Casey Hampton not expected back with Steelers

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Longtime Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton is 35 years old and his contract is up. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Hampton is not expected to be re-signed.

The Steelers are expected to turn to some combination of Steve McLendon, Ziggy Hood, and Alameda Ta’amu to replace Hampton on the nose.

Despite Hampton’s age, he is coming off an effective season as a run defender and started 16-of-16 games. He’s likely got some good football left. Hampton stated in late December that he intends to play two more years.

For a comprehensive list of this offseason’s top free agents, bang it here. Hampton will join a nose tackle market expected to include Isaac Sopoaga (49ers), Terrance Knighton (Jaguars), and Aubrayo Franklin (Chargers). This year’s best free agent defensive tackles include Henry Melton (Bears), Randy Starks (Dolphins), Jason Jones (Seahawks), and Richard Seymour (Raiders).

25 responses to “Casey Hampton not expected back with Steelers

  1. Gonna miss you, Big Snack! One of the most underrated and underappreciated NT’s in the game. If he takes a hometown discount, I hope the steelers can re-sign him. If not, he will definately help whatever team he goes to

  2. Have no fear, Mr Hampton will change the gold for silver and play in Oakland.

    Oh wait, the Raiders are still about $54 million over the cap and will not be able to sign the third over all pick.

    Never mind.

  3. Replacing Hampton with Ziggy, McLendon or Ta’amu. Hahaha, this team is so desperate. Steeler fans will be craving for an 8-8 season when they only manage to squeak out a mere 4-5 games this season. Another down year in Pittsburgh, prepare yourselves! Yikes!

  4. Just wish they could have found a helmet that actually fit. All you ever saw was his forehead and his eyes peering through the facemask

  5. This is a man of pure Steeler blood. No other team is worthy of his presence. He will retire.

  6. McClendon is an absolute beast! He not only stuffs the run. He sacks the QB. And can’t wait til 49ers whoop the ratbirds. That way we can all taste the sweet teardrops of despair of the Ratbird fans!!

  7. Replacing Hampton with Ziggy, McLendon or Ta’amu. Hahaha, this team is so desperate. Steeler fans will be craving for an 8-8 season when they only manage to squeak out a mere 4-5 games this season. Another down year in Pittsburgh, prepare yourselves! Yikes!

    A down year is not a big deal…going to one Super Bowl after being close four straight years is pathetic….

    Time to rebuild but hey all we need is Charlie Batch to beat the rat turds…yikes

  8. the downward spiral has begun in full force…12 wins and tebowed in ’11, 8 wins in’12….about to take on a very, very different look for ’13. most likely will still win 7 to 9 games in ’13, possibly even 1 v. the superbowl champs from baltimore…but make no mistake…this is a team on the decline…all the endless homer claims of 6 superbowl titles will not change that….you might hold off cleveland for 1 more year for 3rd place, but after that ….the cellar, get used to it, yinzer nation

  9. I would like to have Big Snack for at least one more year before its time to move on. If the Steelers decide they do not want to keep Big Hamp, its been a nice ride with the Steelers Winning 2 championships with him. Regardless, with or without him, the next man will step up and the steelers will soon be contending for a superbowl championship once again. With a healthy Big Ben the steelers will always have a chance.

  10. One of those guys will end up with the Patriots. They like to get a bargain basement last year or two from a proven veteran that still has a little gas left in the tank.

  11. Given that he had a productive 2012, if Big Snack wants to sign a one-year contract, I wish we’d work out something. If not, I hope he retires as Ward, Farrior, and Aaron Smith did. I think he’d find it wasn’t worth the effort transitioning to another team for what will likely be no more than a year before his body gives way.

  12. Have u people been watching Hampton this year? He’s washed up. Every play he gets stood up and pushed backwards while he flails his arms around like he’s a chick in a fight. I love Casey but its time for him to go. Mclendon deserves a shot at starting.

  13. Steelers will spend their #1 draft pick on the best NT this draft in hopes that it is the “Next Casey”.

    Team is high on McLendon-but do not believe [still] that they view him as the ‘next Casey’.

    Typical ‘less-than-ideal’ mindset of other NFL fans that simply lose grasp of what truly matters at the end of the day: Total Super Bowl Victories.

    They will spin it many different ways, often times with the inclusion of bitter harsh name-callings & other juvenile remarks, but at the end of the day, a number remains a number.

    And that, folks, is all that matters.

    Steelers: Six
    Ravens: One.

    Good luck catching up to that number in your lifetime Baltimore fans.

  14. We have seen this movie before and we’ll see it again. This is how the Steelers run the business. And I’m old enough to remember the lessons of the seasons after SB 13. Hanging on to older vets, including star players, after their prime is a mistake in most cases.

    They cut Franco, Alan Faneca, Aaron Smith and others. In all the years since Chuck Noll the Steelers have only made one mistake with the big cut – Rod Woodson. Once any vet reaches a certain stage it’s time for retirement or go elsewhere.

  15. I to am old enough to remember all of their super bowls. Teams hang on and so do players. And as far as Franco, Alan Faneca, Aaron Smith ,and Rod Woodson. Harris,Faneca,and Woodson were not cut! They left town over money.And Smith retired!

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