Report: Gruden to Dallas talk is “ridiculous”


The Cowboys have a bunch of coaches on their staff that coached for Jon Gruden in Tampa, leading some to speculate that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones might be mulling a move at head coach.

Ed Werder of ESPN, who has spent a lot of time covering the Cowboys over the years, reports that he asked a “reliable team source” if the reunion of former Buccaneers assistants was a precursor to Gruden making his way from the broadcast booth to the sideline at JerryWorld. The response?


Defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, defensive line coach Rod Marinelli and special teams coach Rich Bisaccia all worked for Gruden in Tampa. Offensive line coach and newly installed offensive play caller Bill Callahan worked for him in Oakland.

Jason Garrett may well be safe for now, but the presence of so many former Gruden acolytes is sure to keep that guy’s name from coming up when and if the Cowboys encounter a stretch of choppy water in 2013.

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  1. Lovie Smith is probably more likely, Lovie was on the staff with the 3 from Tampa Bay and he’d probably be more Jerry-friendly than Gruden (although not by much, compared to Garrett).

  2. He quickly added … “But Dallas has an incredible number of amazing players … all of whom are among the very best in the NFL.”

  3. well, those hirings sure seem like Jerry is preparing for future pitch to Gruden if Jason doesn’t get the job done in 2013…Jerry is ready to pull the plug on Jason at anytime during the 2013 season if he struggles…

  4. Jerry Jones will fire Garrett and spend a lot of money to bring the Rex, Sanchez, and Tebow tandem to Dallas. Romo will be traded elsewhere. In this process, Dallas will attempt to reclaim its crown as the league’s biggest circus. I doubt they can do it but we’ll see.

  5. What were they going to say yes we are bringing in these coaches to get Gruden ? Ed you are a genius.

  6. If Jerrah himself wasn’t asked then Werder’s report means nothing as Jerrah is Owner, President, GM, Headcoach and the only “Reliable Team Source”.

  7. Gruden’s self esteem is not low enough for him to be Jerry’s sock puppet, and Jerry’s narcissism is is too chronic to for him to let Gruden be his own man.

  8. Lovie Smith would be a disaster. Anyone noticed he never managed to build an offense in Chicago? Ever.

    Even hiring Gruden may be unnecessary at this point. We may already have the best of that winning group of coaches, particularly since we nabbed Bill Callahan, whose Raiders offense was one of the most productive ever — even while using a couple of aging wide receivers.

    Gruden’s not the type to stick around for long anyway. Garrett will stay as long as the Cowboys will have him.

  9. As long as Jerry Jones doesn’t have authority over play calling I’m happy as can be! Jerry Jones should be retired in mexico not being a GM in the NFL. The cowboys have turned to the NFL’s laughing matter not serious contenders

  10. Ed Werder is Dallas-based and is well respected by other Dallas reporters.

    More than likely multiple writers will be in the same mindset regardless of employer and I say this because Randy Galloway of ESPN Radio in Dallas and Fort Worth Star Telegram has been on the record of joking while implying the truth.

    “Just tattoo it on your butt. This is the absolute truth. Within about two months of Jon Gruden working with Jerry Jon Gruden would ‘murder’ Jerry.”

  11. Will bringing in Gruden give the Cowboys more cap space, allow them to restructure a host of bad deals or get back the picks they wasted in trading for Roy Williams? The Cowboys had $30 million in dead cap space this year and are already way over the cap for next season.

    Unless Gruden wants to prove that he can win with one hand tied behind his back I do not see him coming until the Cowboys cap situation improves.

  12. Why would a coaching candidate who would be in great demand if he came back (Gruden) go to work for Jerry Jones, a meddling owner who acts as his own GM? He wouldn’t, without an Andy Reid level of control and a long, lucrative contract. Jones won’t consider that unless/until he decides to semi-retire and turn the team over to his son.

  13. I truly believe all these moves were made to help Garrett succeed. Non nonsense coaches who are very solid and all have had some success as head coaches or coordinators. I do believe if Garrett is 500 or worse again next season there are no excuses. I do not believe gruden is the guy they want I 100% believe its holmgren he wants to coach and has gone on record and said he would live to coach the cowboys. Garrett won’t get fired mid season

  14. Gruden to Dallas would be perfect. They are a mediocre, over-hyped team and he’s a mediocre, over-hyped coach. (If only there was a mediocre, over-hyped qb available, like in NY or somewhere, that would be exciting!)

    Gruden’s career winning percentage is .540 and after winning a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy’s team, he went 45-51 in Tampa with ZERO playoff wins while dismantling a perennial playoff team and returning them to the cellar of their division.

    Why does the media love this guy so much?

  15. I think it would be a major upgrade to have Gruden come in and take over. Although he probably won’t because Jerrah would likely not give him enough control for this to happen (& last for any amount of time anyway). Initially, the $$$ will be enough for Gruden to come to Dallas, but he won’t stay unless Jerrah does some serious changing. Garrett’s power is steadily being down graded as they move forward and prepare his demise as head coach. He has to be aware of this just like we can all see that the writing is on the wall man! If Mr. Jones can’t get Gruden then he’ll get someone else, that simple. But, the workings of a deal are already in place it’s just a matter of time. Probably been for quite some time even. By mid season Gruden will be in Dallas, watch!

  16. No way Jerrah can get one of the top coaches. Everybody knows that Jerrah runs the cowboys in every aspect and the HC is nothing but a puppet.
    None of the top coaches are going to be Jerrah’s puppet when they could get another job that lets them have control of the team and players.

    Lucky for the rest of the league Jerrah is a terrible puppet master and as long as he is in charge and calling all the shots you don’t have to worry about his team being contenders.

  17. Why do people always act as if Gruden has some allegiance to the Raiders? He spent 4 years there. He was in Tampa a lot longer, and they don’t claim he’s a ‘Buc through and through’. And Tampa didn’t toss him out like Oakland did.

  18. I completely agree, it’s almost like Jerrah swore to Al Davis on his death bed that he won’t let him be forgotten and took over as the crazy old owner who is totally out of touch with the times. Jerrah is an egomaniac who will continue to drag down a once great franchise until the day he dies. What’s worse is his moronic son will then take over and be just as bad. Thus no top coach will ever go back there and I think it more likely that Jerrah actually becomes the first owner/gm/coach ever. What a disaster that will be, but fun to watch for everyone but cowboy fans lol.

  19. No way Gruden would go to Dallas. He would want a real GM and more power over personnel decisions than Jerry would ever be willing to give up. No chance here

  20. If Gruden really does go to Dallas, it will be MUST SEE TV.
    Everything but a whip and a chair.
    Players go to war for Jon Gruden. He just pulls the best out of what they have and wins with it.
    Freakin’ Curb Stomping. This would be the best move ever for Dallas and I can’t stand them.
    By the way.. what is Gruden waiting for? If he doesn’t pull the trigger on this deal then he may never come back.

  21. Jon Gruden does things his way or else he’s not wasting his time. Being in the D means you got towin or else you know who going be behind your shoulder with menacing eyes.

  22. Sounds like a Tony Dungy staff more so than a Gruden staff. A fair number of those guys jumped ship from Gruden’s staff following the Super Bowl win.

  23. I think Gruden’s overrated, and I think there’s a reason he’s been out of coaching for 4 years now. I don’t think it’s because of money or power, or because he loves broadcasting so much. I don’t think any team wants him.

  24. Desperate measures for a desperate team. Kinda like giving up a second rounder for a corner that can’t tackle (claiborne), $30M for an OT who really is a “Free” escort to the QB, or emasculating a growing young HC by replacing his entire staff including flesh and blood. All in day’s work for the swamp land baron, Jerruh Jones.

  25. Gruden is all about getting attention and promoting the legend of Jon Gruden. He doesn’t really want to coach, he just wants his name in the headlines all the time.

  26. Gruden will not coach the Cowboys in the near future, not because of what you may think. 1. Jerry is not looking to replace Garrett at this point. 2. Gruden is not and upgrade from Garrett. Gruden won a super bowl with another coach’s team. in Dallas he would have to build his own team. Not sold on Gruden, nor is the Cowboys organization. I think there is more coaching candidates out there of which Jones has a lot of respect. Cowboys will be fine in 2013. (health?)

  27. It’s ridiculous as a rumor until they’re welcoming him at the introductory press conference. Albeit ludicrous, what makes this entirely plausible is the owner.

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