Kyle Rudolph earns Pro Bowl MVP


Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph was named the 2013 Pro Bowl’s Most Valuable Player on Sunday after recording five catches for 122 yards and a touchdown in the NFC’s 62-35 win over the AFC.

Utilized most frequently by the NFC’s first two quarterbacks to play — Drew Brees of the Saints and the Giants’ Eli Manning — Rudolph gave AFC defenders matchup fits with his towering size, route running down the seam and sidelines, and physical play in traffic. On his three-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter, Rudolph split out wide right like a receiver and beat Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston to secure Manning’s lobbed pass.

Rudolph also beat Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali for a 52-yard bomb from Manning and caught passes that gained 23 and 22 yards from Brees.

The performance gives the Vikings a tease at the player Rudolph is capable of becoming if Christian Ponder establishes himself as a franchise-caliber signal caller. Rudolph doesn’t possess explosive wheels, but he’s difficult to defend on contested catches when his quarterback gives him a chance to make a play.

It’s worth noting that Rudolph was a Pro Bowl replacement, taking Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez’s spot on the NFC roster.

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  1. Geez, to think this guy could’ve been putting up these kinds of yards all year long if the Vikings had a real QB …

  2. Anyone who hates on Kyle Rudolph shows just how little they know about football. As a Viking fan, we know him as “Rudolph the Redzone Tight End”, but I remember his first game last year, Ive always just called him “RoboHands”. It was totally deserved he is a beast.

    Watch more football kids, you might learn something.

  3. Good job Kyle! All of the Viking players had a decent showing. More than you can say about the Packers. I guess they were too busy making commercials and decided the Pro Bowl was beneath them.

  4. lol….guy caught enough passes and 9TD to make it to the pro bowl, but yet his QB doesn’t utilize him enough? is that what is being said her? too funny.
    We have this guy named Adrian that gets the ball a lot too as well as a receiver named Harvin, so you’ll have to forgive Ponder for not getting Rudolph the ball enough! Folks are just too funny!

  5. TDs this season:
    Kyle Rudolph: 9

    Calvin Johnson: 5

    Yeah, who is that no name guy again?

    Try using the good QB argument LOL. Kyle Rudolph is a monster. This isn’t breaking news.

  6. Que the Wilson man crushing trollers leaving comments on how Wilson should be mvp and how nobody knows who Kyle is because most people who leave comments here only watch their team and know nothing about football.

  7. lol! someone said he was good because he had good great qb’s throwing him the ball! guess that means gronk, Gonzales, gates, witten and even wr’s like rice, Johnson, moss are all only good because they have great qb’s throwing them the ball. what an idiot lol

  8. it’s amazing how many haters there are on this site. it blows my mind. and for those of you that claim to watch football but don’t know who Kyle Rudolph is?? I am openly questioning your football knowledge if you don’t know who Kyle Rudolph is. he only scored 9 tds this season, good for second most among all NFL tight ends. spend less time hating and trolling sites like these for any opportunity to bash a team or a player and spend more time watching football.

  9. I’m surprised guys like AJ Green or Russell Wilson that had 3 TD’s each or Vincent Jackson that had 2 pretty awesome TD’s didn’t get the MVP.

    Rudolph definitely played his butt off out there though.

    I wonder if they have to ship that SUV back to the mainland or do they give them a different one when they get home?

  10. I seriously doubt that he was the best player out there
    Look at it as a consultation prize for the league fining Peterson for PED’s
    It’s gonna happen kids

  11. Pretty sure that Eli should have been the MVP. He entered the game with a 3 pt lead and extended the score to 31-14 at halftime. Ladies and Gents that’s what a two time Super Bowl MVP looks like.

  12. So Cal guy but long time Viking honk. I will say this again. Sign Mike Vick. Run option you know he has an arm. If he stays healthy? Vick, Peterson, Harvin, Rudolph thats some weapons. Bet you can get Vick on the cheap?

  13. Damn, Kyle, really would’ve appreciated these numbers in the fantasy playoffs! Congrats though, definitely deserves the recognition.

  14. Hey, if I got extra cash and a car, I’d take the Pro Bowl MVP regardless of how meaningless all of us geniuses sitting on our rear ends posting on PFT may think it is.

  15. Nice seeing a Rookie win these awards. He needs a nice truck for MN Winters. I thought Wilson and a few others deserved it also, but for me Rudolph should had two TD’s, but Doug Martin got his nifty hands on the ball for the score.

  16. Notre dame has another sensational tight end coming into the draft this year. He will be a super star.

  17. Wtf is this true lol who is this bumb n please dont ? My football knowledge cus i know my foot but for this un known specie to win what is the nfl coming to. I swear there was way more better proven productive plyrs on the nfc besides this rain deer. Heck thy shld have gave the mvp to a mascot next lol

  18. Rudolph has great hands and fights for the ball!! Now if and I say if? the Vikes can keep Harvin or get some good picks for him And the Vikes can sign Jennings then you can see Rudolph and Ponder putting up big numbers!! But to say that Ponder can’t get him the ball is stupid!! Just look at the past season. With everybody healthy Ponder spread the ball around well!! once the Vikes were without Harvin nobody respected the deep stuff! And Peterson and Ponder facing eight & nine man fronts and the fact that Rudolph is not a speed demon didn’t help either!! And for those posting, The Vikings should sign Vick just stop already It’s not gonna happen!! He’s washed up!

  19. Cruz? Seriously? He may have had ten catches due to his buddy feeding him, but many were quick tosses at the line right after the snap. I think there were at least two others, after Rudolf, that deserved it more than Cruz. Rudolf deserves the award.

  20. Sure a lot of ignorant peeps on here. If y’all haven’t heard of Kyle then y’all don’t know football. He played good and deserved MVP. I’m no Vikings fan. Go Who Dats!!

  21. I’m not a Seahawks nor a Bengals fan, but how on Earth Russell Wilson or A.J. Green didn’t win the MVP is beyond me. It should have been a 2 man race between them two, with Rudolph among a pack of players including Eli, VJax and Cruz who had terrific games, just not quite on the spectacular level of Wilson & Green’s.

  22. Olsen had 69 grabs for 843 yards, five td’s, and 12.2 yards per catch. Rudolph had the 9 td’s but a 9.3 yards per catch average, 53 catches and 493 yards. It just seemed like a curious selection.

  23. Disclaimer: I’m a ‘hawks fan, and thought the representing Seahawks all did a fine job.

    My 6-year-old son watched the first half with me, and just before halftime I said to him that Rudolph is looking to me like he was gonna get the MVP award for the game.

    Wilson almost changed my mind.

    But I still think Rudolph deserved it.

  24. Did Russell throw 3 TD’s? Yeah…when the NFC was up by three touchdowns already. He didn’t make a play of over 20 yards. Rudolph had 5 catches for 122 and a td…in the FIRST half. And he had a 30 yarder jacked by Doug Martin as well. Not to mention Wilson didn’t even get 100 yards passing. Well deserved MVP for Rudolph, Wilson nothing to take away from Wilson

  25. He should be glad that Jimmy Graham had to have surgery. Jimmy probably would have scored 2 td’s and had at least 150 yards…just saying

  26. LoL….wait, did a packer fan just mention somthing about a vikings playoff choke loss? LOL didnt the packers give up almost 200yards running to a QB? almost 700yards in total offense?…stop worrying about a team like the vikes who many ppl didnt expect to win more then 5 games, and start worrying why the packers cant get the job done when it comes to the games that matter i.e playoffs and regular season

    also greg olsen and martellus bennett, better then kyle rudolp? Lol..

    Kyle will be a top 3 tightend soon enough,hes got the talent and the ability, keep a eye one him kids. he’s gonna be a good one.

  27. Rudolph MVP? You’re kidding – right? Russell Wilson throws for 3 TDs and leads his team to another 3 or 4 and doesn’t win the MVP?

    Imagine Brees, either Manning or God forbid, Luck doing that and NOT winning MVP. Absolutely UNIMAGINABLE !!!

    Wilson was the MVP and it wasn’t even close. They fixed the game’s woes and got the award wrong.

  28. Congrats to Rudolph.

    One thing he needs to have an even bigger year next year is an improved performanced by Ponder. What is most like to make that improved performance happen is for the Vikings to get Ponder some go-to targets at WR, which he did not have this year outside of Percy Harvin.

    The Vikings could stand to go after Dwayne Bowe, and give themselves a physical presence like the Lions and Bears have with Calvin Johnson and Brandon Marshall. More reliable WRs will make Ponder a better QB, and Rudolph an All-Pro.

  29. The reason Kyle Rudolph doesn’t have games like this with the Vikings is because he is a tight end. If people don’t know this, which I’m starting to question, tights ends block too. The Vikings are a run heavy team; its the more the amount of opportunity he has to catch the ball, and less about the QB. Obviously Drew Brees would help some because he’s better than Ponder, but the majority of it is the scheme. Kyle Rudolph is just as good of a blocker as he is out in routes (watch the STL game if you don’t believe me). It’s like people don’t understand you only get 50-60 plays on offense (I’m not talking about the Pro Bowl, I’m talking about actual football games). Your quarterback isn’t going to throw for 300 when your RB goes for 200, and if they do, you will win the game 99% of the time.

  30. well all know the giants got snubbed lol.. eli was great minus that pick 6.. jpp did what he did all year long, stuffed the run but he also added a pick and sack which he didnt get much of this year, a cruz was cruz 10 catchs and a TD..

    even with all that russel wilson should of took it..played great

  31. Kyle Rudolph is a great tight end, and I see him able to become one of the best quickly if he gets some receivers around him that draw attention. Look at Gonzales, Gronk, Graham…they all have a great corps of receivers around them…and great QBs. While Rudolph did a great job in this game, so did A J Green and Wilson. But hey….this was just the Pro Bowl game, so it is what it is.

  32. cmonelisha says: Jan 28, 2013 12:00 PM

    well all know the giants got snubbed lol.. eli was great minus that pick 6.. jpp did what he did all year long, stuffed the run but he also added a pick and sack which he didnt get much of this year, a cruz was cruz 10 catchs and a TD..

    even with all that russel wilson should of took it..played great

    You are correct, the giants got snubbed as always and yes Eli Manning or Victor Cruz should have gotten the MVP, not Rudolph the red nosed reindeer LOL

  33. I’m glad most of you are saying “Kyle Who?!”… Just another reason for me to easily take him in next year’s fantasy draft…

    Rudolph is as good as any TE in the game… Gronkowski who?

  34. The Pro Bowl is played with different rules so it becomes possible for performances like these. Having said that it showed what Rudolph can do with a real QB.

  35. Wow,
    This article was impressive. What an eye opener. Evin Sliva showed he can spell Kyle’s name correctly, and even knew what TEAM he played for!

    This a serious “tease” for PFT readers.

    Imagine what PFT could do if they ever got an actual writer capable of following football and knowing that Christian Ponder threw some spectacular passes to Rudolph, and utilized him greatly, and that he scored the 2nd most TDs in football as a tight end. This with a team that RAN for more yards than they threw…. by design.

    Imagine what PFT might become if Evin ever became a pro-caliber journalist and actually like.. you know.. WATCHED football or something….

  36. Was also wearing a ski mask, black gloves, & a crowbar as the NFL helped rob Russell Wilson of the MVP on there way in adding to the disappointment of another probowl! Rudolph didn’t even have the best receiving day on the field! Don’t tell me, “but he’s a tight end” that’s even easier. LB on the new, athletic, pass catching, chip blocking NFL TE! Russell was Robbed!

  37. I got his jersey for Christmas!!!!!

    Rudolph will be the best tight end in the NFL very soon!!!!!!

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