Ray Lewis forgives Welker’s wife for murder reference


The murder investigation involving Ray Lewis 13 years ago hasn’t taken over the coverage of the Super Bowl (and it shouldn’t), nor has it been completely verboten (and it shouldn’t).

But Lewis took the high road in his first chance to address a related topic, saying he forgave Wes Welker’s wife for her Facebook comment last week which she promptly deleted and apologized for when she realized other people can actually see those things.

When asked about those remarks Monday night, Lewis referred to his faith and forgave her.

“I’ve always been a firm believer of the Good Book, and the Good Book always confirms, even a fool is counted wise until he opens he or she mouth,” Lewis said, via Jimmy Toscano of CSNNE.com. “And sometimes people just say silly stuff. And they say it out of emotion. And sometimes you need to let the game take care of the game. We lost up there last year, and I didn’t hear one teammate say anything about nobody there because we have respect for that team, that they won it fair and square.

“So for her to come out and say what she said, listen, I truly forgive her, and I have no hard feelings against her at all, but I believe people just make mistakes and say foolish things sometimes.”

There’s a large segment of the population that has branded Lewis for life for what happened that night in Atlanta, and won’t ever forget, or forgive.

But there’s another large segment of the population that chooses to see him for what’s happened since, and the work he’s done in the community, and the leader he is on the football field.

The difference is significant, but Lewis isn’t letting it dominate the conversation this week, as much as he doesn’t seem to mind the conversation being about him.

65 responses to “Ray Lewis forgives Welker’s wife for murder reference

  1. Big of him to forgive her. He’s a criminal and the hypocritical NFL parades him around like a poster boy!

  2. I thought I’d be sick to death of the Harbaugh brothers storyline… But the Ray Lewis coverage is worse.

  3. how nice of this double murderer, ray lewis, to forgive an innocent person for telling the truth about how the double murderer, ray lewis, murdered two innocent people. Real classy ray, real classy

  4. The haters are blinded by hate. If anyone took the time and actually investigated the trial and FACTS. Lewis was only guilty of obstruction. Even the Judge blasted the prosecutor for ignoring the facts and aiming for personal glory. Hate on haters in 3…2…1

  5. what did she say that needs to be forgiven? all she said was the truth. ok she was wrong about him being married but not about the women and kids. and most definitely not about not being involved in a murder. his refusal to cooperate until he was charged allowed a murder to go unsolved.it allowed the other 2 guys involved to each say the other did it and get away with it. but that’s ok I am sure God has forgiven him for that to right?

  6. I wonder if the community work and good things he’s done since the incident are directly related to the incident.

  7. I must have missed the section of the Good Book that teaches it is okay to stab two men to death, then run away in your limo, and destroy your white suit

  8. I know one night in ATL where Lewis forgot about the “Good Book” that he now hides behind so he doesn’t face the consequences of having to answer questions. What a POS.

  9. ” There’s a large segment of the population that has branded Lewis for life for what happened that night in Atlanta, and won’t ever forget, or forgive.”

    You mean the largely white population who can go all over the internet to spew their ignorance, but can’t be bothered to google the case and learn that its facts show that the case isn’t ”unsolved.” The suspects confessed and were acquitted on grounds of self defense. Lewis confessed to not cooperating with police in their initial investigation and was duly punished.

    His crime isn’t murder or destroying evidence in their eyes. It’s not playing for the haters respective teams.

  10. she may have spoken out of frustration, but to her defense, she did speak the truth, which in this country, that is nothing that she really needs to apoligize for. I don’t see where anything that resembled “mistakes or were foolish” with what she said. Maybe Ray Lewis is the one who should keep his mouth shut in this instance.

  11. Why can’t he just say, “Nah it’s cool, I’m past that, no hard feelings” or something like that? Why does he have to give an inexorably long-winded answer. I swear, Ray Lewis makes Tim Tebow seem apathetic about his faith.

  12. I’ve always respected Ray Lewis the football player while being relatively indifferent to him as a person. Ever since he announced his retirement earlier this month though, he has come off as one of the most insufferable and self-important athletes in recent memory, rivalled only by Brett Favre.

    If Baltimore goes on to win on Sunday- which the league will do anything in its power to have happen- then we will never hear the end of it. Of course, it won’t be because of X’s and O’s or the 53 guys on either side, it will obviously be because “God” likes Ray Lewis more than everyone else.

    Each week that’s gone by this postseason 52 has come off as even more ateention seeking, spotlight hogging and self-righteously important that the respect I had for him 5 weeks ago has evaporated. Please lose and go away for good.

  13. To be indignant about remarks like that would be to stir the pot. He doesn’t want to do that. He wants everyone to stop talking about it. Of course he says he forgives her.

  14. So he murdered someone and got away with it because he’s famous, but you’re ok with that because he’s a leader on the football field? Is this a real opinion I just read from a real human being?

  15. I find it funny that people find God after they’ve made a bad choice or decision that has a negative outcome on either themselves or others.

    Lewis will be judged before God as will we all.

  16. The hypocrisy of the Ray Lewis detractors is that they could care less about the victims, they just hate Ray.

  17. Yeah your teammates didn’t say anything in defeat, but man they couldn’t wait to start talking when they won.

  18. you are a pompous self-promoting blow-hard Ray Ray and I forgive you…now please just ascend into heaven so we never have to hear from you again already!

  19. Ironic that that huge drop on 3rd down by welker gave the ravens momentum. Way too handle the situation ray.

  20. This guy is a scumbag who has never come clean about what happened. He shouldn’t be forgiven. He shouldn’t heve even been let back in the NFL unless he fully cooperated with the police, told them where the blood stained suit was, etc. He’s enough to make me root for the 49ers.

  21. But to bounce off a comment she made, it would be interesting to take a poll of the Mothers of America…asking them the following simple question: Do you consider Ray Lewis to be a good roll-model for your young son?

  22. It’s okay Ray. Look who her husband is and who he plays for?….If it were say, Brandon Marshall’s wife, there would have been more than 1 article. Brandon Marshall would have gotten bashed and slammed for months, and his wife would have been in court for defamation by now lol.

  23. forgives her for what…..stating absolute facts??? Her only mistake was giving him credit for actually marrying his baby moma’s. If he really has “changed” maybe he should give the family’s of those murdered men some peace and finally come clean as to what happened that night. Amen brother

  24. Of course he is saying he forgives her, that should help take some of the heat off of him when she gets attacked by an “unknown” assailant in the near future. Don’t kill her Ray, we know you want to but let just let it go. You are the epitomy of the story of redemption you know. We know You decided to turn your life around and to become a better person because it was the right thing to do. (Or was it because you would no longer be making millions of dollars if you hadn’t?)

  25. How nice of him to forgive Welker’s wife for the sin of speaking the truth. And as for always believing in the Good Book, I’m pretty sure that it frowns upon fornication, so unless he’s practicing celibacy these days, the unmarried Lewis is living in violation of the book that he claims to cherish so much. And given the number of children he’s had with multiple partners, I seriously doubt that he’s now keeping it in his pocket. What a hypocritical, sanctimonious jerk he is.

  26. There was no murder. It was ruled self-defense by the courts. Lewis hung out with the wrong people early in his NFL career. He made poor decisions that he will live with the rest of his life.

    In the whole case, Lewis was the only person to do time (for obstruction of justice). His “friends” were acquitted and the case is closed.

    While it’s sad that people lost their lives that night in a fight gone terribly wrong, people who call Lewis a murderer are either completely ignorant or hateful. It doesn’t mean that he didn’t do anything wrong. He paid for his wrongdoing. But how many years does it take for redemption? Hasn’t he been a model citizen since?

  27. Oh did he? Then I have one question – what happened to his bloody jump suit?

    Questions such as the one I pose and accusations of murder should haunt him to he answers the question he refused when asked by police investigators. Two people were murdered and their blood was all over him, yet he can’t answer a simple question of what happened to the evidence – being the clothes he wore. And yet he is forgiving others when he lied and is remorseless for being involved in the murders of two human beings? And his use of religion seems backward showing he doesn’t get it.

  28. There is no statute of limitation on murder… The ‘godly’ thing to do would be to turn the killers in…until then drop the ‘god’ act, it rings false.

  29. It’s funny reading all of the self righteous comments from Christians judging another man when you are specifically instructed to judge no one. The guy upstairs is supposed to handle that. Also, committing a murder is a sin but sins are forgiven if you accept the savior and change your life around for him. Ray Lewis is trying to do that even though the details of him murdering anyone are non-existent. People who hang onto the past and judge other people will be the ones out in the cold when they pass if that’s what you believe.

  30. How benevolent of Ray to forgive her for doing nothing more than pointing out facts.

    Ray lied to protect his career and they paid an undisclosed sum of monies to the family’s of the murdered people. That scream innocence real loudly.

    Great athlete but no way I would let my kids around him.

  31. Seriouly 49ers. Please just do your job and bury this guy so he goes away.

    Can’t take this self-aggrandizing, murderous, hyprocrit’s crap anymore.

  32. How come none of you Ray Lewis haters are this mad about Big Ben’s rapes? He became a very loud evangelical Christian too. I don’t see this level of anger about him, and he has multiple charges!

  33. Im not a ray hater, im not involved with them, only when they are in the niners path do I even bother to read these articles. I dont like people that just pop off and spit hate, just to have an opinion here.
    maybe im just gonna sit back and let this bowl game play out. Cause its getting outta hand with hate!
    just one last word.
    they were a great team, they just dont face us enough to decode what the niners will bring!
    hope the officiating is outstanding, because i know these coaches put a nice product on the field!
    thank you NFL, i am enjoying most of the time!

  34. Welker’s wife deletes because she wasn’y aware the public can see her fb posts? Funny stuff. More like she broke Belichek code.

    As for God’s forgiveness, if Lewis has sought it, then he will receive it.

  35. welker’s wife is an idiot…u ray lewis haters are even bigger idiots..ray didnt kill anybody dummies …the patriots wives should shut their stupid mouths

  36. How do you know rabbdogg? were you there? that makes you guilty of something…..

    people say foolish thing Ray but not as foolish as being involved in a double murder

  37. What did she have to say about the DROP that lost last years Super bowl? I think all Dolphins fans were smiling when Welker dropped that one. Honestly I’m more sick and tired of Wes Welker than I am of Ray Lewis.

  38. Selective memory:

    “We lost up there last year, and I didn’t hear one teammate say anything about nobody there…”

    He obviously forgot about the special teams coach claiming Patriots cheated by putting the 3rd down signal on scoreboard somehow before Cundiff’s shank.
    Even though the NFL officials run the clock.

  39. For all of the folks on here that have commented about Ray pulling his jersey off quickly when the game ended; it wasn’t about bravado. Chuck Pagano, who I think we could all agree deserves our respect and well wishes; was a member of the Ravens coaching staff. When Mr. Pagano became ill; the Ravens, as a team, conference called with Mr.Pagano every other day to see how he was doing, if he needed anything and to offer their prayers and well wishes.
    When we played the Colts, Mr. Pagano, who served as a mentor to Ray Lewis, and still does today; asked Ray if he could please have his jersey.
    Now you all know why he took that jersey off quickly; so that it was taken right to Mr. Pagano in the Colts locker room.
    Everyone has their opinion about what Ray was or was not involved in many years ago. That said, I think everyone on this post could agree that this was a kind gesture to a gentleman that Ray Lewis holds in the highest esteem.

  40. He was arrested, charged and guilty of obstruction. Although he didn’t at first, he DID cooperate AND testify against the two who were charged with murder.

    We do not know the details of the settlement reached. A lot of people settle for reasons other than actual guilt.

    Quit trashing on the man. I am quite sure a lot of people on this forum have done things in the past they are not proud of – I have and my past in NO way defines who I am now.

    Although he is over the top sometimes, I believe that incident forever changed his life and brought him closer to God, thereby becoming more involved with his community.

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