SNL skit that made fun of Ray Lewis crying literally made him cry

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The most recent edition of Saturday Night Live featured a squirrel-dancing Kenan Thompson at the Weekend Update desk with Seth Meyers.  Thompson, with painted face and purple No. 52 jersey, was playing the role of Ray Lewis.

Among other things, the segment made fun of Lewis and his over-the-top shows of emotions, like his National Anthem crying spell before the AFC title game.  And pretty much every moment after the Ravens won.

Fittingly, Lewis said at his first Super Bowl media session that he found the skit so funny that, yes, he was in tears.

61 responses to “SNL skit that made fun of Ray Lewis crying literally made him cry

  1. This is the scariest aspect of this game to me; I’m not an overly religious guy but I think we can all admit that sometimes in sports “something special” comes over a team and ignites a run. The SF Giants had that going in 2010, it wasn’t based on a retirement, just a vibe. The 2012 Ravens have it this year and the 9ers will have to overcome it. It may sound stupid or illogical, but I think there is some truth to it.

  2. You’ve gotta admit, the irony is amusing.

    Maybe the SNL writers have a skit in the works for Super Bowl eve as well.

    Maybe something involving a dry cleaner losing his Super Bowl jersey but giving him the good news that they found his missing white suit! (try as they might they still just can’t get those ornery ketchup stains out!)

  3. Psychopaths don’t find much humor in anything directed at them. I doubt this Kenan Thompson will be anywhere near the superbowl lest he run into Ray Lewis, his boyz and a get away limo. Ray of Light would probably be willing to pay off another few mil just for the chance to do augmentations to his anatomy.

  4. I was at SNL on Saturday, great show! My buddy(K.Thompson) killed his impersonation of Ray Ray, the dance was hilarious! Kinda over all of the haters with nothing else better to do than speculate over what they think really happened in that limo in Atlanta……He was tried and found innocent, enough is enough already. Your time is up here, Isn’t there a Mike Vick article that needs another useless dogfighting reference???

  5. Keenan is terrible. Outside of the Ray Lewis jersey he could have been doing his Tyler Perry impression…or his Charles Barkley impression. They’re all the same more or less.

  6. I’m a Ravens fan and I’ll be the first to tell you that Ray’s expression of his emotion does get old and I definitely understand how it rubs others the wrong way, I am not a religious person at all so it wears on me.

    But I genuinely believe that this is how he genuinely feels now and I’m sure everyone who actually knows him would agree so it is a little insensitive in that manner, and that’s all I’ll say on that part of it. Not that It really matters though, if I were Ray I wouldn’t be crying I’d be pissed that Kenan didn’t even look like him, should’ve at least put on some pads under the jersey so he didn’t just look like a fat dude in a Ray Lewis jersey, the squirrel dance at the end was terrible too, dudes all over YouTube did better with less effort.

  7. Update, missed that Ray was crying because it was so FUNNY. The only funny line was the last one: If we win, I’ll go to midfield, and ascend to heaven!, got a chuckle from me

  8. How come there is nothing about Michael Crabtree, the rapist? For that matter, Roethalsberger and Kobe Bryant? Is it because they are losing lately.

    2 people were tried and found not guilty in the Atlanta “murder”. Ray cooperated with the authorities and testified against them. How is it all you haters know what happened and the jury, who heard all the evidence, don’t know as much as you?

    4 out of six comments are the same crap. I suppose that if the 2 jerks that brought guns to the nightclub, sainted as they are, had managed to shoot Ray, you would have been there to weep at his funeral.

  9. Ray Lewis is the epitome of what you’re suppose to do when you get a second chance in life. Effect people in a positive way, on and off the field.

    Period! Exclamation Point!

  10. I see I’m not alone in getting weary of ‘Slasher’ Lewis’s antics. You’re not a warrior, you’re not a hero. You’re a highly paid athletic entertainer. That’s all. You get paid handsomely to do a job. You do it well, congratulations.

    Want to call someone a hero? How about the teacher who makes $40K a year in an inner city school teaching poor kids to read and write while they’re vilified by TGOPers who think their pensions are too generous and they ‘only work nine months a year’.

  11. Murderer? Where do you guys buy your crack rocks cuz I know some heads around here that would rock off on that stuff. Innocent unless proven guilty, wasn’t proven guilty so innocent? Yeah, that’s how it works sorry. The only murderers involved in this years game are the filthy, hateful, disgusting, violent SF fans in attendance.

  12. I find it so silly that the uninformed feel the need to comment and continue to spew untruthful statements. These people don’t want to know or acknowledge truth. They just hate to compensate for their miserable lives. And these people vote?Hate on haters!

  13. I think it’s great SNL did the skit. It lampoons his over the top antics that, frankly, got old a very long time ago. That display he put on at the AFC Championship game was nothing but a transparent act designed to bring attention to himself. I love the game of football, but I can’t stand the self aggrandizing clown displays seemingly after every little play. Ray Lewis takes it to another level as if he’s some sort of divine footballer sent from above with his fire and brimstone sermons and his silly dance. I think the skit did the world a big favor and exposed this clown and his clown act for what it is…a tawdry charade.

  14. Alot of people call Ray a murderer, but even the guys he testified against never tried to claim Ray stabbed anyone.

  15. Drama Queen Ray Lewis the preacher lol. Jesus was not a football fan you ignoramus. He doesn’t care who wins the Super Bowl, & would have spent his time with the less fortunate.

  16. I wonder
    I wonder if “Saint Ray” could give the full name and birth dated of his 6 children by 4 women. Shame a clown like him is the biggest name in the Super Bowl. Great talent on the field, disgusting human off of it. Just because we choose not to worship his holiness doesn’t make us haters. His deeds as a man are too awful to overlook.

  17. You guys kill me with murderer this and scum that etc. You know damn well if you seen #52 in public you would chase him down wanting an autograph. As a lover of defense I respect his game. As a Steeler fan I hate him because he is the enemy. I can care less what he does off the field. That is none of my business.

  18. It’s just to bad athletes like Ray Ray are playing for the Lombardi, and his last game, in such a stink hole of a town. Not the proper way to send him off into retirement. You would hope that eventually Roger would understand they can’t keep putting the big game in a dump like New Orleans. My turds flow downhil, right into town!

  19. That phony POS criminal can’t be gone fast enough to suit me. As far as his new role on ESPN…no problem. ESPN is dead to me.

    And for those who keep beating the ‘He was never found guilty of anything drum’. I give you OJ Simpson.

  20. dcapettini says:
    Jan 28, 2013 8:32 PM

    ….2 people were tried and found not guilty in the Atlanta “murder”. Ray cooperated with the authorities and testified against them. How is it all you haters know what happened and the jury, who heard all the evidence, don’t know as much as you?…….

    Ray plead guilty to obstruction of justice involving a double homicide. His two buddies were acquitted of the murder charges brought against them. If Ray was so innocent, why did he make a plea deal? If his behavior was so acceptable, why did the pre-Goodell NFL fine him $250,000?
    Ray Lewis has to know more than what he has let on. He was right in the middle of it, one of the victim’s blood was found in his limo. Court trials don’t always produce justice or prove innocence, they just show an inept prosecutors office. OJ ?

  21. somebody had to say something about ray ray crying in every post game interview…hey ray ray god doesn’t care and tons of people believed in you

  22. Good grief! Some of you people seriously need to lighten up! If you’re too lazy to actually research the details of that 13-year-old case, fine … be lazy. But for Pete’s sake, let the rest of us laugh with Ray about a hilarious SNL skit without competing to be first on to blah-blah-blah your ignorance at the rest of us. The world has enough real drama without us constantly having to read the inventions of Internet pinheads. You hate the guy because he doesn’t play for your team. That doesn’t make him a murderer. Grow up!

  23. his drama queen antics are why I’m not watching the SB this year.

    hope the 49ers win to get a ring for Moss

  24. Screw you all. Ray did not murder anybody. The too in Atlanta were acquitted because of self defense. Everybody knows those two did the stabbings but we’re quitted because of self-defense. he is only guilty of trying to help his friends out of a time that he was not sure what to do. Stop hating Lewis. He did not murder any one. screw all of you who think he did

  25. The folks on SNL make fun of people. Ray Lewis has become more than a caricuture of himself in these waning weeks of his farewell tour. The crying at the National Anthem, and the falling to his knees at the conclusion of the game make the joking about Tebow look like a day at the beach. How this person has captured the spotlight during the run up to the Super Bowl is just plain sad, and speaks volumes to what America is all about….Let’s everybody forget the Murder Trial, and the death to two people in Atlanta, and the covering up, and pleading guilty to obstruction of justice, paying off a civil judgement and the list goes on…..The NFL has forgotten I guess, Baltimore just loves their Ray Ray, and apparently, even though they are reporting on the circumstances of the incident years ago, ESPN has forgotten what Ray Lewis really was, and is…..don’t tell me about finding Jesus, and what an inspiration he is to HIS TEAM, in HIS HOUSE……I will be so very glad to be rid of his completely Lame dance prior to games….I hope the Niners crush this tool…….enough already..

  26. You bitter, judge, jury and executioner, crybaby nobodys need to get over yourselves. I mean seriously, are you that angry and bitter and petty that you can’t let it go? How does it affect you or your mealy mouth families?

  27. Ray Lewis was found guilty of obstruction of justice because the murder charge was dismissed after he agreed to testify against the other two defendants.

  28. I am over the whole Ray Lewis murder thing, as he was acquitted. With that said, you really cant call people “haters” for having a problem with it. They kind of have a point, morally.

  29. Ray is fat and slow. Charlie Brown could have picked the softball he let float to the ground in front of him during the playoffs. No prosthesis-like bandage should grant him a pass.

    No 49ers fan, but can’t wait to see the octogenarian Ratbird defense try and work a spy defense on Kapo that will work.

    Goodbye, Lewis…your encore was longer than you deserved.

  30. Just a shout out to all you people shouting this ‘murderer’ crap; Read up on the case a little. Your ignorance makes you look like fools.

    It was a homicide. Not a murder case. Read the definition of a murder and a homicide. One is a criminal term and the other one is a medical term.

    And to say that the victims families were crying or whatever, I’m pretty sure the mother and family of one of the victims didn’t even show up to the funeral.

  31. They should find his bloody clothes and charge him for murder! THen he’ll probably ball like a little baby! But that isn’t going to happen so he’ll probably just have more kids with twelve different skanks!

    Shoe-la knows all!

  32. Yes Ray Lewis is a murderer. Why else would he take a plea bargin? innocent people dont do that. Likely because if he didnt they were going throw serious charges at him and he didnt want his so called buddies testifying against him. Thats a typical tactic of prosecuters to play the ones they are looking at against one another. The victims blood was in the limo and the white suit ray was wearing was never found. It was Ray Lewis that was telling his buddies to keep their mouths shut then he goes and testifies against them. And are we really supposed to beleive it was self defense? give me a break. Also he payed off the family of the murdered. If he were really inncoent he would have gone to court and had his day. As for all the “FAKE” tears thats all they are just the fake tears of a pathetic excuse of a human being. My hope is that he gets black balled from the HOF.

  33. Fact: Ray Lews sped away in a bullet-ridden limo that night in Atlanta and told his friends they all needed to ‘keep their mouths shut’.

    Fact: Ray Lewis subsequently LIED to police about what happened that evening.

    Fact: Ray Lewis was CONVICTED of Obstruction of Justice… in other words, he had something to hide so he lied his a$$ off.

    If he isn’t a murder or at least in league with murderers, why lie about anything? He’s a convict, plain and simple.

  34. wake up arrogant people they only charged him with murder to make him talk no prosecutor in their right mind charges you with double homicide and accepts a plea for obstruction of justice unless they know theres no chance to get a conviction not to mention the 2 accused of murder got the charges dropped so basically he lied to police then later fessed up

  35. well we all know for sure that the surviving family members of the two innocent kids that ray lewis murdered are crying and their tears are real tears, ray lewis’s tears are tears of happiness rolling down his face in the form of money from being able to buy off the witnesses so the murderer ray lewis wouldn’t have to go to prison for murderering those two innocent kids

  36. For all those posting saying Ray Lewis was tried and found innocent, let’s set the record straight. He was convicted, not of murder, but of obstruction of justice. They didn’t have enough evidence to try him for murder but much like OJ Simpson, lack of a conviction is hardly the same as being innocent.

    He’s no choir boy but he does know what happened that night and in the truest sense of the code of the hood, he elected not to say.

  37. for all of you people who just “know” ray lewis murdered 2 people. dont let anything like the facts get in the way. bunch of ignorant people who dont know what they are talking about

  38. If today’s media consisted of anything other than compromised, in-the-tank hacks they’d call out Ray Lewis’ and his phony, manufactured, disingenuous tears.
    And why is this guy talking so much about God? Just weird.

  39. Totally agree with scoobies05! Stupidest, most ignorant people who don’t know a thing about Ray Lewis! Bunch of morons…did any of yall ever hear of “found not guilty!” Get the facts before you start spewing the hate! As for Ray talking about God…he’s a spiritual man who is not afraid to talk about our awesome God! It’s not weird and one day you’ll all find out He does exist…..those of us who KNOW He does knows why Ray talks about God.

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