Eagles plan to move quickly with Vick decisions


While it’s true that the Philadelphia Eagles won’t be dumping quarterback Mike Vick before $3 million of his $15.5 million base salary becomes fully guaranteed on February 6, the Eagles won’t be taking their time in deciding whether Vick will be moving along.

The plan, as we understand it, will unfold like a flow chart.

Step one, new Eagles coach Chip Kelly will study film in an effort to decide whether he wants Vick or Nick Foles or someone else to be the team’s quarterback.

Step two, if Kelly decides that he definitely wants Vick, will be to try to work out an alternative arrangement that entails Vick making less than $15.5 million.  The amount the Eagles are willing to pay will be determined in large part by how badly Kelly wants Vick.  There’s a chance, in theory, that Kelly will want Vick badly enough to bite the bullet and pay the full amount.

There’s also a chance Vick will want to play for Kelly badly enough to take a proverbial haircut on his promised pay.

Step three, if it’s determined that Kelly doesn’t want Vick or that Vick won’t accept whatever reduced contract the team is offering, will be to try to trade Vick to another team that would pay him more than the Eagles are willing to pay — and that would also give the Eagles value in return for the 2010 comeback player of the year.

Time is of the essence on all steps, because if the Eagles are going to maximize trade interest and trade value, they need to do it before teams make other plans at quarterback, by signing for example a free agent.  It’s expected that the Eagles will head to the Scouting Combine with an action plan, with the hopes of getting an agreement in principle with a new team well before March 13, when trades will become finalized.

Complicating a potential trade is that a new team would have to pay Vick $15.5 million this year or persuade him to take less.

If the Eagles can’t trade Vick and if they can’t work out a new deal with him, that’s when things will get interesting.  If Vick shows up for the start of the offseason workout program in April and drops a dumbbell on his foot or pops an Achilles while running at the practice facility, the Eagles will owe him the full amount of his salary if/when he lands on injured reserve.

The Eagles could be tempted to try to block Vick from the facility, like the Titans did several years ago with the late Steve McNair.  But McNair ultimately won his grievance on that issue, and the Eagles would be tiptoeing into dangerous territory if they try to freeze Vick out.

That approach also would counter the team’s new effort to treat its players with a higher level of respect and dignity, an approach that G.M. Howie Roseman seems to be adopting in the wake of the departure of former team president Joe Banner.  (This presumes that there was a problem under Banner; some with the Eagles may be trying to sell the idea that there was.  The Mike Patterson debacle would tend to counter the idea that everything is fine and dandy now.)

Regardless, while the Eagles aren’t worried about next week’s deadline, they’ll be operating on internal deadlines that will prevent this from lingering deep into the offseason.

26 responses to “Eagles plan to move quickly with Vick decisions

  1. If Chip decides he wants Vick, he is giving up on the 2013 season already.

    Not only is Vick no longer mobile enough to run the option, he is and has always been, injury prone. Vick is soft.

    Accuracy and ball handling is another issue. A 50% completion record and turning the ball over once for every TD isnt all that great. Fumbles? Yeah, he fumbles the ball a lot.

    Upside? I dont see any other than Jersey sales. Jersey sales probably went out the window when the fans realized they got the short end of the stick with Vick.

    I think the Eagles would be stupid to pay the 3 million next week. They’d be even more stupid to keep him instead of rebuilding on offense.

  2. literally 3 articles before this it says the decision isn’t coming quickly?

    Do you people discuss your articles before you slap em’ up here or do you just write it and post it. It seems like you just write and post.

  3. Kelly isn’t going to stop Vick from being a turnover machine. No matter how good the offensive system is (after all, many QB’s have won Super Bowls in the WCO Vick just couldn’t run effectively), he will still turn the ball over. Vick’s lack of ball security will drive Kelly crazy.

  4. Wasn’t your headline last night something to this effect?

    “Decision on Michael Vick likely not coming soon”

  5. I have a feeling Kelly will pass on the third coming of Vick. Vick has shown that he cannot play football without putting himself in situations to get injured. It’s just not worth the time and effort to get 10-12 games a year out of him.

  6. The “Comeback player of the year” for 2010 was a purely political choice in Vick. He got that “honor” because of mostly the politically correct media wanting to prop Vick up as some kind of hero, which he never was, and never will be.

    I can’t see Kelly wanting Vick for his QB, and, even worse, I don’t see ANY team that would make Vick their starter, unless you’re talking about the Jets.

  7. I like Vick but its time to move on. I like Foles in the redzone but have yet to see this “cannon” arm that I constantly here about. His deep balls are underthrown rainbows. Not impressed.

    Foles will make a good band-aid for the next couple of years. Now is the time to build the O-Line and Defensive Backfield.

  8. I really have to question the Eagles or any so called Football Expert if they think that keeping Vick would be a good idea.

    Can’t say healthly
    Bad decision maker
    Turnover machine
    Does not have the ability to read defenses
    Is not able to call audibles
    Finally, saying the word Dynasty and Eagles is not really smart.

  9. Save the headaches and just cut him. No team is going to pay him the 15 mill and anything more than a 4th round pick is tooooooooioo much.

  10. this is why teams should be forced to hold true to their contracts for all non-injury and non-conuct related purposes. not that i think vick deserves to be paid anything, but when a player whines about his contract, he’s labeled greedy, yet teams do this every year to guys. the eagles should be stuck (at least in terms of salary cap) for $15 million this season

  11. Didn’t we hire him? We own the bitch. Just let him go. It’s not even news. Foles is ok to start out with. Reid had Petterson. And then there was change. What Kelly needs is a QB or two to develop, keep and or trade. JJ had two. How’d that turn out? For as bad as the Eagles were I think Foles did remarkably well. He was a rookie on a de-compensating franchise. I think he will be better this year for a multitude of reasons. So I would cut Vick without blinking, plan on starting Foles and take a second round development QB. If Foles is #1 going forward, and he sucks, we will be drafting high again in a better QB class. I say trade down, preferably with Jeff Fisher. On the trade charts the Eagles #4 is worth the #16 & #22 picks. We might have to enrich the pot a little. But if we stay at #4 then draft Loutulelei, OT (Joeckel/Fisher), or Milliner. Otherwise trade out. It will take a season to figure out what and who. We need pieces. Good pieces.

  12. Drop him and that stupid corner back. Pick up Alex Smith and a respectable Defensive Coordinator… they are back in the playoff hunt IMHO

  13. They’re paying him $3 million to give them time to determine if they want to keep him? LOL Must be nice. For that much money I could know by next week.

  14. Vick is a scrambling QB, scramblers don’t play the whole season because of all the punishment, so it’s useless to have scrabmlers…

    if he were simply mobile so he could play smarter, that would be different… but he’s not

    move on

  15. Hilarious! I wonder what percentage of you couchgaters and Monday morning quarterbacks could remain injury free, be brady/manning/RGIII esq with precision passes and read defenses like Einstein with basically no line in front of you? The fact remains that when protected, Vick is well above average and perfectly capable of dominating defenses. Forgotten in all of this is how the team quit on Andy! You dont win ball games without a team effort.

  16. Even the casual fan doesn’t need to watch Vick to know that he has limited availability, diminishing skills, makes way too many turnovers and is over-priced. Go with Foles next year and take what you would have paid Vick and use that money in free agency. Maybe they could buy some offensive linemen which would in turn give us a clear view of what Foles is worth and Foles still has a couple more years making rookie money…

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