Justin Durant hopes to stay with Lions


The Lions will have plenty of key free agents this offseason.  One who hopes to stick around is linebacker Justin Durant.

I want to sign,” Durant tells Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press.  “Am I sure?  No.  I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen.  Free agency is a different type of process.  You never know what’s going to happen.  I’m definitely just anxious to see.

“Hopefully we get something worked out to where I’m back in Detroit.  I love the city, I love the fans, love playing there.”

That could be easier said that done, unless he wants to give his adopted hometown a discount.  Durant led the Lions with 82 solo tackles in 2013, which could make him more attractive on the open market.

“It was my best season as far as tackles; I thought I had a good one,” Durant said.  “Hopefully everyone in the front office sees that as well.”

But the market for veteran linebackers lately has resembled the market for veteran running backs.  The big money simply may not be there for a six-year veteran who turns 28 in September.  Which means that Detroit could end up making the most sense, like it did in 2011 when Durant signed a two-year, $5.5 million contract.

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  1. I am assuming that Lions will let at least one of their free agent LBs go since they drafted Tahir Whitehead, Ronnell Lewis and Travis Lewis last year. And if that’s the case, then I would imagine they’d let Durant go because the coaching staff loves Levy, and Levy’s younger. Plus, I think Levy had a better year. He made some nice strides in the run game, which was not his strong point going into the season.

  2. Translation … I hope the Lions are the team that offers me the most money. Because that’s the team I’m signing with. And I’d rather not have to move.

  3. The Lions have been stressing consistency lately so they should find a way to make it work. The LBs play well this year but went mostly unnoticed. I see him getting about the same yearly as before. Maybe around three year 8mil.

  4. Durant’s problem is the Lions have no money right now. They’re probably going to have to cut at least 2-3 guys who started last season just have any kind of room under the cap, and even if that happens, Durant probably is behind at least Delmas as a priority, and might be behind Chris Houston as well (if they can pay him).

  5. Different year, different problems same result. In the end they will be offering new excuses for missing the playoffs and having a loosing season. It is painful to try and justify being a Lions fan.

    When management tries to convince the fan base that it is a good thing keeping Titus Young Sr, it is over.

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