Terrell Owens offers Titus Young some advice

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With a couple of Twitter outbursts in recent weeks, Lions wide receiver Titus Young is showing some real potential when it comes to receivers flashing their diva side about not getting the ball enough to satisfy them.

Young’s a neophyte in that arena, but his missives have caught the eye of perhaps the greatest diva receiver in the history of diva receivers. Terrell Owens, a man who could have found a way to throw a quarterback under the bus after a game in which every single pass was thrown in his direction, has heard about Young’s complaints and offered a bit of advice for a player who has shown plenty of Owens-style attitude and very little Owens-style production.

“He has to understand that Calvin (Johnson is) the No. 1 receiver, and being the No. 2 receiver, you have to go with the flow of the offense and when your time comes, make the plays,” Owens said while also telling Young to “know his role.”

Well that’s a little disappointing. We were hoping Owens would join Young for some driveway squat thrusts to send a message about whatever it is that calisthenics in an area usually used for parking send a message about. Perhaps it is the change of circumstances that accounts of Owens’ thoroughly reasonable advice.

Owens is now the owner of a professional bowling team and moving to management might have altered his viewpoint. According to the Detroit News, his team, the Dallas Strikers, dominated the Silver Lake Atom Splitters after Owens rolled out the ceremonial first ball on Sunday.

21 responses to “Terrell Owens offers Titus Young some advice

  1. Terrell Owens may have acted a fool during much of his career, but unlike Titus, at least he waited until he’d obtained some level of success to start down that path.

  2. Terrell Owens giving advice on how to behave professionnally? Isn’t that like Stevie Wonder giving driving tips?

  3. That’s straight from the horses mouth. Titus would be? wise to heed Owens’ advice. He knows more than anyone where running your mouth will get you.

  4. Just curious, does anyone know which game they are referring to in which T.O. had every pass thrown his way but still threw his QB under the bus?

  5. TO was a pain in the butt or worse at times, in fact for most of his career, but he played hard, tried hard, and made plays. He talked the talk and walked the walk. Young has managed only the former.

  6. Theres really no comparison. T.O. is a top 5 all time receiver based on just the stats. Not to justify his actions, but he at least always backed it up on the field. Titus is an unproven little turd who hasnt even earned the right to speak in an NFL locker room.

  7. He makes perfect sense. TO was #2 to Jerry Rice and played hard. Then he got his chance and opened his mouth. When you are #1 you can get away with this but in Young’s current spot he can’t.

  8. T.o was a great player. If he didn’t cause so many problems he would’ve played last yr.

    I’m surprised no football network has hired him. If its about ratings CBS pre game could use a bump

    Titus young u would think he would love be number 2 u always gonna be open when they triple coverage Johnson

  9. T.O. is in top five for receivers on stats and number 1 for trashing teams. Now he wants to give advice on behaviour, lets all read this book.

  10. Young is as selfish as they come. Selfishness has no place in a TEAM sport. Owens may have been a pain but his ultimate goal was to win games. I don’t see that same attitude from Young.

  11. This Guy can speak from the number one wide receiver position very well. Yes she does not have credibility issues were speaking from the number two wide receiver position because he had to wait his turn in Buffalo And waited until week 4 of 2010 season in Cincinnati to break out.

    When Chad Johnson got the double teams in Cincinnati he got a ton of balls while he was lined up almost everywhere along the perimeter.

    To the chagrin of many Terrell Owens Waits a lot more than they would think.

  12. It’s easy for Owens to come and give his two-cents worth since he never had to be a #2 after Jerry Rice was gone.

    He still complained about being a #1, so either way, you’re never satisfed, Titus.

  13. Sure he ran his mouth and played it up for the cameras but he delivered on the field. TO is one of the best to ever play WR in the NFL.

    This clown from the Lions needs to shut his mouth and play football. He should be so lucky to be playing along side of Calvin Johnson.

  14. Maybe the lions should kick the tires on ol t.o…heck it couldnt hurt it may liven up this predictable offense and yes i think im serious.

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