Flacco apologizes for “retarded” comment

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Joe Flacco knew he made a mistake as soon as he said it Monday night, so he apologized for it Tuesday.

In reference to a question about cold-weather Super Bowls, Flacco called it a “retarded” idea, then admitted immediately he shouldn’t have used the word, following it with “stupid.”

Tuesday, he said he wished he could have reeled it back in.

Obviously, it was a bad choice of words. I wish I hadn’t said it,” Flacco said, via Mike Garafolo of USA Today. “I have a great relationship with Special Olympics back in Baltimore and have had one for many years. I didn’t mean to offend anybody, but I definitely apologize for it.”

It’s good that Flacco immediately recognized his mistake, and went right back to being his “dull” self. And hopefully more people, not just football players, will learn that the two words he used Monday aren’t interchangeable.

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  1. Why apologize? Because some people take things too personally and their feelings are hurt as a result? C”mon, he didn’t disparage or belittle anyone.

  2. I know people are offended on his use of that word, but it would be hard for me to be upset when it slips out of my mouth upon occasion, usually when my emotions get the better of me.

  3. “Now if we could just get some of their fans to apologize for calling him “elite”.”

    Ha.. you can blame the media for that one my man. Sorry to say but he has quieted the crowd that didn’t believe he was.

  4. I *knew* this story was coming as soon as I saw the word “retarded.” Of all the things that some people get their panties all bunged about, when will they let the use of the word “retarded” go? It is so annoying! No one has associated the word “retarded” with mentally or physically challenged persons ( is *that* acceptable language??) since about 1978! So, please, give us this word, which no one is coming even remotely close to for using as an insult to these ‘differently-abled’ persons. Everyone knows that. Everyone. Just please stop with the automatic “retarded” responses.

  5. Oh brother! Stop the madness with the politically correctness already. This will be a top story on ESPN for 24 hours now.

  6. I hope he truly means it and isn’t just doing it for PR because his agent is trying to secure him some more money.

  7. tritan306 says:Jan 29, 2013 3:22 PM

    “Now if we could just get some of their fans to apologize for calling him “elite”.”

    Ha.. you can blame the media for that one my man. Sorry to say but he has quieted the crowd that didn’t believe he was.

    No he didn’t. He’s still trailing Trent Dilfer in Ravens SB wins. Don’t confuse successful QB with great QB.

  8. The man is paid to play quarterback, not to be a wordsmith. Phil Mickleson apologized because he said that taxes are too high. Sounds like fascism to me. Who’s next? Maybe you.

  9. FinFan, he apologized because its a terrible choice of words, especially for a guy looking for a new contract that prides himself on being active in the community.

    Is it the end of the world that he used the word retarded? No. But for a professional athlete, who has been around a few years, he needs to choose his words more carefully.

    Anyone over the age of 15 who uses the word retarded to describe anything sounds like an uneducated dope.

  10. I don’t think anyone that uses “retarded” like Flacco did is actually referring to the mentally handicapped. He used the word to mean “stupid” or “poorly thought out” when talking about an idea, not a person or group of individuals. Since that’s what he meant, that’s how it should be taken. Move on, nothing to see here (unless you’re desperate for something to be angry about).

  11. Off topic , but why are so many people destroying this man for wanting 20 million a year.. Each and everyone of us including myself believe we are underpaid at our professions and deserve more money.

    Flacco is no different than anyone one of use. He only works at a profession that allocates extremely large salaries in comparision to the rest of us..

    I say get what you can Mr. Flacco, because if you tore your acl etc the ravens or any other team whould find anyway they could to not pay you..

  12. I know it’s SB Week and all, but all his comments I’ve read this week tells me this guy is not nearly focused enough on Sunday’s game.

  13. It’s ignorant. No one has their panties in a bunch over it. Just calling it like it is. People who know better just shake their heads and the media went with it because that’s not something the face of the franchise and a full grown supposedly intelligent man blurts out of his mouth in such a public forum.

  14. I puposely do not use words like that so that it doesn’t accidently slip out at the wrong time. When i was a very young man I worked with a guy I really liked for 4 yrs and then someone told me he had a mentally challenged daughter he didn’t talk about. I instantly tried to remember if I had ever said anything that may have stung him. Grow up Flacco.

  15. So many raven articles! I love it! Flacco is the man, and he’s probably thrown bombs on your teams secondary. Cheers!

  16. I think the more correct approach might have been to say, “holding the event in cold weather may retard the festivities and impact the game.” Still would have been iffy.

    There is no question that if the weather is horrific, the game one sided or ugly it could set the NFL back a bit.

    I remain amazed by the frequency I hear this word, the ignorance of it’s meaning and the lack of understanding for how it has become pejorative.

  17. @thegreatsantini56,
    You hit the nail right on the head. Phil should not have apologized, and neither should have Joe. Let the media throw their standard hissy fit and just let it die down naturally, but no need to make an apology. Unless, like others have said, the only reason for the apology is to help him in his contract negotiations.

  18. Appologizing for a mistake, however small or large is a good character quality. Don’t we wish more people held themselves to this standard, regardless the isssue.

  19. P.C. gone too far again! Media having a blast.

    That’s absolutely not what he was referring to when he said it and all the media damn well knew it.

    Why it’s getting all the attention on this site it just unreal!!!

  20. So many raven articles! I love it! Flacco is the man, and he’s probably thrown bombs on your teams secondary. Cheers!

    You must be in homer heaven…..sad
    Give Flacco a break he didn’t mean any harm and knew to apologize lighten up on Joe… Not a raven fan

    Side note : he has definitely thrown some passes to steelers but hey he was just trying to spread the wealth…

  21. Ok……so what’s worse? Using the word ‘retarded’? Or then apologizing about using the word and then associating it with the Special Olympics?

  22. You just can’t use that word in an intelligent adult conversation. It’s offensive. Those of you saying its not offensive need to throw that word out around families dealing with mental disabilities and see what happens.

    Flacco obviously understands this and he apologized. Now its time to move on. I’ll bet he never uses the word again.

  23. Yea exactly, would you say what he said in a room full of mentally handicapped people. If the answer is no then an apology was simply the right thing to do.
    Obviously he wasn’t referring to people when he said it but anyone who knows someone that is or has a child that is, knows that is a delicate word.

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