ProFootballTalk: Moss hungry for Super Bowl win

Regardless of public perception and criticism, Rodney Harrison says Randy Moss was a joy to play with. Despite coining the phrase, “Straight cash, homie”, Scott Pioli reveals Moss took a pay cut to play for the Patriots in 2007.

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4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Moss hungry for Super Bowl win

  1. Yeah Moss hasn’t been to great to some people but I would like to see him win a superbowl. You can’t say he isn’t talented and he doesn’t have a ring like Ray Lewis who Is a great player but I don’t like him for being involved with the murder thing, didn’t say he murdered anyone. He won his superbowl already. I want moss to win one because at least we can actually see something nice said about him and maybe he will get humble. doubt it though. I am a ohio state fan and rooting for 49ers for the ohio state players on there. next year i pray for a superbowl that both teams hasn’t won a superbowl yet. I am a cincy fan and I am rooting for 49ers weird haha. I want to see the Buffalo Bills against the Minnesota Vikings. oh wouldn’t you love it. two teams that gone so many times and never won

  2. Moss insists that he’s the best receiver to have ever played in the NFL. Ever.

    Really? Ever see how many plays that guy doesn’t even try to even pretend he might be getting the ball? Ever see the efforts Moss goes to in order to NOT block anyone? Moss bitches about team meals that have been provided free. That’s just scratching the thinnest level of the surface about Moss.

    Is he likeable? No. Is he a great player? In some ways, yes – but certainly is far from that now. Is he the best receiver ever (as he insists)? Far from it.

    Several of the 49’ers are elite players with heart, guys who are easy to pull for. But one player that’s hard to root for is Moss. Some players EARN rings, and some guys are just along for the ride. Moss would fall into the latter category.

  3. Rice couldn’t make half the catches Moss did. It’s like Lemieux-Gretzky….Lemieux didn’t have the work ethic or players around him, or the stats to be “called the best ever”. But, if you’ve watched their careers, there’s no way anyone can say that Gretzky was for sure a better player. Same here. More polished and had a better career..absolutely Rice was and did, but better? no way.

  4. Moss getting a ring now would ring more than a little hollow — given how small of a player he’s become. He’s always been a small person, but now he’s a small player too. He’d have about as much bragging rights as the equipment manager would.

    Rodney Harrison was an integral component of the Patriots when he won some rings.

    Junior Seau never got a ring, but had he got one in that Eli/Tyree Super Bowl — it’d have been legit.

    But Moss getting a ring now would be a joke. Aside from Crabtree, the Niner receivers are mediocre at best (and even Crabtree is no Crabatron), yet Moss still can’t do jack. In fact, his biggest contribution is still complaining about how he’s not satisfied about this or that, as he’s heading to a Super Bowl.

    Toxic. Selfish. Classless. Narcissistic. An ego-maniac with a lonnnng history of regularly throwing teammates, meter maids, coaches, NFL Hall of Famers, people who provide him with free meal spreads under busses. Virtually inconsequential on the field at this point in his career.

    Pretty hard to root for a guy like that.

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