Justin Smith says torn triceps tendon is getting better

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49ers defensive end Justin Smith tore his left triceps tendon in Week Fifteen and missed the final two regular season games. He put a brace on the arm for the playoffs and was an impact run defender in San Francisco’s first two postseason wins, racking up nine tackles.

Smith told Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee that the triceps tear is getting better.

I can do more stuff every week,” Smith said. “I think it heals up, obviously, as more time goes by and it’s feeling better.”

The brace prevents full range of motion in the arm, but Smith feels he can play “with more abandon” in Sunday’s Super Bowl against the Ravens.

“I know how many games I have left now — four more quarters,” he said.

Smith will require post-season surgery, likely costing him all offseason activities.

He probably isn’t thinking about the offseason right now.

5 responses to “Justin Smith says torn triceps tendon is getting better

  1. This dude is a beast. Beyond his skill we all know about he’s playing through an injury which will require surgery, at a high level at that. This Super Bowl is going to showcase two of the best defensive linemen in my book, this guy and haloti ngata. I just can’t wait.

  2. That’s the Cowboy for you. And he is a reflection of this team – they’re very tough physically and mentally tough. I think the Ravens may meet their match this Sunday.

  3. Too bad he wont show up on Sunday. Ravens oline is going to stonewall any pass rush attempt by the 49ers. Sorry folks, your dreams of a 49er win are going to go up in flames by the start of the 4th quarter. Just like the last time the Ravens were in the superbowl, it will be a rout. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Matt Birk are dancing off into the sunset. Cheers! Hate on haters.

  4. Living here in the Niners back yard, we naturally get a tad more background and day to day insight into the team, inner workings, i.e., taking every single player – including injured and practice squad kids every where the main squad goes. That being said, look for the Niners to continue to do in this game what they do all season long like no other team – play every single player that is dressed – except the backup QB. And in this particular game, just when you least expect it, look to see Alex Smith on the field. I have not a clue precisely what Alex will do, but I would wager a tiny sum that he will be used somehow, some way in this game. Watch and see.

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