Cowboys release statement on Ratliff arrest


Cowboys defensive tackle Jay Ratliff was arrested on DWI charges last week and Monday brought the news that his blood alcohol content was 0.16 when he crashed his car into a highway median.

That’s twice the legal limit and the arrest comes less than two months after defensive lineman Josh Brent was charged with intoxication manslaughter in the death of linebacker Jerry Brown. Ratliff reportedly met with Jerry Jones after the arrest and the team released a statement Monday from former Cowboys player Calvin Hill, who is now a consultant in the team’s player development program.

“Having recently experienced the most tragic of circumstances regarding this issue, we, as an organization, understand the ultimate consequences of driving while impaired. We know that one incident is too many.  The critical goal is to effect the decision making process in the hours before the wrong decision is made.

Our player assistance programs in the areas of preventing incidents such as these are at the highest level in professional sports, but we are always looking to do better and for ways to improve.  We will continue to draw upon the best expertise and resources available, both internally and from outside the organization, to work toward being the best in the areas of education, prevention, and effecting the right decisions.

We have been in communication with Jay Ratliff regarding this incident, and we will monitor the legal process and work within the NFL guidelines for player behavior moving forward.”

Ratliff hasn’t made any public comment since the arrest.

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  1. One would think the death of a teammate would wake one up. One would think…

    Make him do community service at the Morgue. Lots of it.

  2. Translation:
    If Jerry Jones hadn’t idiotically signed this over-the-hill scrub to a ridiculous extension as he was passing his prime, we would’ve cut this sorry loser.

  3. In other words he is too good a player, and too important to their new defensive scheme to punish. If he were some bottom of the roster special teams nobody they would have already released him and expressed mock outrage.

  4. He’s too good to be cut by them. This is how sports work. It’s ugly but ask any cowboyws fan, none of them want him gone.

  5. At first glance I thought the title said “Cowboys release Ratliff”, and got my hopes up. Then I remembered that we’re talking about the Cowboys, and realized my mistake…

  6. Cut him. Now. That’s the only way a real message will be sent. You can’t discipline him, so get rid of him. Watch the DUI prob disappear in the NFL as more teams institute a zero tolerance policy. Seriously…spare me the platitudes and DO SOMETHING.

  7. Playing in the NFL is such a privilege, these guys are making half a million dollars at the very least. There should be greater consequences for drinking and driving. An 8 game or year suspension without pay might make players think long and hard about driving under the influence.

  8. They should simply have said: “He didn’t listen. He made a mistake and has now paid for that mistake. His contract has been terminated for cause.”

  9. Patheitc on many levels, but none more than the leaders of his franchise that will allow him to get away with it, without punishment.

    Come on Jerry – make an example of a player so that it STOPS.

  10. They might be waiting to cut him after the legal process in order to save the money. He might have something in his contract that says once he is convicted they have right to cut ties and not pay anything to him, therefore freeing up salary cap and any issues with releasing him early.

  11. Wouldn’t it make sense for Owners of Professional Teams to buy a Limousine Service when they buy the Team – I would think the two go hand in hand…..

  12. Maybe having the other guy on the side lines telegraphed to the players how the ownership of the team feels about drunk driving. And this guy got the message load and clear.

  13. Limousine service is already available to all the players.

    Some just won’t let their pride to use it.

    It stinks.

    Cut every damn one of them when it happens, just like companies do.

    My company has zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol. You get caught, you are gone!

  14. This is terrible when the NFL offers players rides to and from events for free any time of night or morning that they choose. All they have to do is dial a damn number. They can come back and get the car the next day. Fools with money. Nothing surprises me after Michael Irvin gets found with a crack pipe and he is still employed.

  15. A person could probably drink 26 American made light beers and still have the presence of mind to call a cab. I think part of the problem with rich football players is they drink an entire bottle of expensive cognac and are so eff’d up they don’t even realize it. Let’s face it, as athletes at their level, they probably haven’t had as much experience drinking as some of the knuckle heads who post comments here. They are just now learning what others learned a lot earlier in their lives.

  16. I think goodell needs to get his head out of his ass and start implementing ways to improve citizen safety because I feel like every offseason I read about a bunch of guys getting arrested for driving under the influence suspend them without pay for half the season and fine them too

  17. Ratliff reportedly met with Jerry Jones after the arrest…Bet he was breathing beer fumes on Jerry

  18. And that folks concludes our actions in regard to this matter. Please be careful on your way out because something big was just swept under the rug.
    Thank you and good night.

  19. I think a lot of guys shy away from the team limo service, because they are breaking curfew and or don’t want word trickling back about how hammered they are.

    I’ve always said, I want to be rich enough to drive my Lambo to the club and be picked up and my car already be in my garage. These guys are that rich. It’s so silly.

    That being said. I’d cut his sorry you know what, instantly. An above commenter posted that perhaps they are waiting for the process to play out so they can cut him without $ and that makes sense.

  20. “We know that one incident is too many”

    They should have just left that part out. If one is too many why does this jerk still have a job?

  21. cletusvandam says:

    “In other words he is too good a player, and too important to their new defensive scheme to punish. If he were some bottom of the roster special teams nobody they would have already released him and expressed mock outrage.”

    It never ceases to amaze me how many of the people on this site have no idea about how NFL contracts and the salary cap work.

    Simply cutting a player with his contract would result in a huge amount of pro-rated signing bonus being pushed into this year and it would cripple their chances of improving, let alone re-signing some of their own players.

    And the fact that you think he is too good tells me how little you know about the Cowboys, which is normal for someone criticizing them. Ratliff had a terrible year and they WOULD more than likely cut him if it wouldn’t hurt them cap-wise…and that was before the DUI

  22. Sad to see an ex-great like Calvin Hill have to stand up for Jerry Jones. This is embarrassing to every Cowboy fan. You can’t buy pride Jerruh…

  23. If cutting him affects the salary cap, then maybe cutting for ’cause’ related to criminality should NOT affect one’s salary cap. You can give back the prorated bonus too.

    This would be an easy fix.

  24. Great pic with the offender raising his sippy cup.

    Relax ‘boys fans — this 31 year old 300 pound millionaire only consumed the equivalent of 15 US beers or 12 glasses of brandy within 2 hours to generate his .16 BAC — he certainly can be trusted to attain “the critical goal to effect the decision making process in the hours before the wrong decision is made”.

    So which “player assistance program” the Cowboys have in place — “at the highest level in professional sports” — is Calvin Hill referring to?

    A dedicated one button phone to call a cab or limo service? Clearly training alcoholic athletes that “deciding” to imbibe the equivalent of 15 US beers or 12 glasses of brandy within a 2 hour period is NOT part of the ‘boys’ player assistance program.

    How about not drafting drunks? Or mandating alcoholic treatment program for an entire playing year once such propensities have been revealed? Obviously, not even observing the passing and tribulations of teammates, however peripherally, is enough to mollify such dangerous behavior.

    Only cutting these privileged fools from teams for such transgressions to make room for the legions of hungrier candidates eager to take their spot MAY get the message across. As this incident shows, however, even drastic circumstances fail to curtail the ego-fueling cult of the NFL changing such abhorrent behavior.

  25. Pretty soon we’ll have to go to STATE PRISON to see the COWBOY’S playing…How in the HELL can that IDIOT JERRY JONES keep letting this happen?…He is going to have to put a CLAUSE in each of the players contracts that he WILL NOT VISIT THEM IN PRISON….

    MAYBE, that is why we are such a MEDIOCRE TEAM?…We are all TOO DRUNK to PLAY…..

  26. Once again people wanting Jerry to cut him. The fact is Jerry can not cut him yet. It’s against the CBA. He has to wait same thing with Brent. Due process has to be done first.

  27. He’s a June 1st cut. They’ll spread the cap hit over the next two years.

    I’m a Cowboys fan and I always liked Ratliff but, I have to say I think he was a borderline cut guy even before the DUI. He’s 32 and hurt constantly. His production has declined more and more the past few years and simply isn’t worth his contract anymore. This incident was just the nail in the coffin and makes the decision move on from Ratliff that much easier for Jerry.

  28. Statements like this hurt the Cowboys. The public, even the cowboys fans realize how terrible this organization has become under Jerrah. Not having immediate penalties for the player, especially under these circumstances, undermines fandom to the point of loss of life does not trump winning.

    Winning Organizations deal with these situations- The Patriots traded their best defensive player Richard Seymore for not being a team player.

    How is it possible to be proud to be a Cowboy fan?


  29. As Cowboys fan, I say cut him.

    But with plenty of DUI’s in the NFL this year, where was the outcry such as in this thread?

    Anyone calling for Marshawn Lynch, David Diehl,Nick Fairley etc etc.. to be cut? Of course not, they aren’t Cowboys.

    And if your team picked up Ratliff, you would all be like, oh he just made a mistake.

  30. I hate to defend Jerry Jones and the Cowboys on even a minor technical issue, but I will. Under league rules, teams can’t cut a player between the start of the playoffs and the day after the Super Bowl.

    For example, when soon-to-be ex-Steeler Chris Rainey got into a scrap last month, the Steelers tried to cut him the next day, only to be informed by the league that they couldn’t do it.

    So, even though Ratliff deserves to get the ax, Invincible Dallas can’t do it until next Monday. If they’re smart, they’ll do just that. However, at least when it comes to football, no one accuses Jerry of being smart.

  31. Doing the same thing over and over, looking for a different result is the definition insanity. Man, dont these players ever learn? Got mo green stuff, then grey stuff.

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