PFT Live: Brian Billick, Jed York

Getty Images

PFT Live rolls your way on Tuesday with a coach who won a Super Bowl with the Ravens and the CEO of the 49ers team trying to keep the Ravens from winning a second title.

Mike Florio and Brian Billick of FOX Sports will discuss the matchup coming our way this weekend. We’ll find out how Billick would have approached this game from a coaching standpoint and what he thinks will wind up being the keys to victory on Sunday.

49ers CEO Jed York will also join Florio to discuss the franchise’s first trip to the Super Bowl in almost two decades. The 49ers have gone through plenty of ups and downs since then, but a new stadium and the arrival of Jim Harbaugh have York’s team looking mighty good right now. We’ll find out how York helped guide the team to this point and what he’ll do to keep them there.

You can watch it all at 4 p.m. ET.