Aloha: Tune in for live-streaming Pro Bowl action here


There’s nothing easier than making Pro Bowl jokes.

But be honest with yourself.

Not only are you going to watch it, but you’re going to talk about it with your buddies.

So why not hang out here, watch the game streaming live on, complete with multiple camera angles and a live chat with our own Mike Florio, while he works out the kinks from his trek to New Orleans for that other game next weekend.

Because let’s face it, you know you’re going to watch both of them.

21 responses to “Aloha: Tune in for live-streaming Pro Bowl action here

  1. don’t tell us to be honest with ourselves. chiefs fans like me like to lie to ourselves and believe next year is our year. stop trying to screw it up dude. thanx

  2. Actually, I have no interest in watching the pro bowl. Not even the spectacle of watching another “train wreck” is enough for even five minutes anymore. I’m sure plenty of others feel the same about this useless game

  3. Please. I live about 5 miles away from Aloha Stadium and am not going nor watching. After the debacle last year where I PAID $150/seat to go and was treated to basically a two-hand touch football game, there is no way I, or many people living here, would go or watch. Plus “If you ain’t first, you’re last” and only the Ravens/49ers are first’ers this year. Yeah, spellcheckers, I made that word up.

  4. Preseason intersquad scimmages are more exciting. Play for something. The loser opens on the road the following season!? Anything! Goodell gives everone on the winning team a get out of jail free card! There it is! Look out Hawaii! !

  5. Here is an idea to make the Pro Bowl better. Doubt the NFL would do this but I’ll throw it out there…

    Instead of having the Pro Bowl today have it be the beginning of the following seasons preseason.

    It’ll still be a reward, going to Hawaii, being an ‘all-star’ and all, but:

    1) Players won’t be declining the game with minor pointless injuries or just because they want to head into the offseason without playing again.

    2) Players won’t be out of the game, even if they want to be a part of it, just because their team is in the Super Bowl.

    3) The effort, which still obviously wouldn’t match a real game, would definitely be better. Instead of players heading into the offseason they’d be heading into and gearing up for the next season.

  6. I think maybe the only reason I’m watching this year is because of the threat of this being the last Pro Bowl.

  7. The probowl could be better by trying out potential rule changes in the game (like the adjustment to/replacement of the kickoff), letting the players celebrate however they want after plays (more of an incentive for them to make big plays), and let the finalists for the Heisman play a few snaps.

  8. That and I think that the players will actually try harder this year. And so far it looks like they have. But there are still moments when you can tell that certain guys are taking it easy. And I guess that doesn’t bother me unless it’s excessive. I expect some of that in an all-star game.

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