Joe Flacco thinks cold weather Super Bowl is “retarded”

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Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is reportedly looking for Drew Brees money in a new contract from the team.

If he doesn’t get it, he probably shouldn’t look for a job with the Super Bowl XLVIII organizing committee to make ends meet. Flacco was asked by Mike Klis of the Denver Post about his thoughts on Super Bowls played in open air stadiums in parts of the country where it is cold in February and Flacco, who grew up in New Jersey, left little room for interpretation with his answer.

“Yeah, I think it’s retarded,” Flacco said. “I probably shouldn’t say that. I think it’s stupid. If you want a Super Bowl, put a retractable dome on your stadium. Then you can get one. Other than that I don’t really like the idea. I don’t think people would react very well to it, or be glad to play anybody in that kind of weather.”

So much for being dull.

The NFL is, of course, making its first foray into Super Bowls that could be impacted by the winter elements with next year’s visit to MetLife Stadium. The subject was a hotly contested one as the NFL closed in on making the decision about putting the game at the home of the Jets and Giants. Based on the incessant complaints about the weather in Dallas a couple of years ago, it won’t take much more than a snow flurry for everyone to get up in arms all over again next season.

189 responses to “Joe Flacco thinks cold weather Super Bowl is “retarded”

  1. How long before he has to issue a statement apologizing for using the word ‘retarded’?

  2. People need to get over themselves. Flacco said nothing that isn’t commonplace in mainstream America. Grow a pair folks.

  3. I guess I am old school but what’s wrong with playing the Bowl in different stadiums? That adds too the allure of the game itself! I am too young to know how it felt too see games played in Minnesota when they where playing outside. And from NFL films the stadiums were all packed regardless if the weather was 80 degrees or 20 degrees! Man Up!

  4. Not only was his choice of words regrettable, but his complaining about playing football in cold weather… when you grew up in the Northeast (cold weather) and play pro football in Baltimore (cold weather)… just goes to show you how soft he is!! Man up Flacco… Football is a man’s game, cold weather just so happens to be part of it sometimes.

  5. Very bad choice of words, but I couldnt agree more. I wouldnt want to see a 7-3 superbowl where no one can move the ball or keep their footing. “Lets see who can tip toe around more without letting the ball slip out of your hands”. Terrible way to decide the championship

  6. The Super Bowl should be rotated through all of the NFL cities regardless of stadium, weather, number of hotel rooms or any of the other criteria. If you wouldn’t want to see a SB at Lambeau or Soldier Field for instance you are not a football fan.

  7. Now he was out of line with his wordage, but I agree with him. Goodell catering to his local team. Very few fans are going to go and enjoy the week in a freezing NY/NJ.

    Let alone the setup doesn’t work. Who wants to go back and forth from Jersey to Manhattan for all the different festivities. I live here in nyc and yes, its great for the region, but not for fans.

  8. Using the word retarded is probably not the smartest thing to do, but he is right. If I am a fan paying large sums of money for Super Bowl tickets, I sure as heck don’t want to be in zero degree temperatures.

    And we can’t forget, the NFL is all about the money. It will only take one frigid Super Bowl, followed with many complaints (the corporations will do the most complaining) for the whole notion of a Super Bowl with northern exposure to be scrapped eternally.

  9. The Super Bowl involves huge amounts of fans and media and travel. Can you imagine if there was a snow event, with how much those tickets cost? If there were flight delays and people missed out? The Super Bowl should not be played in cold weather, period. Flacco is right.

  10. Heck I think division 1 college football should have it final 4 in cold cities, well at least the 1st and 2nd seed should get the semi’s at home.
    If Bama has to come up to Ohio State in January then great!

    Then move the title game to any city each year like the Super Bowl, even cities like NY, Chicago, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, etc in the mix. Tired of the SEC and Pac-12 playing all their games in mostly nice conditions, or bowls near home or in domes. Lets see them and their speed in the snow!
    Division 2 and 3 play games everywhere so why not division 1?

  11. Has this guy been living on the moon? When did his agent, wife, Mom etc tell him the use of that word to complain about a cold weather game in which he makes millions to play, is not a great idea.

    Flacco really has that Cutler, Eli, Sanchez vibe….Nasty.

  12. Yep joe, that’s the exact word I would want to use about your camp thinking you deserve Peyton money. But you can choose from one of these: stupid, ignorant, insulting, and idiotic…

  13. Hey, he’s being honest, & he’s right about cold-weather SuperBowls…regardless of what word he chooses to use.

  14. This is such a boring Superbowl story-wise that I’m sure the media will blow this thing way out of proportion. It’s a non-story, but I’m sure some politically correct crusader will write some thousand word rant on being sensitive to those with special needs. Big deal.

  15. That because Flacco is afraid to play in the Cold! Its also not far to Northern Colleges that have to play in the Bowl games in the SEC’s backyard.

  16. I don’t get it from a players’ standpoint, you play the end of the regular season and playoff games with the possibility of snow/cold so what’s the difference? It adds more intrigue to the game in my opinion. As for sponsors, I can see them having an issue with it with possible lack of attendance at events surrounding the game.

  17. How about the fact that outside the PC issue not withstanding his statement makes sense?

  18. Do people not have any filters anymore? Really? The best term you can come up with to describe that is “retarded”?

    Grow up and work on your vocab. Inconsiderate…

  19. And I think Flacco wanting to get paid as much, or more as Manning is retarded.

    So yeah…

  20. I appreciate him correcting himself from using the R word and rephrasing it. As someone who works with special needs children it’s important to see that as we’re hopefully moving towards it being removed from common vernacular.

  21. I’m sorry I feel the need to defend Flacco here. I am not saying the word retarded is in any way shape or form ok, however he immediately retracted it in that same answer. And for someone who lives in Maryland I know he is one of the biggest supporters of the special olympics of Maryland as he is front and center each and every year for the annual polar bear plunge to benefit the cause. He made a simply mistake in his choice of words that all of us are susceptible to.

  22. We’re fed so much PC stuff that it’s refreshing to hear a guy just say what he feels about a decision, with no rancor or nasty language.

  23. It wasn’t just the weather in Dallas. It’s the fact that there’s literally nothing within walking distance of the stadium so the tailgating was awful. And they weren’t fully prepared for the 100k fans that were descending on the game and had to send some home.

  24. I’ll say it again…The SuperBowl should go to the team with the best record, or the winner of last SuperBowl.

  25. Its not politically correct but hes from South Jersey like me and we dont say anything politically correct here.

  26. Aaaand here comes the criticism of Joe for slipping. Here’s the difference- most atheletes are morons and put it out on Twitter and don’t retract UNTIL they’re told it was wrong. Joe said it. No denying that. But the fact that he IMMEDIATELY rescinded shows that he realized his mistake. And please, before the haters start destroying Joe, don’t act all high and mighty like you’ve never ONCE in your life dropped a questionable word like Joe did, whether it be the same one, a racist word, sexist, or perhaps a word the GLAAD would shutter at.

  27. “I don’t think people would react very well to it, or be glad to play anybody in that kind of weather.”


    people or the players Joe? because speaking for the people I don’t think we really care where this game is played. It’s not like play off games are not played in bad weather. I knew it wouldn’t take long for him to say something stupid

  28. Flacco is showing his true colors lately, saying he deserves Manning/Brees money.. (usually if you have to say it) you dont. and now this……

  29. His word choice leaves something to be desired, but he is correct.

    For all of the people who will cry that the game should be played outdoors in the elements, think about what the game really is, a made for TV event watched by a huge TV audience. They want a show, not a 4 hour weather channel commercial.

  30. He said what he said, now watch the media make him out to be the most evil person on the planet. So stupid that a guy talking about a dumb idea in his opinion is going to get crucified , just remember he is Blue Hen educated.

  31. I am going to love watching the fail that will be next years SB. It will snow heavily all week and freeze at night. There will never be a question about having the game in a northern open stadium again.

  32. Christ, how much more pampered can players get? You go to college for free, you make millions per year as a pro, you sue when you retire b/c the NFL doesn’t hold your hand during a game to make sure you don’t get a boo boo. And now, playing the Super Bowl in the cold weather is going to dampen the greatest experience of your professional life. Come sit in my well heated office arsehole, and I’ll take your place.

  33. Come on, dude. You know the whole world is watching this week, and this is what you decide to say? Safe to say Flacco didn’t take a Public Communications course at Delaware. Both teams are certainly trying their hardest to give the indifferent fan zero reason to root for either one of them.

  34. Haha the media is gonna hammer him for that one. It’s okay though his teammate Ray Jesus Christ Lewis will extend his hand of forgiveness.

  35. Joe flacco is quickly becoming the nfls most annoying player. Always whining that he should be called elite, demanding Bree’s money, his annoying gutter accent, his uni brow, now this.

  36. Just an FYI Flacco has participated in the Maryland Polar Bear Plunge every year since he’s been here with this year being the exception. The Plunge supports Maryland special Olympics.

  37. He’s right on the fact that its a bad idea, but in today’s world the only thing that anyone will talk about is his choice of words.

  38. Hey look the guy is right…..who wants to pay up to $10,000 or whatever for a ticket to freeze their you know what off?!?!?!?!? Sorry not a very bright idea NFL. The Super Bowl is exactly where it should be……New Orleans.

  39. Joe Joe Joe….after all you’ve done to heighten your image in the last month, you had to go and use the “R” word….Come on man!

  40. No one in Baltimore ever said he was a Mensa candidate. Just want him to win this game. Either way, a cold weather SB is just a terrible idea. The city of NY has been in a state of emergency for blizzards before, so I can only imagine what would happen if there is a blizzard on game day. I know I will be laughing while watching the NFL scramble to get the egg off their faces.

  41. I actually like the idea of an outdoor cold weather super bowl. They play all year in ourdoor stadiums, why can’t the Super Bowl be the same?

    And with regards to getting Brees money? Good Luck. It’d be easier to get that deal if you were in the same class as Brees. You’re not.

  42. Real Classy Joe. You just won the super bowl of making classless statements. I hope your proud. May your next child be……..not so gifted.

  43. Steeler fans talking about class? Hahah, that’s rich. Do me a favor, come talk trash when you make it to the playoffs again. Until then, sit back and watch your hated rivals play in the biggest game of all. Cheers!

  44. Way to blow up a comment that had no intended malice. Many of us grew up using the word “retarded” as meaning stupid, or rediculous. We did so without ever intending to ridicule people with mental disabilities. However, in this P.C. world we live in, everyone is quick to cast judgement. You all know he did not mean to to make light of people who are mentally challenged. I think that’s retarded.

    On another note, I disagree with him. I am all for playing the game in the elements, like the game was intended to be played.

  45. You expect these guys to wear down to the constant media coverage during Super Bowl week, but most guys make it past Monday.

    Flacco also strikes me as a little young to use that word. While people of a certain age / generation use that word liberally and with no ill intentions it’s been taboo long enough that someone Flacco’s age would know better than to use it pubically.

  46. It’s hardly the NFL’s first foray into open-air Super Bowls. They used to all be played that way. There’s a reason why that stopped. No one wanted to watch a game where you couldn’t identify players playing in a blizzard…. I’m surprised Flacco couldn’t do any better than the “r” word, but it really is a bad idea and that’s why the NFL quit doing it long ago.

  47. The reason this is an issue is because the corporate suits don’t want to be cold. “Joe Average” fan loves to be in the elements and watch these games. The Ravens/Broncos playoff game was nasty weather, but the fans were out in full force. Plus, it made for a great storyline. Get over it…you’re not playing tennis.

  48. Nice Joe! Good choice of words. The lack of class and the abundance of crap coming from your organization, makes it really easy for many to pull for the 49ers this weekend.

  49. I’d like to see the Miami Dolphins play Tampa Bay at the Super Bowl in Lambeau Field.

    The stadium would be packed, that’s for sure–and silly celebrities wouldn’t crappen up the stands.

    Red Hot Chili Peppers for Halftime.


  50. It is pretty retarded from the standpoint of it opening a lot more cities with traditional stadiums bidding for the chance to host the game. If you can have it in New Jersey in February where its not exactly tthe warmest, what justification would there then be to deny hosting a super bowl in Seattle, Foxborough, Landover/Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cinncinati, Denver, Chicago, or Kansas City? Obviously the Jersey/New York area is a bigger hub than most of those aforementioned areas so I’m sure that’s the justification the league will use. But really, I think its opening a proverbial can of worms for the league.

  51. Poor multi-millionaire doesn’t want to spend 3 hours playing in the cold. And his use of the word “retarded” remains a clear symbol of what an out of touch imbecile he is.

  52. joe flacco does not think. he just put down a whole lot of people using that word. people with disability take offence to that word. people use it as a word for stupid. he just called everyone with a disabilty stupid. people of color would not take offence to the N word if it didnt have a derogatory meaning behind it. same with people with disabilities .but its ok for joe flacco to say it

  53. While his choice of words may not be ideal, Flacco is right.

    What possible reason is there for playing the most important NFL game of a season (and the most watched sporting event every year) in an open air stadium in New York the first week in February?

    Will other northern cities (Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Philadephia, Pittsburgh) be given opportunities to host Super Bowls? I didn’t think so.

  54. His use of words is insensitive, but he’s right on the money. You get one shot to win a Superbowl – it should be done in optimal conditions.

  55. There it is! The media got what they wanted. Someone to mess up in an interview, now your chance to run with it, till the next guy screws up. You see why players dont want to talk to the media? Screwed if they do and screwed if they dont. Hes a football player, not a politician. Big deal. Thats how young guys talk when around their buddies. Poir word choice, yes. Not a headline.

  56. Goodell is not interested in the game, he is interested in the market. Therefore, expect NY, Chicago, etc. to get Super Bowls.

  57. He isn’t worth $2.00! A super biwl should be played in cities like Green Bay,Buffalo & Cleveland!

    The only reason they play in warm weather is for money rights!

  58. Nothing annoys me more than people who complain about the word retarded and then turn around and say the word stupid or dumb or moron, all of those words are clinical terms for someone with a mental or physical disability just we’ve moved on where they’ve taken new meaning, retarded has moved on as well, get over it.

  59. For the guy with one of the dullest personalities in the business….way to buck that perception! And I think we ALL can agree that the idea of a cold weather super bowl is about as attractive as mustached woman to the fans and the players.


  60. Joe “uni-brow” Flacco both looks and acts retarded. He thinks he’s an NFL executive now. I love the idea of a cold weather Super Bowl. The fans have already been priced out of the game anyway so let the suits suck it up and deal with the cold. It’s the least they can do for stealing the game from the fans anyway. Safe to say that at least 90% of the “fans” in attendance couldn’t name more than 2 players on their “favorite team”.

  61. Speaking as a father of a child with Autism, when someone uses the “R” word in a insulting tone it basically says that you don’t have a clue what it is like to have someone with special needs in your life. Some like to pull the PC card, you don’t know what it is like either. That said, people that either have special needs or love people with special needs have pretty thick skin. We are pretty forgiving. For the most part we have a sense of humor. Our kids do some funny, weird stuff sometimes. You gotta laugh. But surely, we can just be just a bit more classy.

    I am sure that my liberal and insensitive use of “douche bag” has offended the people that love Joe Flacco. So we can call it even.

  62. Who cares that he said a “bad word” when he immediately rephrased it?

    Now in terms of speaking for “the people” he’s wrong, most fan/people couldn’t care less about what the weather is like at the game, the problem is fans aren’t allowed to be a big part of the Super Bowl crowd, it’s all corporate bigwigs who don’t care about the game, they care about attending an event.
    Everything around the Super Bowl is fake from the crowd, the lip synced halftime shows, the awful fake ” mosh pits” full of uninterested people they have infront of the half time act, the players having to walk on eggshells during media day so they don’t say anything the press can blow out of proportion.
    The divisional and championship game weekends are the best and last 2 weeks of football during the year.

  63. It’s lined up pefectly for Brady. Just the advantage he needs to win another Super Bowl. The greatest cold weather QB of all time by a large margin. If only he can get lucky with some snow in the first few rounds of the playoffs, that would be good.

  64. 1. I find the expression “special needs children” offensive.

    2. Most of the meatballs that would want to go see a Super Bowl in the freezing temps can’t even afford the face value cost ($700) let alone the marked up value of the ticket from external sources. This is entertainment; no different than going to the movies. Would you want to go watch a movies in the cold and snow? If you’re that help bent on watching the Super Bowl in the freezing cold, drag your TV outside and have at it!

  65. As someone who grew up in New Orleans, I am hoping that the fans have such a positive experience in our city (for the 10th time the SB has been there) that they decide to make it a permanent location. great restaurants and libations.
    The outdoor temperature here is currently 72 degrees. With a climate controlled closed-in Super Dome, there should be no weather related problems.
    The predicted temperature this weekend in New York is 32 with”possible” precipitation (translation: snow) in an open air stadium, where the face value of the tickets may be $1000 or more.
    I’m wondering what the NY vendors will be charging for blankets and but warmers?
    Hopefully, the NFL owners will make the comparison and fan reactions and come to their senses in the future.

  66. Yeah, actually its not re tarded.

    Tell me why it makes more sense that in Super Bowl 42, New England and the NY Giants, two northeast, cold weather, outdoor teams separated by less than 200 miles, each travelled over 2,500 miles to play in a dome in the desert of Arizona. Oh, and any fans of either team who wanted to see it had to do the same, spending thousands on airfare and hotels, or driving cross country 3 days to get there, not to mention the minimum $2,000 to score a ticket.

    But yet somehow folks get their panties in a bunch about playing a title game in the POSSIBILITY of cold weather, when games throughout December and the playoffs in January are played in the same elements, the same people who will be sitting from the comfort of their couch watching the game on TV.

    This country has gotten so soft it is embarrassing and you people who agree with Flacco are weak and lame.

  67. I’ve recently come to understand that using the word “retarded” really is very hurtful. If it’s ‘politically correct’ to believe that people should not use language that (purposely or not) degrades a group of people who deserve to be treated with compassion, dignity, and respect, then call me politically correct.

    That said, I’m sure Flacco didn’t use it that way on purpose. Like it or not, we live in a society where people use that word casually all the time, and people absorb it into their vocabulary.

    So although I don’t approve of Flacco’s choice of words, I don’t think it demonstrates truly poor character or meanspiritedness. All it demonstrates is that he is the product of a society where it is sadly acceptable for people to use a degrading slur.

  68. Well, there ya go, I love Joe and I’ll admit that I’m a Ravens homer.

    I couldn’t disagree more with him on this. One of the things I like the most about the game of football is the tough gritty nature of the game. The elements add to this greatly. Oh well, just go get the job done in comfy cozy New Orleans baby.

    His choice of pseudo-adjectives is…. regrettable.

  69. I bet Joe would get pretty offended is someone said, “…that would be pretty autistic.”

  70. 100% agree.

    Yeah yeah football is meant to be played in cold yeah yeah.

    Nobody believes that but people who live in cold parts of the country, and even then people would much rather travel to a warmer climate for the Superbowl, kinda like going on vacation.
    Unless you’re going skiing who wants to go from one cold location to another? NOBODY.

  71. the giants/packers NFCCG in january 08 was played in brutal temperatures, and that was one of the best championship games ever played. neither team used the weather as an excuse to roll over, and I would hope that the same would apply in a super bowl. this is a mans game.

  72. As a former participant (at a MUCH lower level) playing in the elements is a ball—sitting and watching others play, in the same, IS retarded.

    Unless, of course, you’re in a suite.

  73. Honestly Joe shouldn’t have dropped the “r” word and he knows it that’s why he immediately said he shouldn’t have said it. Nope joe is not the great wordsmith demonstrated by how many time she dropped the word “cool” and “I don’t know” however I think your missing the point of his comments.

    Joes not afraid of the cold and he doesn’t need to man up. He’s never missed a start and its clear he can play in the cold (see this years Denver and NE) game.

    As has been mentioned the Super Bowl for attending is not for fans anymore. It’s corporate and most of them by the 2nd quarter would be headin for the doors.

  74. Please! A superbowl played in any kind of less than perfect weather would become an instant classic. You’d see NFL films footage of it for decades to come. You wouldn’t want to see two tough teams like SF and Baltimore beat each other up in the snow? And it’s not like they’re playing in the mud at Heinz or Soldier field, Metlife has that Field Turf stuff so footing will be perfect no matter what.

    Bottom line, if you can afford SB tickets you can afford a nice down coat and lined pants to enjoy the game in comfort.

  75. Just wanted to point out the irony of how many posters on this site attack one another and other players with pure vitriol and name calling, but are up in arms about a guy using the word “retarded” and then apologizing for using it before its even an issue (as if it was one to begin with).

  76. At least he acknowledged his mistake. He realized it was the incorrect way to use the word. As someone who said it growing up, incorrectly as a replacement for stupid, I know it’s a habit that can be hard to break but it’s one we should all try to break.

  77. People who talk about football being meant for the outdoors are missing the point. Yes, during the regular season, it’s fine to play outdoors if that’s what the home town prefers. But this isn’t football and there is no hometown, it’s the Super Bowl where everyone wants to party, have a festive atmosphere, etc. Why else is NO such a great place to attend? Cold weather bowls are for minor college events like the Pinstripe Bowl (ask the Syracuse players who played in it). The Super Bowl should always be in a moderate or warm climate. And for players, it’s a reward.

    Joe has to hire a PR guy. He should know by now the press loves to goad him into making statements they can pick apart. It makes them feel so superior, especially since he will be getting a new contract they could never hope to see.

  78. Think of all the great football games where cold weather and/or snow played a role. It’s part of what football is about. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want a cold weather Super Bowl, at least every once in a while. Sure the logistics are more difficult, but who cares? It’s exciting, it adds a new element to the game plans, I love it!

  79. I spent $2800 on a super bowl ticket to New Orleans the weather is great but if it was in a cold part of the country I would save my money and watch it home it’s basically a vacation nice warm weather and it’s funny all you flacco haters out there name one guy making 20 million that’s playing this Sunday nobody it’s bout time they pay the man

  80. Sounds like along with his new found fame and money (franchise tag or not) he’s also going to get some media training this off season.

    Regardless of that flub which is clearly the only reason it made this site, he was asked for his opinion and offered it. Anyone who disagrees with him should get skill, get drafted, go to the super bowl, have the media ask YOU, then offer your own opinion.

  81. These guys are football players, not scholars. Well, except maybe for Matt Birk.

    Stupid comment, but were we really expecting eloquence?

  82. Dont agree with the delivery but he has a point. This is the championship, a team should not a have an advantage due to the weather favoring their style of play. If you want to play in the “elements as it is meant to be played” then just play at the better team’s home field>which is also a stupid idea.

  83. That New Jersey Super Bowl is going to be a disaster. Of course people will buy tickets and go, but there will be a ton of complaints about it.

    People go to the Super Bowl as a vacation. Who would take a vacation to Jersey in February? Hell, I dont know anyone who would go to Jersey in May, but at least it is green then. It makes as much sense as when they did one in Pontiac, Michigan. People walking around with ski masks and parkas. And, of course, people complained about the weather and the game was in a dome.

    Play them in places that people can go outside without a parka on and there is no threat of a blizzard to contend with. I’ll laugh long and hard if the NJ game is met with a foot and a half of snow and no one can get to the game. Or a nice freezing rain storm, or just plain old cold rainy weather. Probably wont be sunshine, but if there is, you know there will be arctic air in the area. This game has disaster written all over it.

  84. those playoffs games played in the cold weather are earned by the home teams because of there record or division title…the pats best the raiders in a home playoff game because of snow flakes (and the tuck rule) but the championship game should be played on a neutral field with no advantage given to either team…so the best team that day wins…the teams should decide who the champion is going to be…that should NOT be decided by a snow flake….if u think 10 degrees and a snow flake should decide the champion, then sorry you’re re–…um you’re an idiot

  85. should flacco have used that word. of course not. have every single one of us said something they didnt mean to say. absolutely. you people really need to get over yourselves. and to all the posters that say flacco wont be there next year…you may be right. but he is there this year. so get over your jealousy and deal with it. go ravens!!

  86. I agree with Flacco. Suppose a west coast team like my Raiders make the Superbowl. Which we won’t, we’ll probably be introducing our new head coach around that time, or a dome team like the Colts makes the Superbowl and play a cold weather team like the Packers. They would have busted their azz all year to only have to play the championship with an unfair advantage.

    WTF is Goodell thinking? A Superbowl site should a neutral as possible.

  87. Funny cause he played well and just won two away games in January at New England & Denver where the wind chill was below zero. Thought that might change his mind. By the way no way he gets Brees money.

  88. what a moron… footballs meant 2 be played in cold weahter and warm weather..thats what makes football so great.. one of a few of goodells brighter moments..cant wait

  89. While i agree with Joes comment he needs to learn how to speak in public. Joe has supported and even participated in the “polar bear plunge” here in Baltimore which raises significant money for the SPECIAL OLYMPICS, so Joe should understand more than most how offensive his word choice was to the public. You can take the boy out of Jersey but you cant take the Jersey out of the boy.
    Plus he is nowhere near Brees Money so lets just end that silly talk now. Just look at ALL the numbers and Flacco does not come close to the top 4 or 5 Qb’s. Yes he has had a nice run in recent playoffs but Brees playoff numbers and regular season stats blow Flacco’s away. I see franchise tag and be happy with the 14 mill..

  90. The only reason retarded was a bad choice of word is because the crybaby portion of America is going to cry about. It’s really not offensive in the least. Now if someone called my cousin, who is mentally challenged, a retard , then we would have a problem. Like the word “gay”, the word “retard” is only offensive to the self-righteous.

  91. The real fans at the Super Bowls are a miniscule minority who have the opportunity to shell out thousands of dollars for the game. They’ll sit in whatever elements to watch their team. 98% of the stadium tickets do not go to fans. They are for corporate sponsors, so-called VIPs, celebrities who just want to be there for the parties and cameras, owners and their friends, and politicians. 2% of the stadium will enjoy the game. The other 98% will whine.

    Here’s hoping there is the mother of all snow storms so it blows up in Roger’s face.

  92. I say it’s stupid to play in a warm weather climate. Football is a cold weather sport. In my opinion it’s boring watching football in a dome. It’s warm weather stadiums that shouldn’t host the Super Bowl. Football is more entertaining in the elements.

  93. The issue isn’t the game itself, but what happens if a Blizzard hits the city 2-3 days before the game and doesn’t stop snowing until the game starts? The city will be in gridlock, people will be risking their lives (and others lives) to get to a game, and other logistics programs will crop up.

    I like the idea of cold weather Super Bowls, but a dome (or retractable roof) isn’t going to fix the problems associated with it.

  94. The NFL better hope that two cold weather teams make it next year because if the weather is nasty, fans of warm weather teams probably won’t even leave their hotel rooms in the days leading up to the game. I’m not even talking about a snow storm. It’s the cold wind that makes me want to stay inside some days.

  95. Yeah there’s never been outdoor football in bad weather ever. What’s the difference 2007 GB vs NYG playoff game and a game 3 weeks later? That game was AWESOME! Some of the best football games are out in the weather!

  96. If you win one, you should get one, that would mean 6 of them woulda been in Pittsburgh . I like it !

  97. We are overlooking the fact that he is right. He definitely could have used some tact, but, he is right.

  98. I’m becoming a bigger Joe Flacco fan EVERY day!
    Don’t re-sign him Baltimore, so he can come to KC!

  99. This Sunday the temp at Giant Stadium will be 39 degrees not that cold is it?

    Here is a fact what would have happened if another big storm rolled thru NOLA this year and the city was left in tatters would that be a good place to host the game?

    All of you who say you would not go to a cold weather Super Bowl do not have the money anyway so sit in your basement and enjoy.

    I for one will be at Giant Stadium next year for the Manning Bowl

  100. scoobies05 | Jan 29, 2013, 10:56 AM EST
    should flacco have used that word. of course not. have every single one of us said something they didnt mean to say. absolutely. you people really need to get over yourselves. and to all the posters that say flacco wont be there next year…you may be right. but he is there this year. so get over your jealousy and deal with it. go ravens!!

    Tired of apologizing for the stupid things your players say? Why try anyone who values what a players says about anything off the field is bond to be disappointed.. They play ball..a kids game…all there oars are not in the water.

  101. Wow….now there is one smart QB! Asking for way more money than he is worth, and making a totally stupid statement. Especially considering you play for a cold weather team that would have the advantage in the elements against a dome or warm weather team. Just another average Joe….

  102. Next year in February after Super Bowl XLVIII, I think we should all revisit the issue. Let’s compare and see which game the masses (who actually attended) think was the better game. Take into consideration travel, hotel accomodations, parties, enjoyment, hospitality, food and everything that goes with enjoyment of the Super Bowl. Only than, can Big Apples (no pun intended) be compared to Big Easy.

  103. He already knew he shouldn’t have used the word… He corrected himself for all who don’t read.

  104. Doesn’t matter whether or not he knew he shouldn’t have used the word, he used it. Joe Flacco has no class. Elite athletes do not need to pat themselves on the back and announce to the world what they deserve. Your achievements should speak for themselves. And as long as Joe Flacco feels the need to toot his own horn, he will continue to be viewed as an average Joe and definitely not worthy of Brees or Manning $.

  105. I think people should try to get beyond the power of words. I worked at a company some years back and a young white male was listening to rap music. As he sang along with the words there was a lyric that used the “N” word. Now, as a midddle aged black man I was furious. And, I challanged the young man. He looked at me with a confused expression on his face, Another co-worker who happened to be black along with other employees who were also black and part of the same age group explained to me that it was alright for him to use the word because of the way he was using it. Now, I was still upset. But, after I thought about it a while I realized that the power of the word for the generation under me isn’t as strong as it is for me. I think everyone who read the post knows exactly what was meant. I had a uncle who was mentally challanged. And, I wasn’t offended by his use of the word. I think the time is coming where were all going to have to understand that our hang ups aren’t our childrens. Joe is a young man speaking the language of his day. Please people get over yourselves this isn’t that big of a deal.

  106. and speaking of people who say stupid things all the time…..nofoolnodrool…good to hear from you. hows that steeler playoff run going. oh thats right..sorry. go ravens!!

  107. “waah…unfair advantage…waaah…what if there’s a blizzard…waaaah…”
    Stop whining about the Super Bowl being played in cold weather. It’s football, and you sound like a bunch of buttercups.

  108. Look at the number of championship games with classic visuals played in cold weather. How many of those visuals can you recall from SB games?

  109. I don’t know whats worse.. the language he uses or the fact that his “Camp” thinks he is better then Peyton Manning.

    OK well, his remarks are worse. his “camp” is just another way of saying his “posse” and of course they think hes better than Joe Montana also I am sure.
    Sometimes guys lose respect just by opening theirs mouths.. this is one of those times.. knucklehead

    Say it Aint so… Joe!

  110. Once again the PC Police in this country are all over someone for freedom of speech and the right to have his own thoughts. If you’re not like them, then you’re stupid, racists, bigot or being discriminitory.

    Everyone does realize that there is more than one definition for the word retarded and they are not about mental deficits, right? Or perhaps you don’t agree with Webster either?

    It’s getting really old that freedom of speech in this country only means freedom to say what is PC and not what is right, real or what I mean.

    There is no law on the books that says I can’t say a word that other people don’t like. Tough crap – the consititution gives me freedom of speech and that means to say what I MEAN and not what you want me to say.

    Joe – keep on trucking…say what you want, if people don’t like it, guess what – they can turn off the radio, turn off the TV or not read anything on the internet.

    Time to consider moving to another country…

  111. Handicapped people have not been referred to as retards for quite some time. So basically the word isnt really that offensive, and most of you routinely use it.

  112. Football was born in the elements… no stadium should have a controlled climate. but after decades of controlled climate stadiums not many fans would agree. I for one think its part of the experience, id love to be at a game where its raining or snowing like crazy. I also believe it makes players more skilled, you play in the elements enough it makes you concentrate more and play better because you arent just going through the motions.

  113. Flacco wont have to worry about playing there next year anyhow. He will get his fat paycheck, win one for Ray Ray is done and Ed Reed will be a Patriot…they’ll be lucky to finish 2nd in their own division.

  114. Joe is the POLAR opposite of Tom Brady. He says what immediately comes to mind. He is not anti mentally challenged. He just speaks from the heart rather than the mind. Brady is the exact opposite. You can’t believe what he says because he is always so careful about what he says. Are athletes paid to be Politicians and to lie perfectly, or are they paid to throw 70 yard bombs?

    It would be great if Joe were a little more careful with his speak, but the reverse of the coin has some problems as well. This isn’t just true for football players.

  115. Ticket prices are definitely affected by the weather. I don’t see the millionaires sitting in 5 degree weather with -5 windchill. I hope I can finally go to another Superbowl. Ravens will definitely have an advantage in that weather in that stadium next year. Can you say twopeat?

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