Browns officially fire Dick Jauron, believe it or not


This seems like far less than breaking news, but I suppose it is.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Browns “officially” fired defensive coordinator Dick Jauron today.

That’s courteous of them, since they hired Ray Horton as defensive coordinator 10 days ago.

Letting Jauron twist for so long seems odd, but anyone who was interested in hiring him knew he’d be available about a week and a half ago.

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  1. I think he gets less credit than he should. New Orleans may want to talk to him, although he doesn’t run a 3-4 I believe. Changing to the 3-4, while Brees has about 3 good years left in him, doesn’t seem that wise and I bet they aren’t fully committed to doing it, so maybe Jauron is an option for them. He should be if he isn’t.

  2. This incompetent organization has become an absolute joke. Browns fans – I feel your pain. Letting an honorable football man like Jauron hanging in the breeze is despicable. No class whatsoever.

  3. Love the knee jerk reactions from greenngold.

    This was obviously just some sort of bookkeeping or paperwork issue. Like the author said, everyone knew he was available 10 days ago.

    They hardly left him “hanging in the breeze”.

  4. There was no “hanging in the breeze”. It’s been reported for 2 weeks that they “let him go”. It’s only official now because the Browns held their press conference for Horton today.

  5. I don’t get it. Why did the Browns fire Jauron? I thought their defense was outstanding. I haven’t watched many Browns games last season (the usual thing, due to their lack of winning …), but from what I’ve seen….they looked good. On the other hand, Offense, that term must ring offensive (pun intended) to Browns fans.

  6. Did Philly hire a d-coord yet? Call Jauron up. I think they shoulda promoted him to d-coord when they promoted Castillo instead.

  7. The Browns are doing fine no clowns here, the new owner has a right to do whatever he feels is right and who ever says different is being crazy. The defense this year really wasn’t all that and I am looking forward to a new look and a quicker meaner D. You all can just go on and hate on another team if you need to hate at all. No need to feel sorry for us Browns fans we love our team and we will be tuff and start getting it together this year. All is good in Cleveland and getting better. Go Browns!!!

  8. First they stopped paying him. Then they moved his desk four times in a year. He used to be over by the window where he could see the squirrels. But the last straw was when they switched to the Boston stapler and wouldn’t let him keep his red Swingline.

    They finally had to let him go when he repeatedly threatened to burn the building down.

  9. As a Browns fan, normally I take umbrage to the tired “Clowns” moniker, but in this case they deserve it.

    More things change, the more they stay the same/suck.

    And, yes, Philly might do well to hire the guy in charge of the competent side of the ball in Cleveland since they already hired the incompetent one.

  10. People are really naive if they think that Dick Jauron hadn’t been told he was being released as soon as Chudzinski was hired (now if they were preventing him from interviewing with other teams thats a different story). As far as his future, the Eagles are probably his next destination as I don’t see any superbowl d-coordinator taking a lateral move to a rebuilding franchise. Plus it would keep the Holmgren croney reunion they seem to be building around Chip Kelly out there.

  11. One of those typical moves that ensures the Browns will have bad karma for yet another season….but maybe this time they have hired enough quality assistants, they might just get over the hump.

    Maybe a Super Bowl Raven loss portends a new beginning in Cleveland.

    Jauron will land on his feet…somewhere.

  12. Allowing Jauron to twist in the wind after hiring his replacemement 10 days ago…

    …who the hell is running the Browns franchise ?

    …can’t blame Randy Lerner, he sold the team last fall.

    …can’t blame Mike Holmgren, he was fired in Oct.

    You say JOE BANNER is now running the Browns..that explains alot.

    …what the hell was Jimmy Haslam thinking when he hire Banner ?

  13. Here’s a question I have for those who keep bashing Banner. Where exactly is this “no one wants to work for him” stuff that’s always said coming from? The same thing was said of Managini who never had issue’s getting players to play for him in New York or Cleveland.

    The reason I question the “evil Banner” stuff is that most of the teams who got new coaches basically just picked the carcass of Clevelands coaching search and Cleveland actually got TWO of their candidates hired onto their staff which is almost unheard of. Especially with teams like the Eagles, Jets and Rams still having issues filling roles that Cleveland filled within weeks of the jobs being open with pretty big name candidates.

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