to change any minds this afternoon.

Other than Florida State’s E.J. Manuel, who has thrown for a touchdown and run for one, the other five quarterbacks are a combined 17-of-38 passing for 95 yards with two interceptions in the first half.

In NFL terms, that’s a 29.9 rating.

In less scientific terms, that stinks.

Because of the dearth of qualified applicants, someone from the group of Ryan Nassib or Mike Glennon or Tyler Wilson is going to be drafted far higher than he should in the top portion of the draft.

But when he does, he’ll fall right in line with “top 10” picks such as Blaine Gabbert or Jake Locker, or more accurately, a “first rounder” such as Tim Tebow.

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  1. As Schlereth notes, all it takes is one coach to egotistically decide, “I can fix that.” That is how Sanchez happens.

  2. Gabbert had a better completion rate and passer rating than that donkey in Carolina when he was injured, Gnat. Newton just piled up some garbage stats after the Panthers were eliminated. Still didn’t catch Gabbert in accuracy for the year. You need to do a little research before you start trashing these guys.

  3. why don’t teams just Draft a great player – tank it with an incumbent/stop gap QB this year – get a great QB next year ?

    There’s gotta be better QBs next year … right?

  4. Actually, with all due respect to my beloved Nittany Lions, Sanchez happened due to him absolutely shredding an overmatched PSU secondary in the Rose Bowl.

    I said from the day Sanchez was drafted he should give his signing bonus to Tom Bradley and the PSU secondary from that day.

  5. Rodgers fell in the draft partly cause teams did not like his mechanics. GB drafted him late in the first round after countless teams who needed a qb passed on him, teams like the dolphins who have been desperate for a qb since Marino. One team thought they could “fix that” and the rest is history. Unfortunately for most teams in need of a qb this year they don’t have Favre on their team to keep the fans happy and will want to start one of these guys week one and I see an entire draft class of qb busts.

  6. None of the QBs today looked anywhere near NFL ready. Any one of these in the first round will be a stretch. Geno Smith was smart not to participate. It would have been like standing with the homely girls in the corner at a school dance.

  7. Trade for Matt Schaub.
    Offer the Texans to switch picks in the 1st, 2nd and 4th rounds of the 2013 NFL draft and give Houston a 3rd round conditional pick in the 2014 NFL draft for Matt Schaub.
    That is a great trade for both teams.

  8. Manti te’o looks like a loon. Nobody else is worth a top ten pick. The first 10 drafting teams are going to have a hard time finding value. If you are from 11 and on, I’m sure you’ll find your money’s worth. Nassib is the best QB out of the bunch, but doesn’t deserve to be taken in the first round. The only place he’ll have a leg up going is to Buffalo, where his old Coach now roams. EJ Manuel fits the prototypical New-age mobile QB that all these teams want, but lacks much in the readiness to play at the pro level. Tyler Wilson shows promise, but that is way down the line. I believe there is a Mark Sanchez type of Quarterback coming out this year, Matt Barkley who is far from being complete. We all know the drill though, 3 to 4 QB’s will be taken before pick 20 in the first round. Not because they are in demand, but because they are all that’s available. I see players like Sanchez, Tebow, Fitzpatrick and Flynn getting on the field before any from this group. Good luck Rookies!

  9. I bet the best Qb in this draft will most likely end up being an undrafted free agent from Some d2 school in the middle of nowhere… These kids are all huge risks… Any team that picks one of these abs in the 1st round should fire their gm immediately…

  10. Who is the Russell Wilson of this year’s draft?There has to be a kid out there who did nothing but win but is getting overlooked because he doesn’t have the right size or mechanics or school name.

  11. careful greatgabert, if you say scam is not good then people star crying. I mean he has played 32 games and ha a total of 13 wins, and only 2 of them are against teams with winning records, and one of those wins are against the t.j Yates led Texans. but you know, scan is so great and all, it’s just his team sucks, and coaches suck, and everything else sucks but scam

  12. Blaine does suck. Can’t wait until we flush that turd and we don’t have to read anymore crap from doofus posters like thegreatgabbert.

    Jags season ticket holder.

  13. How is comparing him to Tim Tebow more accurate? Tebow got to the playoffs and beat a favored Steelers team.

    Locker and Gabbert together won’t ever be as good as Tebow.

  14. “Who is the Russell Wilson of this year’s draft?There has to be a kid out there who did nothing but win but is getting overlooked because he doesn’t have the right size or mechanics or school name.”

    And if he goes to a decent situation where he has some help and decent coaching, everyone will be scratching their heads wondering how he slipped through.

  15. I think some people that have read this article or been following the SENIOR bowl are forgetting these are a very very small portion of the draft class. There are probably 2 to 3 times the amount of under classmen in this draft than seniors. The QBs that are seniors do indeed suck. And as why AJ McCarron didn’t declare…. well its much the same reason Tim Tebow didn’t declare in his junior year, because theres no one that would want them. Plus McCarron girlfriend knows once he goes to the nfl he’ll be buried on the bench out of the spot light which means she’ll be too.

  16. someone’s gonna get a steal in Barkley when they realize the reason for his rough season was torn shoulder tissue..

  17. There is a QB available that no one is looking at, and he won’t cost you a first round pick; maybe a third or fourth. He’s from San Francisco.

  18. They put on a show about how much they sucked!….I went the Senior Bowl today and the best thing I saw was the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders on the sidelines!….and Alabama State University’s band put on a great half time performance!

  19. If I needed a QB this year and had a top 10 pick I would trade down a keep trading down into the lower half of the 1st rd and would collect as many 2nd and 3rd round picks as I could. And, then I would take to best QB available. Also, of all the QBs I saw this year I think the QB from Tennesse was probably the best I saw. Now, I know he didn’t have a great year. But, I’m telling the kid can ball. I wouldn’t touch Geno Smith or McCarron with a ten foot pole. I just don’t trust Geno Smith, and I hate to say this but Nick Saban as never produced a quality pro QB. I think that’s because he recurits smarts over talent. To play QB for him the first rule is don’t hurt the team. None of his QBs have every been drafted high.

  20. This is why I have said Seattle may never well get a 2nd round pick for Flynn. That, or someone will trade their early 1st round for Seattles late 1st & Flynn.

    Seattle needs more quality than quantity coming from the draft. As Carrol said, “its hard to image 10 guys making this team next year”.

    Say what you want, I would rather have Flynn than a “forced” draft. Also, in my 1st round draft concept, that would help all the teams.

  21. I think Barkely will be a Chad Pennington kind of guy great reads doesnt have the arm strength to mak all the throwsm
    Teama will say fixable in the sense of usually not mechanics or an idot does that; but mental errors and accuracy or foot work that is something that can be practiced away and changed.
    Geno Smith looks fixable in the sense he has a good arm legs decent touch but rarely goes through his reads and is bad undrr pressure. Thats something Mcnabb and Vick were taught in Philly something Andy Reid can fix.
    Not to mention Geno is not at the senior bowl.
    And Bama never produces good QBs but probably makes the bwst game managers as their QBs lack arm strength but have amazing ability to know where to go with the ball, its called smarts and Saban does a great job at teaching it.
    Tyler Wilson from what i saw has a good arm not great, decent reads, and decent accuracy which can spell trouble if.someone takes him in the top 10 because his reads and mechanics will take atleast a year or two to change.
    Mike Glennon, the kid can throw from here to the moon great arm, subpar accuracy, his reads need to change but his skill set says he will be the 3rd or 2nd Qb taken prototypical size and arm
    Nassib is a flier kind of guy, like Barkley cant drivw on the ball, just lacks the arm strength but can go deep. Has good accuracy, good reads he would be a great pick up in the later rounds for a team looking for a one year project who can become a starter.
    EJ manuel, good arm not good accuracy, reminds me of a dennis dixon, runs well which is his best asset, maybe a 4th or 5th round guy

  22. I think EJ Manuel is the most physically gifted QB in this years draft. 6’5 230 and still has 4.6 speed with a strong arm. Just needs to find a coaching staff that is good at working with QB’s. I think he could be a steal in the mid-late rounds.

  23. goldrush4949

    asked has there ever been a worse year for having the #1 pick?

    If you’re looking for a QB, I doubt anything beats the 2007 draft which included:

    JaMarcus–Brady Quinn–Kevin Kolb–John Beck–Drew Stanton–Trent Edwards–Isiah Stanback–Jeff Rowe–Troy Smith–Jordan Palmer

    That’s a pretty sucky group

  24. If you think there was another Russel Wilson in this years Senior Bowl, then you were in for a rude awakening. The QBs were awful and all of them represent projects that will likely result in careers as back ups at best. Pitiful.

  25. goldrush4949 says: Jan 26, 2013 7:05 PM

    Tough break for the Chiefs. Has there ever been a worse year to hold the #1 overall pick?
    Depends on how you use the pick. 2007 was a bad year for the Raiders to have the first overall pick. And just a bad year for QBs from top to bottom.

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