Ed Reed bracing for his second Media Day appearance

Getty Images

This weekend will mark Ravens safety Ed Reed’s first Super Bowl in his hometown.

But today will be his second Super Bowl Media Day in New Orleans.

When he was a star at a local high school, Reed got to attend the event as part of winning a regional punt, pass and kick contest, and got to meet players and take photos from the floor of the Superdome.

“I remember being here in ’97, for Media Day,” he said, via Katherine Terrell of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “I had won a punt, pass and kick and I remember this right here.”

“It was awesome. I remember everything, going against Craig Nall and guys like that, who went to LSU, guys who played in the league. I wound up winning the event and the winner of the event came to Media Day to see the guys interact with y’all.

“I was just standing around, me and my dad. I remember looking at the Superdome field, I remember seeing it and seeing you guys crowded around doing interviews and stuff like that. It was just an awesome day.”

It might not hold the same charm for him today, but Reed is clearly enjoying his time here, visiting family and favorite restaurants, and serving as the Ravens’ de facto tour guide.

“Before we played the Patriots I actually saw those visions but I wasn’t saying anything about it,” he said of playing for his first title here. “I was like, ‘Lord, for real? Is this real?’ I know we have to play this game. . . . It’s just awesome.”

We’ll see later on today if his second media day experience draws the same reaction.