Report: Dolphins “highly unlikely” to re-sign Reggie Bush

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Dolphins G.M. Jeff Ireland is looking for playmakers this offseason, but that may not include impending free agent running back Reggie Bush.

Citing sources, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports Bush is “highly unlikely” to be re-signed by the Dolphins. La Canfora suspects Bush could land with a “contender” on a short-term deal, but he’s apparently not expected back in Miami.

Behind Bush on the depth chart this past season, the Dolphins had pedestrian, fumble-prone veteran Daniel Thomas and fourth-round pick Lamar Miller. Although Miller was incredibly raw as a rookie in terms of both playbook knowledge and blitz pickup, he may be the future at the position for the Dolphins. Miller averaged nearly five yards a carry in 2012.

Bush can contribute on special teams as a return specialist and is effective in limited doses as a ball carrier. His strength is still the passing game, but the Dolphins didn’t use him there with a high frequency. Despite playing in all 16 games this past season, Bush finished with 35 receptions — the second lowest total of his career.


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  1. Didn’t follow a lot of Dolphins football the last few years, but from out outside point of view, he seemed to do a decent job.

    IMO, his biggest problem in Miami was worrying too much about not being durable, at the expense of his explosiveness

  2. I’m thinking him and Wes Welker could be great in Denver, that could be a really explosive offense if you add those two.

  3. 25 is the new RB 30. Oops, i mean owners have colluded together and said we arent gonna pay free agent RBs anymore unless you ran for 2000. I’m not even disagreeing with their philosophy, its so easier to find cheaper, younger haven’t been hit as much RBs in the draft. It just sucks that I feel like alot of these guys on the Free agent list have something left, but have effectively priced themselves out of the game.

    Have a great Monday everybody.

  4. Bengals ought to take a look at Reggie. His style of rb and his ability out of the backfield to receive passes would go great with BenJarvis’ between the tackles style.

  5. Really? The one player that actually was a playmaker and explosive and we don’t want to resign him.
    Lets see, trade Marshall for a bag of rocks and then complain about no playmakers at WR,
    Trade Vonte Davis for the bag that holds the rocks we got for Marshall and complain we have no playmaking CBs and now decide not to resign the only real playmaker left that was worthy of carrying that bag of rocks!
    Ireland must be trying to get fired because he doesn’t have that waste of skin the big tunas sweet quit your job and still get paid contract.

  6. This sounds about right. Jeff Ireland isn’t typically a fan of players that have the ability to score touchdowns.

  7. How the Dolphins used Reggie in the passing game was awful. They threw some passes down the sideline and some over the middle, neither taking advantage of his speed in the open field. There should have been a lot of swing passes and screens.

    The next OC will utilize Reggie properly. He is a star.

    And I’m going to miss him terribly.

  8. It’d be interesting to see him at the Vikings.

    Could replace Percy (in certain roles) should we lose him; and if Percy were to stay you’d have a team full of explosive playmakers.

    Toby Gerhart is a solid player.. but i’ve always thought the Vikings needed a slash type player to spell Peterson as opposed to a bruiser.

  9. No surprise here.

    Philbin killed those chances after unnecessarily benching Bush against Tennessee.

    They might be worse next year because he was their best offensive player last year.

    Should anyone trust Lamar Miller or Daniel Thomas and a passing game that can’t help the team win there are 31 pass attempts or more?

  10. For once smart move. The Ireland haters are gonna hate. Marshall is a turd, Bush isn’t worth the money, nor is Jake Long. Put weapons around your franchise quarterback and help him succeed thru the draft. Spend your free agent dollars wisely. I can tell that Marshall was so great for the dolphins in 2011 when he caught 4 times as many touchdowns in the pro bowl than he did during the season. Miller will be just fine,and at a much better price.

  11. Dolphins season ticket holder here. Whatever Bush’s shortcomings are, you can blame most of his ineffectiveness on offensive coordinator Mike Sherman. Did a poor job getting the ball to Bush.

  12. I say the raiders will pick up bush and my post gets deleted. More than half of my posts get deleted for some reason. I don’t use foul language or post garbage and they still get deleted. Can anyone tell me why ?

  13. I still don’t understand what Philbin is doing with this team … first Davis , now Bush then Long.

    Throwing away your best players is part of your plan ?

  14. I find this report highly suspect. He has no knowledge either way whether Bush will stay in Miami. It’s a guess, pure and simple, and the very use of the words “highly unlikely” is bad journalism.

    Bush has stated he likes Miami. He’s intelligent enough to realize that earning a few extra dollars to learn another system isn’t always a good bet. Miami has a lot of cap dollars to spare.

    Just those elements makes “highly unlikely” the wrong phrase. It is possible, yes, that Bush will want more money than Miami wants to spend on the position. It’s possible Bush is upset about being benched for part of a game (although I think that is unlikely to be a major sticking point to someone as hard working as Reggie Bush).

    But this dude doesn’t KNOW that. Ireland has spoken once this offseason, and said nothing to indicate Bush was on the outs. There’s been no leaked info that I know of, and La Canfora does’t pretend to cite anyone.

    He’s just stating his opinion, and doing it in a manner that suggests he somehow knows it to be true. Sorry, that’s just bad writing.

    I could say that La Canfora is “highly likely” to win a Pulitzer for sports journalism, too, and it would be about as accurate. Okay, that’s not true…there is a CHANCE Reggie won’t resign.

  15. Robonious u are a idiot… Reggie Bush was the Dolphins best offensive player and their only Playmaker.. Ireland is looking for playmakers so start with signing your best player then add to that.. Lamar Miller has potential to be like Reggie but I think the team would be better with both guys! Daniel Thomas needs to get a pink slip because he is useless.. If we add Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings and re-sign Hartline and add a TE with re-signing BUSH now u have a explosive offense! That’s what were looking for isn’t it? Miami needs to re-sign Bush!

  16. Bush was greatly under used in the passing game but as far as his running goes, I wouldn’t bank on him despite him hitting the 1K mark in 2011. He is not very good at getting to the edge and while his strength is running between the tackles, he does not hit the whole very hard. He instead feels his way through a hole and if he finds an opening he will break it out. He is not a RB that can grind it out and wear down a D, he is not a RB that will break tackles and turn hit at the line of scrimmage to a 2 or 3 yard gain. That was evident in the Pats game. If Miami can get him back at a decent price, then they should resign him. The guy does have big play ability but he should not be paid as a starter nor should they have him as a starter. He should be a situational back that is also moved around.

  17. Lamar Miller is going to be a stud. Giving rbs big money is not very smart. he took Miami money to rejuvenate his career and now wants a big payday. Good luck, this team is in no position to give a rb a big salary.

  18. Patriots could sign him, but it would be for less money than Bush will be seeking. Not impossible, maybe Brady will be able to convince him to take less. Either way, good luck Reggie and go Dolphins.

  19. Reggie is a great player and he proved a lot of Miami fans wrong when he came here and carried the ball more than they said he could. We’ll miss him if indeed he moves on. Although with JLC saying it, it means nothing.

  20. Long time Phins fan here…

    I’d be sorry to see Reggie go. He is been one of our few playmakers these last few years and has done a very good job in my opinion. He was not a factor in the passing game and that is a coaching issue, not a Reggie issue.

    With that said, I will wait and see how things develop. We have tons of cap room and need to bring in playmakers. I’m going to assume that if we are prepared to have Reggie leave, that we have a plan “B”. Daniel Thomas is good, but has proven to be injury prone and has missed a lot of time.

    Lets see what happens.

  21. Does any player get more of a free pass than Reggie Bush? The guy was drafted #2 overall, and seven years later, he has ONE 1,000-yard season and hasn’t had more than 335 yards receiving in a season in four years.


  22. Miller is the same type of player but has blocking issues. Bush should have gotten the ball more in open space. That’s on Sherman. Bush was a reliable and motivated leader also. I don’t like this unless he wants way too much or they are certain Miller is a durable playmaker. Brandon and Vontae trades made sense only because of their attitudes but that isn’t the case with Bush.

  23. Big Dolphin fan and a big fan of Reggie Bush. But this makes sense. I know Bush is Fast and catches the ball out of the backfield and can run the screens. I know he can work out in the slot. But as far as speed and explosiveness Miller can be the same type of player and also probably will hold up more than bush when it comes to running between the tackle. This also tell me Miami is trying to start becoming more like Green Bay in terms of how the Offense is run, which will require more WR. I could see Miami going after two premier wr in free agency. Wallace being one of the wr because he would be the deep threat miami will need and the other would probably be Jennings because he is a veteran in the system that Philbin runs.

    I also could see Miami looking at Ryan Swope. He is an explosive WR/RB type player out of Texas A&M. Tannehill would already have chemistry with him and the coaching staff will know how to use him.

  24. I think it would intersting for the Lions to take a flyer on him. he’d be a mid level excpeption (4-5mil range) and that would allow us to be explosive out of the backfield, have relief for Leshourse and Bell, and maybe develop a late round or undrafted rb. We need to use our early picks on interior lineman, db’s, D-Ends, and possibly a lineback if we can’t resign Durant and/or Levy, though we have Travis and Ronnell Lewis on Special teams. We need so much, one player won’t solve all of our problems, but it’s an intriguing prospect nonetheless…

  25. Also Miami Decision to trade Marshall and Davis last year and if the do in fact decide not to resign Long(who is not worth $10 million he wants) or bush could allow Miami to actually get play markers on Offense and fix the secondary and that would really help Tannehill develop.

    Yeah it’s nice to have Long and Bush but not at the 15-20 million a season it would be to pay each of them. Miami can spend the money better.

    It’s better to have More quality players then 1 Super star. Thats how SF got back to being good and it has got them close to being Great. But the quality players turned into great players because they had a bunch of quality players.

  26. I can’t believe I’m reading people complaining about trading away Vontae Davis. Did you see him play in Indy? I’m guessing at this point they’d rather have their pick back.

  27. Is he a $5m/year running back? No he’s not. You can draft a rb in the 4th round these days and have them produce.

  28. I don’t know..but this ain’t the NFL of the 70s and 80s’s no longer a one back league and if you have one good one you will now need a second decent one to play in this league…in my case..I’m a charger fan so ..we gotta get one good one first..but hey Reggie is more than welcomed to come home to San Diego..

  29. who do you contact about the moderators of this site? I’m kinda sick and tired of 75% of my posts getting deleted. No profanity or inflammatory remarks yet still missing.

  30. Wherever Reggie Bush goes, he will be the featured back. He left NO because he got tired of being used part-time. Both Detroit and Green Bay are in need of starting RB’s.

  31. Yeah, lets get rid of Bush this year and have ZERO proven offensive weapons on the roster.

    The fact that they (Ireland and Philben) traded Marshall for about nothing, without any free agent signing in the works say all you need to know about this team’ leadership or lack there of.

    2013 will mark the end of Ireland and Philben, then onto the next two morons, since Ross is the ring leader of the circus.

    Not easy being a Dolphin Fan these days!

  32. I can alway count on some arrogant fan of the steelers to post an idiotic statement on this site. Today we have the statement in which the steelers only have legendary players, so Bush could not be considered. Yes, kordell Stewart, Neil o’donell, bubby brister, and tommy Maddox were legendarily awful QBs. And that’s just the QBs. I’ll await the next absurd post from a steelers fan to list the busts at RB. PS we all know that if not for the refs botching the Super Bowl against Seattle the steelers would have 5 rings and not six.

  33. If the Niners win I am going to troll every steelers post with 6 Rings, and ZERO losses from Sunday until the end of days just so they know how it feels to be 2nd tier once again

  34. Bring Bush and Welker to Philly. Trade Desean Jackson to big red in KC for their second round number one pic. Sign Dwayne Bowe draft Dee Millner out of Alabama number 4 then take the honey badger Tyrann Mathieu with the number one pic in the second round. you will be set for a decade at the cb position. let rodgers Cromartie and Asomough and Vick walk to free up cap space. Then draft Barret Jones with their own pic fourth in the second round. Try to woo Ed Reed or Dashon Goldson to come here at safety to mentor the young players. Switch can be made to the 3-4 by grabbing Cliff Avril from Detroit or perhaps Matt Shaughnessy from Oakland which would enhance the near bust Brandon Graham which I was screaming from the roof tops for earl Thomas who Philly so desperately needed with the departure of Brian Dawkins who in my opinion should be brought in to coach the secondary. But hey what do I know? I am not an attorney and not a cap guru. One thing I do know is how to evaluate talent. So Jefferey Lurie if you really want a stud draftsman and really want a road to the championship give me a call. Its been 53 years a disgrace for a top five city. I know I can do better.

  35. The Michigan papers have already announced the Lions will be seeking to improve the running back position this off season, With both Mayhew and Schwartz on the hot seat the team will gladly over pay Bush for his declining skillset.

    Bush is coming to the Motor City.

  36. As far as play style and need I agree Patriots seem a good fit. However, Bush is not cheap – and the REAL reason Maimi is not going to resign has more to do with his cost/production calculation. Obviously they probably asked him what it would take to resign – and they said “hope you had a nice time in Miami, write soon”.

    That will be an issue no matter who is interested, and people don’t realize how much CAP problems Patriots have. Brady makes nearly 1/2 of what Manning makes – why? Because the team needs the CAP space. Bush will need to lower his pay down to 1/4 of what he expects to sign with a team like the Patriots. WIN or MONEY…?

  37. Wow, Reggie Bush failed to get 1,000 yards(which isn’t that hard for #1 RBs do to), and a lot of people on here are calling him great? Either they’re mistaking him for someone else, or they don’t know the meaning of the word great.

    He hasn’t had over 300 yards receiving since 2009, and last year was given over 45 receptions. Some people on here are acting like he’s very durable now, but both seasons he’s picked up nagging injuries. That’s with him not helping out in the return game because that would expose him to a higher chance of injury.
    He doesn’t take a lot of short yardage carries(which should help out his yards per carry), but he only got 4.3 ypc this past season.

    He had a stretch of 8 games in the middle of the season were he wasn’t able to muster 70 rushing yards in any of those games. In the last game of the season he was only 40 yards away from having a 1,000 yard season, and only got 26 rushing yards.

    It seems like no matter how much he disappoints there’s always fanboys of his making tons of excuses and acting like all the NFL coaches he’s ever had are just too stupid to understand how to use him “correctly”.

    I would be pretty depressed if my team brought him in and acted like he’s a good starting RB.

  38. Reggie is a very serviceable RB and I do feel he was underutilized this past year however I also feel his production has diminished thus I believe his return is not worth the investment that is going to be required to keep him. I hope the Fins can keep him and if they do great, if they can’t then thanks Reggie for the service and good luck in the future. Go Fins!

  39. travel4football says:
    Jan 28, 2013 8:39 PM
    Wherever Reggie Bush goes, he will be the featured back. He left NO because he got tired of being used part-time. Both Detroit and Green Bay are in need of starting RB’s.


    No, he didn’t leave New Orleans. They traded him away because he wasn’t worth his contract. They paid less for Sproles and he produced better his 1st year in New Orleans than Bush ever did. It’s called an upgrade.

    I’m pretty sure Green Bay and Detroit won’t be paying $5 mil or more a year for him.

  40. Sorry I seem to recall Ireland wanted play makers? I believe a guy that almost had back to back 1000 yrds rushing seasons was one of the only play makers we had on the team last year… and that’s saying something for a team that has no passing threat. When will miami learn?

  41. This so typical of Ireland. Bush is one good reason why Miami won a couple of games and I disagree with the statement that Bush was good with limited dose in the running game. Bush was very good running between the tackles. If your writers are going to make a point, then they should know what their talking about. Gaining 1000 yds rushing in a season isn’t as big a deal as once was, but Bush was a thousand yd rusher mostly between the tackles. So get your storys straight. If Ireland had some sense he would resign Bush, and cut Thomas. Bush was severely under used. 35 receptions out of the backfield is ridicules.

  42. “He is not very good at getting to the edge and while his strength is running between the tackles, he does not hit the whole very hard.”

    Clearly just making a comment to comment, otherwise i dont even think you are a phin fan if you think this.

    Bush has had over 2000 yards rushing in 2 seasons.

    He averages 1300 yards and 8 td’s a season in miami

  43. “Wow, Reggie Bush failed to get 1,000 yards(which isn’t that hard for #1 RBs do to), and a lot of people on here are calling him great?”

    Seems petty considering he had 986 yards. He had 1086 the first year here.

    The guy avg 1300 yards and 8 td’s. How horrible…

    Nobody is calling him great. Nobody can find ONE quote saying he wants to get paid either. The media is ginning this up.

    Bush will be a phin next year.

  44. This news is expected. While Reggie did a good job in Miami, the facts are he plays runningback. Many teams feel as if runningbacks are a dime a dozen. Miami has holes to fill on their roster, which will probably mean prioritizing Sean Smith and franchising Jake Long. Yes, I believe Jake Long will get franchised. There is only but so much money to go around plus they still need to make a player for a receiver. Hopefully not Jennings.

  45. All the hype he was blowing about he was going to be the best back with the most yards and all that crap. Why do you think N.O. got rid of him – he doesn’t produce. He might be fast but he can’t pick holes or find daylight to run with the ball. Look at his yards per carry – not too impressive and especially after he receives the ball – the dude is knocked down so easy. Saints didn’t want him – now the Dolphins don’t see anything to impressive about him – the dude is all talk and no on the field performance.

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