Poll: 61 percent of players disapprove of Goodell’s performance


The NFL players have spoken regarding their Commissioner.  According to USA Today, 61 percent in a poll conducted from December 19 through January 12 disapprove of Roger Goodell’s job performance.

The poll has a 5-percent margin for error.

“I think it’s obvious that I disapprove,” Steelers linebacker James Harrison said.  “I feel like what he’s doing is not totally for the safety of players. . . .  A lot of stuff they’ve done, [such as] fining guys crazy amounts of money for helmet-to-helmet hits and all that and saying you’re doing this for the safety of players. But yet you want to add extra games to the regular season.

“In the true interest of player safety, I would have no issue with it.  But that’s not what it’s about.  It’s about money.  Who hired Roger Goodell?”

The fact that he was hired by — and ultimately works for — the owners speaks more to the ongoing divide between labor and management, despite a labor contract that lasts eight more years.

The only real surprise is that the percentage of disapproval wasn’t higher.

59 responses to “Poll: 61 percent of players disapprove of Goodell’s performance

  1. These guys are CLUELESS!!! I love when it comes tk their contracts, they act like they play for their teammates or their city… But its really about who’s gonna pay them. Its all about the money for them! The. They get mad for Goodell doing his job to protect the leagues image and its bottom line. Thats what he’s paid to do. Dont like it, go play baseball… Im sure they all love their commisioner but no one’s watchin.

  2. For the first few years, I was a fan of his decisions, but my opinion of him has changed. I think he’s been a bit tyrannical in his decision-making, especially when you look at the fines and the whole situation with the New Orleans players. I was put-off after hearing Greg Williams’ audio and assumed that Goodell had to have had some pretty sound evidence to suspend the players, so I didn’t have a problem with it at the time. After finding out that there wasn’t much evidence at all, I started looking forward to hearing the crowd boo him on draft day.

  3. Harrison, Goodell hasn’t even talked about adding more games to the regular season in like two years. In fact, they talked about shortening the preseason at the last owners’ meeting.

  4. Hey Harrison, guess what? Everything we do in America is all about the money! When players hit free agency, they typically go to the team that offers them the most money. And an 18 game regular season would mean more money for you too.

  5. Everyone hates Goodell. Fine. But is he worse than David Stern? What about Bud Selig? Selig won’t even allow replay in his sport. Can you imagine if Goodell did THAT? The NFL is more popular than ever, and this man knows how to grow the brand. He’s not dumb and he doesn’t care what the players think. The players, quite frankly, don’t know what’s best for the sport. Look back at their asinine demands during the lockout. They are the backbone upon which football is built, but if they had it their way there would be no penalties and everyone would file lawsuits nonstop against the league bankrupting it. You may not like Goodell, but he’s honestly trying to grow and protect the sport, and he’s the best of the big 4 commishes by a long shot.

  6. Most players who get in trouble will likely disapprove of him. There are a bunch of those guys. RG has some dumb stances but discipline is not among them. The inconsistencies are an issue but the premise is sound. The safety stuff is eyewash and the rules changes are not good but complaining about the fines is misplaced. Players conveniently forget the fines were collectively bargained for by their union. They basically requested the fines and the amounts. If they don’t like it the complaints should start in front of a mirror.

  7. what he did to saints without providing zero EVIDENCE, HE SHOULD BE FIRED.

    players safety give me a break, the only reason nfl even brings that up is because of all the sues

    how can you think about adding games to a brutal schedule while maintaining players safety.

    any time nfl i am waiting for all the so called evidence, admit it nfl was scared that saints could make this a home superbowl.

    its over we are moving on but this bitter taste in our mouths isn’t going any where anytime soon. i hope this week people add special sauce to your food.

  8. Of course they do, they’re prejudice. He’s a white businessman. Why even bother taking the pole, think these guy would be fair or honest? No, they play the role they feel thay have to play. Anyone surprised?

  9. Personally think he’s done a fine job.

    Not his fault the Saints organisation were run by dirty and shady characters. Tagliabue was a bigger idiot and yet is loved, i don’t understand it.

    I expect James Harrison to be suing the NFL in 20 years time, the hypocrite.

  10. The obvious way that Goodell shows favoritism to certain teams and players (Brady and the Pats more than anyone as well as the NFC East), completely removes any possibility of respect that I could personally ever have for him. I’m certain I’m not the only fan that feels this way. It’s nice to know that over half of the players view him the same way even if their reasons are different.

    In Goodell’s view, there are 7 teams: the NFC East, Steelers, Colts, and his best friend Kraft’s Patriots. If you don’t believe it, read one any one of Peter King’s articles over the last 9 or 10 years.

  11. Anyone laying down rules is going to be disliked … whether it’s Mom & Dad or your boss.

  12. Ya..I didn’t like my father 100% of the time growing up when he was disciplining me…but eventually I figured it out and that it was good for me…Goodell certainly hasn’t been perfect (bounty gate,etc) but they are trying to make the game safer..hey Harrison..how about a 10 game season and then you only get about 60% of your current salary? Oh..you not want that? You must not be about player safety then…ya that lame argument makes as much sense as yours… The players will either agree to 18 or not and if the owners give them enough cash they will agree to it..so get off your high horse Harrison.. Goodell has not been perfect as I said but I think he is trying to do what is right for the game long term though at times his decisions may have been unpopular and they are clearly struggling with trying to get consistency with which hits are fined and which aren’t ..

  13. Doesn’t surprise me a bit…actually, I’m surprised it is not higher.

    I’ve been a huge fan of pro football for 50 yrs and Roger Goodell is by far, the worst commissioner
    I have seen.

    Example..the NFL has allowed players to wear additional padding on the outside of their helmets to reduce the likelihood of concussions since 1967 and it worked (for Willie Lanier).

    Dating back to the 1980s, the NFL allowed Bills Safety, Mark Kelso and 49ers OT Steve Wallace to wear a padded device over the outside of their helmets because both players were concerned about concussions…the device worked, adding years to these players careers.

    Do we get leadership from the NFL, pursuing this safety device…NO !

    Instead, Roger Goodell gives us fines and rule changes, completely ignoring this safety improvement.

    Again, I’m surprised it was not 71 or 81% who disapprove of Goodell’s performance.

  14. how dare the man in charge hold us responsible to to the rules and not let us get away with running wild on and getting arrested on our own time.does he expect us act like grown responsible adults or what? what a horrible boss!

  15. Say what you want about James Harrison (claims of steroid use; cheap shots at opponents, etc) but there’s two things that make him stand out:

    1) He’s right about Goodell and was one of the first players to call him out (long before the New Orleans and “new ref” fiascos made Roger look weak), which took some guts considering how Rog was handing out those suspensions to him every season, it seemed like.

    2) He didn’t kill two young men in the prime of their life and deprive a child the future with her father, unlike a certain linebacker from a rival division team.

    PS It’s real classy when Ray Ray fans point out that since the slain dad (along with his friend, also slain) was beefing with “Killer” Lewis and friends at a bar, he just _must_ be a deadbeat dad. Yet Ray Ray is already canonized as a saint in their sick minds. Only in Baltimore would you see such ‘logic’.

  16. “The only real surprise is that the percentage of disapproval wasn’t higher.” What teams did they poll, New England and the Giants? Should have polled more players from New Orleans, Washington, Dallas, Pittsburgh, and any other that Goodell screwed over in some sort of way.

  17. Shouldn’t players (or maybe they do) sign some kind of medical waiver not holding the NFL or its several franchises liable for the bodily harm suffered as a result of willfully taking this on as your career?

  18. Gee, what a great poll, who cares what the players think? This guy works for the owners and the owners and players are making a fortune and they still bitch. I did not care for my CEO and I’m sure he could have cared less. The reporters should find something else to write about.

  19. The players don’t like him? Must mean the guy is doing a good job. He’s there to protect the integrity of the game and the league, not be their buddy.

  20. So 61% of the players don’t like Roger Goodell, not surprising since he works for the rich and greedy owners instead of the rich and greedy players. I wonder what percentage of owners like him? How about what percentage of fans? I bet the percentage of fans hating Roger is higher than the players who dislike Roger.

    That said how about how many fans bothered to watch last night’s Pro Bowl? I sure as heck didn’t and I’m glad I passed on a game that wasn’t competitive nor had the AFC bothering to play defense. Sorry but the Pro Bowl has to go if they can’t make it competitive.

    End the Pro Bowl Farce!!!

  21. This guy is “easily” the worse comish in NFL history. After how he handled spygate he should be thrown in jail and he can take bud selig with him

  22. I think that, even more than popularity, Goodell has lost his CREDIBILITY with the players. I don’t get the feeling that they take him seriously anymore. I can’t figure out why so many PFT commenters are so eager to defend him.

  23. of course they don’t like him… he’s the school principal… nobody is gonna like the guy who hands out the detentions

    he’s been hard on misconduct as he should be… NFL players don’t seem to be able to control themselves which is bad for business….

  24. I’m surprised it’s only 61%. I would’ve thought it’d be in the 80’s at least.

    2nd worst commissioner in the history of pro sports. The worst is Gary Bettman.

    And I have to laugh at the sheep who defend this guy. He’s been exposed and busted on pretty much everything he’s ever done. His bounty-gate case fell apart in humiliating fashion and he had to call Tagliabu to bail him out “gracefully”. His discipline and punishment has been the text book definition of “inconsistent”. Gore gets a bigger fine for his socks than most players get for “player safety” infractions.

  25. Only 61% of players disapprove of Roge?

    I’m shocked it’s so low.

    100% of me thinks Roge is doing a horrrible job!

    Coming soon to city near you:
    National Passing Flag Football League, with special commerative pink flags for each team!

    So lovely, Roge!

  26. Last time I checked he’s the commissioner of the NFL hired by the NFL owners, not the representative of the players.

  27. Goodell has turned the NFL into football’s version of the WWF. The actual game itself has taken a back seat to TV ratings and add revenue. Sometimes I question myself as to why I even bother to watch anymore.

  28. If 61 % of the players dislike Goodell, then the Commish must be doing a good job. Kids hate their parents until they eventually, if ever, become parents themselves.

  29. Hard to believe it’s not higher than that. Have the rest just not been paying attention? The continued talk of an 18-game schedule and the desire to have guys playing for a team in London should be enough to make it 100%. And that’s ignoring the obvious labor issues, the bounty mess and numerous other things.

  30. raiders757 says:
    Jan 28, 2013 11:00 AM
    Goodell has turned the NFL into football’s version of the WWF. The actual game itself has taken a back seat to TV ratings and add revenue. Sometimes I question myself as to why I even bother to watch anymore.
    You are a Raiders fan, it isn’t hard to know why you wouldn’t want to bother watching anymore.

  31. Your last line captures it all for me. Can’t believe his disapproval percentage isn’t higher. Was having a conversation about Goodell last night after suddenly remembering I’d forgotten to DVR the Pro Bowl–a game I routinely watched as a farewell to football when it was held after the Super Bowl.

    Goodell has made so many poor decisions, it would take too long to enumerate them. And I ask those who believe he’s made the game safer to please provide the medical data to support those assertions. Saying you’re acting to reduce the occurrence and severity of head trauma is not the same as actually doing so.

  32. In a related story, USA Today reports that 39% of NFL players have been found to have no formal education. The poll has a 5-percent margin of error.

  33. You’re driving the same speed as everyone else and Goodell pulls you over and suspends your license for a year, even though Tagliabue doesn’t agree with the harshness of the punishment. What do you think of him now?

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