NFLPA says it wants “safe and fair” HGH testing

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After the chairman and ranking member of the House Oversight Committee said they may call NFL players to testify about human growth hormone, the NFL Players Association said it remains committed to HGH testing.

In a statement provided to PFT, the union said it wants testing that is “safe and fair.”

“A safe and clean game is a primary concern of NFL players,” the statement said. “We will fully cooperate with the Committee’s requests as we have done from the beginning of their interest in this issue. If the Committee is interested in holding a hearing, we hope to participate. The players’ union takes direction from the players that comprise it and we have expressed with full transparency our desire for a safe and fair hGH testing program.”

The NFL and NFLPA have both been saying for a year and a half that they’re committed to working out an agreement to test players for HGH, and yet players are still not being tested for HGH. The same members of Congress who have recently praised Major League Baseball for its agreement on HGH testing are now pushing the NFL and NFLPA to quit all the talk and deliver meaningful action.

7 responses to “NFLPA says it wants “safe and fair” HGH testing

  1. “Safe” means it’s a scheduled test and “fair” means there are loopholes you can walk thru when it turns up postive.

  2. As much as I would like to see this happen, but do you (chairman and ranking member of the House Oversight Committee) really think the NFL is going to let you scratch that itch??

  3. Brose, big gov is one thing the NFL and NFLPA usually try and stay in the good graces of. while unlikely congress could pass a bill stating that all professional sports falls under USADA and you can ask Lance how nice they play. Neither group wants that.

  4. Tell the US government to worry about other things like the deficit, inequalities, and civil liberties. I like football rough. I say load them up with real steroids do away with defenseless rules and protect the QB rules and lets have them kill each other out there. That is what I want to see.

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