Report: Jake Long wants “at least” $10 million annually

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Jake Long was once considered in many circles to be the best left tackle in football. His stock has fallen off dramatically due to myriad injuries and declining performance, and he’s slated to hit a deep free-agent market for offensive tackles this March.

Long’s monetary expectations remain high. Citing people who have spoken to the Dolphins’ front office, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports Long is believed to be seeking “at least $10 million a year” and the Fins are “pessimistic” about their chances of retaining him.

Jackson adds that Long “scoffed” at the Dolphins’ in-season extension offer.

Long turns 28 in May and there are indications his body is breaking down, so we can’t fault him for pursuing every last dollar on his first ever opportunity to test free agency. With the way things have gone for him recently, this could conceivably be Long’s final substantial pay day the NFL.

He’s just probably not going to get it from the Dolphins.

77 responses to “Report: Jake Long wants “at least” $10 million annually

  1. I just don’t see him being worth 10 million a year contract anymore. When he was healthy at the beginning of this year he was ranked as I think the 46th best tackle in the league or something and then he ending the season on IR for the second straight year. Hopefully they let him test the market and sign somebody else better suited to the zone scheme they use now.

  2. Good luck with that. Yes LT is a prime need for a lot of teams but if you check a lot of the stat sites his rankings are very low and he grades out poorly. His skills have declined a lot and he’s not even close to the player he used to be. He will get a good pay day cause someone will overpay for him, just not sure it will 10 million per.

  3. He had marginal athleticism for the LT spot coming out of college. Almost unanimously scouts suggested he would make an consensus all pro RT if he was moved to that spot. Now that he has been sapped of some quickness, it is time to make the move.

  4. You, me, and Jake have 2 things in common.

    1. We want to make at least $10 million/year
    2. We’re not going to get it from the Miami Dolphins

  5. There’s no denying that Jake Long is massive, but his play has really dropped off of late. No way would I sign off on giving this guy an eight figure annual contract. That’d go a long way toward blowing your cap.

  6. Is Jake Long even a top 5 LT? I know Duane Brown from the Texans is top 3 along with Joe Staley from Cleveland possibly. Who else is on the list?

  7. The guy is an arrogant fool. He isn’t worth half that. Too much ego, not enough talent.

  8. An ‘average’ to ‘somewhat above average’ tackle. I don’t think those type of players get $10,000,000 unless it’s a funny-money deal.

  9. It dont gotta be 6 years 60 million or 7 years 70 million dats just dumb make it 2 years 23 million including reasonable incentives and there u go

  10. Someone’s going to pay him and then, two years later, that same someone will lose their job over it.

    Like a well-cooked burger, he’s done!

  11. Players don’t seem to get it. This isn’t the old CBA era, when salaries would rise 5-10 percent a year. Here’s a bulletin: the salary cap isn’t rising, so salaries can’t rise either. That means there *is* no wage inflation and that any salary hike has to be commensurate with a corresponding rise in the cap—-which is about half a percentage point a year.

  12. Every year we see a team overpay for someone like this. Who will it be this year? Bears? Giants? Cardinals? Rams?

    Don’t get the wrong idea; I think these sometimes work out (Julius Peppers) but often they fail (Joe Johnson).

  13. When jake came out of college he was describ as cut, athletic and a physique that a man his size shouldnt have. Now he is lumpy, slow and often injured. The team will be better off with his salary. Martin did a great job filling in for him and the line played better with out him. It was fun while it lasted.

  14. 1) no longer the player he used to be
    2) does not fit the new scheme
    3) injury prone
    4) wants a ton of money
    Adds up to way too much risk. He was good for the Dolphins but… C-YA.

  15. Jake Long has been an excellent professional for us in Miami.

    Extending his contract would be an easy decision, if he did not have those injury concerns, which led to his declining performance this past year.

    He has been one of our best players on the field for a long time, and I have nothing but respect and thanks for his service, wish him all the best. Any “real” fan of Miami would say the same.

    Miami has a unique opportunity with the draft picks and cap space available this off-season. If we let Jake walk, I would like to see some of that Cap Space used to attract Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings. Which will allow us to bring in a Tackle with #12, rather than taking a riskier chance on a WR at #12.

    OT Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson are two possibilities to start immediately at LT both performed well at the senior bowl. Luke Joeckel will be gone, and Eric Fisher can go to either Arizona or San Diego, hopefully falls to us. Lane Johnson should still be there. Another option is that we can swing Jonathan Martin over to LT and draft Alabama’s 355 lbs road paver DJ Fluker to play RT.

    Sean Smith will be extended or franchise tagged that is for sure. So I will look to add DE/WR/CB/FS with the four picks we have in second round and third round.

    A lot of people are saying the draft class is week, but they are wrong, I agree that the very top of the draft doesn’t have those very special prospects like Andrew Luck or RGIII, but there is a lot of talent in the first 3 rounds. DE/FS/WR/CB/DT/OT all have depth in this year draft in rounds 1-3.

  16. At 10+ million, any team should ask themselves if he’a worth ~8 mil more than another free agent, or ~9 mil more than a 21 yr old rookie with upside.

    The answer is very likely no.

  17. Goodbye Jake ! See ya in Jacksonville, Cleveland or Buffalo next year, just a few teams that would overpay the hell out of a contract for your services. I was not impressed with your effort this year, and like the article said, you’re skills are diminishing (fast) !

  18. As a dolphins fan I hate to see Jake go, he has been great for a long time, but he is getting old and slow and if the fins can’t get him for a reasonable cost, then he needs to look elsewhere. Since he has slowed down I would recommend the Jets, Buffalo or the Pats. I would love to see him on another AFC East team against our defensive line.

  19. Let’s see, a 28 year old LT,who at his best is a superstar and who you can probably convince yourself that in your environment he’ll thrive again. a6 year deal puts him at 34 years old.

    I wonder if teams will be willing to overpay for possibly a stud LT in the prime of his career?

  20. None of these guys are worth $10 million. There’s a reason the average fan can’t afford tickets to watch sub par performance.

  21. Buh bye Jake, after watching you get owned/bull rushed in the games you were able to play I wish you the best. Just get out of the Dolphins uniform.

  22. Love Jake Long but no way is he worth $10 mil.. I wouldn’t give him no more than $8 mil a season.. He has been injured the last 3 seasons and the last 2 he’s went out with the same injury… I think last season was his worst.. Would love to see Jake back next yr if he’s healthy but not at $10 mil a yr… Someone will give it to him but it won’t be the Dolphins.. Good luck Jake it was fun watching u in Miami when u were healthy!

  23. Let him walk. Thanks for 3 quality years and 2 injury riddled ones. The money is elsewhere my friend so if that’s what you’re interested in, go grab as much as you can wile you still can.

    5 years/$50 million sounds a lot better with Mike Wallace’s name beside it than it does with Jake Long’s in my opinion.

  24. I’d love for him to have to “settle” in Oakland for something closer to the 6/7 million per year mark. Long and Veldeer would be monster bookends.

  25. Oh yeah, and Parcells hired Tony Sparano who has proven himself to be completely incompetent.

  26. Jake is no longer an elite tackle so the Dolphins should let him test free agency.

    Jake got mega bucks $$ out of college because Bill Parcells was the executive decision maker. Well just because Parcells was dumb enough to draft Long as the #1 overall pick does not mean being dumb will continue.

  27. Good luck with that Long. Was hoping Chargers would go after him, but asking for that salary is too much considering most tackles who’s health is degrading do not ever get back to form.

  28. I wouldn’t give him 10 cents, let alone 10 million…..he’s not even close to being a top player at his position. If they pay him, it’s sort of like my Bills paying Mario, he wasn’t worth the money either.

  29. Jake already had his payday. Look at his rookie contract. He’s already been making 10 mill a year hasn’t he? That’s if you count his gigantic signing bonus. (Pre-rookie scale enhancements.)

  30. It’s good to want things.

    Jeff Ireland must be thrilled he’s made his ridiculous financial demands public. Now, even the most ardent Ireland haters (of which there are many) can’t blame him for letting Long walk.

    Ireland is still going to blow their #1 pick, but that’s another story for another time……

  31. As a Bears fan, make it happen Phil Emery. We need him. Have you seen our left tackles??!?!?!

  32. 3 great years, 2 mediocre ones and most likely on his way out of Miami. To me, a huge dolphin fan, this is just another example of the dolphins incompetent and completely passive front office. They have missed on countless draft picks, many in the first round over the last decade. When Jake leaves our best first round pick still on the dolphins is Pouncey, a lineman, the next best is Jared Odrick an average d lineman. After that there is nobody left, Tannehill only has one year under his belt and talent around him or not he threw more pics than tds and is unproven. Hopefully the dolphins go after play makers, WRs, TEs, guys on offense who can make a difference, going after lineman is no longer gonna cut it in Miami.

  33. I’m hoping the Colts pick him up as long as they don’t overpay for him. I think if he had a change in scenery he might come back to a high level. It would also be nice to pick up Sebastian Vollmer to go along with him. That should shore up our offensive line needs.

  34. For the idiots saying Cleveland will overpay for him, are you morons or something?! We already have our stud LT, Joe Thomas. You know, the guy that’s been to the pro bowl every year he’s been in the league and (knock on wood) hasn’t missed a game since he was drafted! I know the Browns are easy to take shots at but at least be an informed fan before you spout drivel. O line is NOT a Browns weakness!

  35. Jake Long in Chicago protecting Cutler’s blind side sounds good to me. and I hope Emery get him and
    another free agent OT then pick another O-linemen in the first round of the draft. I want Cutler safe and someone to open holes for Forte

  36. If an owner wants to pay him $10 million a year, he should take it. It’s not Jake Long’s fault for being paid so well.

  37. I never remember hearing the media (or fans) say any player was worth whatever millions they were asking for. It’s always the same thing: “the player isn’t worth that much, the team can’t afford it and they may have to let him walk”

    And yet year after year players and teams come to agreement that mirror exactly what the fans as media said were impossible.

  38. Goodbye Jake ! See ya in Jacksonville, Cleveland or Buffalo next year, just a few teams that would overpay the hell out of a contract for your services. I was not impressed with your effort this year, and like the article said, you’re skills are diminishing (fast) !

    ???? Ummmm Scratch Cleveland from your list. Ever hear of Joe Thomas? Look him up. Pretty decent LT there.

  39. I understand the importance of a dominant left tackle but I’d have a hard time justifying sinking $60-$100 million into a position that can’t generate yardage or negate it.

    I get it. You have to protect your QB, the most important position in the game.

    But there are plenty of players just under the level of these guys who perform at a high level year in and year out.

    How many dominant left tackles made the playoffs this year?

    Also, 2 of the most dominant, jake long and joe Thomas, aren’t exactly helping their teams to winning records.

    How many top 5 LT’s has Tom Brady, Eli, Peyton, Drew or Aaron Rodgers had?

    My point is a great QB can overcome a left tackle deficiency. Sinking $100 million to comfort a weak QB isn’t going to get him to an elite level.

  40. Jake Long was an excellent player his first few years in the league, but has been average (and injured) the last two. Any other teams’ fans that want their Front Offices to make a move to sign Long for that kind of money are saying that based on a reputation that is no longer applicable.

  41. Who’s the idiot saying Cleveland would overpay for this guy?

    We already have the best LT in the NFL for the last 6 years…

    The guy who’s made every Prow Bowl since being drafted…

    A guy who has played every single game since being drafted….

    A guy who has played EVERY SINGLE SNAP since being drafted…

    Jake Long is a 3rd Rate Joe Thomas…

  42. Don’y you worry Phins fans just trade your first and both seconds to the Raiders for the 3rd overall pick and we have a deal then you can choose Joeckel or Fisher (both would be gone by the time you pick) because there is a big drop off after them, then you can use that money to bring Wallace, Jennings or Bowe.

  43. And to think we took this guy over Matt Ryan…. A LT as the # 1 overall pick to protect who!?!?!?!. Cleo Lemon and John Beck? Go back and look at the 2008 draft but be warned; It’s sickening.

  44. I don’t blame Cleveland fans being upset at the comments of Jake Long to the Browns. They only have one truly great player in Joe Thomas–the least we could do is know who he is!

  45. Miami should franchise him and try to trade him.

    Offer a 72 hour window to renegotiate a contract. Asking price should be reasonable, probably the same 2nd this year, 2nd next year they did for Marshall.

    If (sorry, Jake, but it’s probably “when”) no one either makes that offer or comes to terms…he’ll realize his actual value: Miami should offer him a three year 24 million deal (8/year) at that point.

  46. Meanwhile, Matt Ryan has 6-8 good years left for the Falcons…Bill “The Ego” Parcells was a total failure in Miami.

  47. another product of michigan failure chasing money thats not there…(braylon? david terrell? and now this guy?) without c woodson and woodley yet to be prooved…what else ya got??…oh ya and for the guy that said joe staley at cleveland? he plays for the niners…joe thomas plays for cleveland…6 straight pro bowls…so case being said… know what u people are talking about before you open you’re trap.

  48. Long can sign with the Detroit Lions and replace another over paid Michigan left tackle Jeff “Sackus” Backus. Come on home to Michigan Jake.

  49. I’m a Bears fan n no way n hell would they pay dat much for an injury prone LT! Hell you have Alberts from KC who’s younger n healthy, u got Bushrod who’s just 28 n an all pro plus our new OC/OL coach know him from his days with the Saints n u have Beatty from G-Men who’s also younger. The smart thing for Bears sign one of those OT , sign OG Levrite from Bills, go after Edelman then. TE coming off injury like a Fred Davis or Dustin Keller then in draft get MLB Ogletree , Ertz should be there in 2nd trade Hester for a 3rd get Warfield from Kentucky n their good! No Jake Long here Go Bears!

  50. “I don’t blame Cleveland fans being upset at the comments of Jake Long to the Browns. They only have one truly great player in Joe Thomas–the least we could do is know who he is!”

    I know that was meant as a backhanded compliment, but damn skippy!

    At least the respect the one thing we have going for us in this Sea of Despair.

  51. I’d probably say that Joe Thomas is the best in the league right now as well, but I love that Trent Williams is climbing the ladder. He had an outstanding season. Really looks to be a stud. Jake long would do well to move to the right side or start working on getting healthy.

  52. Bye bye Jake. You had your big payday already being the number 1 pick overall. You where the highest paid LT in the game. Now after 2 subpar seasons on the IR you think you are with 10 million a season? Bye bye and use that money play makers not greedy ass LT’s that don’t score points.

  53. $10 mill is a bunch of quarters. I like Long’s demeanor and willingness to play hurt as well as his leadership in the clubhouse but $10 mill is too much for someone that has not been performing like he had originally. Offer him a performance laden contract where he can make a fair amount of money ($7.5 to $8.0). Linemen, large, agile, mean individuals you can always get out of the draft. I would rather go for a 21 or 22 year old than a banged up 28 year old in his declining years.

  54. 1972wasalongtimeago says:
    Jan 27, 2013 4:49 PM
    You, me, and Jake have 2 things in common.

    1. We want to make at least $10 million/year
    2. We’re not going to get it from the Miami Dolphins
    3. We’re not going to get it from anyone.

  55. @fantasyfootballmaveno

    Regarding good QBs can cover up LT deficiencies, you are definitely correct because good QBs generally get the ball out faster. That being said, let’s not go overboard here with your examples.

    SF: Best oline in the league…super bowl appearance

    GB: Aaron Rodgers took more sacks than any QB. GB better upgrade their Oline or their backup QB spot, because he’s going to get hurt eventually the way this is headed and the division he plays in. I know GB fans agree.

    NE: Matt Light? Pretty solid for 10 years, and all of NEs Super Bowl appearances.

    Peyton Manning: Pretty sure DEN has a top 5 LT in Clady, probably part of the reason he went there.

    Ryan Tannehill: Not even comparable to elite QBs in terms of getting the ball out quick, at least not yet. Tannehill has amazing pocket presence and shows the ability to take the hit, but it wouldn’t be fun for Dolphins fans to see him turn into David Carr now. Gotta give the young guy some protection.

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