NFC topples AFC 62-35 in Pro Bowl

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Down 31-14 at halftime of the Pro Bowl, the AFC opened the third quarter with Texans quarterback Matt Schaub being intercepted by Seahawks safety Earl Thomas. It was Schaub’s second pick after replacing Peyton Manning.

The NFC’s third quarterback of the game was Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson, playing behind Drew Brees and Eli Manning. Wilson took over at the start of the second half and worked his magic immediately, 360-spinning out of a near sack by Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, rolling to the left sideline, and finding Bucs running back Doug Martin for a 28-yard touchdown.

The Wilson-to-Martin score gave the NFC a 38-14 edge on their overmatched American Football Conference counterparts.

Schaub did his best to bounce back with a 16-play, 80-yard touchdown drive capped by a four-yard connection to Browns special teamer Josh Cribbs. The AFC still trailed at that point by 17, however, and proceeded to surrender a 92-yard kickoff return to Seattle’s Leon Washington.

After a sack and false start pushed the NFC back 14 yards, Wilson ripped off a 13-yard scramble and again spun away from the AFC pass rush, this time evading Bengals defensive tackle Geno Atkins to hit Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald for a nine-yard touchdown.

Vikings kicker Blair Walsh’s extra point made it 45-21, NFC.

Colts rookie Andrew Luck was the AFC’s third quarterback to play, after Peyton Manning and Schaub. Luck’s first snap of the Pro Bowl was fumbled and recovered by Bucs defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

Again granted terrific field position, Wilson continued to pour points on the AFC, capitalizing on the Luck miscue with a five-yard scoring strike to Vincent Jackson. The NFC had scored six touchdowns in as many possessions at that point in the blowout.

Following a fumbled kickoff by Cribbs, that touchdown string ended when Walsh’s second field goal of the contest — this one from 26 yards out — put the NFC up 55-21 early in the fourth quarter.

Luck rallied the AFC with a 39-yard strike to Cribbs, 23-yarder to Bengals receiver A.J. Green, and a four-yard touchdown to Green, “narrowing” the deficit to 55-28. The NFC would find pay dirt again on its next possession as Vikings fullback Jerome Felton’s three-yard touchdown dive made it a 62-28 game.

Luck delivered the throw of the 2013 Pro Bowl midway through the fourth quarter, hitting Green on a go route in Bears cornerback Charles Tillman’s coverage down the right sideline. The 49-yard touchdown was placed in Green’s breadbasket and made the score 62-35, NFC.

And that was it for the scoring. On the AFC’s final drive, Watt lined up at tight end and was covered by Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. Luck threw it up for grabs in the end zone, and Pierre-Paul came away with the pick.

44 responses to “NFC topples AFC 62-35 in Pro Bowl

  1. What Redskin fans are saying on the outside: RG3 is the man. What Redskin fans are saying on the inside: Man what I wouldn’t give to have Russell Wilson and all those high draft picks back.

  2. Not surprising. The NFC’s third and 4th best players at every position are better than the AFC’s best at every position. Put them up against the 3rd and 4th best, and it’s craaaazy tilted.

    The NFC is so much better than the AFC. It’s sad.

  3. I know this if off topic.. but why are the Pats players such cry babies? You don’t think guys like Peyton and Brees weren’t upset how their seasons turned out? They still made the trip. Brady I expect at this point but 5 out of the 7 couldn’t make it? Give me a break.

  4. The game wasn’t that bad…NFC come out playing after Peterson’s fumble to start the game. They just kept picking off the AFC’S QB’s. Russell Wilson put on a show for the fans.

  5. I know I’m part of a vast NFL fan minority but I enjoy the Pro Bowl.
    It’s not true NFL level competition but this years version was close enough for me. Hope it’s back in 2014.

  6. what a surprise by the NYG.. start off great, landslid. barley or dont even make playoffs but when they do or they somehow get near superbowl time..they shine lol

    and eli starting off with int but leads 3 tds and 2 tds within 3 mins..sums eli and the giants career under coughlin up perfectly lol..

    on that note way better game than last year

  7. Russell Wilson proving that he is the best of the best, throwing for 3 touchdowns.

    Meanwhile Luck throws an interception, and RGIII is nowhere to be found.

  8. I haven’t been into the pro bowl in years but this one was fun to watch, the later than usual time slot in the east coast may have helped, nice to see victor catch 10 passes and Larry Fitzgerald hitting pay dirt, haven’t seen that in a while, NFC smoked Em though!

  9. It was a pretty good game for the pro bowl.

    I’d rather watch the football that I saw tonight than any game of baseball or regular season basketball.

  10. Here’s my idea: Have a bunch of practice squaders go out there and let them play their hearts out knowing this is a potential showcase for another team to sign them or for their own team to give them a chance. Or maybe let the CFL All-Stars come to Hawaii and play for a showcase. At the very least you get full effort.

  11. Much better than last years Bore Bowl….this was actually an exciting Pro Bowl to watch.

    Russel Wilson was lights out-I’m glad he made it.

  12. Did you see how much sucess Andrew Luck had with a true #1 receiver? If I’m the Colts GM, I’m drafting the best WR in this years draft and then sit back the next 10 years while they break all of Manning/Harrisions records. Luck is going to be something really special!!!

  13. I miss the old Jeep All-Stars competitions between the NFC and AFC. The ones where you’d watch and think Willie Gault must be the greatest football player of all time based on how he did in these obstacle courses and canoe races. They need to bring that stuff back, it was good fun.

  14. After last season’s Pro-Bowl debacle, this farce had nowhere to go but up. But maybe it’s time to allow defenses to play, you know, some DEFENSE.
    I’m stunned that so many are so pleased with a non-competitive blowout. How far our standards for entertainment have fallen!!!

  15. Still pretty horrible even though they tried a bit harder than last year. I would much rather watch a skills competition like QB Challenge and 40 yard dash races between the fastest stars. At least those events would provide a mild level of legitimate competition.

    Isn’t competition the reason we all watch sports? Not for mic’ed up sessions and grabassing for 60 minutes.

  16. Anyone taking score here on AFC vs NFC skill set is just fishing for a feel good. The only players that give even 60% are the rookies. So you could probably say the NFC had a better rookie class. Based on the pro bowl results.

  17. another highly competitive game played by pro footballers. So please, again, tell me why this game is played? Oh yeah,,puts 40k in the ballers pocket, minus the half Obama gets.

  18. I think this was a pretty good game. Expected it to suck like every other year but it was actually pretty entertaining. Even had some hard hits in there. Surprised nobody got injured really.

    9 Texans got voted to the Pro Bowl
    9 Texans showed up to play

    7 Patriots got voted to the Pro Bowl
    2 Patriots showed up to play

    Wonder what the Kleenex sales were like in New England over the past week.

  19. Cruz had under 10 yds a catch and Rudolph had nearly 25 yds a catch… What’s there really to question?

  20. I’d say just stop playing the game already but I know that it has nothing to do with the game. The networks and NFL want to get one extra weekend of advertising space sold so they continue to play the most pointless game in professional sports.

    Just give them a car already and stop putting the NFL’s most popular players in position to get hurt in a meaningless game.

  21. Yeah, well whatever the fans think, pretty obvious the players had fun. Week in Hawaii, smooze with other top players, play a game with no pressure, and enjoy yourselves, win or lose. The league owes it to them for their hard work to make them so wealthy, regardless. To help them remember, you know, when games were always fun!

  22. It was actually entertaining. Shame on those who chose not to show up, but the rest of the players put out an effort.

  23. Ok. I enjoyed the Pro-Bowl. Way better than last years…But AJ Green gets 3 TDS & 116yds… (even on the losing AFC team), and doesn’t earn MVP?

  24. How can anyone claim that last nights snooze fest was a “pretty good game” or even a “good game”. It was garbage. The defensive players for the AFC weren’t even trying at all. I would have changed the channel, but there was nothing on at all. We kept it on for background noise and nothing more.

  25. Julio Jones actually got to stand on the same field with a real quarterback-Drew Brees-in the pro bowl I wonder if he learned anything to pass on to that guy they got with the dirty bird on his helmet

  26. Russell Wilson was robbed! Sorry for your grandma Kyle, but you did t even have a better receiving day then some of the other players on the NFC squad! Highway robbery! Keep giving Russell a chip on his shoulder NFL! Seattle will reap all the benefits! He is the real deal!

  27. Seattle did more then any team! Russell Wilson 8-10, 3 passing TD’s, Money lynch 4-21, 1TD, Leon Washington 92 yard return! Earl Thomas 1 INT, Max & Okung played extremely well for a Pro Bowl lineman environment!

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