Randy Moss thinks he’s the best receiver of all time

49ers wide receiver Randy Moss doesn’t talk to the media much these days, but the occasions when he does are usually good for something more than the usual bland platitudes we hear from many of his fellow professional athletes.

With Super Bowl Media Day upon us, Moss couldn’t avoid reporters on Tuesday. He didn’t disappoint, especially when it came time for him to answer a question about his place in football history.

“I do think I’m the greatest receiver ever to play this game,” Moss said.

There are plenty of guys who would likely argue their case against Moss and the one with the best argument of all didn’t wait long to fire back. Adam Schefter of ESPN was with Jerry Rice when word of Moss’ thoughts filtered back to the guy who is commonly referred to as the best receiver in history and passed along Rice’s thoughts.

“Put my numbers up against his numbers,” Rice said.

We side with Rice on this one thanks in part to the longevity and consistency he had in addition to his many physical gifts. Having said that, there haven’t been many football players able to take over games by themselves the way that Moss did when he was at his best. Any list of the best wideouts in history has to have Moss near the top to be taken seriously.

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172 responses to “Randy Moss thinks he’s the best receiver of all time

  1. Yes…Moss is delusional. However, you know what receiver I want on the field for the Super Bowl? The one that thinks he’s the greatest…unless his name is Chad Johnson.

  2. Make this easy, who would you want on your team if able to choose between the two of them in their prime…

  3. Statistically all signs point to Rice. But Moss definitely changed the way defenses played when he entered the league. He’s one of the greatest to ever play and an instant HOFer. You could argue either case all day.

  4. Not a chance.

    I enjoyed Randy’s play the first couple years with the Pats, but once his attitude went south so did his efforts on the field while his mouth opened more and more off the field.

    Nobody with that ‘try when I’m happy with the number of targets and TDs I get, but screw team success and effort the rest of the time’ attitude could never qualify as best ever.

  5. He should think that he’s the best receiver of all-time. Even if in reality he’ll always be #2.

    That’s coming from the biggest Moss fan you’ve ever seen.

  6. If Moss didn’t act like a knuckle head for half of his career he might have a legit chance.

    But as of right now Jerry Rice is still the best receiver ever and that probably won’t change any time soon.

  7. Randy Moss had the talent to be the best receiver of all time, and some may legitimately think his talent alone justifies the label of best receiver.

    However, Jerry Rice’s production along with his demeanor, attitude, and work ethic are what make him the undisputed best receiver of all time – even if Moss may have had more talent in his prime.

  8. Moss is certainly not “the best receiver of all time”, but he certainly could have been if he wouldn’t have spent half his career being a putz…

  9. And I just saw Santa Claus. On the serious side of things, he could’ve been the best if his attitude was better in his younger years,but to me hands down Rice is still the best. Call me crazy but if Fitz get a competent QB and if Megatron continues his tear , I see both of them being better than Moss. Attitude makes such a difference.

  10. Moss made washed up qb’s look like all stars in MN. Threw his hand up and they heaved the ball downfield. Also a big part of 16-0 in NE. He is the man. Definitely deserves to be in the conversation.

    Straight cash homie

  11. well, If Randy would’ve dedicated himself 100% on every play instead of playing when he felt like it, then I can agree with Randy…Sorry, Randy you are not the greatest receiver of all time….Just think what could’ve been of Randy + he has no championship on his resume.

  12. Sean Taylor shut him down like it was nobody’s business……Sorry, I’m a Redskins homer.

    He is high up there, but top of the list? Not just yet, son!!

  13. Rice also had two hall of famers tossing him the ball in Young and Montana. Gannon was no slouch either.

    Granted Moss had one for 2 or 3 years.

  14. Not to mention Rice’s career was pretty significantly derailed by a torn ACL right in the middle of his prime. His numbers could have been even greater.

  15. He’s not the best of all time but in his prime there was never any offensive player as feared as Moss.

    Not Rice, not Megatron, not Sanders. Nobody has ever been as feared as a weapon as Randy Moss was in his prime.

    I doubt anyone ever will be again in that way.

  16. As a Niners fan I’m glad Randy is on our team and hes no doubt a hall of famer. That being said, I think Jerry Rice would have something to say about you being the greatest, Randy. Go Niners!

  17. How many Super Bowls rings do you have Randy? You have great stats and all but….

    Just sayin….

  18. He had the talent to the best of all time and could have if he had really applied himself and worked hard every year of his career, but sadly he didn’t so I don’t think anyone will ever look at him as #1, especially over someone with the work effort, talent, personality, and likability of Jerry Rice

  19. 1.Rice

    Then you can start debating who is #2 after a big drop-off. I would probably put
    Moss #2
    Cris Carter #3
    Don Hudson #4
    Michael Irvin #5

    Calvin Johnson is creeping up in there as well.

  20. 1. Randy Moss
    2. Jerry Rice
    3. Isaac Bruce
    4. Tim Brown
    5. Tory Holt

    LOL…yeah, he’s the best alright! Pu-lease..he can’t even hold a candle next to Jerry Rice.

  21. Moss’s Rookie Year and 2007, he was the best player/WR in football, for the career, he is a top 5 wide receiver. When his head was right, he was the best receiver ever in the game for that moment. But over his career, he needed more consistancy to proclaim “Greatest Ever”

  22. I’m not sure if its even fair to every other receiver to keep Rice on the list. Rice is consistently in the discussion for being the best football player, not just best at his position.

    Now, if I were a GM and were given the option to have either in their primes for one season, I would probably take Randy. But if I had the option to get either player for their entire career, it would be Jerry Rice, no question.

  23. Moss clearly played at a higher level for short stretches…

    but at the end of the day… you always take the long haul dependable guy…. the neurotic guy will let you down just when you need it most…

    Rice is hands down the better WR and the guy you would most want on your team going into game 1 of a season.

  24. When Moss first came out, I used to think he can be one of the best and has shown he can be with some of the games he’s taken over and some of his stats but his “Me” attitude and not shutting up when he needed to, hindered a team wanting to keep him. Larry Fitzgerald is an example of a WR a team wants to keep because he isn’t about him.

  25. It’s a shame that Randy isn’t going to be the best receiver of all time, because he could have been. And he probably should have been.

    If he had worked as hard as Jerry Rice, there is no question in my mind that Moss would have had better numbers. Rice would be the consensus #2 right now, and Moss would have already distinguished himself as the best ever.

    But it’s too late. He can’t redo his wasted years or make up for missed time.

    Great talent, terrible attitude. It is an honest shame that Moss picked the end of his career to start behaving.

  26. poetry4class says: Jan 29, 2013 12:21 PM

    1. Calvin Johnson
    2. Jerry Rice
    3. Randy Moss


    Over/Under the year this guy was born is 1994.. Place your bets !! Place your bets !!!

  27. This is what Moss said:

    “I think now that I’m older I do think I’m the greatest receiver to ever do it,” Moss said from the Superdome. “This year has been a down year for me, statistically. The year before I retired was a down year, and then in Oakland was a down year.

    “I don’t really live on numbers. I really live on impact and what you’re able to do out on that field. I really do think that I’m the greatest receiver to ever play this game.”

    He’s not better than Rice and it isn’t even really close, but he does have an impact and is probably in the top 10 all time. Possibly top 5.

  28. Moss COULD have been the best ever if he had HALF of Rice’s attitude and work ethic.

    If I had to choose either in their prime, I would still go with Rice. At least with Rice you knew that you were going to get all he had to give.

    With Moss it was a tossup based on how he was feeling that day on which Moss would show up to play.

  29. Rice had the better career and if you go by career stats then sure it is Rice. But Moss in his prime was definately the best WR of all time if you just look at how good he was at his best. Rice had hall of fame QB’s and played on rockstar teams for virtually his entire career and was very fortunate to do so. If he played on the same teams as Moss did then his numbers would be dwarfed by Moss’s.

    Moss played on a good team with HOF QB one season. His numbers that season were better than anything Rice ever put up. And that was actually AFTER Moss’s prime. Christ Moss made Culpepper an MVP runner up one year!

    Some of you might absolutely scoff at this whole deal. But to you I ask that you do one thing for me. Go to youtube and compare Moss’s career highlights (actually just his Vikings highlights because that was his prime IMO) with Rice’s career highlights. Moss was like a taller faster Rice with better hands and more leaping ability and has several times as many jaw dropping highlights despite a shorter career with terrible QB’s most of the time.

    Most of Rice’s damage was on simple routes with precise passes from HOF QB’s. Most of Moss’s damage was done on balls thrown halfassed into the air by average or sub-par QB’s that nobody will remember in 10 years.

    It is real. Moss in his prime was a better weapon at the WR position for a significant period of time than any other player in NFL history.

  30. For a minute there, he was sure on his way. 90 TDs in 7 years is unreal. He was unstoppable in Minny and could pick a ball out of the air no matter where Daunte threw it. I hate that he veered off. He’s always been one of my favs.

  31. Which explains why Moss never really lived up to his potential. He may have had the best physical tools ever, but he still doesn’t understand that “what you were capable of doing” doesn’t equal “what you actually did.”

  32. While it’s hard to disagree with Rice (as his numbers are ridiculous), he also had the advantage of playing with Hall of Fame quarterbacks almost all his career, as well better teams overall.

    That, and nobody has ever seen the coverage that Randy Moss has in most of his career (like dedicated double and triple coverage on pretty much every play).

  33. All that’s needed is for T.O. to chime in…and make this story perfect.

    Randy Moss couldn’t shine Paul Warfield’s shoes.

  34. He still doesn’t sniff Rice, but he can really climb the ladder if he shows up big Sunday and retires (eventually) with a ring.

    All-time players show up in the biggest games, period.

    Randy, the floor is yours.

  35. Jerry Rice obviously had the better stats and better career, but when Moss was on his game, he was the best I ever saw in terms of talent. Too bad he didn’t have Rice’s work ethic.

  36. Moss had brady and a young cullpepper so no excuses on the quarter backs. Jerry is the best ever he never cried and he never quit or gave up on his team played %100 every game.. hands down the best ever!!!

  37. Moss is 36 this year. He had 28 receptions for 434 yards and 3 TDs coming out of retirement.

    When Rice was 36 he put up 82 receptions for 1157 yards and 9 TDs after coming back from two brutal knee injuries.

    It’s only one year in their careers, but it’s pretty telling. I wonder if Moss will play at a high level for another 5 or 6 years. Maybe.

  38. What about Jerry Rice, who owns a majority of all the records that Moss’s name is not even mentioned???

    In His Service, Chris

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  39. mrplow3 says:
    Jan 29, 2013 12:31 PM
    He’s not the best of all time but in his prime there was never any offensive player as feared as Moss.

    Not Rice, not Megatron, not Sanders. Nobody has ever been as feared as a weapon as Randy Moss was in his prime.

    I doubt anyone ever will be again in that way.
    Totally not true if you ever watched Rice in his prime. He has been more dominant/feared at his position than any player at their position in NFL history.

  40. Could have been the best. Isn’t.

    I will give him credit for one thing. He’s apparently been the model teammate in this, probably his last hurrah. He hasn’t done anything stupid as a 49er and has been content with his reduced role. Well, he’s been fine until this foolish statement.

  41. If you look at Moss just as a football player (and you are old enough to have seen the maturation of the receiver position) he was one of the best the game has ever seen. Although, when you add all the “DRAMA” to his football career then his achievements begin to diminish.

  42. Jerry Rice may have had two HoF QB’s throwing to him, but he also was quite slow for a wide receiver (4.5-4.6 in the 40). He had excellent agility, great hands, perfect route running, and was just really good at finding soft spots in coverage and breaking away from his cover man.

    Randy Moss would just streak by whoever was covering him because he ran a 4.2 in the 40. I’m just not as impressed.

  43. Moss is a phenomenal WR. His years with the Vikings were amazing and his couple years with the Pats were electrifying. He may not be the “greatest” but, I love having a player with that mentality on my team (Niners Faithful). Top 3 state-wise are in order are, Jerry Rice, TO and Randy Moss…

  44. Randy Moss was the best receiver of all time. His problem is that he didn’t care enough to show everyone that fact in every game. I could be the best accountant of all time but if I show up and half way work for 40 years then it doesn’t matter. Jerry Rice has the best body of work for a WR hands down. Randy Moss had the best talent of any WR hands down. Combine the two and you have Randy’s potential staring back at you.

  45. Jerry Rice is like Michael Jordan. Unreal players who played deep into their 30’s. So these players compare themselves to the 30+ year old version of Rice and Jordan.

    Rice from 22-28 years old was virtually unstoppable. He had 6 million ways to get into the endzone. He can beat you vertically, can score with RAC, and score off reverses…, Didn’t matter that he had a hall of fame QB. He can take a 3 yard pass and take it to the house. This man had 1200 yards receiving at 39 years old and wasmt playing with a Hall of Fame QB at that point. In addition to catching passes he was a unbelievable downfield blocker that allowed Roger Craig and Watters to get all these explosive runs. The epitome of a championship WR.

    Randy Moss needs a ring before he enters the conversation. But…you can’t knock a man for his opinion though.

  46. Moss holds the record for most receving TDs with 23 in 16 Games.

    In 1987 Rice scored 22 receiving TDs and one rushing TD on a reverse … in 12 games.

    1987 was the strike-shortened season … 15 games played, 3 of them with scabs.

    Lastly … 11 receptions 215 yds, 2 TDs, Super Bowl MVP against Cincinnati.

    Can go on and on and on …

    Moss is top 3 … but Rice is the GOAT.

  47. From a pure talent standpoint alone, Randy Moss and Calvin Johnson will probably end up being the two most physically talented receivers ever. But what made Jerry Rice so great was not his athletic ability. He was nowhere near the fastest, not really the biggest, and he didn’t jump out of the building. Rice was great because he had the greatest work ethic in the league, was an incredible route runner and always brought his all, his effort never fluctuated like Moss’s has. The biggest difference between Moss and Rice is that Jerry overachieved while Randy Moss left people asking for more (even though he’s had an unbelievable career).

  48. Uh, no. Sorry Randy. You had the talent to be the greatest receiver ever. In fact, you may be the most talented receiver ever.

    However, your “I play when I want to play” attitude torpedoed any chance of you being considered the best ever.

    Your former teammate Cris Carter was a better receiver.

    Talent does not equal greatness. Talent + effort, commitment and dedication = greatness. If Randy Moss had Jerry Rice’s commitment to be great, Moss would be the best player the game has ever seen. Moss chose otherwise, and has no one to blame but himself.

  49. Rice already said it, but this really isn’t a contest. What “number” do you want to look at? Catches, yards, TD, rushing yards, total TD, playoff catches, playoff TD’s. . . I mean, what?

    Longevity? Moss is close to washed up at 35. Rice put up back to back 1,100 yard seasons at age 39 and 40!!!

    Prime? Moss had one 1,500 yard season. Rice had 4 and missed another one by a single yard.

    Explosiveness? Moss had 2 seasons of 18 yards per catch. Rice had 4, including a season of over 20 yards per catch.

    Hell, Moss supporters may not want to hear this, but if you go back and compare averages and do a full analysis, you could make a case for Don Huston as being closer to Rice than Randy Moss is. (for you young ones, go look at the comparables before you throw a fit. In 1942, Hutson caught 74 passes. The number 2, 3 and 4 receivers in the league COMBINED to catch 74 passes)

    As for Rice/Moss, this isn’t even a debate. I don’t care how you want to look at it, this isn’t close guys.

  50. I’m obviously a big Randy Moss fan, but I will concede that Jerry Rice probably has better overall accomplishments. He holds most of the statistical records and has, what, three or four Super Bowl wins? That sort of thing isn’t going to be beat.

    But you could make a solid argument that Moss is the second best of all time. His career statistics are pretty damn good and it could be argued that he changed how the wide receiver position is viewed in football. He certainly had his faults with his bad attitude, but I think he’s mellowed out in recent years. It should also be noted that he’s been very generous when it comes to his charitable pursuits, if that means anything.

  51. The fact Jerry Rice would have never opened his mouth and said he was the greatest, and just let his hard work and determination do the talking should be enough to bump Moss down to at least #2. I would actually put him behind CJ at #3. If he would have backed up his talk with play like BB made him do in NE, then maybe we could have the discussion. But Jerry was in the top 5-10 WR discussion for 15 years, you weren’t. Jerry didn’t disappear for years at a time. Jerry didn’t cause issues for his teams. End of discussion.

  52. You are not even the best one to ever wear a San Francisco 49er uniform.

    How do I know? More than likely the team will not bring you back.

    Plus, ever heard of Jerry Rice???

  53. Coming out of college the knock on Rice was that he didn’t have the speed to play WR in the NFL. Moss was anointed a great WR before he even set foot on an NFL field.
    I remember seeing video of him running up a hill by his house with other NFL players and nobody being able to keep up with him. His then wife Jackie said he used to keep him up at night because he’d be running routes in his sleep. The man was possessed and driven to prove everyone wrong. He is the greatest WR ever. The man was always double and triple teamed and he still caught the ball.
    Moss is a top 5 WR, no doubt, but he far from the greatest ever. For those of you saying how Moss took over a game like no other you obviously never saw Rice play. Rice played in an era when you could actually touch the receivers.
    The year that Rice had 22 TDs, he did it in 12 games. Randy’s 23rd TD came in the last game of the season and Brady spent the whole game forcing the ball to Moss to try to get him the record.
    And as far as the QBs go…look at Montana and Young’s numbers. They are no where near what QBs are putting up now in terms of yards and TDs. Yes they are HOF QBs and for the era they played in they were among the best…but my point is Moss played in an offensive friendly era so naturally his stats are going to be a little padded.
    Fact not opinion.

  54. Moss only played with Brady for 2 seasons and 4 games. His numbers are pretty ridiculous with quarterbacks he has played with. Culpepper is no Montana or Young.

  55. Real talk some of you people are straight ignorant! NOONE IS BETTER THEN JERRY RICE!! Moss is a BALLER and one of the greatest guaranteed love the man.. But Jerry Rice is the best ever.. For those of you saying Calvin Johnson, really he just started he’s not even in category in a few years maybe, but certainly not now when Jerry Rice was the best for damn near 20 years. Nobody dominated like Jerry with consistency like Jerry.. No matter who threw him the ball.. He was always open.. No disrespect to Moss because he is a BALLER always has been

  56. J.R. didnt have to say a thing, he is in my opinion the best all around reciever!
    Mr. Moss is right there with him, and hutson (who I never saw play 🙁 ) but both i hear had a really great long ball game.. somehow i think it was just said to point out the fact that calling yourself the best of the best, probably isnt the best!!
    Flacco, you may take your leave now, your team of specialists that have $’s in thier eyes, dont have a clue!!

  57. People really get bent out of shape about comments players make. I would think almost all players who have been in the spot light of greatness for years, when asked if they think they are the best, the answer is going to be yes. Plus WR’s are the biggest diva’s in football.

  58. Nobody got Jerry Riced… but lots of guys in the NFL still get Moss’d.

    Name a WR that didn’t have confidence…. and I’ll show you a guy who’s baggin’ groceries.

  59. rice is all around number 1 moss was very very good in his prime plus jerry’s attitude is #1

  60. Not a big Moss fan but I’ll never forget his time with Randall Cunningham. Cunningham didn’t do much of anything all year but lob it as high as and as far as he could and watch Moss go up after it and make a mockery of every DB in the NFL.

    Never seen anything like that and may never see it again.

  61. Randy Moss… 6’4.. 4.25 (40 time)… 51″ Vertical Leap… HENCE the Name Super Freak! In his Prime No receiver in football history could make the plays he made. He made Duntae Culpepper, look like a STUD! Took a nap in Oakland. Came to NE and Tom Brady had the BEST season Statically in his Career. Talent wise he is the Best that ever did it. Keep in mind Calvin just started Dominating 2yrs ago. Randy Walk in the Door Dominating as a Rookie.

  62. Jerry Rice was just a cog in the 49er machine much the same as Emmit Smith was with the Cowboys. Both had great careers on great teams piling up incredible stats, but neither is the best all time.

  63. I thought it too until he basically became a 3rd string WR at 35 and was out of the league for a year.

    He was the best WR at any one point in time during a career, but Jerry Rice was the best receiver for any entire career.

  64. edenprairieballer says:Jan 29, 2013 12:38 PM

    “Rice had Joe Montana and Steve Young throwing to him. Moss had Frerotte and Kelly Holcomb!!!”

    Not True! While Moss was with the Vikings, he had Brad Johnson, Randall Cunningham, Jeff George, and Duante Culpepper as his main QBs.

  65. when moss broke rice’s td record in 2007, he needed all 16 games to catch 23 tds. it took jerry just 12 games to catch 22 tds in the strike-shortened 1987 season.

    i know stats aren’t everything, but no one has ever been better at any position than jerry rice was at wide receiver.

  66. Moss may have had better raw, physical talent, but that isn’t what makes you ‘best ever’…Jerry Rice had the better career overall, and never quit or took plays off when things didn’t go his way.

  67. Moss broke the td record with tom imagine if they were together in moss’s prime he would have Jerry’s records talent wise he is hands down the best to do it in his prime u would watch games just for him Jerry is the greatest because work ethic witch makes people love him but if they both were in their prime with young as qb I say moss has better number he’s just a freak

  68. dmason85 says:
    Jan 29, 2013 12:20 PM
    You could have been Randy.


    Well put.

  69. “How many Super Bowls rings do you have Randy? You have great stats and all but….

    Just sayin….”

    so because Tony Gonzalez doesn’t have any rings, he isn’t the best TE ever?.. this “ring” logic is so hit/miss… lol

    like my neighbor who is a Giants fan says Eli is better than Peyton, because he has 2 rings…

    also, Don’t forget my boy Marvin Harrison!!!

  70. Marvin Harrison was pretty good too. No one mentions him and he had one of the best 4-5 year stretches in NFL history. In 2002 Harrison had 143 receptions (An NFL single season record) for 1722 yards. Moss has never had a season with that many catches or yards. Rice will always be #1 though. The rest is up for debate

  71. No question Rice is the GOAT. However, Moss is number 2 – just look at his numbers. Also, he was the TD leader for the top two scoring offenses (by total points) in NFL history. That alone says he is great.

  72. if you are truly the best player ever, you don’t need to say it….others are already saying it for you.

    hence why rice’s nickname is Greatest Of All Time.

    do you hear MJ, Gretzky or Rice talk about themselves in their place in history. no, because everyone knows who is the greatest.

    i loved moss since he came into the league and have always been a huge fan but he needs to get his head out of his butt

  73. Talent wise top of the list…none better
    work ethic bottom of list, everyone is better.
    Overall great WR, future HOF yes, but best ever no that is Rice.

    If he had half the work ethic of Rice he could have been the best.

  74. Randy, if the list was called “Guys Who Could’ve Been The Best Ever,” you would be right at the top. The only things separating you from Rice are incidentals like attitude, work ethic and professional integrity.

  75. If Moss had Rice’s work ethic, there wouldn’t even be a question.

    If he had good qbs at the helm his whole career, even with his miserable attitude, he probably would have been.

    But he threw that away. Honestly, I would much rather a guy like Hines Ward–slow, average, height, good hands, but tough, willing to give 100% of his game 100% of the time, and willing to mentor younger players than a superfreak with a lousy attitude like Moss any day.

  76. He’s not the best ever, but he’s not far off from it. He potentially could have been if he had the same attitude and work ethic he’s shown this season his while career.

  77. In my eyes and everyone’s Jerry Rice is the best ever receiver in the
    NFL. However, I can still remember the game between the Vickings &
    Cowboys on Thanksgiving 1998 where Randy Moss beat the
    cowboys by himself by catching 3 TD passes from Randall Cunningham. Wow, if Randy could have played like this all the time you never what could have been. But on that day he was the fastest receiver in the NFL and against the Cowboys, whom I hate with passion and it made my day.

  78. Some people are saying Megatron is better than Rice and everyone has their opinion but consider this when Rice had his season where he put up 1848 yards he also got 15 Tds.

    Not to mention that was before Defensive backs couldn’t put their hands on receivers down field.

    When Calvin Johnson put up 1964 yards he was only able to score 5 TDs.

    Jerry Rice went over the middle and put up his numbers before they started enforcing the “no contact after 5 yard” rule and way before the “defenseless receiver” rule. Before rules turned the NFL into a passing league, I can’t imagine what type of numbers he would have put up now.

  79. As Rice said, look at the numbers. When Moss quit trying when he was a Raider, he proved Rice’s point. Jerry NEVER quit. Moss is a great WR, but he’s no Rice.

  80. Umm that’s a slap in the face to Calvin Johnson and Jerry Rice …Randy wonder if u even in anyones top 5

  81. Let’s see, catching passes from Montana and Young or from Culpepper, Frerotte, J. George, R. Cunningham and other non hall of famers. Give me Randy Moss, he changed the way defenses were played during his hey day.

  82. Its fairly close…Rice best ten years 947 rec 13872yds 132td; Moss 835 rec 13145 yds 132 td. Gotta go with Jerry…very consistent and rarely had a bad game, and was even more dominant in the big games – playoffs and superbowls. Moss did the business, but didn’t have other top wideouts taking his catches off him like Jerry did with John Taylor and Brent Jones. Rog. Craig caught a few as well.

  83. I highly doubt “The Greatest Receiver of all time” would flat out QUIT on a team and basically steal money for 2 years.


    The Oakland Raiders

  84. I believe (and I even think I recall hearing Jerry Rice say at one point) that from a pure talent standpoint, Moss has Rice beat. But Rice is right that he has been more productive and much more consistent, which ultimately makes him a better overall receiver.

    On the other hand, take into account the fact that Rice was blessed by nearly 20 years of great QB play. He started off with Joe Montana, the greatest QB of all time, and then moved onto Steve Young, one of the top ten QBs of all time. Then he worked with Garcia and Gannon who at the time were both playing at All-Pro caliber levels.

    Jerry may ultimately be right, but his numbers need context too.

  85. Randy moss isn’t even the best in the “modern era” Calvin Johnson is. However neither of them could lace up rices cleats. He’s the greatest of all time and I don’t even like the dude but facts are facts.

  86. moss was king of the go route. his exceptional size and speed is what made him special. jerry rice, if you recall, slipped in the draft because he wasn’t fast enough. Rice became the greatest ever because of work ethic. Moss could have become the greatest ever but didn’t because of his work ethic. Rice was also FAR more polished as a route runner. Because of these factors, Rice is by FAR the superior receiver.

  87. the greatest ever in any sport, position etc…have never quit on their team…sorry randy, not even close.

  88. Jerry rice had 567 more receptions, 7,603 more yards and 41 more touchdowns…BoSS

    If Moss had a year like he did this year (28 rec, 434 yds and 3 tds) he’d have to play:

    20.25 more seasons to catch Rice in receptions;

    17.5 more seasons to catch Rice in yards;

    13.7 more seasons to catch Rice in TD’s.

    Sorry Randy…2nd place at best

  89. i am also hearing a lot of talk about how moss and calvin are two of the most physically talented .. what?

    how soon you forget michael irvin and terrell owens .. fine you think owens is a clown, i do too .. but TO was physically gifted and talented as a WR man. same for #88 .. do not forget the playmaker when talking about a physically talented WR

  90. 1. Super Bowl rings is irrelevant. Barry Sanders never played in a SB, does that put him out of the argument for best RB of all-time. It’s a team accomplishment, people.
    2. Seriously, for 17 of his 20 seasons he had Montana, Young, and Gannon throwing to him. Moss had an equivalent HoF’er for only 3 of his 13 seasons.
    3. The numbers go to Rice because he played an extra 5-6 garbage years and people love his work ethic. But if you pick their best 5 years in their prime, it’s Randy. He revolutionized the game.

  91. I am a big Moss fan , but he was mostly effective when he went deep. Rice could beat you on any route. Also i hate when people bring up rings to compare rings. Tedy Bruschi is better than Dick Butkus if you use that logic.

  92. Football isn’t just stats.

    WR have to block, run routes to get open and draw defenders away from the play.

    Moss is a me first guy in the ultimate team sport.

    Not even top 25 when you look at the whole picture. Not just stats

  93. To all you people saying Moss changed the way defenses played the game, I beg to differ. Bullet Bob Hayes was the first receiver to take the top off the defense, he changed the game. Moss was an athletic freak who ran go routes, you could take his head right out of the game with a hard hit over the middle (see JR Reid of Philadelphia.) I think all around T.O. was the better receiver, he had a crazy work ethic and could beat a team in many ways, . Also, in the top 100 NFL players of all time, Moss was rated far behind Don Hutson, Jerry Rice, Lance Alworth, and Paul Warfield.

  94. 3. The numbers go to Rice because he played an extra 5-6 garbage years and people love his work ethic. But if you pick their best 5 years in their prime, it’s Randy. He revolutionized the game.

    Top 5 seasons in catches: Moss – 111, 106, 98, 83, 82. Rice – 122, 112, 108, 100, 92

    Top 5 seasons in yards: Moss 1632, 1493, 1437, 1413, 1347. Rice 1848, 1570, 1503, 1502, 1499.

    Sorry, game over.

  95. The problem for Randy is that he had the tools to be the best ever, but he was not always motivated to be the best. Clearly, as stated by labfan30 above, the overall numbers AND the “best 5 years in their prime” go to Jerry Rice, who belongs in the discussion of best player of all time, not just best receiver.

  96. For work ethic, blocking, leadership, great hands, making the really tough catches, and playing all the plays all the time. My top 10 would be:

    1. Jerry Rice
    2. Calvin Johnson
    3. Don Hudson
    4. Raymond Berry
    5. Reggie Wayne
    6. Chris Carter
    7. Michael Irvine
    8. Lance Alworth
    9. Marvin Harrison
    10.Steve Largent

    I’d take any one of those over Moss any day because I’d know I’d get 100% effort from them 100% of the time. Not mention, great hands and fearless all over the field.

  97. Sure – Jerry had Young and Montana … but Montana and Young also had more than 1 target – Rice was the one that stood out in moments when the game was on the line …

    Guy was dominate back when defenses could hit you – guy could run more than 1 route ….

    if Jerry Rice/Don Hutson played in today’s pass happy league – they’d have even bigger numbers.

  98. Calvin is best flag football wr ever! Rice is best nfl wr by far! Moss is top five in both leagues. Randy: All jerk league…#1. T. O., #2,. Suggestions for #3-10?

  99. Calvin Johnson combines the freakish gifts of Randy Moss with the work ethic of Jerry Rice. One day he’ll find himself on a professional NFL team and shock the world. (Oh, I wish my hometown Panthers would steal Megatron, but wait, I said professional. Oh well.)

  100. Well I may be repeating a thread already typed but know where did I see him say he was the best…..He says he THINKS he is the best and really he and all players should hold themselves at that high level……

  101. Many forget that rice didnt break out until his second year. How that is ive no idea. Both these guys are awesome. I always wanted moss as niner. I was jealous that he didnt think my state was legit. Dont know if he does now, but if he knew me, he would, Much respect Otis! Glad you got old like me!!

  102. Randy Moss was a monster and if not number 1 is the legit number 2 or 1B. His QB’s were all bustas in his prime. and When he had T. Brady he went crazy…while he was old. Faster, Jump higher, snagging on people waayyyyy nastier than Jerry Rice. If you look at purely ability. he’s the best. he was just crazy, and that mouth and those actions are what stopped him from being the run away greatest.

  103. Too bad he didn’t think it was important to use his talents consistently and erase all questions about who is the best ever.

  104. A couple of years back, Jerry Rice commented on Randy Moss and said that, if Moss had given 100% of his effort to his craft, he would have set all the records. Rice was right. Rice also was implicitly saying that, on the basis of pure athletic WR talents, Moss is the best. I completely agree.

  105. It’s funny that no one mentioned steve smith, when he’s a future HOF inductee who has made the biggest highlights and had the biggest postseason moments on a team that ran more then passed for most of his career. He’s way to underrated it’s not even fair.

  106. Hum, we’re not Romans, and I’m not religious, but doesn’t Randy remember what the Romans did to the last guy who said he could walk on water?

  107. Really Moss? Really? I have always said there is only one position in NFL football where there is one player that was unarguably the best of all time and that was at WR and Jerry Rice is that guy. You could argue, LT at LB among others, but again I said unarguably the best. That would be Rice.

  108. Moss didn’t have Montana or young throwing him the ball his entire career. Moss had to work with new quarterbacks almost every year of his career because of injuries they took or they just plain sucked. Moss made quarterbacks ; culpepper, Jeff George, todd bowman, Matt cassel, Randall Cunningham, brad Johnso. He made them all look good. I think there are more. Moss didn’t have teams with stellar defenses like rice had that could get him to the Super Bowl.

    Look at the one year moss had a truly hall of fame qb: he broke rices td record and only didn’t win a Super Bowl because of a freak drive and catch.

    Deion Sanders didn’t fear Jerry Rice. He feared Randy Moss.


    I am one of the biggest, irrational randy moss fans you might ever come across, and I just don’t care because I think these are all valid points.

  109. Moss could have the biggest ego of WRs. He’d make my top 10, but inconsistency and bad attitude keep him out of the top 5 for me.

    I’ve never heard Jerry Rice say he was the best WR of all time, but I’ve heard everyone else say it. I can count the number of people who’ve said Moss is the best WR of all time on 1 hand, and that’s including Moss.

    Funny how some people think that a huge ego has to translate into being borderline out of control. When I think back on the greatest (IMO), Rice, Montana, Unitas, Starr, Gonzalez… they’re all very professional with confidence. 🙂

  110. taintedsaints2009 says:

    Look at the one year moss had a truly hall of fame qb: he broke rices td record and only didn’t win a Super Bowl because of a freak drive and catch.


    Yes he broke the record in 16 games. Rice had 22 TDs in 12 games (strike shortened season). Since we are all want to play the what if game. What if this was not a strike season and they played 16 games, Rice would have at least 2 TD catches per game. Rice would have had 30 TD receptions. By the time Moss came on the scene Deion was a 10 year veteran and way past his prime. Rice played against Deion while they were both in their prime. In fact Rice played against Daryell Green, who was better than Prime Time. And none of your points are valid.

  111. Not to mention that Rice split receptions with the likes of Taylor, Owens, and Francis – where Moss was the only viable receiver on most of his teams. Moss definitely never played along side the same level of talent Rice did, and Rice still stood out.

  112. Everyone says Moss could’ve been, but he had a bad attitude. Who cares about his attitude? He had backups throwing to him 80% of the time. Rice had a better “career”, but Moss was a better player. The eye test is anyone would need to see that. Rice was more polished, but Moss in his prime was a sight to behold.

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