Mickey Loomis got a new contract too


Sean Payton isn’t the only member of the Saints with a new five-year contract.

Saints vice chairman Rita Benson LeBlanc told Mike Garafolo of USA Today that the team also secured General Manager Mickey Loomis’ services for the next five years. Both Loomis and Payton are now under contract through the 2017 season, which gives Payton the kind of assurance about stability he was looking for when looking for an out in his since-voided contract in the event Loomis was dispatched.

“To have that kind of stability for the long term, that’s reassuring because that’s always the kind of thing people like to talk about,” Benson LeBlanc said. “Plus, football is a stressful enough business as it is. It’s hard enough to put a competitive team on the field. (Payton and Loomis) shouldn’t have those extra stresses of having to worry about their future and the future of the franchise.”

It was a rough year for the Saints, but things are getting back to normal. And they look to stay that way for quite a while longer with the news about Loomis’ extension.