Roger Goodell not welcome at several New Orleans bars


Despite an appeal from Saints head coach Sean Payton to give commissioner Roger Goodell a warm welcome, the city of New Orleans is still holding a grudge over Bountygate.

According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, at least one local bar is taking an active role in expressing their displeasure of Goodell. “The Jimani,” a small bar located near the team hotel for the San Francisco 49ers, will not serve Goodell if he happens to wander into their establishment.

They have a photo of Goodell posted behind their bar with a message saying “Do not serve this man.”

They are far from the only place of business in New Orleans where Goodell isn’t welcome. Finn McCool’s Pub and the Parkview Tavern (pictured) also have displays disparaging Goodell.

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  1. Those signs have been up for months. It’s local, topical humor, mixed with some good business sense in playing to native New Orleanians & out of towners with a sense of humor. I’d be very surprised to see an establishment turn down the NFL’s tab while they’re in town.

  2. That’s awesome. I hope every where that d-lord turns there is a raging Saints’ fan there to make his day miserable.

  3. This small stuff is fine. I just don’t want anyone to do something really really stupid though. Hatred often hates the hater more then it hates the hated.
    Wait… What?… I think that made sense.

  4. Man talk about class. You guys get caught red handed, your own coach says mistakes were made, and you still act like a bunch of punk teenagers getting grounded. Must be hard to watch the ravens and niners play the big game in your home town, especially after a NFL record setting horrid defensive performance. Losers.

  5. These same businesses will complain and say “why us, we don’t deserve this” when the Saints do not get their second round draft pick back in this years draft. “We REALLY hate him now” will be the call of the new orleans insurgents.
    Of course, Goodell will act surprised when he learns that Saints fans are not welcome at the this years Draft Central.

  6. “benroethlisberger7 says:
    Jan 28, 2013 5:59 PM
    If he came to Pitt we would spit in his cup. I do that to rival fans at Heinz anyway.”

    Talk about low class. If I saw ya do that i would wait till you got off work and then you would pay for that. It will happen to you one day and hope you enjoy the natural teeth you have. Oh, it don’t matter how big you are as an equalizer is all it takes.

  7. It’s obvious he isn’t going to go to a normal bar with fans but this is great! It’s like the entire city is giving Goodell the finger.

    I know many a lot of the restaurants are black listing him as well.

    I am sure a lot of other NFL cities would extend him the same courtesy.

    He was wise to pick a Louisiana team. I am sure a California team would of handled him like a fan in the wrong parking lot.

  8. Sorry New Orleans, but your football team is the one that broke the rules. Why don’t you do the same for Sean Payton, Gregg Williams, Will Smith, and Vilma?

  9. Wonder when NO gets another Super Bowl. Millions of lost dollars for NO. Peyton admitted he made mistakes and there was a bounty. NO fans need to suck it up and move forward.

  10. Does anyone remember that the Saints did break NFL rules after they were warned……..

    I don’t particularily like how Goodell handled this either, but it all started because of the Saints negligence.

  11. So he can’t go to “The Jimani” and have a drunken loser vomit on his shoes…his loss.

  12. I have faith that the majority of New Orlean’s fans and businesses understand the bigger picture surrounding what transpired surrounding bounty-gate and that this is actually the exception and not the norm.

    Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are……..

  13. Good luck on getting another Super Bowl, New Orleans. Rumor has it you’re off the rotation anyway until you replace that dump of a stadium.

  14. If they really want to hurt Goodell’s feelings, the local media can just refuse to interview him and otherwise ignore him. The man loves being in front of the camera/microphone.

  15. Don’t flatter yourself New Orleans, the commissioner isn’t going to waste his time visiting trashy bars during SuperBowl week.

  16. I hope he gets booed at the game. The man deserves into matter where he goes he should be turned away.

  17. Goodell won’t be kicking at bars! He’s gonna have a bunch of security anyways and those guys will be ordering and delivering food to the commish back in his lavish suite.

  18. Last time I checked New Orleans wasn’t sitting pretty financially. I’m thinking they should accept any patron that brings business in the door especially a rich one

  19. Sorry Rog, your going to have to change your plans…. No more good times at the Jimani or at Finn McCool’s. Looks like you’ll be stuck in the executive suite again.

  20. The only reason I do not like Roger Goodell is for the simple fact that he tries to make the NFL into something that it is not, like having an expansion team in Canada or in Europe. He needs to understand what is so special about the NFL and stop trying to make it into a global sport.

  21. Ignore the fact that Goodell spearheaded rebuilding the stadium in New Orleans after Katrina and making sure the Saints stayed relevant, then affording business opportunity to the city worth millions by bringing the Superbowl there. With that ignored, sure, go ahead and roast the guy for suspending your coach… and stay classy.

  22. That may be from those who have the guts to make it POLICY – technically, he is not welcome at ANY establishment that is not ‘alternative’ in some way. And so it should be.

  23. Good for them! Commissar Goodell deserves to be shunned by a city he’s screwed over! He hasn’t even screwed over my team the Packers (wait yes he has) and I would refuse to serve him.

  24. Like I said before, the way Goodell treats the players and coaches like they’re “The Help,” he should refrain from ordering any chocolate pie.

  25. wist the saints and steelers would join the ufl or just form there own league instead of cry bout Goodell’s rules.if u don’t like it form ur own league and create ur own rules.good luck and goodbye.that is all carry on

  26. The Aint’s screwed up, players, coaches the organization. I’m so sick of this town they have had enough super bowls and media attention. The people of New Orleans need to get over themselves and move on. Goodell punished the people that needed to be punished.

  27. I see the “Speech Police” are out in full force…

    Never thought in America, of all places your opinions could be censored as long as it wasn’t profane…

    But this is NBC we are talking about…

    Post deleted in 3,2,1…

  28. May not be the best idea if New Orleans hopes to get another Super Bowl while he is Commissioner. If he doesn’t feel welcome, be tough to blame him for awarding it to another city. I get why NO is upset, but this may be an example of when to take the high road.

  29. Well, he can certainly see to it that he won’t have to return for another Super Bowl in NO as long as he’s the commish. Besides, enough NO Super Bowls already. We need more outdoor Super Bowls anyway. (I can’t wait for next years’ at MetLife!)

  30. I love all the people talking about how Goodell “screwed over” the Saints.

    I wonder how many people realize that if it wasn’t for Roger Goodell, there would no longer be a New Orleans Saints. Period.

    Tagliabue put Goodell in charge of the effort to keep the Saints in New Orleans when Tom Benson was determined to move them to San Antonio.

    From BayouBuzz:

    “While Tagliabue talked with Benson and the other owners, most of whom would have supported their fellow zillionaire, Goodell was laying groundwork with New Orleans, state and federal entities to get the Superdome playable again and assure that the team goes nowhere. Benson’s flirtation with moving the Saints to San Antonio was torpedoed by Tagliabue with Goodell’s able support, which has rippled down to New Orleans remaining one of the great sports venues in the country.”

    So go ahead and keep crushing the guy that is the only reason your town is relevant in the sports world.

  31. New Orleans Fans are the worst, you cheated to win a Super Bowl, now your acting like you got the raw end of the deal, stay classy Saints Fans! Put this * next to your championship in the record books!

  32. What an awesome idea!

    I’m herby serving notice that the Green Bay Packers aren’t welcome to come to my house for dinner!


  33. The necks are going to be to drunk to recognize Goodell even with a picture hanging on the bar.

  34. Okay, here we go…

    Bruce Arians took over a previously 2-14, rookie quarterback starting Indianapolis Colts and coached them to the playoffs.

    Joe Vitt took over a previously 13-3 Saints, with Drew Brees and relatively all the same players.

    Results? Well you know the rest… I’d be more worried about the quality of the existing staff in NO than being pissed that one single guy wasn’t around.

  35. Every single poster that took those signs serious should look real hard at how serious they take any stupid news article like this. You obviously have never been to NOLA. The whole city has silly humor like this, and they are just going along with having a good time. It’s a dang joke, and if you don’t get it, I’m sorry for you. NOLA (as recently reported) handles the Superbowl with ease compared to even the runner up. The city is practically built to hose these kinds of events. Pretty sure even Rog is laughing at these dumb little signs.

  36. I wish the media would stop perpetrating this stuff. It’s like they are trying to incite something bad to happen. I hate Goodell but he’s not going to be out and about bar hopping for crying out loud. Give it a rest!

  37. hey sean, you welcome rg……………
    he is not welcomed by many nolas……….
    and that includes me.
    his arrogance alone is too much for many.
    i’m hoping he isn’t commish for too longer.
    to rely on one or two disgruntled past employees of the saints org. as proof to screw our org. is beyond belief. he can come, but i, along with many, will not welcome him. sorry…………smitty

  38. Lmao @upperdeck. you are clueless with your rumors. The REAL rumor is that the board has discussed the Superbowl being the STEADY home of the Superbowl you fool. ALL but 3 owners are agreeing as of right now and when they do get on board we can hear you cry more. As for a dump of a stadium? kid you are clueless. The dome is one of the finest in the business.

  39. I’m sure if you work in the restaurant industry down in the NOLA this isn’t to funny. The Saints cheated and somebody had to take the fall. I dunno about you guess but i’ve waited tables before and I would love to have Goodell and the NFL Brass at my table. i’m trying to make some dough

  40. Goodell is highly unlikely to visit these bars. However if he did, they would refuse him service, because fans would not want to patronize the bar that served Goodell, and selling him two drinks would not be worth losing all those future sales. Payton only vaguely ‘confessed’ because Goodell had a gun to his head and said play along or never work again. The Saints bounty was exaggerated and half the league had similar pools at one time or another in the last decade which were covered up. Saints fans will not forgive Goodell until he gives back our 2013 draft pick and apologizes for trumping up the charges for his own lawsuit propaganda purposes.

  41. I’m actually looking forward to seeing Goodell hand the SuperBowl trophy to the winner up on stage at the 50 yd line after the game….that should be interesting….though how many “fans” from the home team will actually be at the game? I guess we’ll see….

  42. Whatever makes you feel better, New Orleans. You got caught and don’t like the punishment. Instead of celebrating the greatest game in football and enjoying the hooplah, you’re acting like spoiled little 5 year olds who don’t like rules or discipline.

  43. so it is settled forever in time the aints turned a poor me state into loserania and forever will be know as such this is the only place on earth where the people are stupid and the next corner hoe got straight south loserania

  44. not to worry the next disater you have in loserania will be deserved for the way you act just remmeebr the rest of the world is mooning you smdi

  45. i hate goodell as much as most nfl fans but it’s not his fault the saints have a team full of cheaters and horrible human beings willing to go out of their way to injure other players to win

  46. why do you think loserania is so close to lage body of water cause the usa flushes once in a while and that is the crud that wont flush so we dump more crud ontop of that garbages state loseranis is where all the crud lives

  47. why do you think loserania is so close to large body of water cause the usa flushes once in a while and that is the crud that wont flush so we dump more crud ontop of that garbages state loseranis is where all the crud lives

  48. Goodell will be at SB parties hosted by Tom Benson and the educated elite of New Orleans who will be falling all over him. Benson still laughs at the minions of Louisiana. He still wants to move the team but he has to wait a few years to honor the contract with the NFL and City of N.O. which gave him plenty of cash, tax breaks and other incentives to not move the team after katrina. Guaranteed that the “powers that be” already know Benson won’t keep the team in NOLA……unless more money and incentives are offered.

  49. Saints* fans continue to talk trash…..will they ever freakin’ learn….doesn’t appear that way. Right now Goodell, NFL, Benson etc. are laughing about how the “city of N.O. will treat Goodell at the SB”. They’re all laughing and thinking that if these idiots are p.o.’d now, they ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Bountygate will be small potatoes compared to when (not if) Benson moves the team out of NOLA. Did you ever wonder why Benson has NEVER said a negative word about Goodell or the NFL as it relates to bountygate??? Because he was promised that if he keeps quiet and doesn’t disparage “the shield”, that in return he will have the green light to move the team when the time comes. Laugh all you want saints* fans, but Goodell, Benson and the NFL are just “a few” steps ahead of you. NOLA fans are so intent on winning the battle (upcoming SB appearance by Goodell) that they can’t see the forest for the trees and that it has already been determined who is going to win the war.

  50. All you morons need to get a life. Everything in NOLA is done in jest. Roger knows that. Well get many more Super Bowls because the OWNERS, who award it, love to come to town.
    As for the Superdome, genius, it has basically been rebuilt after Katrina from the taxpayers of the good ole USA. Hundreds of millions of dollars. BTW, thank y’all and WHO DAT!

  51. Very simple problem to address.

    Those establishment’s owners will be placed on a list of “No Admittance” to the Superdome ever.

    Now, it’s even.

  52. Goodell has a lot more class than to hang out in some dive bar in some dumpy area of N.O. Its pretty amazing how ppl in N.O. disrespect the man that gave N.O so much after Katrina…. Pretty sad.

  53. You’re going the same speed as everyone else and a judge in a cop car pulls you over and suspends your license for a year. Even another judge agrees with you that the punishment is too harsh. Unfair, incompetent and fabricating a villain to distract attention away from himself. Goodell is not only a bad commissioner, he’s a bad man. His kind shouldn’t be welcome anywhere.

  54. I’ll bet he is crushed to learn he’s not welcome in one of those dives. He has better things to do in NO this week.

  55. I’m sure the 5 star hotel he stays at and the owner’s box chef at the stadium will be feeding him quite nicely.

    That these crap bars would even think in their wildest dreams he might go there is laughable in the first place.

  56. Are these bar owners the same people who complained that their country failed them after Katrina knowing that the majority of the city was below sea level? That the levees built to protect the city had depleted any protective barrier islands? That you had more warning to evacuate then those that experienced Hurricane Andrew? That several other cities face disasters and fix the problem instead of fixing blame? The commish is an idiot but you were warned, again, that bad would happen. I’m out of sympathy.

  57. Seriously, my IQ dropped by 30 points just reading some of these error-laden comments. I’m so sick of the fact that utterly stupid people constantly feel compelled to immediately respond to everything they read online without any comprehension or passing grasp of common English language and proper grammar (or spelling, for that matter) — it boggles the mind.

    Then again, look at what we’re talking about? The underbelly of New Orleans, where Roger Goodell almost certainly knows he isn’t welcome. I’m sure he’s chomping at the bit for that public relations confrontation. Why is this even news?

  58. Weird how every time I return to Nawlins, the poor are poorer and the paper has some story of the latest corruption scandal.
    Nasty place.

  59. New Orleans….. The underbelly of society!

    Everything flows “downhill”… Rivers and streams… No wonder New Orleans is also known as the city of sewage. All of the sewage of states north of there flows right on into town. Right where it belongs.

    What a dump!

    To bad katrina, didn’t wipe out more of the bums, trash, and retarted semen that live there.

    Full of people that just can’t quite face up or see reality!

    Just think… Every time i jack off into the toilet, one of you losers down there drinks it! Hope my lil swimmers taste good!

  60. Criminals hate cops, convicts hate judges, and the red-assed little boy who used a swear word hates his dad for spanking him.

    Where’s the news?

  61. On one episode of The Simpsons, New Orleans was once referred to as “The Sodom & Gomorrah on the Mississip”.

  62. “…not to worry the next disater you have in loserania will be deserved for the way you act just remmeebr the rest of the world is mooning you smdi…”

    Filthy city, filthy people. Their lack of class shouldn’t shock anyone.

    “…Those dang cajuns! So classesless! You got what you deserve!! Boo Hoo people. When are you going to realize that we don’t giveadamn. Not one…”

    “…why do you think loserania is so close to lage body of water cause the usa flushes once in a while and that is the crud that wont flush so we dump more crud ontop of that garbages state loseranis is where all the crud lives…”

    You know, I can’t help but think of the many comments that I have made that have been censored by whoever at PFT. None of which have come close to the low-brow, name-calling, juvenile-minded and cruel ones that are being allowed in this thread.

  63. Why these people keep getting Super Bowls, I’ll never know, they’ve shown time and time again that they’re a dirtbag city.

  64. As if we won’t get another Super Bowl because of a few rabid fans. We’re the best site for a Super Bowl. Nola and Miami will always get them. Unlike other cities we have everything to offer.

  65. I’m convinced the juddstir has lost his wife or daughter to someone in Nola. His distain for a beautiful city is unmatched.

  66. Do all of you saying that NOLA will never get another Super Bowl and the city will lose millions of dollars realize that we have a little something called Mardi Gras held about the same time as the SB every year? And that for every dollar made off the SB a good portion goes to the NFL which likes having the SB in NOLA because all of the events are within close proximity of the Superdome. And the person who said our stadium was a dump,obviously knows nothing about the Dome. Believe me, on years when the SB is held elsewhere, NOLA still fills the hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. with Mardi Gras revelers instead of football fans. Only difference is the NFL doesn’t get a cut of the profits.

  67. 1st of all f …goddell….2nd of all the commissioner does not appoint superbowls idiots…3rd of all..tags was the commissioner during Katrina and anything goddell did for the saints/nfl was because his boss tags TOLD his arse to do it…4th of all goddell is a dirty lowdown lier that deserves a spray fart in his food…5th of all new orleans will ALWAYS get more superbowls because it’s the perfect place for a superbowl…that’s why there have been more superbowls there than any place else…AND it really doesn’t matter what u hating cookie pusses have to say about it..and profootball talk..please post this because theses gurly haters need to see it…

  68. Many who have mentioned that Goodell wouldn’t be affected by this ban considering he won’t be patronizing any of the local bars are correct. So why all the venom against the city? I doubt these antics would have any influence on whether or not New Orleans wins the rights to another Super Bowl. Does anyone think it a coincidence that New Orleans is hosting its tenth championship game? Each time the Super Bowl is held in New Orleans it is always a great success. It is a walkable venue with some of the best attractions and restaurants in the world. Since Goodell won’t be bothered with the statements of die hard fans (the types of fans one could find in nearly every NFL city) I don’t think there would be much impetus on his part to ban New Orleans from hosting more Super Bowls in the future.

  69. Surprising, a Viking fan chimes in with a clever retort. Remember when Minnesota hosted the Super Bowl that one time? Didn’t the roof cave in? Ha. Hope you enjoyed your last Super Bowl and your NO championships.

  70. Don’t get mad at New Orleans for booing Goodell. If it makes those of you who constantly defend Goodell feel better, this April, he’ll get booed just as loudly in New York at the NFL Draft. And I know he’d get a pretty cold reception if he came to Green Bay. Or Washington. Or Dallas.

    Disliking Goodell’s job performance as Commissioner … it brings Americans together.

  71. “Good luck in getting the Superbowl back.”

    LOL Game, set, match. Leastwise as long as Goddell is Commish.

    Saints plot to hurt Niner players deliberately, get caught, get punished, but it’s Goodell who’s the bad guy. Typical. Why not bring Ray Nagin back while you’re at it? Funniest thing of all is that while the Saints coaches/players were plotting to injure Niner players, it was the Niners who were knocking the crap out of Saints players in that game, legally. LOL

  72. All the people hating on New Orleans isn’t cool, people are getting away with saying some really ignorant prejudice things. People here have a sorta slick sense of humor that we get from our parents. We’re not rude but we will clown you if you’ve got it coming. Our city and people are rich with culture and heritage and in today’s diverse climate you are supposed to appreciate how different people are.
    If I visit your town to watch the Saints wax your team I will bust your chops all day. Be ready

  73. To jerrykill4pres: re: “New Orleans the underbelly of society” Nice comment Jerry, first off you need to learn how to spell, the word you wanted was retarded, not retarted. Second you just showed your class by the comment that “every time you jack off into the toilet we drink it”. That tells me who you really are, a real jackoff that can’t find a women, and I can’t blame them for that…

  74. Classless act these ignorant stupid fans are mad because the commissioner threw down the hammer on a bunch of idiots intentionally trying to hurt players. I don’t agree with a lot that goodell does but I personally believe the penalty could’ve and should’ve been much more harsh. Payton, Williams, vitt, vilma, and whoever else was involved should be banned from the NFL in my opinion. Classless organization, classless fans

  75. Every one calling NOLA/Saints classless are a little, maybe just a little tad bit CLASSLESS THEMSELVES, lol…

  76. Excuse me for saying that your IDOL Goodell’s wife is SKINNY and SHAPELESS. I’m sure I greatly offended your innocence. Jerk.

  77. Im willing to bet many of these posters that chastise NOLA have only been to Mardi Gras or never have been period. Ive been to many cities and while some might be cleaner and newer none of them have the charm, hospitality, history or energy that NOLA is greatly known for.It boggles me to see how much hate is spewed towards a city that was found and built on long before 3/4 the nation was even thought of. Its obviously a special place to be considering millions flock every year from all over the world not including every special event known to man is held here on a consistent basis. Im lucky to say in 2 years I have got to experience BCS championship, Final Four. Superbowl, and the upcoming NBA All Star weekend. Not including Mardi Gras, Jazzfest and Voodoo Fest I would never even think of living in another city.

  78. chainbuzz says:
    Jan 29, 2013 2:07 AM
    “Good luck in getting the Superbowl back.”

    LOL Game, set, match. Leastwise as long as Goddell is Commish.

    Saints plot to hurt Niner players deliberately, get caught, get punished, but it’s Goodell who’s the bad guy. Typical. Why not bring Ray Nagin back while you’re at it? Funniest thing of all is that while the Saints coaches/players were plotting to injure Niner players, it was the Niners who were knocking the crap out of Saints players in that game, legally. LOL
    Translation: I’m jealous of Saints/Brees, lol

  79. i bet Goodell is devastated knowing he is not welcome in dumpy dive bars. Grow up New Orleans you are embarrassing yourself.

  80. when the new stadium is built in MN there will be a super bowl here, for the person who commented on the super bowl in MN, (2016) there are already talks about it.

  81. New Orleans thrives on that sleazy underbelly so many mention, and always has. If you couldn’t find it in NO, cross over to Algiers, if you are really brave. It’s location, being the gateway for America’s interior almost exclusively before railroads, highways, and airplanes, gives it a flavor unlike any other city in the world, and it will continue to attract visitors because no matter your background, or peculiarity, you can have fun their. Most likely Goodall takes it with good humor, and if the league makes money there, they will return. And it will still be right there always, no matter what, because its’ in the right location.

  82. Is that why the fans in NE despise Goodell? The nerve of him to fine the organization and the coach for illegally taping an opponent.

    How dare you do your job Roger!!!

    Only Manhattan clam chowder for you!

  83. benroethlisberger7 says:Jan 28, 2013 5:59 PM

    If he came to Pitt we would spit in his cup. I do that to rival fans at Heinz anyway.
    Only a Pitt/Philly fan would make this comment.

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