Ed Reed could be targeted by the Patriots


Last week on PFT Live, a former hard-hitting safety from the Patriots (Rodney Harrison) said that one of the things the Patriots need is a hard-hitting safety.

Enter Ed Reed?

Peter King of SI.com said during Sunday night’s Pro Bowl pregame on NBC that the Ravens safety most likely will hit the market in March, and that Patriots coach Bill Belichick (described by King as the president of the Ed Reed Fan Club) will swoop in and sign him.

That would be a far cry from the last time the Ravens let a high-profile defender test the waters of the open market.  Four years ago, linebacker Ray Lewis found no takers, and he eventually re-signed with the Ravens.

As King and I were discussing off camera, it was in hindsight a colossal blunder for the Cowboys (who were believed to be interested in Lewis) to not sign him.  The team desperately needs vocal leadership on defense, and his presence could have provided the spark that may have taken the Cowboys much farther than they have gone in recent years.

But for the Patriots’ possible interest in Reed, it’s less about intangibles and more about the need for someone who can make the secondary significantly better.  Reed can do that.  And Belichick surely knows it.

Of course, Reed will have to get past the Tom Brady kick slide from last Sunday night.  A pile of money often is helpful, however, when trying to turn the page.

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  1. Makes sense, Belichek loves the guy everyone knows that! I can only see Ed going to play for a contender. Baltimore, Packers, 49ers, Denver, Pats, Giants. etc

  2. I don’t think Ozzie will let Reed go, but you can’t break the bank on Reed. What sux is Flacco is going to want big bucks and you can’t keep everyone now.

  3. Yes. Please. Please make that happen.

    If there is any one thing I know, it’s Ed Reed will be a positive impact on a team regardless of what he can do on a football field. The fact that he’s still a playmaker is a huge bonus.

  4. While I could see it happening, I don’t think it will. The way that this offense is clicking and the positive direction that the team is heading, I think he’ll stay. Reed and Lewis will be ravens for life, IMO.

  5. Ray Lewis has been a poor player now for about 5 years. He is a liability on the Ravens otherwise talented defense. He was resigned by the Ravens only because he sells jerseys and is a fan favorite in Baltimore.

    The Cowboys (and the rest of the league) were right not to pursue him.

  6. 24 year old Ed Reed wold make a difference. 34 year old Ed Reed, not so much. And his constant carping and whining isn’t exactly going to make him a locker room presence. At least not a positive one.

    But hey, if BB wants to continue proving he can’t put a secondary together then by all means he should go after Reed. If the Ravens don’t want to be saddled with him, it works just as well to hang him on the Patriots.

  7. Pats could easily make a better offer than the Ravens given Ozzie’s policy of paying “ascending” players. See San Diego’s signing of Jarrett Johnson last year. The Ravens weren’t willing to come close to SD’s offer.

  8. Eh. He’s pretty old, right? They did good with the Harrison signing but I’m not sure Ed has as much left in the tank. I think Harrison just looked like his skills were declining because of the talent around him. Reed still has talent around him.

    As a Pats fan I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Pats uniform, though. I would be much happier if they signed Pollard so they wouldn’t have to face him every year.

  9. I don’t think the kick slide would stop Reed from sliding in the least. Anyone who listens to the Patriots knows there’s immense respect from Belichick and Brady for Reed, at least as much for any other player in the league. The kick slide I’m sure was an instantaneous reaction, and Brady since apologized both at the start of the second half and on the phone.

    I don’t know if Reed will sign or not, but it won’t be because of the slide.

  10. Ed Reed got past the Brady kick and is playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday, so believe me, he’s over it. The pile of cash will only serve as extra incentive.

  11. The Colts could use safety help too. How about he joins his good friend Reggie Wayne and his old coach in Chuck Pagano? He would get to be a part of an up and coming team that, assuming Luck continues his development towards being an elite quarterback, should be competing for Super Bowls sooner than later. I like how its assumed that every free agent wants to go to New England, especially one who has been such bitter rivals with the Pats.

  12. Despite the attention he’s gotten for his “illegal hits” Reed’s tackling has been a liability. Even his coverage skills haven’t been up to par this year.

  13. Ed Reed will win a ring and retire. No point in returning for a one year contract to play with another team. Ravens in the superbowl, hate on haters. Hope you enjoyed watching the probowl. The real players play Sunday.

  14. Brady obviously made a mistake, was too amped up, slid too late and probably risked breaking his own leg in the process. He’s since apologized to Reed.

    I can’t see Ed Reed passing on a big payday to play with a perennial contender and a HOF Head Coach just because an immobile opposing QB slid like a dork.

  15. Except for the fact that Reed is not a hard hitting safety. No doubt he would make the secondary better but his hitting days have been behind him for a couple of years

  16. Brady already targeted him.

    Seriously, Belichick has made no secret of his desire for bromance with Reed.

  17. MAJOR difference between Reed and Lewis hitting FA- when Ray hit the market, the need for ILB’s was minimal. He had 2 teams interested. For Reed? There will be at least 4 or 5 teams bidding for his services. I still feel strong that the Pats and Fins will both be putting in for him, and it really depends on whether or not he gets his ring this year- if he gets it? I can see him retiring in Miami. If not? I think he goes to Foxboro for one more shot.

    Don’t get me wrong, as a Ravens fan I would love him to stay. Reed may not be the best tackler, and may be a bit outspoken, but he sure as hell demands respect downfield and gets it (as seen by Brady and Manning’s lack of deep passes in the playoffs). That alone makes him worth his weight in gold. Unfortunately in Baltimore, we have a ton of UFA’s that we need to bring back, and I’m putting Kruger and Ellerbe as top priorities. Either Ed gets franchised (assuming Joe signs) or he’s as good as gone.

  18. Ed Reed is going to be 37 next season. His play dropped big time this year and its only going to get worse . The pats will be the only ones who probably would go after him

  19. As a Ravens fan I am focused on the Superbowl, not FA. That stuff will work itself out. For the 30 teams that aren’t in the Superbowl, focus all you want on it. Go Ravens!

  20. I think they’ll use the media and make like they’re interested, just to drive up the price on the Ravens.

    I don’t think they’d actually sign him.

  21. As a Ravens fan, there’s a big part of me that would hate to see Reed go anywhere. However, there’s another voice in my head telling me that maybe it would be for the best. I can’t get past seeing Reed back there to field returns in the first quarter of the NE game, and wondering how much control Harbaugh really has over him. Now, granted, it’s on Harbaugh to allow him to do these things, but I have to believe it’s because Reed is a made man at this point and pretty much can say let me do this, and Harbaugh has to decide which battles to pick and choose. Those battles can be distractions.

    Meanwhile, Reed can still lay the wood, but he would rather try to lay the wood every hit rather than wrapping anyone up. A LOT of yardage was gained this season running right by him. Not saying the guy is a liability, but if he wants to break the bank in lieu of a vet, downside-of-the-career contract, that tells me he still sees himself as bigger than the team. Which is pretty much what he says everytime he’s doing a runback and insanely lateralling the ball rather than just going down. Every time he gets asked about it, he’s like ‘I’m not going to ever change the way I play.”

    I dunno, hopefully they keep him, but if not, I’m emotionally prepared.

  22. Reed would never go to the Patriots based on principle. If he does hit the open market other teams will offer just as much money or better than New England though I seriously doubt he’ll leave Baltimore. This story is making a pretty shaky case for Reed to make this kind of free agent move.

  23. No reason for Ed to return to the league…7-10 million reasons why he will return.

    Coaching staffs have to game plan for Ed, he makes QB’s second guess. Ozzie and Steve know how much Ed means to the organization. They will do everything they can to bring him back. No matter what, Ed will get a statue outside the stadium along with Ray and Ogden.

  24. Makes sense, why not go to the team who gives you the best chance to win a… ton of regular season games and come up short in the playoffs.

  25. I hope Ed Reed becomes a coach after his time in the NFL is over. I think he’s the most intelligent player in the game right now, including quarterbacks, and he could teach a lot to any secondary in the NFL. Imagine how much you could learn from breaking down film with him in the room telling you what to look for. He’s lost a lot physically, but he’s still got such an edge mentally and intellectually that he’s still top flight.

  26. Ed Reed has been my favorite football player for the last decade and he will always be remembered as a Raven. That said, unless he is willing to play ball with the front office and their salary cap, they will let him walk. The Ravens will be resigning/franchising Flacco and doing their best to make good offers to Kruger and Ellerbe before they even think of Ed. Unfortunately, its a business. Ed knows it and if he is really wanting to keep playing for a salary of more than 3-4 milion a year, he’ll have to find somewhere else to do so as I can’t see the Ravens paying him more than that.

    Then again, if they win the Super Bowl, I could see him “Favre-ing” ahain on his comments that he wants to keep playing.

  27. The Pats have built a young defense which will only get better. Reed is too old and too expensive to be part of it.

  28. Ed Reed, the best safety of all time,has integrity and is a concrete character guy! He’s a super intelligent and student of the game player and future coach. He’s NOT going to the Patriots!

  29. Few players have caused Brady so many problems over the years as Reed has. Even if he’s not the player he once was, simply taking him out of the equation in the Baltimore defense can only help the Pats.

  30. Honestly I dont see it… Bill never pays top dollar for Talent… Even for the best safety in the NFL. Thats why he let Asante Samuel go to the Eagles.

    Also there will be a bidding war for Reed and Bill wont spend that much on Reed when he needs to sign a certain WR to a long term deal.

    It would certainly be fun to see how Reed can Improve that Horrid defense… Might be worth the money.

  31. Ravens fans, please remember the wildcard in all of this- Jimmy Smith. He’s proven himself…to be a terrible CB. Talk around town is that IF Reed retires or takes his talents elsewhere, that the Ravens would like to try Jimmy at FS. Big shoes to fill but it’s almost a last ditch effort for the kid. He can bump at the line, but his footwork in coverage is sloppy and he gets caught with his eyes in the backfield too much. The fact that a 2nd year 1st round pick was surpassed in the lineup by longtime special teamer Corey Graham and 5th rounder Chykie Brown speaks volumes.

  32. Reed will most likely end his career in Baltimore. It’s a reasonable assumption to think the Ravens will make it to the post season again next year. I think Reed will pull a Ray Lewis and announce his retirement before the playoffs start. I will say that I think Reed would consider playing for the Saints. He’s from Louisana. The Saints will be expected to contend next year. It makes sense.

  33. I am a avid Ravens fan and love this team. Remember when Bart Scott left and everyone thought OH NO! well he has never played to that level because he didnt have Ray Lewis next to him..Remember Jim Leonard where is he playing now???????? and there are more that have done a down hill spiral. HEAP!!!!!! broke hearts physical problems. Reed has a bad hip so is that really a good sound investment? Ozzie and the rest of the group know what they are doing. You dont break NFL records by going to the playoff’s 5 yrs in a row and with a new QB AFC Champs twice in those 5 years Super Visit once and who knows could win the entire thing. So, I ask you, if they let Reed go, they already have a plan. If Reed stays he should do it at a reduced rate so they can spend some money and add more talent to an already talented team.

  34. This team is a mess. Lewis retiring. Ed reed leaving. A mediocre Qb demanding a big contract. And kaepernick gonna run and throw like a madman on Sunday. This team at least made the super bowl this year. Cause the window is definitely closed. 49ers are just a flat out better team. If it wasn’t for a few hail Mary launches by flacco, this team is making tee times. Your luck is about to run out ratbirds. Enjoy your super bowl thumping! Cheers!

  35. Reed going to the Pats would be huge. It would be eerily similar to what Darren Sharper did for the Saints in 09. Playmaker.

  36. It he goes to the Patriots, despite being on defense, Pollard will take him out in the next game. Pollard has a knack for taking out Patriots. Pollard is indispensable. I love to see Brady shib his pants and sink to the ground whenver Pollard is lurking.

  37. Belichek and those Patriots fans for being so smart, sure can’t skate to where the puck is going to be. Case in Point: Adalius Thomas.

    So typical…Ravens are never exaggerated when they play for the Ravens. Flacco, etc. When they are Ravenss…he is slowing down..he might retire, he can’t win a road game, he can only play in the Playoffs, etc.. However, they will talk about how great the Ravens players would be on other teams. Or how great the Ravens coaches would be on other teams.

  38. Lol stupids actually belive ed is gonna go to the astric trofy pats. No way he does trust he wouldnt wana ply for them he staying with bmore. Plus peter kibg loves making stuff up fat f never even plyd football. Oh by the way im not a ravens fan..

  39. broadstbully says:Jan 28, 2013 8:46 AM

    Ravens fans would cry “treason” for years.
    Says the fan base that stole an entire franchise

  40. As many Ravens fans, I have seen every play of Ed’s career. What a great player! But his best days are in the rear view mirror for sure.

    What none of you are saying, is Ed would need a coaching and system fit to make a move. We in Baltimore know Ed loves to take chances and as he has gotten older seems to get his CBs burned by not being there for protection deep. Ed likes to guess and jump shorter routes at times. Because of Ed’s rep, no one really calls this out, but it happens. Mixed with “piss poor tackling” as he plays with neck and hip injuries and you have to be able to fit Ed to your scheme.

    Maybe two coaches fit that bill. Pagano and Ryan. And the Jets don’t have the cap space for Ed. Indy might be the best fit. Pagano was the secondary coach for Ravens before being DC. If anyone understand Ed, he does.

    Cincy is an interesting mention. Up and coming team and I like their talent. But Ed’s “take chances” type of play doesn’t feel like it would mesh with Zimmer.

    My bet, he stays. An Ozzie will not over pay.

  41. Sorry patriot fans sitting at home, but Ed Reed just boarded a plane to New Orleans to play in the Super Bowl, so he has no time to discuss this nonsense. Leave a message at the beep…..

  42. The point is moot. The Jets won’t trade in the division, so the only way it happens is a 3-team trade. I’d rather see them get some of the good corners coming out in the draft. Bolster the defensive backfield and get a consistent pass rusher and they’ll be ready for another shot at a ring.

  43. Unless Ed Reed is really hurting in the pocketbook he is going no where.

    He has already been offered a coaching job with the Ravens and will probably try next pre-season to make the team but I believe he will realize Old Man Time has caught up with him and will slide into the coaching profession.

  44. BB falls in love with these fading stars– Ocho, Holt, Galloway, Haynesworth, Big Cat Williams, multiple running backs, Chad Brown to name a few– and mostly gets burned. Rodney Harrison and Corey Dillion were exceptions. Stick to your usual talent assessment, Bill.

  45. tonyugoh says: Jan 28, 2013 8:45 AM

    The Colts could use safety help too. How about he joins his good friend Reggie Wayne and his old coach in Chuck Pagano? He would get to be a part of an up and coming team that, assuming Luck continues his development towards being an elite quarterback, should be competing for Super Bowls sooner than later. I like how its assumed that every free agent wants to go to New England, especially one who has been such bitter rivals with the Pats.
    That’s pretty funny, fool. Ed just said a day or two ago that he could see that happening, and he’s got the same respect back at BB, TB and the Patriots org. If you weren’t so bitter (jealous), you’d realize that MANY, MANY top level players would jump at the chance to play for NE. Larry Fitzgerald and Darrell Revis have said the same, and everyone knows Randy Moss would probably give BB, TB and Robert Kraft head every day if they’d take him back. See, the bitter rival thing doesn’t go any further than a competition thing with grown-ups. Much as you must hate it, the Pats have been THE #1 best sports franchise in the freakin world the last decade, with arguably the best owner, coach and QB of all time. hehe.

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