Goodell noticed “improved quality” of Pro Bowl

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In the latest sign that the Super Bowl promotional blitz encompasses every nook and cranny of the cultural world, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is answering questions on Reddit on Monday afternoon.

Goodell has fielded queries on a variety of topics, from sock lengths to overseas expansion. Somewhere in the middle was the future of the Pro Bowl, which has been tenuous thanks to a low quality of play in recent years. Goodell said he thought this year’s game took things in a different direction.

“I watched the game and noticed the improved quality of the game. I appreciate the players commitment in this regard,” Goodell wrote. “We need to continually work to make our game better for the fans. I look forward to getting detailed player comment and input over the next few weeks.”

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that the league is considering its options for the future of the game, but that the consensus was that the on-field product was “much improved.” Game quality, timing and location are topics they reportedly want to discuss with players, including the possibility of playing the game at the site of the Super Bowl after swaths of empty seats greeted this year’s game.

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  1. What I don’t understand is that no one admits to watching the Pro Bowl yet it still has just about just as many viewers as the World Series.

    Either do nothing or scrap it in favor of a skills competition.

  2. Goodell says play was improved over last year, but that still does not say much. Obviously, primarily because of monetary concerns, Goodell wants the game to continue.

  3. It’s important to maintain the traditions like the Probowl that have been so much a part of the NFL rather than trying to open franchises in countries overseas who don’t even play American football. Perhaps the Commissioner should move to Europe or Australia or another country outside the US for a few years so he can appreciate how they embrace their own sport of Scoccer rather than the western version we call football. American relations are tenuous enough at the present without imposing more westernized culture and values on countries who have their own. Bet he’d be a big hit in France!

  4. Skills competition won’t work either, boring. I liked the year they had the Vikings go against whatever team beat them that year in a head to head battle of the network stars type of thing. It was either the Steelers, Raiders, or Dolphins (KC was to early).

  5. There were just not a lot of people in those stands. Maybe if the NFL offered some kind of cheapened airfare/ticket/hotel combo that would help get people there. I’d sure like to take a vacation to Hawaii in January.

  6. Attention Roger Goodell:

    The average point total this year in a REAL game in the NFL was about 45.

    The point total in last night’s debacle? 97.

    HINT: This means that no real defense was being played.

    You’re welcome.

  7. It was still two hand touch football. I don’t blame players for not going all out and I don’t blame fans for not wanting to attend the game, specially after last years PB. I went to a PB once and thought it was boring as hell. They need to do something to liven it up or they will have problems with attendance no matter where they go.

  8. Did the players not look like complete clowns this year? Yes

    for your average football fan was it worth watching? Absolutely not –

    I tried, I really tried but all I kept thinking was I’m missing Downton Abby for this.

  9. Really? sure he wasn’t watching FA Cup matches from England on Sunday? those were competitive.

    That game in Hawaii? please. How competitive is 62-35, and a game that featured more whistles being blown to stop the play, instead of actual tackling where the ball carrier was being taken to the ground?

    Loved watching the lineman tap each other, then stand and watch the play, no pursuit, other than the 3 defenders in the area where the ball was going.

    Game was a joke, and I only watch about 10 plays of it.

  10. clssylssy: American relations are tenuous enough at the present without imposing more westernized culture and values on countries who have their own

    I don’t think the NFL will be “imposing” football on anyone, but gosh, thanks for the warning.

  11. Players lining up for FGs and XPs and just standing up straight after the snap is an improvement?

    Half-hearted pass rushes and downfield coverages is an improvement?


  12. I like the Pro Bowl and this yrs game was a 100% better then recent 1’s as far as the level of effort.. Even though I was rooting for the AFC! But it’s a tradition of football and it being in Hawaii is awesome but the problem I have is most of the players that get voted in dont show or make excuse’s for not playing like the Patriots players do.. But most of all the game should be played after the Super Bowl.. But I hope the game stays!

  13. The Pro Bowl is one of the biggest joke all star games of football. America tunes into football every sunday to watch hard-hitting football! And let’s be honest….the Pro Bowl just doesn’t deliver that

  14. Please please please make them play a golf tourney instead. I’m not kidding. Ten times more entertaining, and it would be an all day event, more sponsors, etc.

  15. Rookie Bowl the week before the Super Bowl and the Pro Bowl the week after the Super Bowl.

  16. The stands may have been empty because of the effort from last year. I thought the effort was there this year. Too cold outside to work so I watched the game and enjoyed it. For what these guys put themselves through to be the best they deserve a trip to Hawaii, I hope they keep the game and keep it there.

  17. I didn’t notice much of a difference. It’s sad, but I think this is Goodell’s vision for professional football.

  18. I could care less about this game.
    I would love to watch some form of competition, just not a football game, like something from week 9. I want to see the all stars come out and hear from them as well. I do not enjoy watching this game. It does not and will not have the same luster as a pre-season game does.
    I would rather watch the all stars play flag football, do competitive drills, answer questions from fans….

  19. I’d rather see them play flag football than blatantly miss tackles or have less than half the players on the field putting in max effort.

    Have them play two hand touch, and have serious booth reviews on ‘tackles’. Make it a rule that you can’t play your own position. Let’s see if Brees can catch. Let’s see AJ Green throw a bomb to JJ Watt. It would make it more entertaining, and would shed the rouse of a ‘real game’ they are trying to pawn on fans.

  20. people act like they are tied down and forced to watch. if you dont like the show, change the channel.

  21. “I noticed improved quality too. It was called the Knicks-Hawks game.”

    That game had even less defense.

  22. People need to get their heads right about what an all-star game is.

    The effort last night was fine. Of course there is going to be a lot of scoring because no one is going to kill themselves on defense.

    Where is the national outcry when the NBA all-star game finishes at 165-155 or the NHL all-star game finishes 12-11?

    I saw about a quarter- no one was goofing around, people were tackling and blocking, and people appeared to be taking it as seriously as anyone takes any of these games seriously.

    I really don’t understand why people get worked up about this.

  23. I usually tend to zone out the week before the SB bc it gets really ridiculous with the coverage and I completely forgot about the probowl…

    It’s like winning 3 hours of your life back.

  24. Since the players fear injuries from serious play, scrap the dam game and set up one of those gladiator-type theatrical obstacle courses, you know, like the SW Air commercials.

    It would be fun to participate and fun to watch. Be honest, who wouldn’t tune in to see that.

  25. I got home from the store just as the game started and figured I’d turn it on while I was putting groceries away.

    After the fumble on the first play from scrimmage, I turned it off.

  26. I looked at it- not much “into” reddit, but from what I read, Chris Kluwe apparently made an appearance. From what I read in some of the comments, what he said was pretty funny- he asked what kind of sound the ball makes in the air (whooooosh or whoosh?).

  27. NFL
    Attn: Commissioner Goodell
    345 Park Ave
    NY, NY 10154

    Dear Rodge,

    That Pro Bowl last night exemplified what we hope the game of football looks like in 10 years. We sincerely believe that the Pro Bowl is on the cutting edge the necessary changes to the game of football that everyone is clamoring for. We prefer that noone get hurt and that tackling be minimized, as tackling sends a bad message to children. Please do everything in your power to make sure that a team scoring 60+ points becomes the norm and that defense is eliminated, along with kickoffs. While you are at it, let’s get going on that 18 game schedule, as that will dispel the unfounded rumors that your emphasis on player safety is a sham and a charade.



  28. Nobody said the game was hard hitting or 100% effort. But it absolutely was a huge improvement over last year. And for all you complainers and whiners, I noticed you all watched the game. And you’ll watch it again next year. The only decent comment I read was somebody that said the NFL should offer up a pro bowl vacation package as an incentive for people to go.

  29. “I’d like to see a flag/touch football game where offensive players play defense and vice versa… THAT would be fun to watch.”

    Hell ya, “and returning the ball is Ndamukong Suh.”

    Though Id argue for tackle football.

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