Alex Smith on wanting release: Don’t know where that’s from

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On Sunday, Mike Florio of PFT reported that 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was expected to seek his release from the 49ers rather than moving to a new team via a trade.

Smith was asked about that report during Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday and said that he didn’t have any idea where that came from. He didn’t say it was an inaccurate assessment of his desired path to a new team, however, and wanting the chance to pick your own landing spot has to be at least somewhat appealing. Smith said that he’s only thinking about the Super Bowl, but his answers made it clear that he’s not totally unprepared for what’s coming up in the offseason.

“I still feel I have my best football ahead of me,” Smith said, via Matt Maiocco of”In that sense, I feel like I’ve gotten better and better. I feel like I’m capable of playing at a high level. So, yeah, I’m excited for my next opportunity, wherever that comes.”

Smith drew the most attention of any backup quarterback not on the Jets roster on Tuesday and he handled it as well as he’s handled everything since getting benched for Colin Kaepernick. He can’t hide that he wants to be a starter, though, and his $8.5 million salary for 2013 all but guarantees he’ll get that chance somewhere other than San Francisco.

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  1. I’ve liked Smith, couldn’t stand him, and liked him again. It’s still a bit bitter being benched the way he did. He isn’t the best qb in the NFL but he has a been a total class act. I wish Alex nothing but the best, and he will always be a 49er. Go Niners!

  2. Surely he rather parlay his position so that he gets to select his next team and this signaling to be released couldn’t have come at a better time.

    He knows “where that’s from” but he’s politely pretending to be focus on The game. He’s a good teammate. I’m pulling for him and I’ll bet Harbaugh is too.

  3. He may not know where that story came from, but of course he wants to be released and free to work out a new deal with the team of his choosing.

    However, the 9ers will most likely get a trade offer for him that they can’t and won’t refuse. Some team will not want to take their chances in free agency and will secure his services via a trade. Hopefully the 9ers will at least get a list from him of places he would like to go so that they can make it a “win/win” for both sides. That is about the best scenario for Alex unless the market for him is much softer than we are thinking.

    Alex has been a great soldier and many of you might be saying, “the team owes him his release”, but do consider that they have given him plenty over the years and they have revitalized him and put him in this position; they owe him nothing. All 9er fans should want the team to net something from being in this position, hopefully a 2nd round pick.

  4. Rumor has it: Harbaugh is pretty good at coaching / managing the QB position. 9ers will be fine at backup QB.

  5. ‘Jets on the 35 yard line, 3rd down and 20 to go. Smith takes the snap from Mangold, drops back and fires down the sidelines to Hill. Darrelle Revis intercepts the ball and returns for a 49’r touchdown”

  6. Alex Smith is a class act. He will do well if he’s coached well. Harbaugh will draft the next CK. that’s what he does.

  7. 3rd stringer is Scott Tolzien, who in preseason looked better than Kap. (Albeit against weaker competition)

  8. He should not burn any bridges yet. Anything is still possible. Kaepernick could tear his ACL in the first quarter and Smith could come out on fire and win Superbowl MVP. While he doesn’t have Kaepernick’s athleticism he has stayed healthy and the gap between Smith and QBs set for big paydays like Flacco and Ryan is very small. Right now Smith needs to be prepared to step in to what could be a career defining game if he did step in, not start stepping out.

  9. Scott Tolzien is third string, i was rooting for him back in ’11. He reminded me of Alex, but i havent seen him play much as you all know how i feel, i thought Kap7 was good, but was young, i was wrong in both cases, he is phenominally good, and older than his years.
    i hope they atleast keep Tolzien, he knows the system and the players.
    but this report from the team that he is going anywhere is eronious at best, ima believe what They say over this site all day!
    thanks for lettin me vent! On with life!

  10. Next season, some other team is going to get a very good, and somewhat underrated and underappreciated QB in Alex Smith. Best of success to him.

  11. I’d like to see the Cardinals bring him in. Restructure Kolb’s deal and let them fight it out to be the starter.

    As long as one of them could stay healthy and get the ball to Larry Fitz, the Cards could be OK next year.

    Plus, deep inside, you have to believe Smith would love to get the chance to prove Jim Harbaugh wrong 2X per season.

  12. Been a big Smith fan since his last season at Utah and so I naturally became a bigger fan of his when my favorite team drafted him back in 2005. After all the guy persevered through, I wish he could have been the guy to lead them to this game, but I can’t deny the talent Colin Kaepernick has – it’s like he’s playing a video game out there sometimes.

    A lot of people give Harbaugh all the credit for Smith’s improved play, but Smith did as much for Harbaugh as Harbaugh did for Smith. I can’t respect the guy enough not just for the example he’s set, but for showing through his actions that he really wanted to be a 49er. There are still some 49ers fans out there who bash him, but I don’t see how people can bash a guy who puts all he can into trying to help your team win.

    I look forward to watching the next chapter of Alex’s career, wherever that is. The 49ers should be just fine with Scott Tolzien as the backup.

  13. Trade him for Cromartie and a 2nd round draft pick; the Jets are desperate and have a weak salary cap

  14. Trade or release Alex Smith. I don’t think he deserved to be on the bench and the 49ers would allocate cap room to other FA (Goldson). Sign Josh Johnson as a backup. Problem resolved.

  15. Most of us bloggers are hard working individuals who labor everyday for our family’s doing jobs we hate. Alex is a millionare who plays football……why does everybody feel bad for him?

  16. Time to clear this murky matter up a bit. The 49ers should NOT release Alex Smith. The 9ers do not have a ton of money invested at QB. He is either good trade bait or a good back up next year.

    I am now and have always been a big Alex guy. I wanna see him do well and be a starter, but the 49ers MUST get a return on that investment.

  17. Smith is being really classy about being benched. Good for him.

    I hope the 49ers treat him right if they trade instead of releasing him. Like let him have veto power instead of sending him to the highest bidder. He’s been a good part of the organization and deserves to be able to refuse to go to somewhere like the Jets.

  18. he will look good in green…………….
    he looks like he can play Jet football………………..

  19. Love Alex, but no way he gets a release so he can go play for the Cardinals in-division. Even if Niners get very little for him, sending him to the Chiefs, Jets or Jags is better than seeing him twice a year on the other side.

    Good luck, Alex. We may need you yet.

  20. I am still on the edge with Smith, not sure if he has turned the corner fully from his first couple of seasons with the Niners. Was his decent play this year more about who he is surrounded by, who he is Coached by or his natural abilities? If his latest play is all him then I would welcome him to Buffalo. If not, then I’d rather have another year with Fitzpatrick while waiting for the next Montana, Manning or Luck to come out through the draft. I’m not all that positive on the few QB’s hitting the Market this year, whether It be Free Agency or the Draft.
    New Coach = Fresh start.

  21. uangerme says:
    Jan 29, 2013 2:33 PM
    Rumor has it: Harbaugh is really good at whining and making ridiculous faces on the sideline.
    …and winning….RIGHT NOW!

  22. fanofevilempire says:

    he will look good in green…………….
    he looks like he can play Jet football………………..
    1. Anyone can play “Jet football”. My grandmother can play it, and she’s been dead for almost 29 years.
    2. Why do people want Alex Smith to go to the Jets? What do you have against this guy?

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