Jets could trade Cromartie instead of Revis


The prevailing view inside and outside the Jets organization is that owner Woody Johnson has no desire to pay cornerback Darrelle Revis the kind of money he’d fetch on the open market.  With the Jets having no way to keep Revis from hitting the open market next year, the question becomes whether the team should part ways with him sooner and get value in return.

But there’s a belief within the power structure that Johnson should broaden the lens and look at the entire budget for the cornerback position.  Instead of paying Revis close to market value and continuing to pay cornerback Antonio Cromartie a healthy salary ($7 million base pay in 2013), the Jets could pay Revis what he’s worth and trade Cromartie.

Rich Cimini of reports that a “small segment” of the organization prefers that approach, trading Cromartie instead of Revis.  Actually, we’re told that the small segment includes a previously large man named Rex Ryan.

Per Cimini, Cromartie is due to receive a $2.3 million roster bonus on the third day of the league year, in mid-March.  Cimini explains that the Jets would carry only $2.5 million in dead money by trading Cromartie, and that they would avoid the $8.2 million cap charge associated with keeping him.  (Actually, with a $7 million base salary and a $2.3 million roster bonus, the cap charge would be at least $9.3 million, plus any proration for past signing bonuses.)  Revis will cost $9 million against the cap if he stays — and $12 million against the cap if he is traded before June 1.

As we hear it, the primary factor for Ryan is that he’s hoping to clear out some of the guys who have contributed to the problems in the locker room over the past couple of years.  Cromartie is regarded as one of those guys.

Which, of course, may not make it any easier to trade him.

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  1. I am just curious.. Are there any Giants beat writiers who write stories about their team.

    It seems there are always Jets stories but no Giants stories.

  2. Maybe common sense will prevail. People who want Revis traded are too locked into the present moment. Seattle was thought of as a joke franchise during the last draft. (Look it up). Things change fast in the nfl. In the course of the next six years, the jets could go from bad to good to bad, but at least if they have Revis they will have a shot. If anyone doubts his place, watch Jets-Giants game two years ago. Man shut off 2/3 of field, but Cromartie somehow lets Cruz free for 99 yards and one team crashes for a season and a half while the other wins a championship. Coming into that game the Jets were favorites. Things change fast. Don’t lose your best player. #keepRevis

  3. @nflrocks says: Jan 27, 2013 7:19 AM

    I am just curious.. Are there any Giants beat writiers who write stories about their team.

    It seems there are always Jets stories but no Giants stories.
    Not a fan of either but it seems that the Jets always have some kind of circus going on and the Giants are either winning or losing, mostly winning without all the high school drama. Just an outside observation.

  4. It’s hard to care about every little Jets move on the chess board, when every instinct says they’ll have a miserable season, a new head coach and a top three draft pick next year.

    Maybe I’ll care then, when it’s a question of which QB they’re going to draft.

  5. Shhh about the other nj team. Let them operate quietly and win a Super Bowl every 5 years.

  6. Is Cimini getting paid by the amount of postings? He sure likes keeping the Jets in the news. Maybe Woody is paying him by the # of posts he makes.

  7. The problem with trying to trade him is that Cromartie is overpaid. You don’t base pay a #2 CB pushing 30 yrs old $7Mil. Just another awful Tannenbaum contract the Jets can’t unload.

  8. Not sure why they would trade him. He is a strong supporter of Sanche which I am sure Rex loves and he played just as well as Revis could last year and is cheaper. They really don’t know what they are doing

  9. That would be a dumb move. Given Revis’ injury history of late it would be wiser to keep Cromartie and dump Revis since Cromartie has been far more reliable during the season. What good is an A+ cornerback if he can’t make it through the entire season?

  10. Yeah the Jets coverage is ridiculous. No wonder why Tananbaum was fired. Some of these contract scenarios are terrible. The Sanchez deal, Revis and Cromartie. SMH

  11. Cromartie is overrated. He’s undisciplined and uncommitted. His best days are behind him. The Jets would be best served TRYING (the operative word there) to trade Cromartie and Revis to obtain draft picks to bolster and fortify a desperately pathetic offensive unit.

    The Jets situation is very, very bleak whether looking at their horrible cap position or their current roster talent. There are MANY sacrifices that will first need to be done in advance of ever getting back to a position of competitive health. And the only way to attain that is first using what minimal and sparse talent value that IS available and effort to parlay that value into additional value (i.e. trades). The issue with Revis is that ‘yes’ he was a shutdown corner (pre-injury) but secondaries are becoming less and less important and linebacking corps are becoming the greater imperative. Who will want to pay $12-mill+ to proven hold-out and injury prone player??

  12. ” Woody Johnson has no desire to pay Revis the kind of money he’d fetch on the open market” …. but Woody will throw 8+ million out the window on a QB that is the laughing stock of the NFL. Five interceptions, and running into your own linemans ass and fumbling does tend to make you the laughing stock of the league.

  13. Wow!

    I know the Jets have cap issues but to give up the teams best asset; two shut down corners is desperate. Well I guess the Jets are desperate.

  14. In a perfect scenario, the Jets would keep both Cro and revis. It’s not going to happen and the people hear need to stop saying Cro is bad. He was a top 2 CB last yr and he would be a number 1 on most teams. The question is Revis or Cro. I say Revis just because he talks a lot less then Cro (although Cro is getting better), he’s younger and he’s better. The only bad thing is revis is coming off an ACL injury, but Cro also tore his ACL in college. They can trade Cro for a 2nd or 3rd round pick. I say do it.

  15. All you guys knocking on Cro didn’t watch him play this year. He was well worth his salary and then some. He covered extremely well and played the run almost as well. He had at least 4 or 5 big hits where you turned around and said, “was that really Cro?” He was a different more physical player. I would be very interested in seeing what adding Revis plus an additional year for wilkerson and coples would do. If the Jets get a QB and a TE (or re-sign keller on the cheap) as well as edwards and holmes coming back. Too bad management screwed everything up and there is no hope.

  16. Why? Cromartie stays healthy and plays well and costs half as much. Revis has had 2 straight injury-riddled seasons and costs more than a good starting QB. I’d trade the high-priced guy and let some hungry young kid earn the spot for a fraction of the cost.

  17. Compare the Jets to the team they keep chasing, the Patriots. Belichick slots salary cap to each position. He knows what relative range he has to work within and he keeps to that range. That’s why guys like Lawyer Malloy were let go. The Jets keep deluding themselves into thinking they are just a couple of players away and they reach in the draft, trades, and salary. This leads to overpaying players, an aging roster, and lack of depth. It is an addiction that keeps needing to be fed.

  18. You don’t rebuild by trading your best player in his prime

    Ask the Chiefs if trading Allen was worth it.

  19. Its funny reading all these comments ONLY saying how well he played and how hes getting better. Im a sd diehard and know the problems cro caused in the lockerroom. Even if cro was playing better than revis and cro cost less id trade him. Revis is a true leader and was the best cb in the league by far before his injury. Trading cro is a no brainer. Hes was a cancer in sd and since hes been a jet the jets have gone downhill. Sometimes theres players that lower the level of play of those around him

  20. It’s pick your poison – do you want to trade a 2nd or 3rd Rd pick for a guy who WAS great and hope he is 100% with his knees/speed, or trade a 5th rd pick for a suspect Charachter guy with good cover skills who can’t/won’t tackle and who is starting to slow down?

    While this idea sounds great to NY Press – most teams will have zero interest.

  21. We’ll trade you David Carr for Revis straight up. You need a starting qb and we can bring Revis along slowly until December when we’ll really need him

  22. Nobody wanted him as a free agent…why would they be willing to give up draft picks and the salary for him now?

  23. @jetshorty

    I know it seems really tinfoil hat but I’m almost positive they do. And with all the attention it gets and the ability to rely on “anonymous sources,” why wouldn’t they? Jets beat writers in particular though have always been especially awful.

  24. I get a kick when they call the teams the NJ Jets-NJ Giants.

    Anyone take the time to learn the Jets tried to build a stadium in New York City? Between some political blockage and the prohibitive costs, it was impossible.
    To build a stadium in the world’s most expensive real estate didn’t happen. So?
    Next we’ll hear about the tolls to get there.
    You know what a toll is?

  25. Revis is a lot better than Cromartie in coverage, but with the recent influx in injuries to Revis, Cromartie looks like the safer bet. He may not shut down his side of the field, but he is a factor in the opposition’s game plan. Revis can’t stay healthy long enough to make a difference on the field anymore. Add in his huge salary, the impact that amount has on teammates who aren’t making 1/8th of that and it looks pretty obvious on who they should retain and who to let go.

  26. I saw what you did there Mike, shame on ya.

    You took a report from Jason L. using an un-named source, for whatever the reason the”un-named source was doing for, combined it with the insuing discussion about said rumor by media types and fans, and then came to the conclusion of a “prevailing” opinion?

    They’re reviewing the roster, at this point. PERIOD, END OF STORY.

    There is no “prevailing” opinion, other than people that don’t count, speculating.

  27. “As we hear it, the primary factor for Ryan is that he’s hoping to clear out some of the guys who have contributed to the problems in the locker room over the past couple of years. ”

    If I was the GM or coach of another team I’d be very wary of Jets bearing gifts. The Jets have a long list of locker room cancers who most other teams shouldn’t want any part of.

  28. Geniuses like the Jets move way above my intellect. The have mastered the QB spot and now are homing in on the CB slot to work magic. Hopefully soon they will work on the positions they consider important.

  29. Git rid of every single rb,wr,and qbs and you got some cap room..Landry bell cromartie and revis iz easily the best secoundary in the league…top3 pass D w.o revis. I don’t like the jets or revis or cromartie..but they gt something goin as far as secoundary in a pass heavy league…shonn green does nothin for this team and neither ck the WRS

  30. I don’t think the Jets should trade Cromartie.

    His value is at an all-time high, he is arguably a top-5 cornerback in the NFL right now and is only making $7 million a year (with two years left on his deal). If the Jets can trade Cromartie and re-sign Revis, that should bring in a 2nd 1st round pick.

  31. nflrocks says:Jan 27, 2013 7:19 AM

    I am just curious.. Are there any Giants beat writiers who write stories about their team.

    It seems there are always Jets stories but no Giants stories.

    Giants don’t ever have the same ‘quality’ of news the Jets do. In an era where news is secondary to headlines, no team can beat the Jets for stories. No team in the US in any sport. The stories write themselves. Why do the work when Rex is willing to do it for you?

  32. Really? This is news..Jets get a new GM, and people are suppose to believe that no one on a 6-10 team is expendable? Wow, Jets are still making headlines during Super Bowl week. Media must love to stir up Jet controversy rather than give us real reporting.

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