Some Patriots fans have Tom Brady’s voice on their machine

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So you come home at the end of a long work day, put the keys on the counter, and check the answering machine.

After the reminder about your kid’s doctors appointment, and the neighbors asking you to clean up after your dog, imagine if this is the next message:

Hi, this is Tom Brady calling, . . .”

If he could have followed it up with “Can Gronk come out and play?” he might be otherwise occupied this week.

But according to Mike Reiss of, the Patriots are using their star quarterback’s voice to send out a message of thanks to their season-ticket holders.

“On behalf of the entire Patriots organization, I want to thank you for the tremendous support you showed our team this past season,” the message continues. “Your enthusiasm and passion in the stadium really motivated me and the team on game day. Thanks for being our 12th man on the field. As a season-ticket holder you help provide the foundation for our team’s success and we look forward to welcoming you back in 2013.”

It’s one thing to send a letter or a trinket, but the Patriots are giving their fans a chance to have Tom Brady in their voice mail.

If they really appreciated their fans, they’d get Bill Belichick to record the message next year.

“Thanks. . . . Bye.”

19 responses to “Some Patriots fans have Tom Brady’s voice on their machine

  1. Thanks for your tremendous support this year, except you know, rushing for the exits with 8 minutes left in the AFC Championship Game.

  2. so its not personal its just recored, pretty much the same as att telling me thank you after i pay my bill. If tom brady him self called that shows alot more than a recored message or how about a signed ball.

  3. i mean i guess a copy can be just as good as the real thing right?
    just love how they make tb this great guy when all he did is record one message and the staff sent them out
    its not like he personally took the time to send each out but still pretty cool though id prefer a signed ball still over a message.

  4. I am starving for some brady news… we are used to hearing about brady and BB non stop during superbowl week…

  5. He could have just went to the Pro Bowl and said it to his fans in front of a camera. Making a few calls and reading from a corporate script isn’t that impressive.

  6. WOW!! What a guy! He allowed someone to press “record” while he read 2 sentences!!!

    J/k… But really, this should be classified under the “not newsworthy” files…

  7. Other teams call to browbeat you into buying season tickets, or to lobby your state representatives to make your taxes upgrade their stadium.

    Tom Brady just called to say “I love you.”

  8. Nice but hardly ground breaking. I’ve had Eli Manning, Justin Tuck, and a few others leave similar messages.

  9. At least they put some effort into showing they care about their fans and customers. Daniel Snyder would just be sending me a five dollar gift card to johnny rockets and bill due notice

  10. If I were a Pats’ fan, I’d have MUCH more preferred if that kitten of his Giselle left me a message of how much she loved my passion at the game. Of course, I’d have edited out “at the game”.

  11. Who Cares? Brady feels safe so he can leave a voicemail. Big deal, even Brady can do that. Although he is really stiff in commercials.

    It would be much more interesting to have him make that call on the Gridiron around Bernard Pollard. I bet he can’t make that recording then – he is too busy tripping or looking for a place to flop. Brady is so slow, he would never make it 0ut of the phone booth.

  12. Sure…every team does that…

    However, silly Patriot Fans are the only fans that believe it REALLY is Tom Brady. They are so gullible. Not their fault, they have an unrealistic view of how good he is thanks to the Refs.

  13. Ooh, a mass-produced recording of Tom Brady reading a few sentences. That just sends a tingle up my leg.

    Well, what the heck, it’s not as if he has anything else to do right now.

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