Michael Oher is tired of “The Blind Side”


Ravens tackle Michael Oher is probably the NFL’s most famous lineman: If you go to a Super Bowl party on Sunday, there’s a good chance that there will be someone there who doesn’t really follow football, but knows who Oher is. That’s because Oher’s life story was told in the bestselling book and hit movie The Blind Side.

But Oher could do without all the publicity that Hollywood gave him.

“I’m tired of the movie. I’m here to play football,” Oher said when asked about it at Super Bowl Media Day.

Oher wasn’t thrilled with his portrayal in the movie, particularly scenes depicting him not knowing what he was doing at his first football practice. But Oher does say that the movie accurately portrayed the love he has for his adoptive family.

“I’ve got them coming to the game,” Oher said. “They’re still my family.”

So that part of the movie is real. The part about Oher needing Sandra Bullock to show him how to block is Hollywood.

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  1. Really? How tired do you think Joe Flacco is about being asked if he is elite? Ray Lewis being asked about murder, deer antler spray, and his motives to always using God to give his answer.

    Enjoy this week and the Superbowl win and quit whining about being famous and making a ton of money. You almost sound as bad as all of us garbage talking raven fans.

  2. He’s sick of the story because 90% of the story is a lie. He was recruited to the high school and the family he lived with was used to recruit him to Ole Miss.

  3. The difference between The Blind Side book and the movie rank right up there with Rocket Boys/October Sky.

    If Sandra Bullock tried to block me, I believe I’d have to wrap her up.

  4. Up until now I thought that was the Stevie Wonder story. I just can’t seem to focus.

    So, Stevie never played in the NFL?

  5. I can understand. Oher is a laid back guy who doesn’t like all of the attention being on him. When you have a movie made about you before your career even starts, it’s sometimes more of a curse than it is a blessing. But Oher has handled all of the attention well and has managed to have a successful football career so far.

  6. The Movie really portrays him as a lot dumber than he actually is, and I can see why he is tired of the movie.

    The book, “The Blind Side”, on the other hand, is a great story, that is able to keep his beautiful narrative just as strong (without being Sandra-Bullocky cheesy), along with exploring the evolution of the West-Coast offense that allowed the left tackle position to gain such importance, and thus allowing Oher to get to where he is in his life. Its a must read if you are a football-fan. Unlike the movie, which is trash.

  7. If your tired of the blind side, then do something on the field that makes people forget the movie and remember your play. Penalties and missed assignments won’t help

  8. He’s tired of the attention that “Hollywood gave him????” When you sell your story for a book or movie, you’re probably going to get some attention. Suck it up.

  9. Oher is a natural RT. he should’ve never been at LT. At least not at the NFL level. I’m just happy he’s cut back his happy feet false start routine this year. It’s especially embarrassing when you do it at home.

  10. Boo-Hoo…. I’m tired of you complaining about the movie. How about some appreciation? Try listening to your buddy Ray-Ray…….he was given a second chance at a nice life. So were you.

  11. He doesn’t like the movie?! I find it inspirational that a mentally handy capped young man can make it to the NFL. That’s what that movie taught me!. It also taught me that anything is possible with the love of a supportive upper middle class/rich family. Even though it didn’t work for the cast of Diff’rent Strokes…

  12. Sure the guy never played an organized snap in football was a man child and no one had to show him how to play the game? I guess he should have played the natural instead of robert redford. dont ever forget your humble beginnings michael oher. what a joke.

  13. I met Michael Oher about a year ago. A kid about 8-10 years old had a copy of the DVD. Michael signed the cover over the actors buttocks.

    I looked at Michael and commented that the guy on the cover was not even him. He rolled his eyes and explained that he was so tired of the movie. He seemed so bored with the movie and almost seemed to regret it. I felt kind of bad for him.

    But he did smile and spend every second with the kid answering questions, taking every picture, and he tried to make him feel like he was on top of the world. Have to give Oher props for that.

  14. He should do what everyone else did.

    Just kinda forget about it until someone mentions it and then go “Oh yeah, I think I remember getting that out of the Redbox awhile ago….football movie, right?”

  15. I sympathize with Oher. Sometimes it’s hard to escape the shadow of Hollywood.

    Hell, if ‘Total Douche: The Ryan Leaf Story’ had never been in theaters his career might have been an entirely different story.

  16. Someone told me the girl that played Oher’s sister in that film was Phil Collins real-life daughter. Turns out she was right.

  17. He was homeless as a child but made it to the NFL and won a Super Bowl ring. In doing so he became a symbol of the freedom possible in our society. His adoptive mother/family broke with their culture to help him. So his story is also one of how racism is overcome. Being a symbol for society is not easy. Kudos to you and your mother Michael.

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