Alex Smith is expected to seek his release before free agency


It’s widely believed that the 49ers will trade quarterback Alex Smith.  The former starter is due to earn $8.5 million in 2013, with $1 million guaranteed now and the balance guaranteed as of April 1.   It makes him a luxury that the team can’t afford.

But the player prefers not to afford the 49ers a chance to trade him.  Instead, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Smith is expected to seek his release before the start of free agency.

It’s a calculated risk for Smith.  On one hand, he’s be able to join any team he wants.  On the other hand, he’d be losing the $8.5 million that he’d earn this year if his contract is traded.

Of course, that contract could make it harder to trade him.  And the 49ers will have plenty of time to explore their options for trading Smith before the new league year (and the free-agency period) begins.

Unless they can send him to a team for which he really wants to play, the fair move would be to let him go.  He has been a loyal member of the organization since he was the first pick in the 2005 draft, and he caused no trouble when he was benched during a very good season after suffering a concussion.

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  1. KC could take him. I wouldn’t break the bank for him but surely they could take him and develop a QB in the next 2 years. Flynn is the one that’s screwed. Could probably start somewhere but if a 3rd round rookie is better than him what’s his trade value going to be? Surely no one takes on his contract.

  2. If the 49ers have an ounce of class they will grant it to this man.

    He’s been a great team mate and a pro bowl level QB for 2 years now.

    Free Alex!

  3. I think they should let him go. He has endured much over his career and has been a good team leader and professional. The bidding war will be between KC, Cleveland and Philly. My bet is Cleveland wins.

  4. Alex has a marginal skill set at best – not sure what team would want to build around him. Now if you just need someone to fill in for a year or two then sure – by all means, but Alex is never going to be an elite franchise QB.

  5. He’s going to have a red cartoon bird on his helmet and be partying with Sheriff Joe next season.

  6. If they trade him instead of cut him they save having to pay a guarenteed $1M bonus. I don’t think they will wait until March 14 to cut him but I could see him there until a week before free agency opens, that’s a good enough compromise.

  7. Alex smith, i have lived and breathed niners for almost 25 years, i cant remember such love for him. I hope he stays, i know he wants to play, i was at a loss when they kept him and frankly im at a loss to him leaving. Best of luck to you, but not when you play us… i dont think he wants any part of the NFC, he might go to houston, they are the only comparable defense and coaching, well they were til end of the season. Which i thought was more of a QB problem than a coachng one.
    thanks for your game

  8. The guy’s the epitome of the ultimate teammate and has carried himself with total class throughout years of bad coaches, systems etc. and even more so with the QB change midseason. He deserves a nice contract somewhere and I hope it’s somewhere that can take advantage of his skills and attitude. Being a 9er fan and following him throughout his career and finally watching him make it to the top only to get benched for getting a concussion when he’s playing lights out and now has to leave kinda saddens me. I hope he gets his ring next week before he leaves. Best of luck, Alex!!! You’re a class act!!!

  9. 49ers will trade him to a team in afc and out of NFC, especially nfc west…hmmm..chiefs, browns, raiders, Jets, Jags are all potential landing spots

  10. Why let him go when they can trade him and get something in return? He is a proven starter and many teams are desperate for a qb. Don’t forget this is a business.

  11. As a 49er fan, I’ve been really frustrated with him at times. But he was willing to renegotiate his contract to stay in SF, and he completely redeemed himself on the field the last two years.

    Next year he’ll be playing elsewhere, but you can count me as an Alex Smith fan.

  12. If he’s released I think you have to think about bringing him in for a QB competition with Ponder. Alex Smith can run a team that emphasizes the run and plays strong defense

  13. Nice guys finish last. It doesnt matter how nice, loyal, etc hes been. Its a business and the best business decision will be made by the 49ers. No matter if he was an Ahole or nice guy. Business is business.

  14. They absolutely CAN afford that luxury, but they aren’t going too. I also don’t see Baalke chancing getting stuck with that salary if unable to find a trade partner. Sucks to let him go and get nothing out of him but the guy deserves that much

  15. Can’t say enough good things about this guy whichever team he goes to will gain a solid locker room guy who can lead a team by example wherever he goes I wish him the best

  16. I have mixed feelings on what they owe Alex. On one hand he has been a team player all along, and especially this year with the quarterback switch. On the other hand they drafted him #1 overall and paid him a lot and he never really was seen as good until Harbaugh came along. Harbaugh and the other coaches helped him look good and now he will likely continue his career somewhere else. Two years ago, I don’t know how many teams would have been interested. I think it is fair to release him, but you can’t really ask the 49ers to let him go to a division rival. The NFC west looks tough and Arizona has a good defense. They need some help on the O-line and at quarterback and they will be competitive. So, set Alex free yes, but not to Arizona and preferably somewhere in the AFC. Ask Alex where he wants to play and try to work out a deal there.

  17. I hope Kap gets hurt early, giving Smith the chance to lead the Niners to victory. Then I hope he looks right into Harbaugh’s eyes as Jim Nance is interviewing him and says “cut me now, coach” and walks off the stage.

  18. Alex Smith is still a valuable QB, so valuable I think he should be traded for someone good. My opinion he should be traded to New York Jets for Darrell Revis. That would give the Niners the best CB that they’ve had in a long time. It would be a win win for both teams. Jets will have a better QB and the Niners will have a phenomenal CB.

  19. Rumors say he’ll end up at a place like KC or Cleveland, but what about this:


    More proven than Foles

    More accurate and durable than Vick

    Way cheaper than keeping Vick

    For a system like Chip Kelly’s he isn’t as mobile as Vick but he can still move around, remember his mobility back at Utah under Urban Meyer.

  20. ” Flynn is the one that’s screwed. Could probably start somewhere but if a 3rd round rookie is better than him what’s his trade value going to be?”

    What a stupid comment. Russell Wilson is no ordinary 3rd round QB. He arguably had the greatest rookie QB season ever, and was among the most impressive players in the Pro Bowl today.

  21. You can’t say that asking for a release is a calculated risk when the $8.5 million won’t come anyways!!!

    San Fran won’t pay him, no one will trade for him, … he’ll be on the street before March 13.

    He just needs to not “show” the 49ers that they made a mistake. He just needs to learn a scheme and play well.

    A lot of FA acquisitions like to show their ex-teams that they should be sorry for letting them go by trying to have great seasons, but it’s not as easy as one thinks.

    If Brett Favre threw 22 INTs in his only season with the Jets and Terrell Owens led the league in drops during his first season in Dallas then Smith might struggle. He just needs to think about helping his new team and he’ll be fine.

  22. Minnesota is an immediate threat in the north if they get this guy. I don’t think he’s an elite QB but, he’s athletic and very efficient. Kyle Rudolph will explode with Smith at QB.

  23. Alex Smith, where do I begin? First off, the guy made fifty million dollars off of his first contract. He can not ever work a day for the rest of his life, thanks to the 49ers. He was a major bust, who tormented us Niner fans, for years. Well, they finally got a coach, and an impenetrable o line. I could probably throw for 75 yards a game behind that line. Now, I have been cheering for him th his past year and a half, because I had to. It’s kind of like the president, do I like him , no. Do I hope he accomplishes good things. Absolutely. Now I would be appalled, if we just outright released him, they better get something out of him. We need to package up smith and our first two picks , and get inside the top 7 or 8 picks. I hope they trade him to Arizona. I know for a fact the dude ain’t gonna throw a pass longer than 20 yards. I was praying for Peyton, and am just absolutely ecstatic that Kap looks like he’s gonna be the real deal. The only thing I can look back on the Alex Smith era, and be happy about, is the fact that if we werent so bad, for so long, we wouldn’t have the team we have today.

  24. Alex is the consummate team guy. He had to endure Nolan, Singlebraincell, a separated shoulder, a different OC every freaking season except for this season. He is the poster boy for “How to ruin a 1st pick of the draft draft pick”.

    I’m sure somewhere in the back of his mind as he’s watched Kaep practice for the past 20 months, he knew his benching in favor of Kaep was coming.

    I hope he gets his ring next week I really do. Even though he probably won’t play, he’ll have certainly earned it.

  25. I think that even though he may “deserve” to be treated better, the reality is that this is still a business. What works for the team is the direction they go. What are the pros and cons for the team? For instance; what is the trade value given the poor QB available pool? What is the cap hit for releasing him? What happens if they hold onto him and don’t trade and release him as far as cap, payment owed, available backup if he isn’t there? Lots to consider but I suggest it won’t be what is best for Alex. Just saying……

  26. Most likely they will trade him out of the NFC West cause the only team that would want him is Az. They owe it to him to grant his request but they won’t I believe. I’m betting he is asking for release cause he wants to go to AZ. Hopefully he gets his wish and signs with Az cause with the HC and OC team and this draft AZ will compete.

  27. Kaepernick makes $525,000 a year. They can afford to keep him for another year. That would actually be the smart thing to do. I don’t know why, but I just feel like Kaeps is going to get hurt in the future. Maybe because he’s a mobile QB and they always get hurt? So why not try to keep a reliable backup if you can?

    I guess it doesn’t matter because Alex clearly doesn’t want to stay. Just please don’t go to Cleveland! No one can win there. I’d say Philly probably gives him the best chance to win.

  28. Loyalty? That’s hilarious. You can draw a straight line back to Alex Smiths draft pick and rookie contract to demark the exact moment rookie wages went totally crazy. Consider Smiths play never approached his pay until Jon harbaugh showed up and you could easily argue Alex Smith has been robbing the 49ers blind for nearly his whole career. Loyalty, that’s rich.

  29. On the face of it, it would seem to make great sense to let him go one way or the other, but if you look at it from a Belichick-like perspective, the 9ers should keep him unless someone makes them an offer they can’t refuse for him. Kaepernick doesn’t cost anything so the total spent at the position isn’t out of line cap-wise and the worst thing that could happen is that they have the best backup in the league. What if they get rid of him and Kaepernick goes down or the rest of the league figures him out? What do they do then? Sign some over-the-hill QB that no one wants as a starter, or use a high draft pick for a backup?

    8.5 million goes a long way to compensate him for his loyalty and class. You can’t count on Kaepernick as being as durable. at this point.

  30. most likely it would be Cleveland, Buffalo or the jets Alex doesn’t fit Arians aggressive Throw deep and often , spread 3-5 WR sets he loves and will implement in Arizona. Whole reason Arians got “Retired” from the Steelers is that he doesn’t like the run the ball consistently, .

  31. I don’t want to sound unpopular, but the 49ers have complete control over Alex Smith and if they can get a 2nd or 3rd round pick then trade him they should do it, this is the NFL not Kindergarten and sometimes you don’t get what you want. Some people want to say the 49ers should just accomodate Alex Smith because he isn’t complaining and has been a good teammate well what about the 6 years of crappy play and 2 Head Coaches he got fired because of his performances. Its capialism and if you have a valuable trade chip you use it. No one as calling for the Patriotsto just release Bledsoe 11 years ago, they got a 1st rounder for him and went on to dominate the decade.

  32. Even though I think Alex is a system quarterback (think Kolb with the Eagles), the 49ers would be stupid to release him instead of trading him. He had a QB rating of over 100, he is like 28, and better than about a third of the starting QB’s in the NFL. They will absolutely not let him go to Arizona though, nobody is that short sighted.

  33. have u people bumped your head drinking a.d getting drunk on the 49ER cool-aide….????…alex smith always has been and after 8 years…always will be garbage…let him go to a team without a great running game and terrific defense and he’s mark sanchez….wake the hell up people …he’s still alex”poo poo” smith…

  34. If he is released he’ll most likely end up in Arizona he knows the division and Arizona can then use it’s draft picks for some offensive lineman, at first I was thinking they would trade him to jets but the niners won’t pay Darelle revis as much as he wants

  35. I wish Alex Smith the best. He is the ultimate team player and professional. I hope where ever he ends up, he will get paid at least what he is making now, and be the starting quarterback. He has a lifelong fan in me.

  36. I would LOVE to see him come to the Steelers – and they just happen to have ZERO depth at the QB position. Perfect fit.

  37. I still can’t forgive the Niners for not drafting local star Aaron Rodgers who would have raised ticket sales and given the team a huge boost in jersey sales. Smith ran a gimmick offense under Urban Meyer and didn’t have to make pro reads as Rodgers did at CAL. No, Rodgers didn’t have bad mechanics. He just held the ball high which gave him a quicker release. The team gave Smith chance after chance during which other teams would have thrown in the towel long ago. Still, he’s been a classy guy and a good representative of the organization. Best of luck to Alex Smith.

  38. The Niners front office has become cold-blooded Patriots-style ever since Trent Baalke became GM. Frank Gore asked for a new contract 2 years ago and they just let him dangle – eventually he settled for an extension that looked good in total value but was actually voidable………this coming offseason. And Frank Gore is the best RB in 49ers history and has been consistently the best player on offense throughout his time here, unlike Alex Smith who’s had ups and downs. They were willing to do that with Gore and already have with Alex last offseason when they gave him his current deal, which is low for a starting quarterback who made the NFC championship.

    The 49ers do only what’s best for the team now, they do not care about sentimental value. Brandon Jacobs looked at them the wrong way and not only did they get rid of him, they docked him 3 games pay and cut him at the end of the regular season to make sure he didn’t sign with another team. I think they will attempt to trade Alex Smith regardless of whether or not he asks for a release because the last thing they want is to play him on the Cardinals twice a year. Keeping him as backup isn’t even out of the question. Him combined with Kaepernick is only $10 million a year – not that much to spend on the QB position. Next year when Kaep is eligible for an extension, they’ll be paying that anyways, and it won’t be too late to do something about Alex then. Unless of course Alex Smith will cause locker room problems (doubtful).

  39. This is a business. Alex wants to be released, but what if the Bills will trade Spiller for Alex straight up or Cardinals will trade Larry Fitzgerald for Alex straight up.

    I am not in any way suggesting the above trades will happen, but granting Alex his release just because he is a nice guy is bad business and won’t happen unless zero NFL teams offer nothing or close to nothing.

  40. The Niners will release him with the written or unwritten agreement he doesn’t sign with Ariz. Harbaugh doesn’t want what Alex knows about the team going to a division rival.

  41. By all appearances, a class act. Not a superstar, but smart and reliable. Minnesota would be a good fit for him. If SF has to eat some money, at least it will taste better than when teams ate Jaidiot Russells’ and Vince “did I sign that?” Youngs’ contracts…

  42. In Philadelphia, I would rather roll with Nick Foles with a healthy offensive line.

    Remember, 4 of our 5 starters missed a majority of the season. With Kelce and Peters back, and (praying but not likely) Joeckel at RT, and Herremans at RG, our OL is immediately a strong point instead of weakness.

    Foles is still an unknown, and he is only like 23 or 24. Smith is a decent player, and has been playing 8 years already. If Foles stinks, its ok, because we will have a crappy record and a good draft pick next year.

    Regardless…all of my thoughts are probably futile, because Chip Kelly and his garbage offense probably mean Vick will still be here for 2013.

    Hence the reason I did not want Chip Kelly. After watching Cunningham, McNabb, and now Vick fail in the playoffs and fail to win a SB, Im ready to move back on to a pocket style QB, instead of a mobile one.

  43. The fair thing to do would be to release him. But teams far to often teams dont do what’s best for the player. Seattle is doing basically the same thing holding onto a high priced back-up (Flynn) when he could be a starter for any number of teams.

  44. SF might be wise to keep him there. They have no idea if Kaepernick is durable enough to play 16+ games a season. Kaepernick has 9 games under his belt so far.

    What would be hilarous is watching Harbaughs head explode when Kaepernick comes in next year and is back down to earth. How many times have we seen guys come in and play like a hero for most of a season, then end up mediocre the next? I can think of all kinds of players (QBs especially) that had these great runs, then something happens and they dont play well for the rest of their short careers. I’ve also seen guys grab the reigns and lead for years, but that is as rare as a chicken with wisdom teeth.

    Harbaugh is leaving everything up to a coin flip if they let Alex Smith leave SF.

  45. Kapernack looks great now but. you never know. If The Eagles get him, they will be a Super Bowl contender RIGHT AWAY. The Eagles have the 4th pick in the draft. That pick can be used in many ways. Example…Alex and their tight end and 1st pick for our 4th choice in the entire draft??

  46. The “fair move” would have been to not bench him over a concussion. NFL history has shown that he’s likely to be traded to the highest bidder. If the Colts can trade Johnny Unitas to the Chargers then loyalty doesn’t count for much in this league.

  47. There are only a couple of QB’s in the draft likely to get top billing, leaving Smith and Matt Flynn with a market.
    Both pros are not as mobile as the people who replaced them, so the new “West Coast Offense” means a running QB. But a team that uses a traditional drop-back QB could use either one of them. Jacksonville and Kansas City could use either one, and Andy Reid’s offense isn’t that much different than what Green Bay uses under Mike McCarthy. Flynn will find a job, as will Smith. Alex Smith is a prime example of how the pros can screw up a perfectly good rookie. Aaron Rodgers had a chance to develop under a QB-minded coach. Smith had to play in a system not to his makeup. I remember when Smith was young, the Packers were dominating the 49’ers in Green Bay. After halftime, the 49’ers switched to an offense like Smith ran in college and he nearly rallied them to a win. Smith needs to go to a team that will enable him to achieve.

  48. What happens if he replace,s a struggling keapernick in the 3rd quarter and leads the 49ers to a
    Super bowl victory. Do you think
    San Francisco keeps him

  49. Philly signs Smith as FA and then TRADES him to Arizona for a 2nd round pick in the draft.

  50. “The fair thing would be to let him go.” Why would the team let him go for nothing if they could get something in return? I think the “fair” thing to do would be to trade him. Smith gets a fresh start, the 9ers get compensation in the form of draft picks.

  51. Please send him to Jacksonville. Up and coming receivers in Cecil Shorts III, Justin Blackmon and Laurent Robinson. Gabbert and Henne can not and should not be the answer here in Jax.

    Alex….NO STATE TAX IN FLORIDA !!!!!!!

  52. I don’t see any scenario where they release Smith. He has trade value, given this years weak QB draft class. I don’t see his 8 mil salary as a big issue if a team is intending for Smith to be the starter for the upcoming season. That’s actually decent for a starter. If a team trades and it doesn’t work out then he would probably be cut. If 49ers GM cuts a valuable trade commodity to be nice then they he’s in the wrong business.

  53. It won’t happen, but I’d love to see him in Carolina instead of Cam Newton.

    Smith knows what TEAM means and Cam knows what ME means. That’s the difference between a QB leading a group of men to winning seasons versus a QB with nice personal numbers but few wins.

  54. Is it disheartening as a Vikings fan to see so many people calling for Alex Smith. The guy has reached his full potential already. The negatives of doing this are long.

    1. Ruining Ponders confidence.
    2. Ruining Ponders ability to get better in the offense (He’s only 24).
    3. Creating a divided locker room and media drama.
    4. Wasting cap space that could be used to upgrade a STARTING position (G, DT, LB).

    Alex Smith is a good QB, and is reasonably (not significantly) better than Ponder AS OF RIGHT NOW (Ponder did beat the 49ers this season with Alex Smith at the helm). Ponder has the chance to grow and be better. Alex Smith has reached his full potential. Thank God these people calling for this aren’t running the team. This has absolutely 0% chance of happening (which is good), but it’s sad Vikes fans think he would actually help the Vikings chances of winning a Super Bowl.

  55. Doubt they comply, as he is worth something to another team – and his $8.5m is not bad compared to his passer rating. A team would have to pay an incoming QB something near that anyway, so I dont understand the thinking this is a “stressed” amount to pay him.

    Smith and Flynn will be highly sought after this year given the NFL QB draft situation. Neither team will just “release” those players.

  56. My gut says KC finds a way to make this deal early in the process.

    I also believe that SF should allow him to walk to exhibit their loyalty to the players. From all that I’ve read, he’s been a class act given the Peyton flirtation and Kap transition.

    I don’t think he winds up in Arizona.

  57. Yeah, hairbough will throw him under the bus again. hairbough did it when he chased manning around the country. He did it when he promoted the Camel. And he’ll do it when Smith is due to collect some money. When hairbough starts screwing too many players, they’ll rebel and his head will explode.

  58. I think they should keep him, based on the same arguments PFT has made that Seattle should keep Matt Flynn — the Niners are one injury away from having nobody at QB if they dump Smith, and the combined financial commitment to the QB position is low, since Kaepernick’s signed to a rookie deal that can’t be renegotiated ’til 2015.

    Spending roughly $11-12M/season to have two competent qb’s on the roster is a dream scenario for a lot of teams.

    Besides, if they keep him and someone else gets desperate, the trade value could increase.

  59. There will be a lot of teams interested in Alex Smith in free-agency. He will end up with a contract well north of $8.5 million a year. Probably in the $12 – $15 million range.

    And he will be able to choose which team he wants to play for. It’s all good for Alex Smith. No reason why the 9ers would simply agree to release him, having borne the demotion well and been a good team player for the 9ers for many years.

  60. I agree with those who think it would be a big mistake for the Vikings to bring in Alex Smith. Smith isn’t a big upgrade on Ponder at this point, and Ponder has much more potential to grow in future years- Smith is all he is going to be.

    Besides, it would eat up all the Vikings cap space to take him on, which means not being able to sign other (and existing) players, and having less talent overall on the team.

  61. As a die hard 49er.. I will be sad to see Alex go.. We have a few rough years and a couple great ones with Alex.. He has truly come a long way.. Since harbough staff took over he has emerged as a smart veteran qb.. I have all the love in the world for Alex because he helped us tremendously past 3 years to make our team what it is today.. I really wish he would stay as a backup or just stay period… But if he wants to start an play , he deserves it …with the up most respect… Alex Smith you have been a great player to have in our organization.. You will be a 49er forever in my eyes.. And I wish you and your family the best.. Stay in the bay Alex raise your fam man… Best of luck to you and them..forever a greatfull 49er fan…

  62. I was going to say Alex Smith and Super Bowl should never be used in the same sentence, but uhh… after this year if he gets traded then I’ll say it. Lol

  63. Coach killer that needs an offense catered to his noodle arm. No confidence in downfield throws due to his poor arm strength. Harbaugh couldn’t wait to sit him in favor of a strong armed (the mobility is a plus, allowed staff to add, not subtract plays from the play book) QB. 49ers are more likely to trade him to dupe any takers.
    Amazing how clueless most posters here are. It took the guy 8 years to become “average”.

  64. The 49ers have to trade him . Alex Smith seems like a classy guy but if the 49ers can get something for him they have to . There loyalty has to be for the betterment of the team . The highest bidder will still have plans on starting him so it will still be a good situation for him and Alex Smith also won’t be expected to renegotiate his contract .

  65. Great guy and Teammate for all to see. Let’s get real here people. Number one this is a ruthless business and all feelings should be left to those who are wanna be coaches. We gave the very first choice in the draft for him and in no way should we let him walk away with nothing to show for it. There are so many teams that NEED a QB NOW! Find the team, make the deal for the most value for us in return. Jets, Eagles, Browns, Chiefs stand out to me just for starters.

  66. I like the timing of this. Smith and his agent will be in town for the superbowl and so will plenty of other agents, scouts, owners, GMs, coaches, etc.

    I imagine Smith will be available on media day to shake hands with whomever may happen to wander by to chit chat with him.


  67. i would love to see the vikings pick up Alex. he would be a great game manager, much like what we had hoped CP7 could be. unfortunately Alex is a much better QB than CP7 will ever be and the vikings are very unlikely to admit that. im not saying smith makes the vikes a SB contender, but he at least takes some of the pressure off AD and the defense, which both showed they can win games.

  68. The Bills and the Jets should be falling all over themselves to get a piece of that action.

  69. So, we are sold on Kaper? Enough games played to prove he’s got everything that Alex doesn’t? Me thinks Alex is worth perhaps another first round pick, and he might make a team like KC or Minn immediate SB contenders.

  70. Harbaugh is arrogant enough to not care if Alex lands in Arizona. I wish Alex all the best. Delanie Walker might be lost just as Joshua Morgan was last year and David Baas the year before. Insane money offers they can’t refuse. Niners need to re sign Dashon Goldson and that will cost big mon-ay. I fear for Frank Gore as Baalke and Harbaugh have the assassin mentality. Much like Alex, Frank is the ultimate teammate and pro and deserves the best treatment. David Akers has family ties with the Harbaughs and gets treated humanely. But he is the exception. Alex has shown he is not about just the money. Kaep’s contract extension or next contract will be crippling ridiculous. If he trademarks Kaepernicking it means he is about the money. Wonder if Baalke will buckle at the knees when the time comes. I can see Jim’s arrogance letting Kaep go and trying to make Josh Johnson the next Kaep in two years.

  71. It seems to me Alex Smith has adopted the most reasonable approach for his situation. He’s not emotionally invested in things beyond his control. I think he’s following his agents’ advise in asking for release, but will concentrate on whatever he is given. He has been well paid for his loyalty to the 49er’s, but however he is dealt, that loyalty will go with him in any case. Refreshing actually.

  72. why in the blue hell would the jets trade revis for allex smith when alex smith is no better than mark sanchez? matter of fact why would any team trade a good player for a garbage one like alex smith? and whoever said they wanted smith over cam newton has to have been high on crack…

  73. What about Alex Smith screams Super Bowl to these insane fans? They benched the guy for a second year player and that second year player has them in the Super Bowl. Alex Smith played like crap in 6 straight years in 6 different systems outside of Jim Harbaughs before 1 1/2 decent years in his system that he still got benched. Maybe it’s the system people?

    Vikings, Eagles, Panthers, and Jets fans have all said they want this guy over their QBs now on this thread.

    Vikings and Eagles fans, you have young franchise QBs developing on your roster. Adding Alex Smith doesn’t make you better, it just hurts their development, creates a divided locker room, and wastes 10 mill cap space.

    Eagles fans, you are not winning the Super Bowl next year. Get over it. You need to rebuild. Alex Smith does not equal rebuild.

    Vikings fans, you beat this guy at QB for the NFC Champions who isn’t playing in the Super Bowl because he was benched with your 23 year old starter who played an amazing game and won that game, not Adrian Peterson (85 yards). Remember the 4th and goal rollout, remember the 30+ yard run by Ponder? Ponder won 4 straight games to get you in the playoffs in his 2nd year, and you people want to get rid of him? He’s still YOUNG!!! You people are sick. You guys are idiots.

    Panther fan, wanting Alex Smith over Cam Newton…seriously? A 29 year old that has shown no signs of any elite status over the guy who is 24 and can run like a fullback, is faster, has a way stronger arm, and has more potential, this is embarrassing.

    Jets fans, you have enough cap space problem, especially at the QB position! Why add another mediocre at best QB that’s paid 10 million per year? Idiots.

    I’m thoroughly embarrassed for all of these 4 fan bases who don’t deserve winning teams because they think Alex Smith is good and will help their team somehow. Get a clue about football before you post your ignorant ideas.

    The only team fans that make sense on here are the Bills (to develop the QB they draft behind), ARI (so they can draft other positions), and KC (so they can draft other positions). This is because he is a clear upgrade on teams with no future in sight as of right now at the QB position.

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