Night club owner charged with assaulting Trent Williams

The Pro Bowl has left Hawaii for the year, but Redskins tackle Trent Williams is taking home a seven-stitch souvenir.

The man who gave Williams the injury via the use of a champagne bottle (it should be one of the weapons in Clue) also owns the nightclub in which the incident occurred.  According to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, Michael Miske Jr. has been arrested and charged.

It happened at Miske’s M Nightlife nightclub at Restaurant Row.  Though the Star Advertiser doesn’t mention it, Williams also was reportedly Tasered.

The NFL later warned players to avoid that specific establishment.

Miske, who was charged Sunday and held with $250,000, has a lengthy rap sheet that includes 10 total convictions and six felonies, dating back to 1993.  He apparently has never actually been sentenced to jail.

46 responses to “Night club owner charged with assaulting Trent Williams

  1. Thats the guy? No wonder he used a bottle and taser. I don’t think he would have have lasted very long without them

  2. Hahahahaha. Little dude assaulted Trent Williams…He must have been looking the other way, and didn’t see it coming..

  3. Ten convictions and six felonies and the guy never spent a day in prison? how does one accomplish such miracles.I would say that this time because he assaulted a celebrity with a weapon(bottle) he is finally going to see the inside of the barred hotel.I am sure Williams wasnt acting Saintly when he was beaned but calling the police was an appropriate response to him and not a bottle over the noggin.

  4. Convicted of 6 felonies and no jail time much less prison time? i believe Dexter needs to arrange a meeting with this guy.

  5. Glass bottles, especially ones as thick as a champagne bottle, do major damage and there destructive abilities are never realistically portrayed on TV shows. Myth Busters did a entire segment on it. And the dude Tasered him too? Add all that on to a lengthy rap sheet? Lock him up and throwaway the key.

  6. This country’s justice system needs an overhaul. So you can be convicted of.10 crimes, six of them felonies, and serve no jail time, yet due to stupid 3 strikes laws, we are locking up minor offenders for life in some states?

  7. Most people are nice. Whatever it is that makes people like this “nightclub owner” do what they do needs to be removed from the gene pool or unlearned by parents.

    What a waste of life.

  8. WOW, he looks like he is a upstanding individual. I am sure Trent Williams will send him a holiday card now. LOL. Very smart thing to do. Hurt an NFL player while the Pro Bowl is there with 80+ millionaires looking to have a good time. Now your establishment will be banned from all future NFL players. So I’m sure you won’t miss out on any future business.

  9. That’s the midget? I mean “Guy”! Well why did they not mention the other weapons in his arsenal? Chloraform, hand cuffs, flam thrower, and shock collar….How in the hell did he actually make a move on TW with a bottle and a taser? Was he tased first? No way this little spider monkey made a clean fist to cuffs move and got in on a Pro Bowl Left Tackle.

  10. Is it true that even with getting cracked over the head with a bottle and getting tasered, Williams never fell to the ground? They call this guy Silverback for good reason I guess lol

  11. Wow…took this to make the pro owl interesting. Really Commish, it may be time to bag it. Want to make fans excited? Reduce ticket prices.

  12. “Miske, who was charged Sunday and held with $250,000, has a lengthy rap sheet that includes 10 total convictions and six felonies, dating back to 1993. He apparently has never actually been sentenced to jail.”

    Seriously, How does someone like this get a liquor license?

  13. The below is the article from the link provided. Seems to me like this guy should’ve been be locked up a long time ago.

    “In 1995, Miske was convicted of fraudulent use of a credit card and three counts of theft and was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and five years of probation, and was ordered to pay $5,300 in restitution.

    Five months later, he was found guilty of kidnapping, felony attempted assault and speeding, and was sentenced to five years’ probation, assessed a $105 fine and ordered to pay $625 in restitution.

    In 2006, Miske was convicted of third-degree assault related to an altercation with a high school student and was sentenced to a year of probation. The student was also granted a petition for an injunction against harassment from Miske.”

  14. I’m sure glad Trent Williams didnt get a concussion that would have been a serious law suit there.. lol

  15. 10 convictions, with no prison time… Who is this guy’s lawyer, Matlock?

    Oh, nice “Clue 2013 edition” reference… It was the nightclub owner in the parlor with the champaigne bottle & taser.

  16. Just because some football players are big does not make them fighters. Size is not the endall in a fight. Oh yeah and Book em Dano

  17. I watched the game, its definately not what it used to be!! I want that for the player too! But im not buying that it gotta be in hawaii because they dont get the tourism! They get the biz through the year! No doubt bout that. They were skunked last year when the players played the way they did, maybe it was payback this year with all the empty seats? Idk, just think if they want games over seas they should take that one, itd be more appreciated!

  18. They should put him inside the Octagon one on one with Silverback as punishment… No champagne bottles

  19. Yeah, Williams is very lucky. Hitting someone with a champagne bottle is basically like hitting them with a bat. They don’t just break hilariously like in Road House. It’s assault with a deadly weapon if you ask me.

  20. Someone might want to check to see how much money this guy has “donated” the the District Attorney’s campaign fund….

  21. Apparently this isn’t the owners first fight in his night club. August of 2012 a guy named Shane Busby was sent to the hospital over a dispute with his tab. All night club video evidence disappeared.

    December of 2012 some local promoters were gang attacked by the owners security and one man nearly broke his back. This is an on going investigation.

    It is believed that this guys night club is a front for organized crime, and money laundering.

    Ever watched the show Breaking Bad? This guy is is Breaking Bad . . He owns a pest control business and is rumored to be heavy into the meth scene. METH in HAWAII is BAD NEWS

  22. Sorry about what happened to Williams, but maybe these guys should learn to stay out of seedy nightclubs.

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