Billy Davis interviews for Eagles defensive coordinator

We shared earlier that the Eagles’ search for a defensive coordinator included a couple of coaches who have a pretty big game coming up on Sunday, but they aren’t limiting their search to members of the Ravens and 49ers coaching staffs.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Browns linebacker coach Billy Davis interviewed for the job on Sunday. Davis has been with the Browns for the last two seasons, but isn’t currently listed on the team’s website as a member of the coaching staff. That would suggest that he won’t be working with new Browns coordinator Ray Horton even if he doesn’t get the job in Philly.

Davis has had two stints as a defensive coordinator. He held the job for the 49ers in 2005 and 2006 and then ran the Cardinals defense in 2009 and 2010. Only the 2009 Cardinals team was even in the middle of the pack defensively, which explains why Davis moved back down to being a position coach after getting replaced by Horton in Arizona.

Pat Shurmur, Davis’ former boss in Cleveland, is set to be the offensive coordinator for the Eagles. Whether or not that helps his cause remains to be seen since the Eagles still seem to have more people to meet before they pull the trigger on a new coordinator.

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  1. So question Browns fans. Would you rather have Chudzinski,Norv Turner, and Ray Horton, or Chip Kelly,Pat Shurmur, and possibably Billy Davis? Browns fans we may have dodged a bullet by not hiring Kelly. It seems as if no respectable coordiantors want to work with this guy. Ohh Hail Chip Kelly and coaching in SEC or at USC in 2-3 years. Go Browns!

  2. I don’t hink that hiring the staff from the Browns is the best way to improve a teams record. The Eagles really seem to be reaching now.

  3. It’s pretty funny listening to sour grape Browns fans talking trash on Chip Kelly because he wouldn’t sign with them. Yes, Kelly IS the guy that Browns management wanted and couldn’t get. Stop it already with with the nonsense. Browns have a pretty good D, and this guy was part of that. Browns problems are on the offensive side of the ball, and drafting poorly, especially drafting a QB that’s 28 and stinks… Shurmur as a OC and Davis as a DC is not bad at all with Kelly running the show.

  4. After his DC stints with the 49ers and Cards, I would have bet big $$$ that Davis would never sniff another DC job interview. He may be a great LB coach, but he is not a good DC.

  5. The Eagles are the Gold Standard so that means every defensive coach in the NFL ought to be on their knees at the Nova Care complex begging the Eagles to hire them.

  6. bucrightoff says:
    Jan 28, 2013 12:13 PM
    Loving the Eagles hires. Going all in for Jadaveon is really smart.

  7. bucrightoff says:
    Jan 28, 2013 12:13 PM
    Loving the Eagles hires. Going all in for Jadaveon is really smart.

    he is not eligible until 2014

  8. Chip seems like he is not having an easy go of it-filling this staff. He may not play well with others in the sandbox.

  9. Chip Kelly has larger plans in mind. What we see as a mediocre assistant on the Browns is what he sees as potential greatness. Simpleton minds like you and I cannot see what Kelly’s 150 IQ brain sees. His methods may seem unconventional to the untrained eye, but when he leads the Eagles to their first Superbowl win this year you will understand.

  10. Would someone, anyone, explain to me why we are not hearing Lovi or Romeo as Def. Coord. for The Eagles? What am I missing? Sure shot instant improvement. The Browns made a great choice with Norv Turner. Norv is a great, yes great Off. Coord. Can’t get over the hump as a head coach but, his ability as a off. coord. is how he keeps getting shots at head coaching jobs. Notice how fast he was hired?

  11. I love how people talk trash like he’s already hired. You were all doing it about the guy from Georgia too and what happened with that?

    How many people got interviewed for Head Coach before they hired Kelly? You’d think you people would have learned a thing or two from that but I guess I give PFT commenters too much credit.

  12. Is it just me or does it seem like its Eagles ownership thats picking Chips staff and not Chip himself. For a guy with no ties to the NFL there seems to be a lot of Eagles past guys on his interview list and this one screams Pat Shurmur trying to bring his Cleveland staff over with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets signed as linebackers coach and Dick Jauron gets hired as defensive coordinator.

  13. WoW! Schurmur got hire and now looking at Billy Davis. Awesome. Phillys grabbing some gems from the Browns. It is like “American Pickers” but “NFL Pickers” or the NFL version of the “Thrift Shop” song.

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