Flacco camp believes Joe has outplayed Peyton

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Earlier Monday, we passed along news that quarterback Joe Flacco will target Drew Brees money in post-season contract negotiations with the Ravens. Flacco’s rookie deal is up, and he’s not giving any hometown discounts.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network filed a Monday evening report on Total Access that makes Flacco’s stance seem even stronger and more dug in.

“I’m told his camp believes he is playing better than Peyton Manning,” Rapoport said, referring to the NFL MVP favorite and future Hall of Famer, who pulls in $19.2 million a year. “Expect them to shoot higher than that.” It’s expected that the Ravens and Flacco will resume contract deliberations immediately after Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Although Flacco will be working from a position of strength, the Ravens do have leverage. It’s called the franchise tag, and at the very least could buy G.M. Ozzie Newsome some negotiating time.

The tentative 2013 franchise number for quarterbacks is $14.642 million, significantly more affordable than the annual average Flacco and his “camp” are eyeballing.

It’s not difficult to imagine talks turning a bit frosty if the franchise tag is indeed wielded. The contract Flacco is targeting would place a debilitating burden on Baltimore’s annual salary cap, and the Ravens under Newsome don’t do bad business.

Flacco is trying to get paid like he’s headed for Canton.

139 responses to “Flacco camp believes Joe has outplayed Peyton

  1. He’s not worth 20 million with the pedestrian numbers he puts up on a yearly basis. Plus he’s too hot and cold during the regular season.

    Ravens will most likely franchise him.

  2. There’s no way he ends up with Manning or Brees money. He’s not an elite quarterback like they are. he has shown tremendous inconsistency and the Ravens should be wary before they give him a big pay day. This situation could turn into a more mild form of Mark Sanchez

  3. Flacco is completely delusional. No GM in his right mind would pay him 19mil. He is not an Elite QB. Top 10 at best.

  4. If he’s playing better than Petyon Manning how come nobody has mentioned his name for MVP? What a joke. If I was the Ravens I would say here’s $10 mil/yr, take it or leave it.

  5. I just don’t see Flacco playing lights out football, he’s definitely playing at a high level right now, but not in the same way that Brady, Brees and Manning are playing…tough situation for Ozzie Newsome because he wants to reward Flacco, but he also has a salary cap to manage…

  6. Flacco is not worth 20 million at all…. If I were the ravens, I would tag him all day… Who cares if he makes 14.6 million, my heart bleeds for him, the only thing he has going for him, is that the ravens don’t have a contingency plan, and he knows it. Say what you want about his playoff records, the ravens are more of a complete team, and if they pay joe that kind of money, they are in a world of hurt. Good luck with that one Baltimore…. Overpay and kill your team, go ahead

  7. Flacco is around 12-13th in the league out of 32 and probably less if you factor out the defense and run game. I’d give him 4m a year and a coupon book.

  8. He is insane if he thinks he deserves more than peyton. Manning and Brews each have a ring. As of now all you have is a few playoff victorys (btw so does mark sanchez)

  9. This guy certainly isn’t bad, but he’s not at the level of a Brees or Manning. They worked their way up to their current contracts through years old great play. Flacco should go for the “home town discount around $17 million this time on a 4-year extension. Then go for the gusto on the next one. It would endear him to management and fans alike.

    When Favre and Manning were making $12 million a year, you hardly heard about it. Then Manning got that huge deal from the Colts, then the Broncos, without hesitation. Flacco should work on that kind of likeability. Helps bring in endorsements and post-career options, too. Just smart business.

  10. Hard to argue that, especially with his post season success he has had not even this year. Good for Joe, I was one who said Flacco could never make it to a SB, thought he was overrated. He has proved me wrong and shut me up. Next sunday will be a great game.

  11. It’s guys like Brees, Peyton, and now Flacco who angle for salary-cap-crippling contracts that just make me respect a guy like Tom Brady that much more. The man’s been to 5 Super Bowls, won 3 rings, and for the longest time he kept his salary at a modest level (by NFL QB standards). You could argue that Brees & Manning are worth it, but Flacco isn’t. And even if he was, wouldn’t you want sustained team success over your career instead of a few extra million?

  12. Where do these people get these numbers from? That’s a ridiculous amount of money, and he won’t get that. It’s probably his agent shooting high, only to get around the 18-20 mllion mark per year. But I’m having trouble believing people with “sources” because most of the time they’re wrong. During the Super Bowl week no less. I don’t see Flacco causing a distraction like that.

  13. Without Ray Rice’s 3rd and 30 screen in whatever game that was and one of the worst plays (and luckiest) in football history, Flacco would be at home playing Nintendo.


  14. It’s a little foolish for his “camp” to be saying anything that might create a distraction for their boy or his team in the week leading up to a Super Bowl. At a time when some teams (Arizona, NY Jets come quickly to mind) can’t even compete because they don’t have a viable QB, Flacco–regardless of the adjectives–is worth big money simply because he wins. Ozzie knows this and will do what’s necessary to keep him. The only question is how soon he’ll report and how happy he’ll be when he gets there.

  15. I have always been a Flacco advocate but the number is 17. I would be quite shocked if the Ravens paid him one cent over 17 million a year, with only the most reasonable implementation of guaranteed money.

  16. yes this year in the playoff hes outplayed him, but Flaccos playoff numbers were never that good until this year. Joe is not Elite even if he wins a SB. He is a great QB for the NFL no doubt obviously.

    But year in and year out his numbers are not consistenet elite numbers compared to ANY of the elite guys. Matt Stafford threw for 5000 and 40+tds and hes not elite. So why should Joe be?

    A SB won’t determin greatness. A follow up year next year with numbers close to this year and a SB .. Then Ill start give the elite status

  17. Make no mistake Flacco has had a great playoff run, but let’s be honest here if it weren’t for a bad angle taken and horribly clumsy jump by Raheem Moore, Flacco’s value is in the Alex Smith contract range.

    If the Ravens actually pay him as one of the top 5 QB’s (which he isn’t) they’re going to be regretting it for a long time.

  18. Make him a reasonable offer. The second he counters with a demand as ridiculous as has been reported, hand him the notification for using the franchise tag and cease negotiations until his price drops.

  19. The only reason flacco gets less credit than other qb’s is purely statistical. Love it or hate it, this is the nfl, not fantasy football. W’s are what matter, or at least that’s what i thought. The media needs to recognize that a qb’s job is to put the team in the best position to win. When you have a second half lead, giving the ball to a top tier rb like rice gives you the best chance to win. This puts a dent in flacco’s numbers because the ravens opt wisely against airing it out for 4 quarters. Why risk a turnover with an int when you can give it to rice who didn’t fumble all regular season.(ok indy game I know). But still qb’s such as peyton or brees don’t have this run game to lean on, so they have to throw it all game to hold the lead, and youve seen the kind if stats that can give you. What matters most is flacco has won the most games out of any qb since he entered the league in 08. 62 wins in 5 years. A record to start a career.

  20. WTF ever, Have fun with that Baltimore, Peyton threw for more yards by a ton, more touchdowns by a ton… and only had 1 more int…

    This kid will hold your team for ransom, and only bring you down in the end. Canton he is not.

  21. Flacco will have the franchise tender placed on him and eventually the team and Joe will agree to a contract paying somewhere between $16-18 million per season. If Flacco holds out, he won’t miss a game.

    The end.

    See what I did there? I saved us all an entire spring and summer of reading the soon to be endless Flacco contract reports.

    You’re welcome.

  22. I guess his agent has launched a full court press taking advantage of Flacco’s high profile as a Superbowl QB and collecting all the leverage he can for those all-important contract negotiations this spring.

    He’s hoping that perception becomes reality if/when Flacco plays well and actually wins the SB. He works hard for his money.

  23. Are they passing the pipe around in the Flacco camp?

    My top 10 for the past season

    1) Manning (peyton)
    2) Rodgers
    3) Brees
    4) Brady
    5) Ryan
    6) Wilson
    7) RG3
    8) Romo
    9) Shaub
    10) Luck

  24. Drop him, irregardless of the SB result, pick up Alex Smith, and take the $10m/in savings straight to additional playmakers. They’d be all the better.

  25. I totally agree that Flacco should get his pay day but this is a little overboard. He has never wowed the league with his play. He has potential, but he needs to be on a top 10 qb payment plan not a top 3. Brady, Manning, Brees and Rodgers are all in a different league. Flacco has ridden the coattails of a stellar defense for years. He hasnt capitalize on it, but he hasnt faltered either. At this point he should be a top 5 qb easily, but any debate would likely yield lower placement.

  26. Wow! Better than Manning? Yes, Flacco made it to the Super Bowl this year but c’mon, better than Manning? Whos next, Brady? The D and Rice is what makes the team, not Flacco.

  27. Delusional…from the porn star stache to inconsistency, NO way have you ever surpassed manning. Not a fan of either qb, so take the mid range and be happy at that. Wow!

  28. Wow. I don’t remember that last time I wanted a QB to get put in his place more than I do right now. Wait, yes I do. Michael Vick, Vince Young, Jake Delhomme.
    There seem to be some guys who don’t recognize when their success is caused by the team, and not the other way around.

  29. If BAL wins the Super Bowl I’d imagine Joe rakes in something in the 17-18mil range.

    I cringe when I think what the Pack are going to have to give Rodgers here coming up.

  30. Guess we will see Sunday if Joseph is make that peyton money. if he has a big game look for Smoking Joe to break Baltimores bank. and they gotta resign ED and Uncle Paully Kruger. will not be easy

  31. Anyone else tired of hearing about how much money Flacco expects to get? Pretty much the Ravens will have no choice but to franchise him since he is already seeking the max amount

  32. Is Drew Brees his brother? Sounds like it but with less talent. He wouldn’t be where he is without the D he has and an O coordinator that now caters to his whims and whines.

  33. Wow!!! With $20million per year, they can afford a whole lot more of whatever it is they are smoking. That is really amazing to suggest that. Yes, he’s playing really well right now, a lot better than anyone with brains expected. Good for him.

    In Ray Lewis’ words, anyone can have some good games. (when discussing other LBs) It takes consistency over time to be convincing they are worthy of notice. Flacco has consistently been a top-15 QB for a few years, and was definitely top=10 this year. I wouldn’t even call him top-5 this season, even when he out-performed Brady when it counted. I can see how Flacco could believe his potential makes him a top-5 guy, he has shown that. And pay is so much about what both sides believe he will be worth – not what he has been worth. Still, this is a real stretch. Show me another 2-3 years playing like this, and I will agree he deserves Manning and Brees-level play.

    Don’t worry kid, if you are really that good, you will still have 2 contracts ahead of you at this level. If not, any team that forks out that kind of money now will fire you in 2 years and leave you scrounging for backup roles.

  34. Realistically, this guy is somewhere below elite (Brady, Rodgers, Brees) and I think ranks with the likes of Matt Ryan and Eli Manning. His market value is probably right around that franchise amount of $12 to $15 million per year.

    But to target what Brees got and come up with an argument that he should best that sounds a tad bit crazy. Take Brees and Rodgers off of their respective teams (who have minimal success running the ball), and it would be a disaster. Flacco throws a nice deep ball, but that offense revolves around the run game first. He’s maybe a $14 million a year player, but no way is he worth $20.

  35. Hey Joe,
    If they don’t pay you the $30 million a year that you are obviously worth, you should just hold out. How do they think you will afford to feed your kids on a lower salary?

    Latrell Sprewell

  36. Yea…. Here’s the thing. He doesn’t pass the eyeball test. You cant pay top money to a guy who only shows up on 65% of the games. No one is “hating” on flacco… He’s a good (not great) QB who deserves to be paid like a top 7 or 8 qb.

    Even with this great post season run (which his re-surging defense has held the Colts offense to 12 points, the Broncos offense to 21 points, and Patriots offense to 13 points), I still wouldn’t pay him top 5 money… But thats just me

  37. The man deserves to be paid but not franchise crushing money now, the 14-16 million a year seems about right for Flacco.Take a 3 year deal and run with this group for a chance at a few rings , then they will have to rebuild for about two seasons, thats when he collects big dollars.

  38. Flacco throws so many balls that his receivers go up and get and make him look like a hero. I wouldn’t feel good about paying him that kind of money.

  39. Certainly an interesting time to negotiate. 6 days before the biggest game of his career.

    Im sure its his agent doing the “talking” but crazy anyway.

    Peyton isnt even worth Peyton money now.

  40. Flacco does not out play Manning. Rice, Smith, and other make turdlike play from Flacco look elite. I hope he gets 20 million a year and gets the home town boos when he is inconsistent.

  41. To put it simple and plain. No matter what Joe Flacco does he can’t carry a team like Peyton Manning. But niether can Drew Brees and he got this money so maybe I’m wrong.

  42. Kaepernick, RG3, Wilson, Mannings, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Stafford, Shaub, Ryan. 11 QB’s off the top if my head I’d take before Flacco.

  43. this isn’t gonna go well. yes, they have the franchise tag but that’s gonna get ugly. ravens waited too long. he’s not worth $20+ million/year, but who they gonna get instead?

  44. I hope they give it to him. Cripple that franchise for years. It’s funny, a month and a half ago Ravens fans wanted to run him out of town. Now, after a little hot streak (streaks are all he’s capable of) they want to make him #1. I say do it! Sign him to a monster deal. This is a guy who got beat by Charlie Batch not long ago.

  45. So Joe Flacco is looking at making at least $20 million next year.

    That is $20 million for the regular season of 16 games. Every week he will make $1.25 million. That is well over three hundred thousand $300,000.00 per quarter of football.

    I am just trying to get by and pay my taxes.

  46. If he LEADS them to the promise land (as opposed to simply joining them), his payday will come.

    If not, he should embrace the $14m franchise tag that comes with another opportunity to show that he’s the QB he says he is.

  47. He finished strong, but playing better than Manning? Although, like Manning, he usually wastes a very good regular season and loses in the playoffs.

  48. Not sure about Flacco, but I can think of several other QB’s who have outplayed P. Manning. Too many people have got carried away with his neck injury and want to give him the sympathy in the form of MVP etc. Mannings overall stats are not as good as Rodgers, Brady or Brees so how does he even get into the MVP conversation?? If Manning gets MVP over Peterson, then the award means about as much as the “Pro Bowl”.

  49. Over hyped and over repeated story. It’s agent’s job to say that their client is the best thing ever. It’s club’s job, Newsome to keep things in perspective and it’s Moriarty and Joe Linta’s job to complete the deal.
    At the end Joe will be get paid, a lot, and deservedly so, but it won’t be completely out of touch. It will be around top 5 money, maybe even a bit higher, because new contracts are based on and slightly higher then existing contracts. My guess at the end it will be around 16-17.5/year contract. If Matt Ryan signs first, Joe’s contracted will be higher then Matt’s. A year from now, Aaron Rogers will cash in based on these two contracts, that’s just how it goes.

  50. Lets wait until we see how bad he gets his ass kicked in the SB before we anoint him anything. Flaccid had a couple of good games but he is due for a lousy one. He is NOT a top 10 QB.

  51. Baltimore sure picked a bad time contract-wise to play good football. After Flacco cools down next year and they’re paying him 16 mil a season, there is going to be a lot of blame going around.

  52. Isn’t it his “camps” job to shoot for the highest number and then be able to fall back a solid number after negotiation? People are acting like this posturing is a new tactic come contract time. And I have yet to read a quote from Flacco himself, except for “I’m not worried about the contract situation, I have people that handle that, my job is to go out and win football games.”

    Why is everything surrounding Flacco completely blown out of proportion? Every word, stat, win, loss, etc is taken to the nth degree.

  53. I don’t blame him at all for wanting to get a huge pay day. It serves the Ravens right that they’ll pay a premium for not getting a deal done sooner.

    I’m no Flacco fan (or Ravens for that matter), but it’s nice to see a guy perform well and get some leverage. If they tag him, the price will only go up the next year.

  54. What a f#cking joke. The worst part about living in Baltimore is all these clowns believe he deserves it, months after they were calling for him to go…

  55. Glorified Trent Dilfer. At least Dilfer was cool. Flacco isn’t in the top 15 the way I see it. He’ll be lucky to pull in 12-14 mil per year. Next year his play drops off significantly regardless of a deal. Franchise him and then when his head shrinks back down to pin size hell gladly take the 7mil per year (maybe) he’s worth.

  56. Here’s five statistics for Flacco’s “camp”.

    QB Rating: 87.7 (12th in the league)

    Completion Percentage: 59.7 (19th in the league)

    Yards Per Attempt: 7.19 (14th in the league)

    Touchdowns: 22 (Tied-15th in the league)

    Yards Per Game: 239 (16th in the league)


  57. Also, just to compare to Peyton Manning:

    QB Rating: 105.8 (2nd in the league)

    Completion Percentage: 68.6 (2nd in the league)

    Yards Per Attempt: 7.99 (2nd in the league)

    Touchdowns: 37 (3rd in the league)

    Yards Per Game: 291 (6th in the league)

    …that’s elite.

  58. Keep talking. Typical of people so stupid to believe he’s elite to create this distraction 6 days before this Sunday. I will say it again.. The division wants you to pay him $100mm a year!

  59. It’s not Flacco that is making any of these statements… Keep in mind that Flacco’s agent’s paycheck is dependent on however big Flacco’s contract is. Everyone is making FLacco out to be some egotistical, delusional guy who thinks he’s the best QB in the league. His “Elite” comments were the result of a sucker question. He’s a very soft spoken, humble guy. His agent is doing all the talking.

  60. I know a carsalesman that likes to play football, his name is dajaun harris and he improved a much needed run game in greenbay!
    i think flacco is good, maybe same skills as smith, but the rest of his team is older, they need more help on defense and thats a QB’s favorite tool.
    reed says lewis might come back, why not, if they pay flacco, you know ray wants some too, cause they just be flushing the system with no room for help

  61. They’re gonna wait to see Matt Ryan’s mega deal then ask for more then that because he has more playoff wins. Doesnt matter that Ryan is way more consistent nope its all about play off wins. Flacco acting as if he was the guy harassing Brady in the AFCCG.

  62. Is his camp flipping serious? This guy has done nothing! How does he expect to quantify that kind if contract? Might I add that both are SB MVPs and Peyton has won multiple league MVPs. Even Drew wants to know this

  63. Who here actually thinks that Ozzie Newsome is going to overpay anyone? Flacco is going to be franchised and then when emotions are less high he’ll get a reasonable deal. Absolute highest 17.5 mil a year with less guaranteed money.

  64. If Ray Lewis wasn’t sucking up all the oxygen around the Ravens, Joe Flacco would be a household name.

    I’m NOT a Ravens fan. To say the least!

    But Flacco is a damned good quarterback, and he’s proved it year after year. The guy is Spock with a football, okay? Good luck, 48ers.

  65. @trevor123698
    Cracking up laughing at Brees can’t carry a team. Drew Brees is the Saints period. Without him they win like 3 games.
    That said he had to earn his mega deal. Remember the Saints got him on the cheep as a wounded duck in 06. He played on that deal and broke about every passing record you can own in route to a Super Bowl ring … then got his deal…You gotta earn it nothing is given.

  66. When Lewis (and likely Reed) are gone next season. Let’s see where Flacco can lead the team. Something tells me he won’t be able to carry the team himself.

  67. Isn’t this the franchise that cut their starting Qb Dilfer after winning a Superbowl? Flacco…good luck with that. Less than 60% completion rating, good for about 240 a game, and got his offensive coordinator fired midway through the season.

  68. how many WR’s had 1,000 rec yd seasons under this delusional QB? I am pretty sure Mason was the last and that was a few years ago. Elite QBs have at least one WR with 1,000yds, if not more than one. Someone needs to call this dude in and test him underperfomance enhancing drugs.

  69. Quarterbacks gets way too much credit when their team wins and way too much of the blame when the lose. Just like Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Mark Sanchez, the majority of Flacco’s playoff wins are because their team had an elite defense to carry them in their early years. Their teams won playoff games and in some cases Super Bowl’s not because of their play at qb but in spite of their bad play. If Flacco’s hail mary against Denver is intercepted or knocked down like it would have been against any decent safety are we calling him elite? I don’t think so. I think people would be talking about how up to the point of the hail mary Flacco was 4-9 for 44 yards and a lost fumble in the 2nd half. In fact Flacco didn’t complete a pass on either of the other scoring drives in the 2nd half and OT.

  70. He’s been given everything, RB, young tough WR, defense of course he has gotten better..pay him ELi money

  71. The question here is what teams jump on him if he is hit with the franchise tag?

    There aren’t any QB’s in this upcoming draft worth a first round pick. So who gives up a first rounder this year and next to land a QB who has won a playoff game every year in the league?


  72. I find it more than a little convenient that if Denver had simply defended that pass with 30 seconds left in the AFC Divisional Playoff, Flacco would be VERY happy with the franchise tag money.

    No guy is worth $20M of your cap, period. It takes 53 doing their collective jobs that get you to the Super Bowl. If the Ravens are dumb enough to do that, the 3 happiest people will be the Steelers, Bengals and Browns.

  73. What a joke. Living in Baltimore, after yet another mediocre season by Flacco, people in Baltimore in mid-December were calling for moving on from Flacco and trading for Kirk Cousins.

  74. Lets compare flaccid to his rival. Big Ben who had: 2 Super Bowl Rings, most regular season wins by a rookie qb, 2 consecutive fax championship starts, youngest qb to win a Super Bowl, tied for most seasons with post season start in first 5 years, better passer rating than flaccid among other awards. He is getting less than 12 per year and even restructured so the team could fit under the cap.

    Sorry flaccid. Not worth it. Here comes the franchise tag or Alex smith.

  75. Do any of you that are mouthing off understand how contract negotiations work? Did you go into your job just taking the bare minimum that they were offering? Do you pay sticker price for a new car? Here’s a lesson. You start high, and then come down. You can’t start low and go up.

    Some of you make me wonder how you’ve made it through life this long……

  76. LOL… then pay him more than Peyton…. or keep quiet… you have forgotten how awful he played many times throughout the year… you give him false credit for bad defense… go ahead and pay him $100 mill plus… it will blow up your team!!! lol

  77. I agree. Flacco’s string of 3 good games is much better than Peyton’s 13-3 season with a new team. And if you look at their overall careers then Peyton is obviously just a child looking up at his father here.

  78. I’m a big fan of Manning and I think he’s one of the best to ever play the game, but I do agree that Flacco has outplayed him this year, at least in the playoffs. He’s also outplayed Brady this year. Flacco just seems to step it up in the playoffs.

    However, I don’t think that means he deserves Manning money yet. It’s too early to be paying him that big, and I honestly doubt he’ll ever really deserve it. He’s a good quarterback, but he’s also surrounded by a solid team. If that team develops some cracks, can Joe lift them up?

    Here’s something to consider: Lewis is currently the outspoken leader of the team. What happens when he’s gone? Joe is kind of a quiet guy. No big deal when Ray is around, but it might be worth using the franchise tag first and seeing what happens after Lewis leaves, see if any cracks develop.

  79. Pay the man, but Ozzie won’t go crazy. He’ll get offered 16-17 mil a year and if he’s retarted (oh wait I shouldn’t say that) stupid enough to turn it down then he’ll get the tag.

  80. Well if Flacco wins a ring he better not settle for anything less than Peyton Manning money. He would have won just as many championships as Peyton, and he didn’t have to beat Rex Grossmam to do it.

    If he wins a championship, Peyton Manning money should be the baseline for negotiations. Manning’s playoff record pales in comparison to Flacco’s.

  81. Flacco in NOT delusional as most everyone here thinks. It’s not whether he’s worth the money, it’s whether the market will pay him the money and MANY teams are desperate for QB’s, so of course he’ll receive close to 20 million a season. The Ravens will undoubtedly franchise tag him and the 14.6 number will kill their cap. The Ravens are a top 10 pick team without him. Not a good solution for either side.

  82. Of course they do. His contract is coming up. What should they say “Flacco has outplayed Matt Schaub and deserves Schaub-like money?”

    Getting a little tired with the articles coming out that are clearly meant to incite the haters.

  83. So here is the test to see if he is as good as Manning or Brees (I dont believe he is even close):
    If Flacco packs his bags and goes somewhere else, can he duplicate the “success” that he has had in Baltimore?
    I say no, not for several years.

  84. I don’t remember Trent Dilfer getting $20 mil/year after winning the superbowl…his TEAM carried him during the year and yes he has had a great postseason but he is just delusional.

  85. I think Flacco is worth keeping. A guy that doesn’t turn the ball over and can make some accurate throws is good to have.

    But with that being said, Alex Smith can do that. He doesn’t have the arm that Flacco does, but he’s got essentially the same football team and they went 13-3 last year and won the conference this year with a different guy at the helm.

    It’s a team sport. And the Ravens have proven that they can win games when Flacco is awful, which means he’s no Peyton, Brady, Brees, Eli, or even Ben.

  86. Flacco’s camp just wants Peyton $$$.

    Flacco is an average QB with a good arm. Just because he’s having a good run in the playoffs doesn’t mean he’s worth 20+ million per. If I were the Ravens, I’d let him walk before paying that. Most average QBs could have success with that team.

  87. His play is very comparable to Eli’s – inconsistent during the regular season – so he should be paid comparably to Eli, who I believe signed a 7 year $100 million contract. That’s a $14.29 million/year average and seems fair for Flacco. Just my opinion.

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