Report: Vikings interested in Donald Driver

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According to FOX 11 Sports in Green Bay, the Minnesota Vikings have interest in longtime division rival receiver Donald Driver. Driver, who soon turns 38 years old, is an impending free agent.

Driver has worked on FOX 11’s Inside the Huddle show for nearly a decade, so it’s possible that he or his agent is spreading the rumor.

“I think I could go to any team and be either their No. 1 or No. 2 guy and be solid for another three years,” said a confident (and overly optimistic) Driver. “The question is, do I want to see myself in another uniform? Will my family want to see that?

“If nobody wants to see it, at the end of the day it will still be a tough decision because I’ve always said I only want to wear that green and gold, and nothing else.”

USA Today reported last week that Driver was leaning toward retirement.

That no longer appears to be the case.

89 responses to “Report: Vikings interested in Donald Driver

  1. As a viking fan, this makes no sense. This team has undergone a youth movement the last year or two, I don’t see why signing an over the hill WR would even be considered at this point?

  2. Driver wasn’t utilized that much this year because the Packs were pretty stocked with WRs but I think Driver still has what it takes to play. Wish him nothing but the best.

  3. If the Vikings sign Driver, Jennings and go for Wallace or Bowe they would go from the worst WR groups in the league to one of the best. They are also players who thrive on short distance timing passes which would suit Ponder. Break out the wallet Zygi. Plus all that stuff about Harvin leaving. The Vikings have him under contract this year and can franchise him next year. Basically they have Percy under their thumb for 2 more years minimum.

  4. Of course they do. The Vikings have long done their Christmas shopping off the Packers sale rack.

  5. Jennings isn’t going to Minnesota, he’s not interested. Look for him to sign with Miami to play for his former O.C. in G.B. Joe Philbin! 😀

  6. I eat drink and sleep purple and this is the first I have heard of any such interest. Greg Jennings is an asset worth pursuing while a 38 year old receiver who has trouble staying healthy… not so much. This rumor also seems to run counter to the youth movement that has been taking place with the Vikings, so I find it hard to believe and hope it isn’t true.

  7. of course…Why would I get my hopes up and assume they would go for jennings? obviously we are going to target the washed up packer, who is pushing 40.


  8. I think he should retire and spend more time with his grandchildren. Pretty soon they will be off to college and he will never have that chance again.

  9. If it’s to be their new WRs coach or assistant WRs coach, maybe. If it’s to be on the roster, no thanks.

  10. Cue the Packer hand-me-down jokes…

    Let me see-

    – Favre had the best year of his career statistically as a Viking…

    – Ryan Longwell had an excellent second-half of his career in Minnesota- probably better than the first half in GB…

    Funny how Packer players like to come to Minnesota… but not the other way around…

    Seriously, I could see Driver as a player-coach for some young Vikings WRs, but that’s about it.

  11. Driver started this rumor trying to get the Vikings interested, he know Vikings are going to dominate the Packers for tge next decade.

  12. I literally laughed out loud when I read this. I like Donald. Maybe he has something left. But of course the Vikings would be the team to show interest. lol

  13. For you Pack fans who think Vikings always go after your players when they hit free agency, there is reason for it. Vikings have picked up Brett Favre, Darren Sharper, and Ryan Longwell. They did it because they were Pro Bowl players! They were familiar with them because they play each other all the time! I don’t see how you don’t go after a player who is still playing at a high level, even if it is from a division rival. I also have to admit Packers have a good line of players that any team in the NFL would like to have. For the whole Donald Driver thing, they need to go after Jennings if anything.

  14. Huge Vikes fan and I think it’s a good signing. He’ll bring veteran leadership to the locker room and good hands at a cheap price. My 9 year old son who has some how become a packers fan will be crushed.

  15. In order to stay a top receiver you have to have a good QB to throw it to that receiver.That would let Minnesota out.And a lot of other teams come to think of it.

  16. The vikings have far from the worst receiving group. I would rank Percy Harvin top 5 among all WRs when healthy. If he didn’t get injured he could have been in the running for MVP as well. Not only do they have Percy, they have Kyle Rudolph who tore it up in the pro bowl.

    The problem is they need consistency at QB.

  17. As a lifelong Vikings fan, I sincerely hope they learned a lesson from hiring Donovan McNabb. Jennings, YES. Driver, mmmm…. not so much… Retire and go fishing, Donald. In the Wisconsin North Woods… NOT in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

  18. Donald Driver was behind: Randall Cobb, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones, Jarrett Boykin and Jeremy Ross.

    The Packers 7th WR could be a 2 or a 1 (if Harvin leaves) on the Vikings…pretty unbelievable.

    Vikes should appreciate AD all the more considering the above.

  19. I’m a Viking fan and I sincerely hope not. There’s so much WR talent in the draft and free agency this year. The Vikings are undergoing a youth movement. They need someone who’s going to be around and has at least half the gas in the tank. But sadly, Driver would be right begins Harvin on the depth chart.

  20. wludford says:
    Jan 29, 2013 5:47 PM
    “Cue the Packer hand-me-down jokes…
    Let me see-
    – Favre had the best year of his career statistically as a Viking…

    Funny how Packer players like to come to Minnesota… but not the other way around…”

    You can yap about stats (09 schedule was extremely cupcake) – but a superbowl win and 3 mvps – he had a neat stat year in 09 – but nothing compared to his Prime … by the way – he also had one of his worst years in 2010.

    Funny how vikings management can’t draft as well as the Packers – so they have to pounce on cast offs.

  21. This story originated at FOX 11 Green Bay. That’s the first problem with this story. The second is, every move that Rick Speilman has made, since becoming GM, has been that of getting the team younger. This completely flies in the face of that. Not buying this story at all.

  22. Although it seems to be every Packer’s fondest desire to someday play for the Vikings, Donald’s hopes are going to be crushed. Old, has-been wide receivers are not consistent with the Vikings’ youth movement, which worked out pretty well this year.

  23. All kidding aside, maybe Donald Driver could have helped the Packers in the playoffs, where they are 2-0 versus back-up/3rd string QB’s, but seem to have some difficulty keeping up with actual playoff-caliber teams..

    Paper. Champions.

  24. been a vikings fan my whole life, and in the last 5 years i’ve had driver on my fantasy team 3 times. guy knows how to run a route and has good hands. other than the fact that he’s up there in age and doesn’t have burner speed – what’s the problem?

    i’d love to see him in purple and gold, even if he’s a #3 option in the passing game – behind harvin, rudolph . . . and hopefully greg jennings 🙂

  25. The thing is with old WR’s is that they really have to be at least capable of being a #2/#3 WR. Once you get to #4-#6 WR, those guys have to be able to play special teams in some fashion.

    Then there’s the issue of teams wanting to draft/play younger players in an effort to get that bargain pay vs. performance in those years…if they can get a bit lucky with the right guy.

    It’s not impossible that Driver could be a #3, but it would have to be a very thin WR corp where the #4 and down guys have no chance of ever getting better.

  26. well, we’ll need somebody to teach Ponder how to dance on the stage after winning the Super Bowl next year….

    at his age he’s still an upgrade of Aromashadou, Burton, Simpson etc…

    Jenkins is our best WR and Percy can’t stay healthy or happy.

    I do hope Driver and Woodson stay with the Packers instead of a young athletic linebacker or defensive back. ‘Cause their defense looked so good against San Fran!

  27. vikesfansteve says:Jan 29, 2013 5:22 PM

    If the Vikings sign Driver, Jennings and go for Wallace or Bowe they would go from the worst WR groups in the league to one of the best.
    Right. Then all they’ll need is a competent quarterback. The Packer wide receivers have all been spoiled with qb’s like Favre and Rodgers.

  28. As a lifelong Vikes fan who grew up on Moss, Jake Reed and Carter, its painful to watch Ponder and his 5 yards per completion rate. It would be a stick in the eye if they are thinking DD and not Bowe or Wallace ( or both). I was a Ponder hater until I went to a game and watched from the end zone seats….there really is nobody to throw to except Rudolph and teams roll coverage to the TE!! Absolutely unreal how pathetic the Vikes WR’s are

  29. wludford says: Jan 29, 2013 5:47 PM

    Cue the Packer hand-me-down jokes…

    Let me see-

    – Favre had the best year of his career statistically as a Viking………(and also his worst)

    – Ryan Longwell had an excellent second-half of his career in Minnesota- probably better than the first half in GB…(because he wanted to have easier kicks in a dome)

    Funny how Packer players like to come to Minnesota… but not the other way around…
    (Not funny at all, just logical. Vikings players aren’t good enough to come to GB.)

  30. In addition to Favre,Sharper, and longwell you forgot to add Robert Ferguson, Javon Walker, as well as attempts to sign Driver, William Henderson, Gilbert brown, and Aaron Kampman. The Vikings need to try and develop their own identity rather than trying to be Green Bay West

  31. Greenbay aint gone pay Jennings or Driver and Finley nether and if the Vikings pay them then they can have them. and to all packers fans…
    you know the packers are not going to pay Jennings … they already told him that

  32. Gonna have to call BS on this one. I probably have just as good of a chance of playing WR for the Vikings as Donald Driver does at this point in his career.

  33. donald driver?…and not andre rison?…lol…oh and to the dude that said harvin is a top 5 wr when healthy ..lmao are u high?..harvin aint even a top 25 wr…lmao

  34. Driver is still good and who is a better option? Greg Jennings, c’mon I’m a Vikings fan and I don’t believe we will get him, other options? Dwayne Bowe, ya because he can stay out of trouble. Look its not a big time target but its something better than Jenkins and Simpson and Jarius Wright showed flashes last season, personally I like a lot.

  35. rj6976 says:Jan 29, 2013 8:01 PM

    “In addition to Favre,Sharper, and longwell you forgot to add Robert Ferguson, Javon Walker, as well as attempts to sign Driver, William Henderson, Gilbert brown, and Aaron Kampman. The Vikings need to try and develop their own identity rather than trying to be Green Bay West”

    The Vikes never went after Jevon Walker or Aaron Kampman. Also Gilbert Brown was a Viking prior to becoming a Packer. This Green Bay West crap is ridiculous. Get over yourself!

  36. Driver might be OK for a year, if his price is right. Jennings looked like he likes the Vikes, the way he was hugging Peterson after the last game. Maybe they both want to wear purple.

  37. All the Vikings would be interested in is signing him during the off season, learning all he can from him about the packers and then cut him after training camp. Its Spielmans signature move

  38. This rumor had to be started by Driver or his agent. There is no way that the Vikings would sign any free agent over 30. They are trying to get younger. They may sign one of their own free agents that are over 30 that are playing well. Like Winfield, Jared Allen or Kevin Williams. Maybe Driver is coming to carry water or something but he has nothing left in the tank plus he never was that good when he was in his prime.

  39. Strangely, if this really is true, I don’t really have a problem with it. Driver is just looking for a place to play where as Brett was seeking out revenge against us for choosing Rodgers over him. I do doubt this is true though. Why would the vikings be targeting an over the hill wide receiver who barely played 10% of the offensive snaps last year when Greg Jennings is sitting right there.

  40. Favre had the best year of his career statistically as a Viking…


    Totally! Oh, by the way, how’s that Lombardi trophy working out for you? Oh — that’s right…

  41. I wish the Packers would keep Driver. Jennings and Finley can go. I dont want them. They dont have the same fire they did a couple years ago (especially Jennings). Adios you will be replaced easily as Thompson finds receivers like the Packers make the playoffs.

  42. The fact that Driver would be the Viking’s best WR not named Harvin is more a statement on the sad state of the Vikings.

    Any ex Packer is welcome on the Vikings provided they are over the hill and can longer play in the NFL.

  43. Since when did Minnesota attempt to sign Kampman? They had JA, Ray Edwards and Bryan Robison at the time, there was no interest at all in Kampman.

    As for Driver, he’d be a cheap option at the vet min, and probably only be a role player and veteran for the young group of WRs the Vikings will field next year.

    And those hope for Jennings/Bowe/Wallace are getting their hopes up for nothing. This team will not break the bank in FA, they are smartly building the team through the draft and focusing and resigning their own. Considering one of their own, Percy, will be a FA after next year, they won’t be getting a big name WR in the offseason, let alone two of them.

  44. Gilbert Brown was a Vikings cut who went on to have a long, successful, and popular career in Green Bay.

  45. Lmao at people who really thing the vikes are pursibg Dd jyst a smoke screen of who they persuring which is Greg Jennings

  46. Evidently you just can just say it came from an unnamed source and you can make anything up and people will print it as fact. Even so, he wouldn’t be a bad pick up, if he’d take a pay cut. Short of that I seriously doubt any team would pick him up.

  47. No way this is legit!… The GM is on a get younger faster strong kick not add more older discarded players from dev teams … Unless they ditch everyone and add him as a locker room vet (Jenkins replacement) I still say no

  48. This doesn’t make total sense, but makes some sense to me. First off, everyone knows Aromashodu is gone. I figured we would keep Michael Jenkins because he is a veteran, reliable, and took a pay cut. If this Donald Driver thing happens, expect Michael Jenkins to go. They would bring in Driver to teach the younger WRs we will draft a thing or two, and would help the team in their two games against GB next year for close to league minimum. The Vikings will not pay Greg Jennings the money he will get offered from other teams (which if fine with me he’s not worth what he’ll get, he’s injury prone and old) so I think Jennings is unlikely to be in purple and gold. That’s the difference between Driver and Jennings. Money.

  49. @ purplepillager & saxmachine69

    As much as it pains me to say a Packer fan is correct (thank goodness it isn’t very often) rj6976 is right, the Vikings signed Javon Walker in August 2010. In April 2005 they signed Aaron Kampman to an offer sheet. Google it and see for yourself.

  50. Just thought I would clear a few things up……

    Gilbert Brown was originally drafted by the Vikings. The Pack pounced on him after he was cut. The Vikings had Henry Thomas, John Randle, and Chris Doleman on their DL, while the Packers were fielding the likes of John Jurkovic and Matt Brock.

    The Vikings signed Kampman to an offer sheet as a RFA, and the Packers matched it to retain him. Then they switched defensive alignments and let him walk. Had they let the Vikings sign him, the Vikings probably wouldn’t have traded for Allen. Funny how things work out, isn’t it?

  51. It’s a strange world we live in since the era of Free agents started! I’m an old timer, And grew up with players playing there whole career with one team!! But the game has to evolve! I get that!! Now as far as Driver playing with the Vikes I just don’t see that happening Vikes are going with a youth movement (See Blair Walsh) I could see Jennings in purple! He is gonna want a big payday!! but the Vikes just might be willing. With not knowing how good the recivers are coming out of the Draft and where the Vikes are picking! The Vikes WILL get some reciver talent for young Ponder. With that being said they have to take care of thier own talent first!!

  52. I guess the report was incorrect. Vikes must not have wanted him. He retired. His camp was just putting out feelers to see what kind of money he could get.

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