Rams targeting Dick Jauron for defensive coordinator


Former Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator Dick Jauron may not be unemployed for long.

According to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the St. Louis Rams are expected to reach out to Jauron for their vacant defensive coordinator position.

The Rams seemed set on hiring former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan before ultimately deciding he wasn’t a fit in St. Louis. Jauron was officially fired by the Browns on Monday despite the team already having hired his replacement in former Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton.

Jauron spent the last two seasons with Cleveland as defensive coordinator.

21 responses to “Rams targeting Dick Jauron for defensive coordinator

  1. This would be a great hire as he runs a 4-3. He coached a couple of studs in D’Qwell Jackson and Joe Haden but overall the Rams have far more talent in place especially the front 4. Jauron could do wonders for this team

  2. Guy knows how to coach. Watch the Browns from last season. Bunch of young kids–they never gave up. He had his team prepared and ready to go. Players love to play for him.

    no needless chances to build a coaching ego.

    Damn good hire!

  3. Jauron and Ryan are both great coaches, although Ryan says what he thinks.I kinda like it when he speaks what’s on his mind.

  4. Very nice hire for the Rams….Jauron’s football iq is elite but the guy is so nice he wasn’t too fiery so when he was HC with the Bears the players slacked but with Fisher there won’t be that problem…definitely a better hire than Ryan. Gotta love the quote above that Jauron was literally out of work for 5 minutes..nice to see humility be rewarded.

  5. As a Browns fan, I’d highly recommend Jauron as the Rams DC! The guy knows how to run a defense, and did some good things with young players in Cleveland. He might have not been the best HC, but he sure is a good DC! I hope the Rams grab him!

  6. kelsey412 says: Jan 29, 2013 4:33 PM

    Jauron! OMG. I fell sorry for rams fans. How does this guy keep getting jobs.

    Jauron will have a job in the NFL for as long as he is available. He is a terrible Head Coach, wasted a decent team in Buffalo, but he’s a damn good coordinator. Not just that, he is well respected by his players. If you read anything from a former player or Coach that has worked with Jauron, they’ll tell you that he is a good guy and a great person to work with. That is the main reason why he keeps getting hired. That and he is versatile with his Defense. He may prefer a certain formation, but will play to his personnel. Which is something you can’t say about Rob Ryan.

  7. It’s Jeff Fisher’s D, and the scheme will remain the same no matter who has the “DC’ title. There are now 5 former DC members on the Rams staff.

    It’s the equivalent of the Pat Shurmur hire in Philly. Yes he is the OC, but it’ll be Kelly calling the plays.

    Get a FS and a OLB, this D will be dominant.

  8. Jauron……average coach at best. Never won anything and yet people give him props. Browns d was 22 but yet he did a good job? If u want to be an average d at best then hire him

  9. Don’t worry St. Lou, the Browns fans seem upset but they didn’t have what you have: Jeff Fisher. His strong D-mindedness will get the best out Jauron.

  10. dont even go there fisher he is useless! there are so many others that are homeless and cant read who are who at the very least are able to stand on the side lines and look helpless and in need of a job. please we dont need him

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