Decision on Michael Vick likely not coming soon

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Despite a clause that would guarantee $3 million of his contract for next year scheduled to go into effect on Feb. 6, the Philadelphia Eagles apparently aren’t in a hurry to make a decision on the future of quarterback Michael Vick.

According to Jason La Canfora of, the guaranteed money is not a major issue to the Eagles and it’s unlikely his status will be resolved by then.

Per Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, there is a provision in Vick’s contract that allows the Eagles to take their time in making a final decision.

If the Eagles were to release Vick after Feb. 6, they would only owe money to Vick if he wasn’t signed by another team or if another team signed him for less than $3 million. With Vick scheduled to make $15.5 million in base salary next season it’s still unlikely Vick would remain in Philadelphia without a restructured contract.

42 responses to “Decision on Michael Vick likely not coming soon

  1. “Do we keep an old turnover machine who can’t read a defense or stay healthy and has clearly lost a step?”

    Boy, what a toughie.

  2. Man my Vikings need to make a play on this guy. Run option with Peterson, Harvin, Rudolph need i say more? Hes got a great arm just needs to stay healthy. They can option left towards Kahlil’s side. Man the possibilities! Cmon Ziggy take the plunge. Plus if it doesnt work out you still have Ponder to fall back on.

  3. If Vick is back in Philly I think there will be a fan revolt. Kelly’s QB’s at Oregon did not turn the ball over and made quick decisions, not exactly Vick’s forte. Plus they will have to learn a new playbook fast, not exactly a Vick advantage over Foles at all.

  4. You don’t say……So the new HC that designed and ran a highly successful and productive offense that seems tailor made for Vick’s skillset wants more time to consider his options!!!LOL Everytime I read a comment that suggests that Vick “restructure” his contract I can’t help but to chuckle. Nobody has said lets restructure the entire O-Lines salaries because they definitely didn’t earn there $$$ this year. Or lets re-structure Asomugha’s salary because he’s certainly been underwhelming since arriving in Philly. For MV7’s sake I hope he gets to stay and work within a system like Kelly’s that will play to his strength unlike Reid’s pass heavy system that didn’t play to the strength of his roster. But for the Eagles Fans I hope that they cut him so you can get what so many of you have been wishing for, FULL TIME FOLES!!!!

  5. I’d love the Vikings to pick Vick up also. Ponder needs to be pushed…..and you can call Vick what you want, he’s a better plan B than Webb. I’m all done with Webb as a QB. Keep working MB Thompson 3rd string. Put Webb at WR where he belongs and it’s a position of bigtime need! Stop play’n around Frazier! Make it happen!!!

  6. So if another team offers Vick between 4 and 5.75 million next year, he’s better off signing a new contract worth only 2.99 million? That way he’d get his new contract: 2.99 million and his 3 million Eagles guaranteed payment? Might be in his best interest to take a figure under 3 million next year with a player option of around 10 million for the next season.

  7. He has been abysmal the past two seasons, theres no way around that. But he is a once in a century talent and for some reason I can’t give up on him as a successful QB. It defies logic but I believe his 2010 season wasn’t an aberration and he can repeat that success with some adjustments. His performance vs the Skins that season was incredible and Im still clinging to it, 20-28, 333 yards passing, 80 rushing, 4 TDs passing, 2 rushing. Hopefully he just comes at a lower price tag cause he sure isnt worth that $ right now

  8. Hmmmm that’s not what I have heard. From other people much closer to philly he will be released monday not later then 4pm or as soon as the rules will allow the eagles to release him. which ever it is I would expect it to be a swift move.

  9. Deadskins fans see Michael Vick = RGKnee!

    Same ol same ol. Great job giving away all those picks
    for em! Let the other guy start, you know the white guy drafted in round FOUR!

    PS….HAIL! hahhahahahhahahahhailc3po;)
    c3po, r2d2, rgknee, rgpee, the dude looks like the predator. *snicker*

    Sorry was this about Vick? oh ;0

  10. So if the decision is not about the money, then it must be about his ability – correct?

    In which case I really don’t understand the delay.

  11. Go ahead Ziggy pull the trigger!!!! We’ll take your 2nd round pick for him. Or a 3rd. Load up on the draft picks Chip, you have a ton of cuts to make and holes to fill. Look for this draft to be one of the Eagles best, being that Kelly knows all these players already unlike the goof out in KC now who picks guys with high motors, n seems to throw darts at a board full of names yet never seems to hit a good one. Still cant believe he took Brandon Graham over Earl Thomas, JPP n Dez Bryant in the 1st round of the 2010 draft. To Grahams defense he did play well when givin the chance late in the season. But still…

    Trade/ Vick, Nnamdi
    Cut/ Vick(15.5MM), Nnamdi,(15MM), Bell(1MM), Dunlap, Matthews, Jordan, Patterson(2.9MM), for starters and I’m missing a few other worthless players that Andy Reid drafted or signed because he is a terrible talent evaluator.

    Thats a savings of like 34MM right there! Go sign Byrd, n Bowe as your two big signings then add depth to the secondary, LB’s and O-Line via the draft and resonably priced FA’s.

  12. eagles will hold on to him in hopes for a draft day trade by a team that didn’t do its homework and fill a need. Shame Al Davis isn’t still around I could see him going to Oakland for a first or second round conditional pic based on playing performance.

  13. praying that u stupid philly fans run him out of town like u did andy reid.put him behind a solid offensive line and he is still a top ten qb.come to bflo on a 2 yr contract until we find someone younger like johnny football

  14. its only u haters that say the is no way vick plays for philly next year…dispite him being the perfect QB for chip Kelly’s offense…if yall would wipe the hate out your eyes u could see this…

  15. Why is this a tough decision? He is a turnover waiting to happen; he can’t stay healthy; he has trouble outrunning defensive linemen; and and he still can’t read defenses.

  16. Trust me. Please trust me. You want to stick with Ponder.

    There is a reason Vick was named the third string quarterback by the end of the season. To know what that reason is just watch the final game of the season, which Vick ended up starting because Foles got injured.

    Jim Mora Sr. and those old Falcons’ fans are right, Vick is a coach killer. Reid is the the latest Vicktim.

  17. Andy Reid gets QB’s hurt with his 50 pass a game offense. In the right system Vick has plenty left. Vick was a bright spot despite bad coaching and a bad team with no heart.

  18. Halo you’re delusional. You’ve got a better chance with joe webb. He’s slow, stupid, and horribly inaccurate.

  19. As a life long Viking fan living in Philly area, halohink you are off base on Vick. He is done. I am not sure there is an Eagle fan that wants him to stay, what does that tell you. I understand Ponder, the new Jeff George, is not that good but a better option then Vick.

    Think about McNugget …

  20. “The job of a quarterback is simple. He has to let it happen, and not make it happen. We want to move forward,” Kelly said. “We want the ball out of the quarterback’s hands in 1.5 seconds. That does not mean holding the ball until 2.5, waiting for someone to get open.” Kelly went on to say that “every sack is the quarterback’s fault.” It’s perhaps a bad sign for Michael Vick, who has taken 85 sacks in his last 35 games.

    With Chip Kelly saying this, Vick is as good as gone, thank goodness!

  21. Vick was able to get away with the inconsistency and inability to read a defense when he could routinely beat linebackers to the corner. Now that he’s lost a step and can’t always do that, he’s no longer a franchise quarterback. I’d say he’s a borderline starter at absolute best.

  22. Anyone that takes a chance on this guy doesn’t want to win. He’s had many more suspect & pedestrian games than great games. Every year he’ll give you one or two great games & the rest will be either brutal or boarderline ordinary. He’s always had turnover issues, even back with the Falcons. He’s never been able to read defenses, he’s always had isseus with pre-snap blitz reading too. He’s never knows when to just be quiet & play. The guy is not a big game QB and never will be. Good luck to whomever is desperate to sign him.

  23. I’ve never been a big fan of Vick. The team is starting a new era. It’s time to cut bait and move on.

  24. How about you cut Vick lose and DON’T pay him the $3 million, and drop our season ticket prices? That’s worth about $50 a seat…

  25. Mike Vick is a talented athlete but is not a good NFL QB. He can’t read defenses. He reads his offensive players instead. He looks at guys as the routes develop. That is why he holds the ball forever. He is playing back-yard ball. Unfortunately, “get open” and “just go deep” are not plays in the NFL. All the guys claiming he is great are basing that on a few performances (over a 10 year career) and the hope that the potential is fulfilled. He makes hi-light plays but has never been consistent and his athletic talent advantage is no longer there.

  26. The media is so much more wrapped up in Vick than the fans in Philly are. By far, the fans in Philly want Foles and/or to draft a QB to challenge him, rather than keeping Vick. Vick and Reid were a package deal and both have to go so we can fully cleanse this team and start over.

  27. a decision HAS BEEN MADE it is to spend 3mil or less to see if he works for the new coach if so he stays and cost’s a lot more money. if not he is traded or released and they will pay the 3 or the difference between the signing team and the 3. sounds like a decision to me.

  28. Ponder’s first full season as a starter, he went 10-6. Rodgers first full season as a starter, he went 6-10. Playing devil’s advocate here; Ponder may grow…

  29. I love the comment from the vikings fan where these two sentences where submitted consecutively –

    “He has a great arm, just needs to stay healthy.”
    “They can option left to Kahlil’s side.”

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