Jets say they have no interest in JaMarcus Russell

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There doesn’t appear to be a need for you to rush out and buy JaMarcus Russell Jets jersey just yet.

Reports on Tuesday morning had the Jets holding “very exploratory, informal discussions” about the former first overall pick in the draft whose tenure with the Raiders came to an end after just 31 games. Those discussions may have taken place, but they aren’t leading anywhere.

PFT’s Mike Florio has been advised that the Jets have no interest in adding Russell to their current group of quarterbacks. It says plenty about that group of quarterbacks that a suggestion of adding Russell doesn’t sound completely out of whack, but it’s not surprising to learn that the Jets’ search might focus on players who have actually been playing football for the last three years.

Russell is working out in hopes of making a comeback to the NFL. He recently weighed in at 308 pounds, which suggests that there’s still a fair amount of work to be done before anyone will be having more than informal discussions about one of the bigger draft busts in recent history.

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  1. All 308 pounds of him? Who releases a press release for losing 12lbs when they are at least 50lbs over weight?

    Also, perhaps the Jets are considering him to play line, someone should ask them that! They need the help and he will work for ‘drank’…

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised, given that franchise’s history of wierd personnel moves, if they were still holding out hope for the return of Ryan Leaf.

  3. Actually, it did sound out of whack. Like most Jets articles, this one was followed by an immediate denial. Maybe someone should check this stuff a little before you publish it. Just saying…

  4. There is enough stuff happening that the collective media should not have to create stories and then report on the denials.

  5. nineroutsider says: Jan 29, 2013 2:26 PM

    All 308 pounds of him? Who releases a press release for losing 12lbs when they are at least 50lbs over weight?


    I had never seen a QB waddle until I saw JaWalrus play.

  6. lrjets says:
    Jan 29, 2013 2:32 PM
    Tomorrow you’ll write the Jets are looking into Vinny Testeverde.

    Well, it’s about time they reach out to good old Vinny!

  7. They are just trying to keep interest low so they don’t have to pay him so much. Afterall, if the Jets want a QB, you know they are going to be great.

    Perfectly played by the Jets organization so far. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!

  8. The worst part about the New York Jets is the New York Media – spinning stories out of nothing. They are the ones that keep this circus alive. Give it a break.

  9. I love how you guys come up with his weight with no proof… Steady going after him. When you don’t know him. His last year with Kiffin he was improving without any good players around him. Shows that with good coaching he can be effective.

  10. ” It says plenty about that group of quarterbacks that a suggestion of adding Russell doesn’t sound completely out of whack,”

    “We got caught making stories up about the Jets again and now we have to backtrack by making it sound like it’s still plausible.”

  11. So they had discussions and it ended with a no thanks so tomorrows discussion will be…..
    I find it utterly amazing how all we ever hear is how the Jets can’t stop yapping and yet they haven’t said a word and we still hear hourly about this discussion or the sky is blue or there are chairs in their offices.
    It’s friggin ridiculous there are 31 other teams in the league and 2 in the super bowl how bout we end the Jets talk for a few days???

  12. How come they are the only team denying interest in JaMarcus? If they were truly NOT interested wouldn’t they just NOT comment like the rest of the league?

  13. I used to live in Mobile,al. I watched Jamarcus wear all the other teams out with long bombs every Friday night in the fall. It’s just a shame that he let his past surroundings get him in trouble. He came from a pretty rough area with not alot of positive role models around him. We are all prone to make mistakes. He surely made his. That said, I hope he can work his way back. He was truly a very talented player. It was like watching a pro play with peewee teams, really. I just wish him well. We could all be in a bad spot someday, wouldn’t you want a second chance?

  14. All I want to know is, who was the one who actually sat down with JaMarcus and after their meeting said, “Lets draft kid as the future of our franchise”. Because he was a complete waste of time an money! The Jets should go for it!

  15. If he can get down to 160 or 165 (he played at 165) to show he’s serious, I can’t see why you wouldn’t bring him into camp at the very least. Offer up a veteran minimum contract with no guaranteed money. He could always chuck a ball a country mile, so who knows what him being humbled and coming back with a good attitude could lead to? And if he stinks worse than Sanchez then you cut him and have lost nothing.

  16. Steelerben – I believe you are off by 100 pounds.

    Though you have a point – getting down to 165 would certainly show teams he is serious. Now he just needs to lose 143 pounds quickly.

  17. I’m definitely in the minority on this one, but I’d like to see him get back in shape and get another chance somewhere. Way too much negative media these days; if he made a successful comeback I’d think that was pretty cool.

  18. Joe Toronto would leave a snappy comment, but at 308 pounds, he’s too busy getting ready to NOT get any looks until the Faiders need another useless player on their team….

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