Andrew Whitworth needs knee surgery


Broncos tackle Ryan Clady needs shoulder surgery to repair the injury that forced him to miss the Pro Bowl and his replacement in the game is also headed for a date with doctors this offseason.

Bengals tackle Andrew Whitworth replaced Clady and played on Sunday even though he needs to have surgery to deal with scar tissue in his knee. Whitworth told the Bengals website that the procedure is minor enough that he wasn’t at risk by playing in Hawaii and that he was well used to playing in pain after dealing with the issue for the last two seasons.

“It’s just a little repair; nothing big,” Whitworth said. “Everybody in the league deals with something like this. I did it about two years ago and it just wasn’t getting any better. Now we’ve got a chance to get something done with plenty of time to rest.”

Whitworth is expected to miss the team’s OTA schedule in the spring while he rehabs from the surgery. He should be back in time for a full training camp, however, and hopes to have a pain-free 2013 season.

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  1. Good to hear…Because you were beat like a DRUM in some games…You just didnt look as quick as you have… Lets see if the surgery corrects the issue. Keep ya head up we have to take the next step in 2013! #Bengals!

  2. remember that oakland game whitworth was talkin trash to tommy kelly

    bc tommy kelly went awol went the refs robbed the fumble return TD by the raiders to cut the lead to 10 points with 7 minutes and change left with momentum shifting to oakland….


    yes andrew. you have a knee issue, houston KOd them AGAIN this year in the playoffs ,

    cinncy has 0 sb rings, and they have to live in ohio.

    no way cinncy makes it next year with baltimore strong, pitt bouncing back, and the browns having a decent coach and coordinator(s) for once.

  3. I think that there some fans who live in a bubble. First of all,Andrew Whitworth is very underrated and if you think that he isn’t good,then why don’t you ask T-Sizzle,James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley how good he is. Heck,he has to go up against one of the best defensive lines in practice every single week. Sometimes I tend to wonder if some fans(Raiders) realize that your team hasn’t been in playoffs since the Tuck Rule and won’t go back until your team brings in team players,not big names who are on their last legs. At least the Bengals are built for the short and long term and they have a future. What does Raiders fans have? The past.

  4. I want to tell Raiders fan whose I won’t mention,but he knows who he is that you need to stop coming on this Bengal site and blasted this team. First of all,it isn’t the Bengals fault that your team took Pix Six Palmer off their hands,it is not the Bengals fault that are now developing talent that your team doesn’t have and it is not the Bengals fault that they pick “cheap” players to play for them because they are team players and they will give big time to the core of this team,which includes Atkins,Johnson,Dunlap,Green and Dalton. Look,I think that you need to look at your team and ask yourself on why your team can’t draft or get undrafted free agents who can help your team get to where they want to go. I feel that your jealous,so write to your owner aka Bucky Larson and tell them to bring a winner. Have a good day.

  5. jamal1971,

    Check your history. The Raiduhs went to the Super Bowl the year AFTER the “Tuck Rule” game. Well, on paper they went there; the Buccaneers made them look like they didn’t show up.

    The Super Bowl. Even Bagels fans have heard of it. Granted, the Bungles haven’t been in one since before Desert Storm, Bill Clinton, 9/11, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and a lot of things happened, and they’ve never won one, but they’ve at least heard of it. Even the kids getting out of UC and XU this spring, who’ve gone their whole lives without the Bugles winning even one playoff game, have heard of it. Even the Lions and Chiefs have won playoff games more recently.

    Whitworth? Fine player, one of the few picks the Bingles have gotten right. Excellent at his position and doesn’t run afoul of the law. He’s proof that even a blind squirrel gets an acorn once in a while.

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