Spencer ready to put his hand down to stay with Cowboys

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Cowboys outside linebacker Anthony Spencer will play in his first Pro Bowl tomorrow, though he hopes there are more. Pro Bowls, and years with the Cowboys.

After playing this year under the franchise tag, Spencer’s agent said he hopes to stay with Dallas this offseason.

His agent, Jordan Woy, told Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News that Spencer was ready to make the conversion to 4-3 defensive end, which he played in college at Purdue. The Cowboys are shifting away from their 3-4 under new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

“He told me, ‘I feel like I can play that position. I feel like I can do a great job at it,’” Woy said. “I talked about it with him. He’d love to stay in Dallas but ultimately it is a business and sometimes that works out and sometimes that doesn’t.

“He’s prepared for whatever the situation it is. But if he had his first choice it would be to stay in Dallas.”

Spencer led the Cowboys in tackles last year, and had a career-high 11 sacks. But that might not be enough to keep him in place.

“Now it’s obviously a matter if the [Cowboys], . . . feel like he’s a great fit,” Woy said. “And if they do we’re really hopeful we’ll be able work a deal out and have him stay there. If that’s not where ultimately their heads are at and what they think, then we’ll have to go out in the marketplace.”

And if that’s where he ends up, his play this season has put him in good position to market himself.

10 responses to “Spencer ready to put his hand down to stay with Cowboys

  1. Doubt he’ll stay in Dallas. Big D has cap problems, & Spencer is going to be more than they can afford….

  2. A team that operates along logical lines would sit down with the player (not his agent) and then evaluate the situation. They’d decide whether he should be an end (bulk up) and consequently draft a LB, or that he should be a LB (plan on maintaining your current weight) and draft an end.

    Fortunately for the rest of the league, the Cowboys do not operate this way. They’ll probably dither, piddle, twiddle, leave Spencer hanging, and draft neither position.

  3. Of course he does, hand in the dirt DEs make more $ than LBs. If they ever franchised him again, they would owe him 20% over the $10M plus figure from 2012.

    PS. Not sure that Romo can reworked in 2013 as his signing bonus was accelerated last season. I am sure Mr. Mara will pay attention to the 30% rule that was violated by Miles Austin in the uncapped year. The next step would be loss of draft picks….

  4. PS….D-Ware on line one for Jerruh. He wants to get paid like Julius Peppers now. DEs get hit on every play Mr. JONES. How are the prospects for a 30 plus OLB transitioning to DE coming off of shoulder and elbow surgeries ? Now add a salary dispute because the owner does not understand how to sync his talent and defensive system.

  5. I love reading cowboys post it makes me smile everytime someone posts negative comments and their childish nicknames cause they’re jealous of the history of one the greatest football teams in the NFL… Keep em coming haters 🙂

  6. Strong performance from Spencer last season but the question is how will he play when gets his new contract?

    I think he can adjust to a 4-3 DE but I’m not convinced that he will give the same effort next season as he did last season.

    It will be interesting to see if he resigns with Dallas.

  7. How are you a great franchise when you haven’t been to a Super Bowl in a generation ? Meanwhile, there have been 4 Super Bowl appearances by your division rivals alone in that interim. The Jests have had more playoff success during that time. The truth of the matter is that the Dallas Cowboys are a .500 organization since 1996 season and look like fools in the process!

  8. Based on what his Agent is saying, he will be playing elsewhere next year unless he gets paid a huge amount. Vow set it up so that if he leaves Dallas, “Its Dallas fault… because they didnt want him” In all reality itll be “Dallas didnt want to pay him that much.” Que Kamerion Wimbley contract dispute last year, Good player but no where near worth 8 Million and up a year.

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