Adrian Peterson thinks he’s the NFL MVP


We’re a little less than a week away from finding out who will be the NFL’s Most Valuable Player in a race much closer than we see in most seasons.

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning each turned in seasons good enough to merit consideration under any circumstances. The fact that each of them did it in their comeback from injuries that many feared would make them lesser players only made their performances more impressive. Strong arguments could be made for each man, but Peterson thinks he’s got the stronger case.

“I’m going to win it. I will get it,” Peterson said, via Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post.

Peterson’s already taken home PFT‘s version of the MVP, something that will get him on the New York City subway as long as he has $2.25 with him as well.

Kiszla reports that the MVP race has been a frequent source of conversation in Hawaii this week — it’s “breathed life into the Pro Bowl” — while both Manning and Peterson were preparing for the Pro Bowl. Manning razzed Peterson for campaigning for the award during a speech at a banquet, something Peterson took with the proper humor as both men enjoy the wait for the results of the voting to be announced.

72 responses to “Adrian Peterson thinks he’s the NFL MVP

  1. That’s amazing.

    The subway in New York costs $2.25? I haven’t been there in quite a long time.

  2. Peterson absolutely should win MVP, and Manning should get Comeback Player of the Year.

    And I’m sure some people have a problem with Peterson’s brashness in saying “I will be MVP” or “I want to get 2,500 yards,” but personally I like it. He’s motivated and passionate and has specific goals he wants to reach.

  3. Peterson is the MVP, hands down.
    Having said that, there’s no way the media will ever award anything worth awarding to anyone other than to a quarterback, especially when the quarterback happens to be Peyton Manning.
    We live in a quarterback-obsessed society, where only “elite” quarterbacks “win” Super Bowls. The media, especially ESPN, are gonna have fun proclaiming the winning quarterback of Sunday’s Super Bowl “elite.”
    Can’t wait!!!

  4. He has every reason to think he should be the MVP, he’s earned it. That said I don’t see anything wrong with giving co-MVPs like they did in 03 and 97.

  5. Manning is clearly and hands down the MVP. I also like the way way Manning carries himself with dignity and grace, as opposed to the pompous arrogance of constantly yelling how great you are.

    No one is taking anything away from Peterson’s great season. He is the come back player of the year, but he wears on me (and many others) with his rants of greatness.

  6. Self-promotion may be considered tacky in our society but I love this guy. Listen to any interview Peterson has done. He’s not a chest-thumping blowhard trash talker.

    What he did in football this year, coming back from injury to boost his team’s winning record and giving an unparalleled performance is quite a story.

    If I had a vote for MVP I’d give it to him.

  7. Peterson deserves the MVP! He would have had 3000 yards if he played in the AFC West! Rodgers had better stats than Manning and Manning played in the weakest division?! Rodgers SHOULD be 2nd in votes.

  8. Fugly is right. We all have a ton of respect for Peterson, and if he wins it, he will deserve it. But his constant public campaigning for it serves only to diminish the award.

  9. AP almost single-handedly takes his team to the playoffs.

    Manning abuses a weak division and gets humbled in the Playoffs.

    The choice is simple.

  10. I’m sorry, I used to like this guy. But lately all he’s concerned about are his own personal records and achievements. Do you ever hear him talking about the team anymore?

  11. I say test Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson… Whoever tests negative wins it. That’ll never happen, so I’m hoping Peyton is voted MVP. Adrian Petersons recovery is a little suspect to me.

  12. Peterson was there when they only won 3 games. The guy only missed like one or two games last year. Why don’t you have kalil get the mvp? He is the major change that got Peterson runnning. And when ponder got hurt and teams could focus on Peterson they got blown out in the playoffs. Comeback player for Peterson, yes. Mvp? No. The award should go to Peyton, or Rodgers. Peyton made a five game swing in the win column. Funny how the AP group won’t mention that…

  13. I love Peyton Manning, but he is not the MVP and if he does win it, the NFl needs to re name the award the “best QB award”. my rationale is simple. Tim Freakin Tebow took these same Broncos to the AFC Divisional round and the AFC West is really awful. Peyton took them no further than Tebow did. AP however, willed a team that won a lousy 3 games last season to a 10-6 record and a wild card in a decent NFC North. Both Manning and Peterson came back from injury so you can throw that part out of the equation when considering the MVP. lastly, Manning and AAron Rodgers had nearly identical stats and went to the divisional round. No running back came anywhere close to AP’s stats. AP is the league MVP whether they actually award it to him or not. much like the Pro Bowl, the NFL awards are getting ridiculous as well. Jared Allen and his 22 sacks were the Defensive Player of the year in 2011, but because the Vikes only won 3 games, the award went to Terrel Suggs. Ridiculous.

  14. If Manning wins, it will be his 3rd MVP that probably should have gone to someone else.

    I respect Peyton’s comeback, but he really didn’t do anything to distinguish himself from Brady or Rogers at his position, and those guys were carrying teams with weaker defenses than Denver’s.

    Peterson had a near historic season on an otherwise weak team. He deserves the award.

  15. beauregard says:
    Jan 27, 2013 12:27 PM
    Manning is clearly and hands down the MVP.

    Tebow had more success in the playoffs with basically the same team.

  16. They should just rename the MVP the Peyton Manning award. That’s how deserving he is of the award on nearly an annual basis.

    This year is no different.

  17. What’s with all the backlash against Peterson regarding his statements. The guy backs up his words with his play and has done so since day one. The minute he’s saying these things and he can’t cut it on the field, by all means, slam the guy. For right now, he’s just telling you all things you should already know.

  18. Sorry love ap and i know this has nothing to do with revis. But didnt ap have an acl injury?
    To think this should have destoryed his career but yet hes going for mvp.
    p.s revis will be just as good if not better, and i hope ap does get mvp for what he did he deserves it.

  19. @bobzilla,

    Sickening, isn’t it? Most predictable NFL thing ever.

    There’s a reason it has been since 1999 that an MVP also was on the SB winning team. And a big reason is that the team had the #4 defense in points allowed.

    I’m not big into individual awards (and my team’s QB has two of them so it’s not a hater thing), but these would have a modicum of weight to them if they at least waited until after the playoffs to vote on them. Maybe vote after the championship games and make the announcements at halftime of the ProBowl to spice it up a little or something.

    I would bet some money that TB wouldn’t have won that one in 2010 if they waited until after the Pats embarrassing one and done in which he didn’t perform well. Rodgers should have gotten it, I think.

  20. I love all the haters on here talking about Peterson constantly saying he is gonna win the MVP, which he will, and how he said he will break Dickerson’s record, which he came damn close to. Didn’t any of your parents tell you growing up to strive for the best and have goals?? That is all he is doing when he says that stuff. He is the farthest athlete or person to thump his chest and think he is better than everyone else. Than you got the haters saying he came back super fast and in beast mode, therefore he must be on something. AP is a different breed than you or I. He obviously can do things we can only dream of. Don’t hate on the man for striving for greatness like a normal person trys to in anything they do.

  21. AP is the MVP. Not only did he come within a single play of breaking the all-time rushing record in an era that favors the pass, but the Vikings rode him to the playoffs. THE PLAYOFFS!!! It wasn’t the Bears, it wasn’t the Lions (either one of which looked like a better bet pre-season)- it was the Vikings who made it in as a wild-card. AP was the biggest reason why.

    Peyton was also great, but the Broncos got just as far last year with Tim Tebow at the helm.

  22. There are 4 QBs with equal or better stats than Peyton Manning. AD ran for 400+ more yards than the next leading back, in a passing league, on a team without a passing game.

  23. So Peyton take a playoff team back to the playoffs, and AP take a three win team into the playoffs. Both had terrible injuries. No AP no playoffs. No Peyton Broncos are still a playoff team

  24. Way to pat yourself in the back and toot your own horn adrian! you would never see peyton manning ever do that! i agree we the guy above me here,he and peyton should share it!

  25. There should be no such thing as sharing an award like that. Mvp goes to Adrian hands down because that’s all the vikings had and teams set there defence up to stop him and still couldn’t. Peyton manning is comeback poy because he was gone all last year and came back and did great job obviously. Untill it got cold. But to even think peyton should get considerations for Mvp you must be on goofy pills because Timmy tebow took the broncos just as far and played a more difficult schedule. Look it up. I do believe peyton should be considered best qb in era before cry baby pretty child tom Brady because he didn’t get fed by silver and didnt have coach of century. Yes I’m still pist Brady can spike the ball and yell at refs and then instead of being penalized give him a bogus ass call the very next play. Wish I knew where the tool gets his nails done do I could smack some man into him. Anyways what was thus about???? Oh yea all day = Mvp. And peyton = comeback poy

  26. There should be no such thing as sharing an award like that. Mvp goes to Adrian hands down because that’s all the vikings had and teams set there defence up to stop him and still couldn’t. Peyton manning is comeback poy because he was gone all last year and came back and did great job obviously. Untill it got cold. But to even think peyton should get considerations for Mvp you must be on goofy pills because Timmy tebow took the broncos just as far and played a more difficult schedule. Look it up. I do believe peyton should be considered best qb in era before cry baby pretty child tom Brady because he didn’t get fed by silver and didnt have coach of century. Yes I’m still pist Brady can spike the ball and yell at refs and then instead of being penalized give him a bogus ass call the very next play. Wish I knew where the tool gets his nails done do I could smack some man into him. Anyways what was this about???? Oh yea all day = Mvp. And peyton = comeback poy

  27. What kind of player actually says these things? “I’m gonna win it” and ” I deserve it”. C’mon man. It’s not about the name about the name on the back. I lost respect for this chump

  28. Withour the Manning conspiracy AD is hands down the MVP.

    But, these days the media always gets what they want.

  29. Anyone who doesn’t believe that Peterson deserves MVP is either a bronco fan or a very naive football fan. I wish Peterson were on my favorite team. I think Rogers and Brady deserve more recognition than Manning this year. What did Manning do for the Bronco’s that they didn’t accomplish last year, other than win a few more games. Won division , check, made playoffs check, lost in first rd. of playoffs, check…oh that’s right, someone named Tebow won the playoff game last year, my bad Peyton, wouldn’t want to give you anything you didn’t deserve……like MVP.

  30. It won’t even be close, Manning in a landslide… when it comes to awards, Peyton never loses. Voting was before the playoffs, there is no way Peterson is even close in this vote.

  31. If anyone deserves it out of those two its Manning. Everyone and their brother said that he is done, that he will never be the same Peyton as we all knew from Indianapolis. Everyone who ran their mouth looks pretty stupid now. Look at his season… can you ask for much more from your QB? I know he didn’t bring the Broncos to the big game, but don’t put all of that solely on his shoulders. The Defense left much to be desired on the field this year. Not to mention the injury bug. In my eyes there is only Manning. Peterson is way too full of himself. There is confidence and then there is a thing called self centered. When do you hear him talk about getting it done for the team? You don’t. Its all about me with him.

  32. White America…. That fact that these guys can’t be deemed Great unless You guys Endorse It… SPEAKS to a Level of Arrogance as Well! But I guess that’s Y’all God Given Right. Everyone need to fall in line and comply…

  33. People keep saying how bad it is how Adrian is talking about how he deserves the MVP and such. Well, its not like hes going around telling every single person walking the street that he should be MVP. If a media member asks him who he thinks it should be, or if it should be him, he is saying yes it should. There is nothing wrong with that in the slightest. I would do the same thing too if I had a chance to be MVP.

  34. Being a packer fan, it sucks to have to agree with him… So I’m just going to go ahead and say it should be Aaron Rodgers…

  35. I think Peterson is MVP but I think Peyton is Comeback Player of the year.

    Peyton’s had more adversity, different team, 4 surgeries and a more career threatening scenerio then Peterson. Not to diminish Adrian’s comeback story, but we all knew he’d play again, with Manning we didn’t know or if he’d ever play again.

  36. Way too many people here have obviously never actually listened to an interview of AP. Is he confident yes, is he selfish? no. This guy is one of the best examples of a team player the league has. If you doubt that just look at any actual interview. Not these quick blurbs about one or two sentences that come out. He hasn’t even really been ‘campaigning’. If any other RB had 2k yards and were asked if they felt they were the MVP I doubt any would say no. Before any ignorant fans keep talking trash on his confidence at least check into the facts.

    As for those who say only QB’s should win it because RB’s depend on blockers and a line.. How’s that different from a QB? Oh yeah, a QB needs WR’s to catch the ball too.

  37. If anything this just goes to show that RB, and running game, is overvalued by some people. An amazing running game is an assurance of nothing.
    How valuable is he if he can have the best season possible for him and still not have that take the team anywhere.

  38. For those that bash Peterson because he makes claims about winning individual accolades need to think a little harder as to why those claims are made. It is a direct response to questions asked by the media. He probably was asked if he would win the MVP and what would you expect a competitor like that to say? No it should go to manning. Seriously why bash him for saying he should get it or that he could get 2500 yards rushing when all he does is answers questions asked. No wonder most athletes don’t like to talk to the media, their response are a lot of times twisted to make them look arrogant or brash and then fans criticize them. I wouldn’t want that either. Although for the $ they make I guess that’s a good trade off too

  39. I would give the MVP to AP.

    And even though I agree with the commenters who are noting he’s merely answering media questions and not openly campaigning, I will say this: Uf I had a terrible ACL injury and came back to a near-record breaking season, I’d be bragging too!

  40. Not to take anything away from Peterson’s production in 2012, it truly was a great year for him, but let it go already.

    I also love how all of the viking fans just eat this up, like there’s nothing wrong with his beating his own drum about records and MVPs.
    Last year the vike fans were up in arms and in a complete snit over a few Packer players, openly talking about their effort to go undefeated and winning the Superbowl. At least those were team oriented goals. Hypocrite much.

    I just feel that AP should drop it or at least try and deflect the questions he’s inevitably asked.
    It makes you look like the classier man.

    P.S. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers should garner more consideration than Peyton Manning anyway.

  41. How much longer do we have to hear the absolutely rediculous comment about Tebow doing the same as Manning. Tebow’s “team” ended up tied in the division and won on a tie breaker, Peyton led the Broncs to tying for the best record in football. Tebow threw one pass that was significant and DT took it 75 yards after the catch. I also do not believe that Tebow had Rahim Moore missing a fly ball deep down the field with 30 seconds left, no time outs and holding a 7 point lead at home. Yes Peyton threw the pick in OT but does anyone out there including all the PM haters which sounds like is everyone but still he is top 3 in jersey sales and gets the most votes to the probowl think that he is the reason they lost that game. Did he not do enough in regulation to win that game. You hand a 7 point lead over to a top 5 D at home with 30 seconds left and no timeouts and you get labeled the goat. Absolutely amazing

  42. Did Rogers or Brady come back from major neck surgeries in the off season? Did Rogers or Brady start oveer with a new team, new division, new city after missing a whole year? At the end of last year were “experts” on TV saying Brady or Rogers’ career looks over and that they are risking their safety by playing again. The answer to all of them is no. Manning outplayed Brady head to head this year (look at the numbers) but since the Broncos lost, Peyton lost. Rogers had a great year and he is the best QB in football right now, but you cannot deny what Peyton did for the Broncos franchise, the young players who are no on the edge of being pro bowlers, 5 more wins and the offense scored almost 11 points more per game. This year was special so don’t worry Rogers is going to get plenty of awards down the road just be patient.

  43. Adrian Peterson is the MVP and its not even close! The only other offense weapon for the Vikings is Percy Harvin and he missed most of the season. AP faced 8-9 defenders in the box for the last 6 games. Broncos had #2 overall D and tons of weapons for the Great White Hype…aka Manning.

  44. Poor little quaterback primadonnas. Heaven forbid if poor little AARON, or Peyton Or Tommy B didn’t win the award.

    Bottomline is Adrain carried a team with three wins the year before, NO deep threats on offense at all and at least 70% of plays versus 8-9 men boxes and missed the NFL Season rushing record by 9 years.

    Don’t even nother handing awards out again if he doesn’t win it.

    Oh, yes, little Peyton got the Broncos ( a playoff team the year before) only as far as Tim Tebow did.

    Enough said.

  45. I love AD, but he’s not even the MVP of the Vikes. Without CP we don’t even make the playoffs. Not saying CP is better than AD, just saying him performing well is more important for this team being successful.

  46. I may be wrong, but I am pretty sure that the MVP voting took place the first couple of days after the regular season ended. Therefore, I don’t think he’s campaigning, he’s stating his opinion. A correct one at that!

  47. ErinAndrewsStopCallingMe says: Jan 27, 2013 11:55 AM

    Totally deserves the MVP trophy. In the shape of an orange peanut.

    Umm…back in the 50’sand 60’s those little orange peanuts were called circus peanuts, also referred to as ni**er toes by raicst white men. I certainly hope that is NOT what you meant and I would suggest re-wording it as to not offend anyone. just my 2 cents.

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