Bills to announce extension to Toronto series today

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There is football news happening in other cities than New Orleans — other countries in fact.

According to John Kryk of, the Bills and the city of Toronto will announce an extension to their five-year series today, with one regular season game per year, and one preseason game during that time. New Bills coach Doug Marrone is expected to attend today’s press conference announcing the event.

The extension has been expected for months, but was delayed by the long process of the Bills trying to extend their lease at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

While expected, it won’t be good news to some Bills players, including center Eric Wood, who called it “pretty much a joke” because of the lack of home-game support and atmosphere.

Of course, the Bills might help that process if they were competitive in those games (instead of getting blown out like they did last year against the Seahawks, 50-17), or just in general (as they haven’t made the playoffs since 1999).

14 responses to “Bills to announce extension to Toronto series today

  1. Did he say anything about how there wouldn’t be a team in Buffalo without it?

    Just wondering. SMH.

  2. Everyone in WNY knows the Toronto game is a joke including the players. Three quarters of the “fans” who go to them root for the opposing team and the rest could care less who wins. This has been and always will be a bad idea and I hope whomever buys the team once Ralph Wilson is gone cancels the series.

  3. At first, I thought this was just the Bills’ way of testing the waters for a possible permanent move to Toronto. After five failed years, I am just baffled as to why they would keep doing this.

  4. The Bills make a reported $30 million profit before you factor the Toronto series in. SO, they dont NEED the money, its greed.

  5. It’s nothing but a blatant money grab because the Bills don’t have to share this revenue with the rest of the league. The teams gets about as much support in Toronto as they would at any other away game. In essence, the Bills end up with 7 home games and 9 away games.

  6. If they wanted extra profit so bad, why not sell the naming rights to the stadium instead of dumping another 5 years of this Toronto series junk on us?

    I’d rather see the Bills playing in Orchard Park at something like “Time Warner Stadium” than in that awful Rogers Center.

  7. There is a small corporate base in Buffalo. That’s why they don’t sell naming rights to the stadium.
    The Anchor Bar can’t afford to buy naming rights. And the reason season ticket holders don’t go to Toronto is because tickets cost 4 times more than at the Ralph. And the Bills DO need the money! They are not one of the richest teams in the NFL. Ralph Wilson is not a billionaire. The money they get from Toronto helps to keep your ticket prices at a level that Buffalonians can afford. Bills fans are extremely unappreciative that their tickets are the lowest in the league.

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